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Annies Story 03

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This a continuation of Annies story. It is really about romance within Annie's family, which influenced her attitudes and life style in later years.

Annie?s Story.

This is a follow on from Vera Anne?s children grow up. Annie had graduated from university and married when she and Steve had found she was pregnant. Her sexual education continued.

Chapter 3.

It was in the early months of Annie?s pregnancy that she caught Steve one evening laying on their bed masturbating . She was shocked and upset. Even with all her past experience, she had never thought that a married man masturbated.

She had thought that having a wife was enough for him and she concluded that it was something she had done to displease him or because she had got pregnant. That night she slept in the spare room and cried herself to sleep. The atmosphere over breakfast next morning was chilly, and they went off to work not speaking.

At lunchtime an older colleague, ask her what was wrong and she burst into tears, and told her. After a tearful and somewhat lengthy explanation, She hugged Annie and smiled saying ?IS that ALL!?.

She went on to tell her that, in her experience, a lot of sexy men wanked like that all the time. It was nothing for her to worry about and told her to talk with Steve openly about what she was feeling and let him explain why he was wanking. Especially listening carefully at what he said and to explain her own feelings about it. Finally, She said the wisest thing of all: ?Then hug and kiss him and be a wild sexy lover.?

That evening she tried to act as if nothing had happened and when they retired to bed. She put her arms around him and kissed him and asked him why he had been masturbating the evening before.

He told her he had had a stressful day at work and he did it to wind down, because he didn?t want her to think he was being too demanding, if he had tried to fuck her.

As he explained this, she was horrified at the way she had reacted and told him that it had been a shock and she had thought that he has gone off her now that she was pregnant.

It was then, that she also realised that she was married to a man with very strong sexual needs and that what she had thought was just the urges of a newly married couple, were in affect the norm for Steve. Thinking about it, she guess it also made her think about how much she also wanted and needed sex, and, perhaps they were fortunate in being matched in that way.

They hugged and told each other how much they loved them and as they caressed she asked him if she might help him by doing it for him as he laid back and relaxed. Then she wanked him until he was ready to come and bent over him and kissed his head until he spurted into her mouth. He was mortified but she said it was all right and that she liked the taste.

After that, things were never better and while they were careful about ordinary sex because of the baby [ probably overcautious ] , they explored other ways to please each other and learnt together that sex was more than just intercourse and explored the fuller joys of sex.

Later when she was getting very big they discovered a way that they could fuck without too much worry about the growing baby inside her. she guessed it wasn?t completely new but it was to them.

She would lay on her side with one leg straight and the top leg bent up as high as she could and Steve would kneel straddling her straight leg and then he would enter her sort of sideways. It didn?t put any weight on the baby as it was resting on the bed protected by her raised leg as well. Once more they were able to come freely together and what a glorious feeling that was.

If she felt tired he would give her oral sex which he really enjoyed. If he came home stressed out she would relax him in the same way. she discovered too that one advantage of being pregnant was that she didn?t need a week off every month. They were busy and happy together getting the spare room decorated in readiness to use as a nursery as well as a guest room. There had been a lot to do and they were half way through final painting when she started in labour.

She had arranged to let her mum know as soon as she went into hospital for her confinement, because mum insisted on coming over to take care of Steve and her and the baby when they left hospital which if everything went well would be about 3 days after the birth. Dad wasn?t too well at the time but mum told her that he could manage for a while on his own.

When she went into labour, as promised, Steve called his mother in law to tell her she was going into Hospital and she told him she would over next morning and asked Steve to pick her up at the station.

Luke was born about 5 o?clock in morning and Steve went off as arranged to pick mum up from the railway station. When she arrived they went back to the hospital to see Annie and her new grandson. The birth had been pretty good and while she would not say it was painless, she wasn?t in labour too long. So she was able to greet her mum joyfully very pleased with herself for having such a beautiful baby son, with the painful bit buried under her joy.

Mum said she would take Steve out for dinner and celebrate her first grandson. With that arranged they left her in peace to rest.

A couple of days later she was discharged and went home with baby Luke. Steve had finished the spare room and mum was installed .

That evening, mum sent Steve to the pub to meet up with his mates for a drink and to relax after the hectic few days of Luke?s birth.

? Annie fixed us a drink.? her mum said.

Then she told her to sit down as she had something to tell her.

Annie wondered what it could be.- Was she ill or something? - Was dad OK? She couldn?t think anything else which could be serious.

Then mum dropped the bomb shell!

