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We met on an adult swingers site? I actually hit him up. I sent him some corny line like, ?Hot enough for you? Or would you like some help working up a sweat??

I can?t believe I said that! Especially since I said in my own profile that one liners like that wouldn?t impress me. I went so far as to say, intellect could be so much sexier to me than a cheap pick-up line.

Ok so I broke my own rule but something in his profile and in his pictures said this one could be one fun man to play with. I was immediately drawn to him and I can't tell you why but it was instant.

Today - our third time to meet, was different. We were both already ?in a mood? so it was odd to me that it felt like we were almost nervous. Not having much time, we didn?t want to spend the money for a room we?d only have a few hours to enjoy so we just went for a ride to a local ?park?.

In the car, I slipped my bra off and put it in my purse. That?s oh so much more comfortable and well, easier access to his exploring tongue. He has a way of tempting and teasing my nipples that makes them stand so tall and hard and I wanted him to have no trouble getting to me. I couldn?t wait for him to take them in his mouth.

Not planning this earlier in the day, I was wearing jeans. Had I known when I left the house this morning that I was going to meet up with him today, I would?ve worn a skirt so he could take me from virtually anywhere with little effort. I SO wanted to feel him deep inside me!

The excitement was building as we talked on the way to the park, about the things we wanted to do? and the things we?d done together in the past.

As we pull in, we both take note of the other vehicles in the parking lot... we wanted a bit of privacy, if that was going to be possivle.

He leans in to kiss me and his hand reaches for my breasts. Oh I love it when he rolls my nipples between his fingers. They respond with such vigor, I think he?s really amused with himself. I moan in response and he explores further with his tongue.

A little nibble? and I think I could come just with him doing that. He bites a little harder and I can?t help myself as I reach for his hard cock. I can see the bulge in his jeans and he leans his seat back to allow me to take him in my hands.

Belts, jeans, boxers?. it?s all just too much and too cumbersome as it slows me down. I can?t wait to take him in my mouth. I roll my tongue around the head of his cock. It's so good? I want him deep inside me so bad.

He leans up to bite my neck and nibble my ear. He already knows the answer to any question when his mouth is on my neck? "Yes! Yes! Yes? please! Yes!"

He slips his hands into the waist of my jeans and makes his way down to stroke my clit. I?ve been thinking of him nearly non-stop for two days as we discussed times and places to meet up ?. Then at lunch, he texted me? so three hours later, I?m really wet and hot and so ready for him.

Just a finger inside and it?s one, two, three strokes and I start to come. Begging him to fuck me, I can?t hold back.Before I know it, my orgasm explodes and I?m squirting all over his hand. He cups his hand to capture my juices and stops so I don?t completely soak my jeans but it?s too late. My orgasm continues and I think this excites him as much as it does me.

Pulling his soaked hand out of my jeans, he licks my juices from his hand and offers it to me to lick clean. That just makes me want more and more! I can?t believe he can do that so quickly but he had me so excited to start with, my pussy was just throbbing in excitement before he ever touched me.

He said, ?I only stopped since you don?t have an extra pair of jeans with you.? Giggling, I tell him I just bought some earlier in the day so as it so happens, I do! I do have another pair of jeans to wear home! And he dives right back in! Again, just a few strokes from his ever so talented fingers and my orgasm soaks him again.

I have tried to be quiet but when an orgasm racks my body in ecstasy like that, I can?t help it. I try to contain myself so as not to overwhelm him but the moans just won?t stop.

Needing some fresh air and a little more space, we decide to take a walk. I want to show him all the places I wish he could bend me over and take me in the sunshine.

Pointing out a downed tree, where the stump is the perfect height, I point out how I could lay back on the main stump and place my feet on his shoulders and he could thrust that incredible cock in me right there.

