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Anticipation is worth the wait

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Nearing his destination, he couldn't help but reflect on the path taking them to this point in time. It seemed like yesterday since they first met. The time they had was brief, yet still so vivid. He always knew this day would come, yet he was very sure she had no idea this would ever happen again.

The past year had brought them down different roads yet here they were again. This day was discussed for months and he had thought of it often. Normally not 1 to plan too much, he knew that this was 1 of those special times to put alot of thought and effort into making it special for her. She kept after him to give her some ideas as to what he had in mind. Him , being the tease, knew just what the evasiveness did to her.

He had dissected her words and learned alot from the chats of the past. He had a pretty good idea what would literally drive her insane and overload the senses. He was very sure she had underestimated what he was capable of and this drove him even more. He had 1 simple goal and that was to hear her say the words, I NEVER!!!!!

Sending her a text message, the game has begun. Almost as quick came the reply. He could almost feel her blushing right through the phone. As openminded as she was, the innocence that she sometimes exhibited left the desired impression with him. The words were simple and the end result he knew would be achieved. "I want you".

Her reply wasn't really a shock to him. He truly felt like he knew her better than she knew herself at times. "Take me, sir". Gazing down at the words on his phone, made his smile all the more radiant. Looking into the rear view mirror for a moment, he made sure one last time that he was looking his best for this special lady. Grabbing the fone one last time before arrival, he typed and sent.....If you are ready for your first instructions, greet me at the door saying " i'm ready , sir". If your not ready your to say, hello John!!! Not a minute later came reply. He was as calm as he could be considering the nervous anticipation. Following the directions, he found himself slowing down looking for her place. Seeing it ahead, it was almost as what he saw in his mind in past day dreams. Coming to a halt, he caught a glimpse of the curtains move. Chuckling for a moment, he found himself wondering how nervous she was.

Opening his door, he slowly reached behind his seat to grab his bag. Walking up the walk, he found himself intentionally taking his time. Finally he decided it was time to ring the bell. Almost as if she had her hand on the knob, the door opened part way. Looking down at her, he couldn't help but break down in laughter as she was on her knees with her head down. "I'm ready, sir." Soon followed. A couple seconds later she looked up at him and smirked. Then once again resumed her pose. Thinking to himself how typical of her and yet so precious. This is another reason he knew this weekend would be special.

Getting into the role as best he could, he found himself asking her to stand. Helping her rise to her feet, he gazed upon the choice of dress. She had done very well. She must have also been paying attention to him, he thought to himself. Looking into each others eyes, he voiced firmly " I want you". Seeing the instant reaction, he waited a moment before speaking just a bit softer this time. "I'm gonna take you, I hope your ready, dear". The blush was evident and rather spontaneous. He lived for little moments like that.

Dipping his head down to her, he sought out her bee stung lips. Softly at first, soon the kisses became more forcefull. They both knew each others affinity for kissing and moments became minutes as they learned more about each other through locked lips. Reluctantly pulling away from her, he took a moment to inspect and appreciate the beauty in front of him. She has this look about her that made someone like himself know early on what kind of girl she was. She looked so innocent and perhaps shy externally yet under the surface she was a openminded, naughty little minx.

Turning back towards the door, he said he'd be right back. Walking back to the truck, he was after the last of the items that would help make this day special for them both. Grabbing it out of the back, he struggled to get it outside. Finally, it was on the sidewalk. Looking down at it for a moment, he recalled exactly why he bought this years ago on ebay, days like this!!!

Reentering the house, he found herself holding a glass with what appeared to be his favorite drink. Could it be??? Setting down the table. He extending his hand toward her to grab the cool drink. Taking a moment to sip, he knew right away she had gotten it right. He couldn't recall telling her of this concoction. Did someone help????? A couple more sips and he couldn't wait anymore. Once again, he moved to her, this time grasping her shoulders gently. Looking down at her, he once again asked "Are you ready, precious?". "yes, sir" , was her reply.

Taking a moment to take it all in, he couldn't believe what was about to unfold. Here in front of him was a beauty of a woman. She had the look that drew him in. She wasn't like alot of the women he had came acrossed over the years on the site. She was a natural beauty. She was as into him as he into her. Here they were, finally ready to explore and to live.

