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Another night in Paradise

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Since my darling travels during the week most weeks, by Friday I am usually so hot for him that I tend to wear him out? this weekend was no different from any other, in that respect.

While chatting with him Friday afternoon, he mentioned he was still planning a trip to the toy store for some new toys, and said that we would see whatever else came up. Just the thought of being in his arms turns me on, so I decided to surprise him with a few new pictures. I took the camera out back, and started snapping away. I started fully clothed, but as I posed and snapped and thought about what we would do this weekend I got worked up. As I peeled off my shirt, I didn?t even think to look to see if anyone could see me as they drove by. Yes, I was in the back yard, but we only have a 3 foot tall side fence between the front and back yards, and we do live on a very busy street.

I played with my tits as I posed, getting more and more worked up with each shot. I moved back into the garden area and dropped my shorts. Thinking about his throbbing member always makes me wet, and this time was no exception. Making use of the timer feature I was able to take some nice shots of my swollen, dripping pussy with my fingers in it. I wanted him so bad! I had no real desire for self release, I just wanted him. He does love seeing my fingers in my wet slit, so knowing that these would turn him on made me all the wetter.

I met him down at a local pub for a beer or two before heading home. He found me hanging at the bar talking to ?the locals? and finding all sorts of organic and local food sources and was not surprised. Amused by the fact that only I would go into a bar and find such things. He said I looked sexier than normal and plans were still on once the kids were asleep. After lingering there a while, we headed home.

Normally, on a Friday night, the kids beg to stay up late and he allows them to, but not tonight. He had them all in bed with some hokey excuse before 10, which for them, on a Friday is early! No sooner than he shut the light off in their rooms, he grabbed his shoes and keys and said ?come on?, and to the toy store we went.

We decided we are both ready to try anything with each other. The trust level is complete. Neither of us are afraid the other will do anything to hurt the other in any way. Absolute trust. With this, we went looking. We often peruse the store, but hadn?t picked up much yet; all we have is a double ended, ridged glass rod and a smallish pliable butt plug. We?d discussed a shorter rod that would fit in completely for other positions, a larger plug, and a more pliable double ended rod, but otherwise we were wide open.

We walked around for a while, checking out different things, discussing the swing and how we still want one, but where would we hang it, and some other things, finally settling on a not too big double ended pliable dildo, a glass anal plug, a strapless ?strap on?, and a restraint harness that allow you to ?hog tie? your partner, plus some poppers.

Arriving home, I unpacked the party favors and he got out the pot and beer. Few hits of pot, some beer, and with the first hit on the poppers, we were more than ready.

He strapped me down to the bed and using the Liberator wedge positioned my pussy so his face snuggled right in perfectly, as if made to be there. I moaned as his tongue touched my clit. He slowly swirled it around, then thrust it deep in my dripping hole. I started to spasm. I was so worked up from earlier and the wait that I couldn?t help myself. I started into deep body rocking orgasms like I have only rarely had before. My body took on a mind of it?s own as he stroked and probed and licked and rubbed his face in my juices. I couldn?t stop the orgasms if I had wanted to; why would I want to? I squirted as if I was somehow attached to a fire hydrant. He kept telling me how he loved how wet I was, how much I was squirting, and how much he loved it, which made me squirt all the more.

He finally raised his face, reaching over he grabbed the new ?strap on?, playing with me till he got it into position in my very wet ass and pussy, and releasing the restraints. We positioned him the same way I had been and I put the restraints on him in the same manner. This allowed me totally uninhibited access to his entire beautiful manhood and his hole. I love it! I saw he had put on his cock rings so I started there with my tongue. I worked the rings, weaving my tongue around, over, under, and between each of the 5 rings in their different positions. His throbbing member got larger and harder as I worked. I took both his balls in my mouth and rolled them around together. He moaned something about how amazing it all felt. I graced his throbbing member with a light stroke of my dripping tongue, from base to tip and he shuddered and moaned again. Continuing to lick, stroking it up and down, probing the tip, circling the head, his moans grew. Approaching the tip, I shifted, this time I slid his massive member into my mouth and took him all in. He gasped, ?don?t stop baby?. I started massaging his asshole while I worked his cock with my dripping wet mouth, sliding its full length in and out of my hungry mouth. My body continued to shudder with orgasms as I hungrily ate his manhood. Sliding down a bit, I moved to work on his inviting hole. With his ass up like this, I had a wonderful angle to probe him with anything I wanted and I wanted to taste his earthy flavor. I stuck my tongue in as far as I could and his moans escalated. I fucked his ass with my wet mouth, working both of us up even more. Sitting up, I grabbed the lube and covered his ass crack in its sticky wetness, sliding it around with my hands, fingering his opening. I took the probe I was still ?wearing? and shoved it up him. His groaning changed to animalistic noises as he took it in and I fucked his ass, while firmly stroking his now more than massive member. He kept repeating ?you?re gonna make me cum, you?re gonna make me cum? in a low voice, somewhere between pleading and knowing. ?Oh god, that?s hitting the spot, I swear I?m coming.? I was still cumming, as I had never stopped. My body had never responded like this before. I was in a continuous orgasm that was causing me to squirt unknown amounts of wetness everywhere. While I love being drenched in his cum, this time I wanted it IN me BADLY! I would not allow anything else, and I was in control, as he was still restrained. Pulling the contraption out of both of us, I pivoted, grabbing the glass plug as I turned. I sat on him like a chair. He slid in as if he?d been made for me. ?You feel amazing? was uttered between moans. I then slid the glass plug into his still wet ass. He convulsed and again started in with the ?oh god, your making me cum?, and ?where did you see this position??. I hadn?t, it just made sense in my pot, beer, and popper induced state. By now his entire groin and ass were covered in my wetness. My juices were continuing to run out of me, drenching him, the wedge, the bed, everywhere. I knew that while he felt like he was coming, he had yet to actually come with anything in his ass, so I knew I could continue to do whatever I wanted to and I wanted him to spank me.

