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An affair that I will always remember

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An Affair to Remember

As the director of marketing I am required to train new staff at some of our other company locations and, unfortunately, that requires that I spend a lot of time traveling. This story is about a trip to San Francisco about two years ago.

Eric and I have been married for about 18 yeas. We are naturists and have had some encounters with swinging. Other than consensual and agreed upon sexual encounters we have been faithful to each other. While we have enjoyed an occasional sexual liaison with others, neither one of us have had a sexual encounter without the knowledge or consent of the other.

On this particular trip I ended up with a window seat and after settling in noticed a nice looking man take the seat next to mine. He appeared to be about my age with graying temples and was dressed in a business suit. Before sitting down he stowed his briefcase and jacket in the overhead compartment. After takeoff we engage in some small talk. His name was Jack and we talked about our jobs, families and hobbies. Throughout the conversation I kept noticing that he was looking at my legs and breasts. My skirt, although knee length, had inched up a few inches exposing some of my thigh. I also realized that my blouse had gaped open and he was able to see right down to my bra and the tops of my breast. Discretely I shifted my position to and tugged at my skirt. Glancing at him, I noticed he had a slight bulge in his crotch.

?Where are you staying in San Francisco?? He asked

?The Holiday Inn in China Town? I responded

?What a coincidence, so am I. Would you care to have dinner with me tonight?

I had to give that some thought before answering. Being a happily married woman it was not in my nature to have a date with a man let along a stranger I had never seen before that day. I mulled the thought around and decided that just having dinner would not be a problem.

?Just dinner!? I said

Great, how about 7:30?. I?ll meet you in the lobby bar.

After our plane landed I lost sight of him as we headed to baggage claim. I reclaimed my luggage and headed to the curb and the car rental shuttle.

The drive downtown from the airport was a little distressing. The traffic was heavy and there apparently had been an accident on the 101 that had things backed up. It took me the better part of two hours to get to the hotel and check in to my room. I took a shower and lay on the bed to relax before I would have to dress for dinner.

When it was time to get ready, I put on my makeup and looking in the mirror began to feel quite sexy. I started looking forward to a good time and decided to wear something sexy for the evening. I put on a charcoal mid-calf skirt and a white silk blouse. I decided to not wear pantyhose. Checking myself in the mirror I saw that my bra was visible through the blouse. It was then I decided to take the bra off and go with out. Checking the mirror again, I saw that my nipples were showing just a little. Eric always encouraged me to go braless but I had never done it with a blouse this sheer. For extra measure, I left two buttons undone and saw that if one looked just right, my breasts would be exposed.

At precisely 7:30 I walked from the elevator and saw Jack waiting for me. My breasts bounced under the blouse as I waked toward him. He quickly noticed and his eyes were glued to my chest as I made my way across the lobby to where he was standing.

He looked very handsome in a dark suite, white shirt and a red tie. He took my hand as I approached and gently kissed it. ?Let?s have a glass of wine here before we go for dinner he suggested guiding me to a chair. His eyes moved back and forth from my legs to my chest and it made me feel very desirable and sexy.

Dinner was wonderful. We spent an hour or more across from each other slowly nibbling on our food and talking. When dinner was finished, he suggested we go to the lounge where dance music was playing.

"No, I have to get up early I said knowing that I should end the little game right then and there.

"Just one drink and a dance and I?ll let you go to bed? he responded in a pleading manner.

In the lounge we located a table in the back of the room, ordered more wine and settled in. Jack took my hand and held it making me feel like a teenager on her first date. When the music started, he asked me to dance and led the way to the dance floor.

He pulled me close to with my breasts pressed against him. I know he can feel them and a warmth surges through me. He turned out to be a very good dancer and we snuggled close as we gently swayed to the music. He pressed his groin against me and I could feel him getting hard. I could feel myself getting turned on and pressing my pubic bone against his thigh.

After the two dances we returned to our table and finished our wine. Then taking my hand he led the way to the dance floor and we snuggled together again. This time his hand finds its way under my arm and presses against the edge of my breast while his other hand begins to work it's way to my ass.

?Jack, please don?t? I said firmly. He moved his hand from my ass but didn?t budge the one against my breast. Again he is rock hard and pressing against me. I could feel myself get wet between my legs and I found myself breathing hard in his ear. After the dance we leave the bar and walk toward the elevators.

"I will walk you to your room", he offers.

"Just to the door", I caution him. I can tell he is turned on and if I knew that if I let him inside my room it would be over.

My room was on the tenth floor and when we were in the elevator Jack took me in his arms and kissed me. When the elevator stopped on my floor we walked hand in hand to my room. At the door I turned and said ?Thank you for dinner and a fun evening.?

He took me in his arms and kissed me again. This time I let go and kissed him back. His hand found my breasts and squeezed it. It felt so good and I just kissed him back and let him have his way. His other hand lifted my skirt and found its way to my panties. I moaned and pressed against him as his fingers traced the outline of my hot tingling pussy lips. I lose control at the feel of his hand on my breast and his fingers on my pussy

At that moment a door opened down the hall and brought us back to reality. He quickly removed his hands and I straightened my clothes. A man came out the door and walked down the hall in our direction. I knew I look flushed. I immediately unlocked my door and stepped inside. "Thanks again for a wonderful night, Jack." I said as I closed the door before he could answer and before he could enter the room. I quickly dress for bed and turned out the light. As I lay there in the dark I thought about the evening and how turned on I had been.

"You dummy, why didn't you let him in! I'll bet he is a great lover! You will probably never have a chance like this again!" I really gave myself a rough time for chickening out. Just then the phone rang interrupting my thoughts.

"Can I come to your room and talk?"

"Only talk?"


"I don't think so, Jack I am too weak right now. It will just lead to other things."