"Sit for a minute while i prepare", he instructed her. Picking up the table, he moved toward the bedroom. Finding a spot to unfold the prop, he began the preparation. After setting the table up, he placed a towel down to help keep his precious warm. Next, came a large sheet to cover her womanly body up. Oh how he was glad the sheets were large enough to hang to the floor. This would help hide the other of his soon to be pleasant surprises.

Grabbing the bottle of essential oils, he moved to the kitchen. Placing the bottle briefly in the microwave, soon it would be warmed to desired levels. Seeing her evident nervousness, he knew soon enough she would be relaxed. Moving to her, he thought he saw a slight smile as she realized what was in his hand. Extending his hands towards her, he beckoned her to stand. Rising to her feet, no words were spoken. She understood and followed closely behind him. Upon entering the bedroom, he paused once again to ask her once again of she was sure she was ready. Looking into his eyes, he once again responded , "yes, sir".

Directing her to take off her clothes, he moved to sit on the bed to watch. Seeing her surprised in the request, once again elicited a wicked smirk. Slowly, she removed her skirt, and blouse. Midway through, he spoke up telling her how he loved her choice in clothes. He continued on about how sexy she looked and how he had made a great choice. Seeing her bra slowly tossed to the side, he caught how erect her nipples were. Yes, she was excited and this visual helped feed him. Only one more garment and she would be done. Turning away from her as a way to tease, he ordered her to "stop". "Turn towards me as you finish your task", he uttered. Turning back to him, she couldn't help but blush. Reaching for the waistband, she curled her fingers inside to lower the lacy panties. "Slow, slow," he whispered. Gazing upon her, he immediately commented "Good girl" as he saw that she did exactly as requested. She had some growth there. He knew how hard this was for her to do. Little did she know yet of the reason for the request.

Taking a minute to admire every inch of her body, he felt a subtle stirring of his cock. Asking her to get up on the table and under the sheets, he said he'd be back in a moment. He once again moved to the living room to retrieve his drink. Taking a few sips to help relieve the nervous tension. He carried it back with him. Reentering the room, he saw her face down on the table. He smiled wide at how the sheet formed so nicely against her buttocks. Moving to her, he surprised her with a quick swat to her sheet covered ass. Hoping for a reaction , he received none. So, once again he swatted her again just a tad harder and commented " Nice ass". Her reply was a simple , "thank you, sir".

Moving his strong hands to her legs he began by exposing her ankles. Gently rubbing them. He stopped when he realized in his nervousness he forgot to use the oil. Opening the bottle, he added a generous quantity to his palms. Rubbing them back and forth to help heat it he once again grasps her calves. Working his talented hands up and down her legs, brought the desired effect. Taking his time, he was learning more about her as he went. Little did she know what the massage was really about. He was watching her every response, learning as much about her body as he could for future reference. Moving his hands higher , he exposed even more of her. Taking the visual in, he grinned broadly as he saw her moisture. He smirked and stiffled a giggle as he saw her spread her legs a couple of inches wider. She was in the moment.

Working her strong legs and up to her buttocks, he kept focus. He longed for moments like this and was glad he had given a number of massages in his day. Today would be different. Today there would be a twist. Stopping after a few moments of kneading her glorious glutes, he pulled the sheets back upon her. Moving to the front of the table, he bend down and whispered in her ear. "You look absolutely delicious." The words caused her to shiver. Adding more oils to his hands, he began to work her neck and shoulders. Moving the sheet a bit lower he continued to comment to her about his great choice of his new "PRECIOUS". Continuing until he felt the knotts gone, he stopped for a moment debating his next move. Craning down to her neck, he planted a couple light kisses. Extending his tounge, he flicked and circled for a few seconds watching for her reaction. Stopping, he once again hoping to make her wonder what was coming next.

Once again moving to her ear, he voiced sensually, "your mine". She twitched and readjusted herself back into position on the table. Moving to the foot of the table, he reached beneath it. Finding the strap, he adjusted it and moved to her left ankle. Circling it, he pulled it tight. Seeing her flinch, he told her it would be ok. Securing it to the left of the table, he moved to the other leg. Repeating the same process, he grinned at his work. Oh, the sight of seeing her spread wide and tied to his table brought renewed stimulation. Moving to the front of the table, this time he grasped her right hand and held it for a moment as he spoke. "Are you ok with whats coming next, precious?" Her reply was the oh so familiar, "yes sir".