Getting off him, I released his restraints, gently pulled out his plug, removed the wedge, we took another hit of everything, and started kissing. Oh god, I love kissing my man! Again, the orgasms came. He slid his still throbbing manhood into my drenched wetness. I whispered for him to spank me. He obliged. He slapped my ass hard a few times. More orgasms ensued, ?oh you like that? he said knowingly, smiling. I didn?t have to answer, as I was racked with yet another body convulsing orgasm. I reached around and moved his hand to my swollen cunt around his dick. He slapped me there. It stung, but oh god, it felts so good. My eyes rolled back, I gasped, and went into another body racking orgasm. ?oh my god, I haven?t seen you this wet and turned on, I love this?, as he slapped me again. Oh the incredible turn on of being fucked and slapped and passionately kissed at the same time! Deeper orgasms ensued. If he hadn?t been thoroughly drenched in my juices before, he was now. I could feel his body ramping up to explode, and I was more than ready! Oh my, the tandem orgasm we had! I love feeling his cum shoot into me, feeling what his body does as he loses control and can?t hold back any longer. As soon as he started to cum, my body cut lose again, and started into another intense orgasm, which made him cum even more. After cumming for what seemed like forever, we laid in each other?s arms, passing out for a bit.

Half awake, we moved, he started to perk up again. This was a night of complete passion, but you do have to rest a wee bit between. That rest was over, and we both wanted more. He ordered me on all fours. I felt something enter my still very wet pussy. As I had rolled up, I had felt our mixed cum run from my hot hole down my legs. He had no trouble getting whatever it was into me. Then I felt the something hit my ass. I knew ? he had the double ended dildo. While he fucked me with one hand, he slapped my ass with the other. Again, the orgasms started. As I got wetter, he started rubbing the loose end in my juices and fingering my ass to lube it up. Then he stuck that end in my ass. Double fucking me with it. Orgasms continued. I was still so turned on I couldn?t stop. That turned him on, too. He pushed me over and straddling me upside-down, he drove his dick down my throat. I obliged, as I wrapped my legs around his head and pulled him down to me. We hungrily consumed each other, as if it had been years since we?d been together, instead of minutes. I fingered his ass while fucking him with my mouth. Taking in his entire rod as it grew larger with each stroke. It was as if he was double his ?normal? self that night, and I loved it! I hit his G spot again and again, while he buried his face in my pussy. He moaned and cried out in ecstasy each time I touched the spot.

I knew he wanted to fuck my ass badly. But I made him beg for it. It turns me on when he pleads with me for it. I had full intention of allowing him, but I wanted to hear him beg. As he begged, I came, again. He reached down and smeared my wetness up my ass crack. He gently slid his member into my ass, and I spasmed again. As he fucked my tight ass, he murmured in my ear how much he loved me, loved my ass, loved my body, loved everything about me. Of course, this turns me on all the more and the orgasms continue to wash over me. I twisted to kiss him and he passionately kissed me again. The orgasms continued. I pulled him into my ass as tight as I could, working my ass against his groin as if I could not get enough of him in me. My pussy started calling for attention, though, I tried to ignore it, but couldn?t. Reaching for anything handy, my hand found the long glass rod. ?perfect? I thought! And I slid it in. I know he can feel the ridges and bumps on this piece as it slides around in my pussy while he fucks my ass. I work it so it massages my pleading clit, getting me even more worked up, sending me into harder and harder body wracking contractions of ecstasy as he continues to pound my ass. He feels the rod in my pussy and rapidly approaches an explosive climax. I feel the rhythm change as he gets closer, his breathing becomes more shallow and quicker. Then with a few deep and final thrusts he releases another massive load of hot sticky cum into my tight ass. Normally, I do not climax from this, but this time, again, my body has taken over and it sends me into another round of intense violent contractions. Eventually, they subside, as we pass out again.

There will be more? we both know it. There always is more.

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