"Ok, sorry to bother you." He said and hung up.

A few minutes later there was a knock on my door. I put on my robe and looked though the peep hole and saw that it was Jack.

"Let's talk." He said with a sheepish grin on his face.

I finally succumbed and let him in. We sat on the end of the bed and talked about my reasons for not having sex with him. I have never had sex with anyone other than my husband. If I did have sex it would have to be someone I knew and cared for. I had only this man for 12 hours or so. Jack was so dam disarming. He said he completely understood my feelings.

Then he put his arm around me and kissed me. I respond and we fell backward to the bed. He untied the belt on my robe and pushed it aside. His hands slid inside my nightgown and caressed my breasts squeezing them gently then quickly pulled the gown over my head. My heart raced as I realized that I was now in my hotel room lying in my bed with my naked body exposed to a total stranger.

Before I could resist he took a nipple in his mouth and began sucking it. As if it had a mind of its own my hand snaked down his body and curled around his hard cock. It was huge and throb at my touch.

He slid a finger in my very hot pussy and moved it in and out. My heart raced as he slid yet another and another finger in me. I was gasping for breath as his fingers found my clit and began massaging it.

By that time I was completely in his power and spread my legs to give him easier access to my most private area. He left tiny trails of saliva as he kissed his way down my body pausing every inch or so to gently kiss and suck my burning flesh. Finally his hot tongue reached its target and his mouth closed over my clit.

?Stand up!? I command as I pushed him from me. He was startled at first but quickly complied. Moving from the bed, I moved to him, unbuttoned his shirt and kissed my way down. After reaching the last button and pulling his shirt free from his trousers, I reached for his belt and after some fumbling pulled it open and quickly unzipped his pants.

Sinking to my knees, I pushed his pants and shorts down his body. His manhood sprang free and was staring me right in the face. It is magnificent. It must have been 8 inches long. I have seen a few cocks in my life but this one was beautiful. I gently grasped it and slid my hand up and down its full length. Placing his hands on my head, he pulled me closer to his throbbing monster. My mouth opened and my tentatively flicked the tip before kissing the bulbous head. Opening my mouth, I let it slowly inch it inside. I was struck with how much he tasted different than my husband. Opening my mouth wider, I took the entire head into my mouth and began sucking then moved down to take more and more until he was fully engulfed in my mouth and throat.

?I want to make love to you!? he murmured through clinched teeth. His hands grasped my hair and pulled me to my feet. Our lips locked in a passionate kiss as he gently guided me backward to the bed.

His fingers found my sweet opening and probed me as I reached down to take his rock hard cock in my hand. Jack kissed his way down my body and between my legs until he found the opening of my pussy. His hot lips kissed and licked my sensitive flesh then moved on to suck my clit. ?I want you, I want you to fuck me? I moaned as his lips continued their assault bringing me to my first climax.

Shifting positions Jack moved over me and straddled my body. Reaching between us, I guided his cock to the entrance of my being. As he moved into position, he forced my legs wider apart and felt the head of his cock penetrate the folds of my pussy. Ever so slowly he eased his cock into me then once fully embedded, he began to pump in and out. I can?t describe how good it felt to have him inside me and my body responded fully to his every move.

My hands moved over his back and shoulders then to his hair as I pulled him to me. We kissed and touched each other in every place imaginable. My hands moved to my chest and caressed my breasts, pulling at my taut nipples as my mind savored the feeling of having this man watch me while we fucked. The erotic thoughts in my mind brought on another shattering climax. My body exploded again and again. Before my body could recover, another orgasm shot through me. I had never been so turned on. As my last orgasm began to subside, Jack pulled out and turned me on my stomach then lifted my ass in the air. He stood on the floor and guided his cock back to its place deep inside me. As soon as he started moving another climax surged through my body. ?Oh my God, I am so turned on!? I murmured as he continued plunging his gorgeous cock in and out of me. It is rare for me to have two orgasms while making love but he had already taken me there at least three or perhaps four but this time.

?I want to be on top!? I moaned moving away form him. He pulled away and lay fell to the bed on his back. Grasping my buttocks as I straddled him he helped lower my body over his throbbing cock. In that position I could see us in the dresser mirror as my body moved up and down sending my hot pussy sliding over his throbbing cock. Jack reached up and played with my tits them pulled me down so he could suck on them. The minute he sucked my nipple, I came for the fourth or fifth time that night.

Jack rolled me on my back and put my legs on his shoulders and shoved his cock inside me again. This man was insatiable. I had already experienced more orgasms that I normally did in a month and he was still hard and plunging away.

?I want to cum in your mouth." He muttered as I felt his body quake and knew he was about ready. Reaching down, I grasped his cock and pulled him from my wet confines and upward to my waiting lips. He slid up and straddled my chest as I held his cock and guided it to my open mouth. My lips closed around him. I could taste my own juices as his cock slid inside. His body trembled and his cock began to swell and throb violently. With a final groan he sent his juices spurting down my throat. I tried desperately to take it all as spurt after spurt filled my mouth. When he was spent, he collapsed on the bed and took me in his arms. Totally satiated, we lay in each others arms, our bodies entwined and drifted off to sleep.

Somewhere in the distance I could hear a phone ringing. After several seconds I realized it was mine and rolled over to answer it. .

"Good morning this is your 6AM wake up call,? a soft female voice informed me.

Still groggy I looked around at the remnants of what looked like an orgy. The bed was totally disheveled, my clothes were lying on the floor where they had fallen. I reached to touch Jack but he was gone and had apparently slipped out sometime during the night.

It was then that I realized that I didn?t even know his last name. In fact I didn?t even know his room number. There was no way to get in touch with him again no matter how much I might want to.

The next day I finished my business and caught my flight home hoping all the time that Jack would once again be my seat mate.

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