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AnythingPart One (Will and Michelle Series)

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They had talked about it a few times just for the fun of it. They called it "The Bet".

The deciding of the "winner" and what traditionally would be called the "loser" was among the very simplest things ever, the flip of a coin. Ok actually two coins. Both tossed one coin into the air. One calls Odd or Even.

Even, both coins came up the same either heads or tails, and Odd where one came up heads and the other tails. It was not the contest, it was the stakes involved. The stakes were "Anything".

"Anything" has a pretty open feeling about it. Both of them were reasonable intelligent people, who indeed cared about each other and trusted each other that it was not going to be anything that would result in prison terms or hospital stays. They also knew however this was an opportunity to push the limits of the other, or maybe themselves. And yes, it was going to be involving sex. Granted they had not really heard much in the way of any "No's" from the other, and it would be interesting for sure, win or lose.

The Bet was a one bet at a time, both willing to anty up the pot, and agree to "Anything" deal. There as no guarantees that even if you lost, and payed in full, that there would ever be a rematch....or that the next time you just might be the one paying up again.

The stakes was what made the contest fun. After all mowing the other persons lawn or paying for dinner was not really something to get the heart beating faster or the mind racing, or the blood boiling.

Both had thought about it, oh more than just thought about it and had probably spent more than one night just picturing the possibilities in the event either the win or the loss.

Will was putting away some painting supplies from the recent house fix up project when he felt his phone buzz. It was a text from Michelle. " Ok, I'm ready for The Bet. You feeling lucky....punk? " He smiled, had to love the Clint Eastwood references. He thought about it for a moment, and texted back. "Yes, Im ready! Go ahead, make my day!! ;) . I choose Even. Go ahead and flip your coin and text me what it was, and I will let you know if it matched mine." send

A few moments later...BUZZZZZZZ. Michelle replied " YOU WISH!! LMAO. Tell you what, kids got picked up a while ago. Give me half an hour for a shower, ok ok 45 come on over." Will texted back. "Sounds wonderful, see you then." making a mental note of the time displayed on the phone screen.

A shower and shave later, Will made his way over to his favorite neighbors house. He found Michelle's door unlocked for him, and he let himself in. Locking the door behind him, he made his way to the back bedroom. She was just coming out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. "Hello sexy neighbor" he announced his presence watching for and getting the slight jump from her. "DAMN" she laughed recovering instantly from the start he gave her and walked into his arms. "Hi" she smiled at him leaning in for a kiss. "Hi" he smiled back, welcoming her into his arms and meeting her for the kiss. Her lips parted slightly and her tongue found its way into his mouth.

His hand found the back of her head and their kisses slowly became filled with more intent. Her arms pulled him closer, and the towel lost its short battle with gravity and fell to the floor. He pressed himself against her, she could feel his cock growing harder through his clothes as they continued kissing. She reached down to give him a fondle and squeeze, feeling his hand find its comfortable place on her breast.

Pulling back and smiling, Michelle went down on her knees and began unfastening his belt, her eyes locking with his. She unhooked his pants and slowly unzipped him....pressing her cheek against the bulge, then kissing him through his underwear. Will kicked off his shoes as she removed his pants.

Pulling at the waste band she freed his cock from its confines and after one tentative lick at the head of it, rewarded with the taste of his pre-cum, opened her mouth wide and took him in deep. She then slowly pulled away ,pressing her lips tightly over him and dragging her tongue along the underside of his thick shaft. Not stopping her attentions, she pulled his underwear down and he stepped out of them. She grabbed his ass with one hand and cradled his balls in her other hand, pulling him towards her eager mouth, forcing his cock deep down her throat and holding him there, feeling him grow even harder in her mouth. He looked down watching the hott show she was putting on while removing his shirt and tossing it aside.

Looking up into his eyes and seeing the pleasure she was giving him reflect there,she began working his cock in and out of her hot wet mouth, her lips and tongue caressing him. Pulling away to lick along the sides of his shaft....nibble at his balls, licking them, then taking his cock back deep and hard into her mouth and down her throat.

She could hear his breath becoming more labored and knew he was getting close to cumming. She slowed her pace then gently reached back and pulled down on his ball sack, relieving some of his urgency. She continued her attentions sensing his climax was no longer immanent proceeded to take him harder, faster and deeper into her hungry mouth. Her pace mixing from gentle tease to balls deep cock sucking, she coaxed and drove him towards his climax. Releasing her grip on his ball sack, she reached down between her own legs and caressed her now quite wet pussy then slipped two fingers deep inside.

Michelle returned her hand to its place supporting Will's balls, cradling them in her palm she worked her pussy juice soaked fingers back between his legs and worked her fingertips over his sensitive back door. He moaned slightly as she began working a finger into his very tight ass. His large cock becoming granite hard.

She could feel him pull slightly away, trying to keep from cumming. Michelle looked up and held his ass firmly with the one hand, and pressing the finger of the other hand deeper into him... all the while her head and mouth worked themselves over his cock, wet and dripping with her saliva.

Will moaned deeply, his legs shaking slightly as he gave into his need to release his hot seed.