Then there are the benches that overlook the lake that offer a backing for a bit of privacy from behind, the rail in front is the perfect place to bend me over and ram me from behind? and the bridge on the other side of the lake would be just the right distance to be obscure should anyone see us in an embrace, they might not see my leg thrown over the top rail and him buried inside me? because my skirt could hide our indiscretion.

We end up right beside the lake and see a couple of guys come out of the woods not far from where we stand. As they head back to their van, I turn to face them - my back to him and I feel him press his cock against my ass as I guide his hands around me to grasp my breasts hard and tight. The guys can clearly see us from their van and I pull my top down so he can pinch my nipple in his fingers as he kisses my neck and ears.

I lean into him and he pulls me even closer. He whispers into my ear how hot it is that they?re looking directly at us. I think we?re both true exhibitionists. I?d so love to have them watch us from a distance like that?. As he takes me from behind? right there in that spot!

I envision them coming over to us to watch. As he comes inside me, one of them steps up to lick him clean when he pulls his cock from my dripping pussy while the other one drops to his knees to lick my lover?s juices out of me as he strokes each of them to come for him.

As I wonder what he?d think of the vision I just had in my mind, a breeze comes up and I?m snapped back from my daydream back to reality. Since neither of us can risk an arrest, he pulls my top back up as their van pulls away and he turns me to face him, kissing me so deep I can barely breathe.

I close my eyes as he caresses my arms and my shoulders, he?s found erogenous zones I never knew existed. Waves of pleasure roll through me and all seem to end in my throbbing pussy. Each stroke makes an even stronger throb and before too long, it feels as if I could come again.

He tells me to let it go and enjoy it - keep clenching my Kegels and let myself come. He places his hand in the already wet place in my crotch of my jeans and caresses me through my pants. . . Then it happens. I start to climax and he?s not even skin to skin or inside me - but one arm around me, his lips on my neck and ear and his free hand rubbing my clit through my pants.

To my amazement, I begin to squirt again? my juices running down the leg of my jeans and my knees start to buckle as the waves take me over the top again and again. I beg him not to let me go.

Then he kisses me again? holding me so tight? with my eyes still closed, I tell him that a blindfold would do well for us as he had such a gift for keeping me on edge. I never knew where or how he would touch me next and the anticipation was so incredible. Every inch of my body quivers with desire for his next move.

He kisses me again! Keeping my eyes closed, I wait to see what he?ll do to me. My breathe comes in short, rapid gasps as the excitement builds again. He asks if I want him to kiss me. ?Of course I do?? I gasp, breathlessly. ?Please!? urgently begging him to kiss me again!

He touches my bottom lip with his tongue and pulls back. He flicks my tongue with his just briefly and pulls back again. Its so quick I can?t even taste him - just leaves me wanting more. I can hardly stand it and I?m about to burst - moaning a plea to give me more.

Then with one motion, his tongue thrusts into my mouth, deep and hard ? so hard and forceful that our teeth nearly hit. Then he bites my bottom lip ever so firmly? and then my neck a little harder.

Still reeling from the previous climax, he starts to rub my clit again and I?m climbing that peak again. . . Only to come crashing down hard and wet, flowing from my hot pussy, he makes me come again!

I have to sit down and rest - before I FALL down ? I am nearly drained from the build-up and crash - over and over again. He?s such a talented and attentive lover. I find myself thankful at that moment that my corny pick-up line got his attention.

We decided to sit on one of the picnic benches nearby to avoid the ants that march across the concrete, As I sit on the bench, he comes up next to me and I can?t resist. His cock is at eye level? perfect for me to unzip and take him into my hands, wrap my tongue around him. Eagerly, I run my tongue down the shaft of his delicious cock and come back up to the head only to suck him back into my mouth. Softly squeezing his balls, I feel him throb in the back of my throat as I press my tongue to the roof of my mouth to ?squeeze? his cock ? he moans for me to ?remember that move?.

Hmmm?. He likes that! And the phone rings? effectively ending our playtime ? I?ll have to ?remember that move? next time and make his day as incredible as he?s just made mine!

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