Grasping her right wrist, he moved the restraints over it. Soon, he did the same with the left. Bending down, he secured the ends to the legs of the table. Checking for secureness, he admired his work. There in front of him was a vision of lovelyness. He knew this time was long overdue and that patience was well needed in the tasks at hand. He knew she would no doubt be nervous, yet knew he had gained her trust for all the times they had communicated in the past. Seeing her turn her head to the side in an attempt to see what he was up to, he knew just what needed to be done. Moving once again to the floor, he reached into his bag of goodies and produced the well needed prop.

Moving to her, he spun the blindfold on his finger allowing her to see what was coming next. Was that a grin that he just saw?????? In a devilish tone he asked, "You did know this was coming?" Knodding her head as best she could in this position, the words finally flowed with a "yes, sir". Cradling her head, it wasnt long before her eyes were soon covered. Dipping lower once again, he gentle whispered in her ear, "Now, your really mine!" He soon followed the words up with a couple gentle breaths of warm air into her ears. Planting another kiss on her very sensitive neck, he moved to the foot of the table once again.

Reaching down to readjust his pants, he couldn't believe how turned on her was at that moment. Feasting his eyes on his "precious", he took a minute to debate his next move. Moving to her lovely ass, he reached down with his large hands and caressed each of her curvy globes. With a hand on each cheek, he kneaded the flesh. After a couple minutes he dipped down, he gently bit her right cheek. Following up with the same to the left, he admired the womanly shape. Kissing the area for a few seconds more, he decided to shock her just a bit. Spreading her cheeks apart with his hands, he feasted on her clean bud. Taking his right middle finger, he softly circled her ring. Seeing her flinch and hearing her gasp, he stopped for but a moment. Resuming once again, he circled the sensitive area a bit longer causing her to begin to breath a bit heavier. Was that a low moan he heard?????? He knew from previous talks this was something she enjoyed yet rarely experienced.

Continuing the gentle assault on her ring, he stopped for a moment to reach for some oil. Popping the cap open, he soon gently squeezed the bottle. A few drops of oil flow down and hit the target, causing her to wiggle her hips just a bit. This time he decided to extend his finger and press gently against its opening. Popping just the tip in, he watched as she got use to the invader. Knowing her thoughts on this, he took his time and added some more oils. Slowly he worked more of his finger into her tight slot. Gently probing her for a few minutes, he knew she had about enough of this for now.

Leaving the room for a minute to go wash up, he grabbed a washcloth and carried it back to her. Wiping off the excess oils, he soon was ready for the next phase. Moving his hands to her hips once again, he began to massage the globes. Working the hips in the manner he was doing, caused her to attempt to press back against him. Seeing the telltale signs of her arousal. She dipped a finger down to her opening to see just how wet she truly was. Her labia appeared to be very swollen and her slit was becoming even more accessible and opening because of his minstrations. Moving the finger to his mouth, he got a much needed taste of her sweet necter. "Delicious", he voiced just loud enough for her to hear. Moving back to her ears, he whispered a 2nd time , "your very delicious, precious". This caused her to respond with a shiver.

Walking back to the table foot, he moved in position for what he had been dying to do, savor her sweetness. Moving to his knees, he reached up to gently spread her legs wider. Gazing upon her quim, he took a moment to take in her sweet womanly scent. Dipping lower and extending his tounge, it soon hit the mark. Immediately, she moaned feeling the size and heat of his snakelike tounge. Probing her with the tip, he soon found the spot he was looking for. Sucking it in gently, he realized it was a fair size gem. Circling it a moment, he soon enough released it to explore her netherlips. Counterclockwise he circled her ingourged lips. Thinking to himself, he hadn't tasted something so succulent in ages. Hearing her breathing become more rapid, he knew to stop. Pulling away from her, caused her to groan in frustration. He got up off his knees and once again moved to her ear and whispered. "Patience, precious"

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