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Anniversary Seduction

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My wife had been acting a little odd for a few days. I mean she had her reasons. Money was tight, even with us both working, and we were close to losing the house. I mean real close. We argued a lot about the bill. But the way she was acting seemed to me to be more than just about money. I found out finally that it was more. One of her ex-boyfriends had came into town and stopped by work to see her. I had never liked the guy, and he had told a mutual friend once that he could have her back at the snap of his fingers. But back then he was just a local thug. Now he was a millionair in the, film industry. The adult film industry.

I was of course upset that he had came to see her but she told me she had taken care of it and he was gone again. Things got better and she even got a big bonus at work to save the house. We moved on.

A couple of weeks later we got a package in the mail. It was addresed to Jamie, my wife, but she was just leavin for work. I had the day off and she told me to go ahead and open it and tell her what it was later.

I opened it to find a DVD. It was marked only as 'Our anniversary.' I was a little curious, but assumed it was something she had made for us of our anniversary earlier that year. I was wrong.

I put the disk in and hit play. I was suprised to see Jonathan, her porn star ex.

"Hey babe." he said. "Hope the money helps. Just thought I'd give you something to remember our anniversary. hope you like it."

I was totally confused. Suddenley the shot went to my wife approaching the door to a huge house. She was dressed in some sexy black dress pants and a shirt that revealed quite a bit of cleavage. The film was obviously proffesionally shot and looked like a movie.

Jonathan greeted her and invited her inside. Jamied looked nervous and a little upset.

"What do you want?" she demanded. I don't like this at all."

"Come on." he said. "We are old friends. Can't we just visit."

"Not when one of us is very married."

"Come on." he said. "I have a suprise for you. Just stay for ten minuits and I will give you the money I promised."

She looked uncertain, but followed him into the house.

"I don't like taking the money either." she said, "but I can't lose our house."

"I understand." he said. "Times are hard. Do you know what today is?"


"Well yeah." he replied. "But it's also the fifeteenth of may. Our anniversary."

She looked at him oddly. "Are you crazy?" she asked. "We have been broke up for ten years. And you didn't remember anniveraries then."

"I know." he replied. "I am going to make it up to you."

He led her to a room that was totally filed with candles. It was beautiful. Rose petals covered the floor and soft music played. He handed her a glass of wine.

"I have to go." she said. "This is crazy. You are crazy."

"Hold on." he said, looking at his watch. Seven more mins. Just sit down."

She sighed and sat down on the sofa. I noticed that she sipped her wine.

He sat down on the other end of the sofa, also sipping his wine. THey chatted for a few minits and she seemed to relax. The wine and canlelight was working and he kept slowly moving closer. She slid away when she noticed, but she was soon out of room. He continuasly crept closer.

"Remember the first time we made love?" he asked.

"We never made love." she replied. "You fucked me."

Jonathan looked hurt. "Is that all?" he asked. "I remember more."

"Well I didn't say it was bad." she said quickly. "I like to fuck."

"Do you?" he asked. They both laughed.

"I did." she said. "But a girl needs to be made love to sometimes."

"And does you husband make love to you?"

"When we are not fighting." she replied. "not lately."

"That is a waste." he said. "I would make love to you everyday, if you were still mine."

"Hold on." she said, with a laugh." I stilll want to be fucked some too. And I thought we just established that you never made love to me."

"Never did before." he said. "I have learned a lot in life."

Jonathan was right beside her now. I noticed that she was very nervous, but she did not move. He put one arm on the sofa behind her head.

"You l;earned to fuck a lot of women." she said. "Not to make love."

"Let me prove you wrong." he said. "Let me show you."

He was so close now he was breathing right in her ear.

"I have to go." her reply was a mere whisper. She did not move though. He put his hand on her leg above her knee and began to caress gently. I could see her tremble, but she did not move.

"Here he said." have a sip of wine. He moved to give her a drink and deliberatly spilled a little on her neck. She gasped.

"Let me get that." he said. He ducked his head and licked the red liquid from her throat. I thought I heard a soft moan escape her. Then he was kissing her neck and his hand was moving farther up her leg.

"Stop." she said, pushing away. "We can not do this."

"Sure we can." he said carressing her thigh more urgently. He obviously found the spot her was looking for. I saw her melt.