His hand pulled at the back of her head as he pressed his hips forward. She felt his hard cock begin to pulse and throb in her mouth, his ass clenching tightly around her invading finger. Michelle was soon rewarded with the feel of his sweet cum squirting down her throat. She pulled back a bit and gave him another deep suck and fingered his asshole to coax his orgasm along, her mouth filling with his seed. She gently sucked and licked as he road out his orgasm, moaning and trembling weak legged with the pleasure of it all.

Still kneeling before him she withdrew her mouth and hands,then looking up into his eyes Michelle licked an errant dribble of cum from her lips and smiled. "Tasty" she purred, then returned his cock to her mouth to coax the very last droplets of seed from him. He smiled down at her and breathlessly whispered "Such a good girl." on unsteady legs. Sucking gently and licking sweetly , she was sure to get every bit of cum then pulled away with a satisfied smile.

Will stepped away just far enough to collapse on her bed. "Whoa that felt good." he sighed contently catching his breath, as Michelle quickly joined him on the bed snuggling up next to him.

"Mmmmm" she purred as he pulled her closer and pressed his lips on hers. She welcomed his probing tongue readily as the kiss continued. Still in the embrace, Will rolled himself over and on top of Michelle, her legs spreading on their own as he settled himself between them. Will broke the kiss then buried his face against her neck, kissing and biting her tender flesh. Biting down slightly harder he could feel her shudder beneath him as the goosebumps hit. She gave a little gasp, and her hips pressed upwards from the sensations. He returned to her mouth for one more deep passionate kiss, then began to work his way down her body. Kissing and licking down her her chest, working his way down to her sweet breasts. Her nipples growing instantly hard as he licked over them. He then suckled at each in turn, drawing her nipple and breast into his mouth, licking and sucking...then biting the nipple just hard enough to get a little "mmmm" out of her. Dragging his tongue along her stomach he followed the little happy trail downwards to her very nicely shaved and very wet pussy. She felt his hands urging her legs further apart, and she happily complied, giving him all the access to her tender honey pot as he might want.

He settled in and began licking gently along side her pussy....on the tender flesh between there and her welcoming thighs, circling completely around her pussy until his tongue was tickling the sensitive flesh between her pussy and her backdoor. She squirmed a little, her hips moving forward trying to beckon his attentions. He did not make her wait, slipping his tongue deep inside her slit and running it upwards, tasting her intoxicating juices as he found her swollen clit. Michelle reached down her hands and spread her pussy wider apart, exposing her clit completely to his attentions Covering the engorged and tender flesh with his mouth, Will sucked and licked gently on her. Each little movement sending ripples of pleasure through her.

Slipping a bit further south, he played his tongue over her tight little asshole, licking and pressing it hard against her sensitive flesh. Her sweet sounds let him know she was enjoying it all.

As his tongue worked its magic once more on her clit, she could feel him working a couple of fingers into her oh so very hott box. Pressing upwards with his fingers, he began finger fucking her as his mouth and tongue danced over her hot button.

Her hips thrusting slightly to meet his probing fingers she spread her legs further and could feel him working a third finger into her.She moaned and pressed against his hand and mouth. Her sweet juices flowing freely over his fingers, Will pressed three fingers deep into her twat as his forth finger pressed its way into her other tight hole. Michelle wiggled and whimpered a little at the back door intrusion but did not protest. Her hand found its way to the back of his head, urging him on, her head thrown back. He could hear her breath coming in pants, and felt her back arching. He double penetrated her with his fingers, fucking her with his hand. His pace quickened as she moaned "Oh yess...Im ...going to....CUMMMM...don't stop....OHHHHH." Her entire body stiffened as the climax crashed through her body. He pressed his fingers in deep and held them there, his mouth pressed tightly against her pussy as she came in his mouth. Only moving his tongue, he continued to stimulate her ultra sensitive clit to coax her along. She pulled away a little trying to escape the added attentions, knowing she would not really get away, nor did she really want to. Gasping and moaning , she shuddered as she came, hard, her pussy throbbing and convulsing with delight. Slowly she relaxed, and laying there panting slightly as he gently teased and probed her, little strokes as he pulled his fingers from her one by one. One last kiss on her pussy, Will came back up and laid full upon her kissing her sweet lips, enjoying the taste of her own honey fresh on his face she returned the kiss happily. He then lay back along side her and she snuggled into his arm.

Enjoying the afterglow of their fun making for while, then Will broke the silence. "So, you want to go through with The Bet huh?" He smiled. "Oh yes!" she answered with more enthusiasm than he had expected as she reached over to her dressing table and grabbed two quarters she had placed there earlier.

"Just like that huh?" Will asked her. "Yes, lets do this.."She smiled back "..and may the winner take.....ANYTHING"

"OK, seeing as you called for the bet, I will make my call Odds, which makes you for you?" he stated as he picked up one of the offered quarters, looking over both sides to be sure it was a regular heads and tails quarter. She laughed noticing him look "HEY, that's more like something YOU would pull!!" He smiled a little sheepishly and stuck out his tongue at her.

"On three we toss them" Michelle readying her own quarter." One.........Two...........THREE" and they both flipped the quarters into the air. Michelle's landed first , TAILS up....., then four eyes watched as Wills quarter came down.......It was.....

(End of Part 1)

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