She told her that while she had been in hospital she had slept with Steve and they had had sex. Annie was taken aback, that was something she had never imagined could have happened. Steve, her husband, sleeping with her mother!. She was lost for words and disbelief at her mum?s revelation.

But the look on mum?s face confirmed that it was so, she felt let down by them both, especially, when she thought how well things had been before she had gone to hospital. Her mind just couldn?t grasp that it could be true.

Mum gave her a hug and went on talking to her, explaining that Steve and she stilled loved her as much as ever and told her what had happened..

? After we left the hospital we went to a good restaurant and had a celebration dinner complete with champagne. I was never very good with drink and by the time we had finished a leisurely dinner she felt a bit fuzzy. The cool evening air hit her when they left the restaurant and she almost fell as she walk to the car. Steve had had to help her the rest of the way to the car to go home.

Once at home, Steve made her some black coffee, the effect of which was to make her more lively but not much less drunk. Steve took her bags up to the spare room which he had just managed to finish painting that morning and while the paint was dry, it still smelt heavily of new paint.

He returned to find her laying back on the sofa somewhat the worse for wear, but still lively. When he went over and asked how she felt, she reached out and pulled him close and kissed him on the lips saying what a clever boy he was, giving her a grandson. They talk a while and joked about how he had managed it and the conversation got a bit sexy in a teasing sort of way.

Anyway Steve told her, he had to get up in the morning for work so it was time for bed. When he said that she giggled and replied ?mine or yours.?

Steve told her to behave and helped to her feet and up the stairs. When they opened the door to the spare room the paint fumes hit them and Steve said ?you can?t sleep in there tonight. You had better sleep in our room and I will sleep on the sofa downstairs?

They went into their room and as Steve turned to go to the chest for some bedding she turned to him and gave him another kiss. She had her arms around his neck and the kissed went on and became a long French kiss their tongues intertwined. Inevitably, Steve responded as any red blooded man would; his cock became hard as it was pressed against her stomach.

When Mum eventually came up for air and flopped on to the bed. ? You don?t need the bedding, you will be much more comfortable here with me.?

Annie looked at her mum with astonishment, speechless at what she was saying.

She went to admit ? how she was surprised that she had said it and seeing the indescribable on Steve?s face added

I mean it, I never sleep well on her own?.

Annie looked her in her eyes and whispered ?but that?s not true ! you and dad have had twin beds as far back as i can remember.?

Her mother paused ?do you know why ?? she asked quietly. ? it was your dads idea after Leslie was born ?. he said he slept better alone without the disturbance during the night cause by me getting to deal with Leslie. After that our sex life consisted of him climbing into my bed when the urge took him, mounting me then going back to his own bed to fall asleep snoring. I was left unfulfilled like a r*pe victim. Since then sex with your father has became serial r*pe. Fortunately, it only happens about twice a month or less these days.?

After a pause, during which Annie thought about this unsuspected revelation and wonder how she would feel in the circumstances. Vera went on with her story.

? Anyway, I kissed him again and asked him to help me undress. Steve pulled her to her feet and held her up as he unzipped her dress and pull it up over her head. Then he did the same with her slip [ petticoat ] leaving her standing in her bra and briefs. She wore pantyhose and he lowered her to the bed and she leaned back on her elbows as he eased them down her thighs and over her feet. Then she rolled over so he could unclip her bra, then rolled back as she pulled it off laying before him in just her briefs.?

She paused and look at Annie to see how she was taking her explanation.

Annie couldn?t believe her mum was going into so much detail as she explained the events to her. But she noticed her face was flushed and suddenly realised that her mum was getting horny reliving the event. Annie also knew that she was getting horny as she listened and imagined the scene.

Her Mum went on:- ?He pulled back the covers and rolled me into bed and then put out the light and undressed himself and slipped in beside her. After a pause, I turned towards him and cuddled up, and kissed him as before. His arms went around her and stroked her back . I rolled over onto my back pulling him with me and felt his hand brush across her breasts. then I reached down between us and felt his hard cock through his boxers and wriggled my fingers into the front so I feel the warmth of his naked flesh. I asked him if you wore pyjamas in bed and he replied no that you both slept naked, so with a giggle , I was still tipsy, I reached down and push my panties down to my knees and then raising one leg pushed them down and off with my foot. The I eased his boxers down and freed his hard cock and then used my leg again to push them down and off. So there we were both naked cuddling with his member pressed between them. It was the first time since my marriage that I was enjoying contact with a male body , Your dad always wore pyjamas and I wore a prim long nightgown because he had thought it disgusting when I appeared naked before him on our honeymoon.