"No." she protested weakly. "Stop."

his mouth on hers cut her off and soon they were kisssing passionatly. His hand rubbed the soft area where her thighs come together, and they kissed for a long time.

He laid her back and pulled her shirt off, revealing a sexy lace bra, then began kissing her chest and neck, while she fumbled with the buttons on his shirt. Before I knew it, he had lifted her easily and carried her into a huge bedroom filled with more candles and covered everywhere in rose petals.

"you did all this for me?" she asked.

"For us." he answered and she kissed him long and deep and he laid her on the huge canopy bed. Their kiss was soft and slow and lasted for ages.

"That is the start of making love." he told her.

"I know," she replied breathless. "I almost came just from kissing you."

He gently pulled off her pants and then let her pull of his. Soon they were both naked. She seemed unable to keep her hands off of his large hard dick.

"I want that so bad." she said. trying to take it in her mouth.

"Not yet." he told her. He pushed her back on the bed and knely between her legs. THe way she moved and moaned and screamed as he licked her pussy was like nothing I had ever seen. He kissed every inch of her from toes to hips. I was amazed when she let him suck her toes and loved it. I could not touch her feet without making her laugh.

After close to half an hour, she pushed him onto his back, and began to kiss her way up his body. She kissed all around his huge cock before taking it in her mouth. She moaned and moved like an animal, and i swear she came from just sucking his dick. Finally he filled her mouth full of his juices and she swallowed every drop and loved it.

She lay beside him, her head on his arm.

"Hope you don't mind that I came in your mouth." he said. "But you owed me one."

"More that one." she replied. "But I was hoping to have you somewhere else."

"I am not done." he said. "Just planning my next move."

They lay their and kissed for awhile. She stroked his chest and he her side and back. Finally she moved lower and began stroking his huge, once again hard dick. She began to roll onto him, but he stopped her.

"Not yet. Got something else for you."

He rolled her onto her stomach and began rubbing her back then lower to her ass. He then began licking and kissing her ass and I saw her flinch in suprise when he began to inset a finger into her tight, ass.

I knew she would stop him, because she had only let me once and didn't really like it. but to my suprise she just said, "Please, just go slow."

He kissed and fingered her ass some more before mounting her and I watched him slowly insert his big dick into my wife's asshole. To my suprise, he soon had her bucking and screaming for more. He fucked her ass for a while, and i knew they were both read to cum again.

He rolled her over and they kissed for awhile.

"Now for the lovemaking."

He slowly put his self inside her dripping pussy and began to move against her. She was soon working against him and theire hips moved in perfect compliment to one another. I new she was getting it deeper than she ever had and the look of breathless passion and utter extasy on her face was amazing. He put a hand on her ass to pull himself into her and he stroked her face and hair gently as they slowly rocked together to an erotic climax of volcanic proportions.

"You are so sexy." he whispered into her ear as he kissed her. "I have always loved you."

"You feel incredible." she told him.

"How good?" he asked. "Am I the best you have ever felt?"

"This is the best feeling I have ever felt. I love it."

"Do you?" he asked urgently. "I am the best. Tell me."

"you are ther best."

"Say my name.

"Oh Jonathan you are the best I have ever felt.Pleae make love to me."

He continued pumping into her slow and deep and they kissed as they made love.

"I want to come inside you." he told her.

"Yes." please come inside me."

"No condom?" he asked. "I have some."

"No." my wife told him. "I want your dick. not a piece of rubber. And I don't want you to stop untill you cum deep inside me."

"Do you love me?" he asked her.

"I love this."

"I am going to cum inside you. I know you love me. I feel it in your body." At every word she got hotter, moved against him harder and moaned louder. She was almost screaming in extasy now. "When we cum together, tell me you love me."

She was screaming now as he moved inside her.

"Don't say it unless you mean it." he told her out of breath now.

They kissed and their movements were faster and harder than ever. I knew it was coming. They were cumming. I heard their cries, only not screams because of their mouths on each other. They were so hot and about to cum together.

Suddenly she broke the kiss and screamed.

"Oh God, yessss. Oh yes jonathan. I love this, I do love you. Oh God yesssss."

They screamed together and they both climaxed and slumbed onto each other breathless, but still able to kiss.

I sat back as the movie went off and only then realized that I had been stroking my self the entire time. I looked at my watch. I couldn't wait for my wife to get home. I was horney and had just the right porn movie to watch with her.

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