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An Erotic Adventure, an Interracial story

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An Erotic Adventure

Part 2

By ;Chocolate lover739

I awoke the next morning still in a trance like state from looking at the pictures of the sexiest man that I had seen in some time, it took me a second to realize that is was not a dream that I had indeed discovered this profile on the swingers site and I had began to crave the touch and kisses of this man. I had to shake this off and bring my self back into the real world because I had to be at work and thinking like this I would never make it. After a cold shower and before leaving for work I decided to log on and have one last look at these pictures before starting my day. I logged on checked my mail and then moved on to those pictures that had taken me to erotic heights the night before, and it came to no surprise to me that these pictures were having the same effect on me this morning as well, I then told my self to get moving or I would be here all day just looking and dreaming but before I logged I went to the party site to check the guest list for the party in Atlanta to see how it was shaping up, there had not been anyone new sigh up for a couple of days and I just wanted to see if things had changed and there had been none so off to work I went with the thoughts of the profile of one hunk of a black man on my mind walking out the door I thought to my self CHOCOLATE LUV I am going to meet your sexy ass or at least give it the old college try.

Work seemed to move along so slowly this day because I so badly wanted to get home and look at those pictures to see if my body had calmed down any at all. If it had not been for the emails that were going back and forth today between my friends and myself about this party in Atlanta, I am not so sure I could have handled this long day. Upon arriving home I check mail and took a quick look and the pictures and then go on with my evening plans all the while I am catching my self day dreaming about this man and trying to build up my nerve to send mail, the fear of rejection was just way to much and I was so afraid to send mail and get a response back having him say that he was not interested kept me form sending mail, I had a thought that if he seen that I had added him to my friends list that maybe if he was interested he would send me mail. While watching TV that night I drifted off to sleep and was over taken by an erotic sensual dream about my black hunk that had me in total lust for his beautiful dark chocolate body. This dream was leading me deeper and deeper into a place were fantasies can seem so real, I was acting like I had never before in my life, I was making arrangements to meet a man in a hotel for sex that I knew nothing about except for what I had read on a swingers site, knowing that the only thing on my mind was hot steamy sex with this man. The desire to touch him to cover his body with kisses working my way to the most wonderful looking dick, taking it in my hands stroking the shaft and licking it from his balls to the tip of the head before taking as much of that dick in my mouth as I could get, sucking him to a hard state them begging him to return the favor and explore by body with his tongue lingering at my pussy licking me and taking his time and using that tongue to explore my clit and taste the sweet juice starting to dribble out of my pussy before returning to cover my mouth with wet kisses sharing with me the taste of my pussy on his lips and tongue before taking that hard but beautiful dick and sliding it into my dripping wet pussy. The feeling of desire had over taken me and I was ridding that massive cock like there was no tomorrow begging to be fucked harder when the phone rang and woke me from this heaven I was in, it was such a shock to be woken this way from a dream that was so real you would have thought that I had been having sex or playing with my self I was so wet as the area in which I was laying. After pulling my self together form the feeing of such a powerful dream I was to afraid to send mail to this man still because of the fear of rejection I made my way on to bed to live out my desires in my sleep. After sleeping late the next morning and returning back from a rushed trip to the tanning bed I went to check my email and messages then heading off to the swingers site to check out the party to see if anyone new had accepted the invite to the party. As I was scrolling down the guest list a rush of joy and then a rush of fear overcame me, the man who had overtaken my thoughts for the last couple of days was on this party list, he was going to be in Atlanta. At this point I was scared to death but at the same time so excited about this new discovery I could barely stand my self. For several days I attempted to type several messages to this man who tempted my body and seduced me with those eyes every time that I pulled up his profile to get a fix and to make sure I was not dreaming. A couple days later I discovered that not only was this man going to be at the party on Saturday night but he would be spending the weekend as well, arriving in Atlanta a couple hours after I did.

Learning that he was friends with my friends as well brought added excitement along with a little fear. Not knowing how other people will always react to things, I then had to begin to get a grip so I would not loose total control when face to face with this man. During the next couple weeks I would dream of his touch and loose my self in the world of my fantasy. I soon discovered that this was going to be something that I needed to handle in a very quiet way, express my desire to him with out making it an open book for everyone to see. I kept this desire for this man close to my heart and daily thought about him and how wonderful it would be to have our bodies twisted together enjoying each other and pleasing each other until the moment that neither can hold back the release. My friends continue to exchange emails several times a day about the up coming weekend, the fear and excitement plus the desire to have this man had me living entirely on an energy rush..

End of part 2……

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