Steve said that it wasn?t right and wanted to get out of bed but I told him he needed relief or he wouldn?t sleep. I added with a laugh nor would I if he didn?t do something to relieve her too.? I am sorry, Annie,e but for the first time for years I wanted a man. One who I knew would give me joy.? She paused to sip her drink, looking at Annie to see how she was reacting to this revelation.

By now, Annie was seeing her mother in a new light. Thinking back she realised that while sex had never been a big issue in their family that her mother was a very sexy woman, despite her relationship with dad. She asked her what would dad have to say about this and her mother said he wouldn?t have to know what had happened., and went on with her confession.

Anyway, without going into more details, she realised that her mum had instigated what had happened and poor Steve had been drawn into a situation which he probably would have avoided in other circumstances.

After her mother?s story finished, they hugged and Mum said ? I guess I had better pack tomorrow and go home.

Annie was silent as she thought about what had happened. She went into the kitchen to make some coffee and argued with herself about what to do. Well, she thought, she was out of action as far as sex was concerned so Steve might as well enjoy mum if that was what he needed and wanted until she was able to have sex again. So when she went back with the coffee she said ? No mum, you can stay a while until I am fit again as was planned? and added ?Steve can sleep with you if he wants and then Luke won?t wake him during the night when he wants feeding.?

They hugged again, and smiled at each other both glad that they had come to terms about what had happened.

When Steve got back, slightly inebriated as one might expect of a new father. they went off to bed and outside the bedroom door she turned and kissed him and said ?Steve darling, I love you so much but I think you should continue sleeping in the spare room with mum until I am fully recovered from the birth. Then she slipped into her room and went to see that our son was OK in his crib before undressing and getting into bed.

In the morning, Steve appeared with a breakfast tray. Annie had just finished feeding baby Luke. Steve took him and put him back into his crib and then sat on the bed, bent and kissed her as he reached for her swollen breasts and caressed them. she giggled ?if you do that you will make my milk flow ? and he bent and kissed her nipple and gently sucked ? mmm? he said ? that tastes nice I hope you have some left for me tonight?

Then he left for work.

Vera entered her room shortly afterwards, her hair wrapped in a towel, still damp from her shower, naked.

?Mum! what are you doing like that! ?

Her mother smiled happily.

?I thought that it was the house dress code in this establishment? Before she burst out laughing at the expression on her daughters face. Then she leaned down and hugged her daughter saying ? I have never felt better in my life. Steve sure knows how to make a girl happy.

The next 3 weeks went by quickly as the three of them played happy families with Luke happily enjoying suckling, sleeping and being doted on by all three in his waking moments. Annie went to the post natal clinic and was given a clear bill of health and told she could resume normal life.

When she told her mum, Vera said in that case I better go home and see what your father has been up to in my absence and went and started her packing.

Shortly after Annie went up to the spare room and leaned against the doorframe watching her mum packing. ?you can stay till morning she said so you can say farewell to Steve tonight.

Vera prepared a special dinner that evening and after Luke had been fed bathed and put in his crib, They sat done to a candle lit dinner. Mellowed by the wine they went into the lounge for coffee and liqueurs. There was little conversation, as they all reviewed the happenings in the past 4 weeks.

Annie thought how vivacious her Mother , she look years younger than when she arrived.

Her husband , Steve, looked so attractive and more sexy than ever and tomorrow night they would make love again.

Vera, radiant thought about returning home and the joy, Steve had given her as he had explored and lit up her body with love and affection. She also had a nagging thought that she hadn?t had her period start yet.

Steve looked forward to having Annie back in their bed and reflected that her mum had been an unexpected surprise with her enthusiasm for sex and especially how tears of joy ran down her face as he brought her to her climax before he discharge his sperm deep into her womb. he smile as he thought how like her daughter she was.


It was 2 weeks later that Vera rang her daughter to ask how she and baby Luke were doing. Annie asked her how she was. There was a pause before Vera answered. Her voice was low as she told Annie she was sure she was pregnant.

Annie was shocked at the news as she asked what her father wpould say about the news. Vera laughed cruelly, ?He r*ped me the night I got back so I will tell him it is his if he asks. At least once it is confirmed, he will leave me alone.?

?Don?t get me wrong? she added ?He has been a good provider and husband and I love him but as far as sex is concerned he has no idea that a woman might actually enjoy it too!?

?Give my love to Steve and tell him he is going to be a Daddy again? she laughed as she rang off.

Annie laughed too at the look on Steve?s face when she passed on the message

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