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An Elegant Fuck

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Some may wonder at the use of the word "elegant" as an adjective for a fuck, but it can be appropriate. I use it to describe a session of love making where everything that happens seems planned in every detail and occurs as if it had been pre-ordained. There is long foreplay with endless touching and kissing; the minds and bodies of both partners in tune to the others; and the cock and pussy interact like a ballet duet. In my experience an elegant fuck does not happen often. All fucking is good or really good mind you, but the elegant ones provide memories for life. And if there is also a taste of danger or of the forbidden added, the elegance reaches an even higher level. Despite enjoying several elegant fucks with my wife over the years, the most memorable one happened with my brother's wife Susan.

Susan and I had always had a thing for each other. Over several years we had touched and kissed on occasion and there was always that feeling that we wanted to fuck each other very much. In fact, I always believed that it was there for me if I chose. But, she was my brother's wife and I always backed off. The desire never left us. It was always present when we met.

Last month I joined them at their beach house for a weekend of sun swimming and fishing. The first morning I was up a little late and my brother and his two sons had just left the dock and were off across the lake to do some fishing. My plan was for a relaxing day of sun and swim. I was sitting at the kitchen table enjoying my first cup of coffee when Susan came up behind me bent down and kissed me good morning. God, she smelled good. She had just finished showering and drying her hair. She was wearing a light gown just about knee length. The way her body moved under the gown strongly suggested that she was not wearing bra or panties. She is not as firm of body as she once was of course, but is every bit as desirable, if not more so, than she ever was. She went to the coffee pot to pour a cup for her and then returned to freshen mine.

She stood beside me as I sat in the kitchen chair, her hip against my shoulder as she reached around to pour my coffee, her free hand went to my neck and lingered, her fingers tracing little circles on my skin and ear. She stood there, not wanting to lose touch. My hand went behind her to the small of her back and I rubbed her slowly with the flat of my hand. She pulled my head against her tit and bent down over me, brushing her lips through my hair. I let my hand slide down her butt to her cheeks. Ah God, how I had yearned to do just that for years. She made no move and I sensed she wanted more. My hot hand cupped her cheek and moved down to the back of her leg. I ran a finger along the crease of her cheek and upper leg and then forced the edge of my hand between her cheeks. She held my head more tightly, her lips pressed against my forehead. I moved my hand down under the hem of her gown and slipped it up along her satin legs to her bare cheeks. She murmured, "We have time."

By this time I had a raging hard-on. My cock had worked its way upwards along my belly while trapped inside my bathing suit which was a loose fitting boxer type suit with elastic waist band. The knob of my cock was just under the waist band. Susan lowered her hand; as I continued to feel her ass; and began to rub my cock with her palm. We kissed as I sat there with her leaning over me. A soft kiss, our lips parted, tongue tips flicking as our passion increased. I tugged at the tie of her robe and her tits tumbled out free. I turned my chair to face her and opened her robe; my eyes seeing her naked body for the first time. She placed her hands on my shoulders and leaned over me, my hungry mouth licked and sucked at her tits and nipples. I rubbed my face between her tits. She moved her legs each side of mine, spreading herself. I looked down at her pussy, her trimmed bush and the edges of her cunt lips protruding down, slit spread and wet. I held her entire pussy in my hand, pressing the heel of my hand upward against her mound, my fingers running between her legs along each side of her slit. She managed to push the band of my suit down and my hard cock was jutting upwards towards her. I lifted my butt as she pushed the suit to the floor.

She moved over top of me in the chair, hungry to feel my cock up her cunt. She moved her hips around and finally captured my knob. It felt as if her pussy lips licked it and sucked on it before it worked inside of her. Then she settled down slowly as I felt my cock slide upwards as if it was entering a hole lined with soft hot wet velvet. She settled down on me, and presented me with her tits to suck, one then the other, using her hand to feed each one to me as we began to grind at each other. No real fucking yet, just grinding with my cock deep inside her. Then we began a slow stroking fuck, each taking turns while the other held still. Just as I thought we would go for it all, she slowly rose up off of me and stood up. I watched my wet cock slip out of her cunt as she moved back from me.

Our eyes met and she dropped her gown to the floor, turned and walked to my bedroom. I was mesmerized by her naked ass, swaying and jiggling as she walked away, and almost trance like I rose and followed her. She waited at the edge of the bed for me and our bodies came together as if compelled by attracting magnets. We stood there for a while, our tongues buried in each others mouths, naked bodies skin to skin, and my cock slipping back and forth along her slit. She sat down on the edge of the bed and took my cock in her mouth. I held her head as she began to bob and lick and suck it, her hands fondling my balls. I was ready to cum when she slowly slipped her mouth off of my cock and lay back on the bed with her feet on the floor. No need to ask what we both wanted, I just knelt down and moved my head up between her legs and French kissed her pussy. I love to go down on a half fucked pussy. There is something about the taste and texture of an aroused cunt, lips swollen and inflamed, hole open for a tongue. Susan cried out as I worked away, licking and sucking the lips, slipping a finger into her cunt, and then sliding it down between her legs to tease her butt hole with the wet tip. My lips found her prominent clit, closed on the head and flicked my tongue along it. She almost vibrated in pleasure.

Then I stood up as she slid backwards on the bed, our eyes locked on each others, her tits swinging as she moved, her legs spread all the way as my hungry eyes followed her. I crawled up over top of her on hands and knees as she settled her head on the pillow. Her eyes were soft and glazed as she watched my approach, her hand went down and found my cock and guided it to her hole, rubbing it in her slit, then lifting her butt up to capture it and holding there as I sunk it in her. She raised her legs to open and to pull me totally inside of her, and collapsed back on the bed as I covered her with my body.

We lay there a while just letting it soak in her pussy and then began our elegant fuck. Slow and steady at first, increasing in speed. Our bodies in perfect unison it seemed. As I withdrew my cock, she would arch her back upwards, following me with her cunt muscles tight around it as if not wanting to lose it. Then she would settle back and as I began to sink it into her again, she would thrust upwards, cunt open to swallow me and then clamp down when I was fully inside her. We repeated it again and again locked in pure pleasure. Our fucking became more intense as the need to cum built up in us, and the thrusts were more urgent, my knob rubbing hard on the walls of her cunt hole.

I pulled her to her side and we faced each other with our bodies still glued together, and her upper leg thrown over my hip. She held still while I pounded her. Then I rolled to my back and she had free reign to fuck me as I rammed my cock up into her and held on. Her tits crushed against my chest, her face in my neck and her butt bobbing up and down on me. I rolled her to her back and remounted her, her knees pressed against my shoulder blades.

I moved partly to my knees to gain position to fuck fast and hard, our bellies slapping together. I felt her pussy begin to throb and pulse around my cock and then the cum column seemed to leave my toes and surge upwards through my legs to the bottom of my cock and balls. I felt an apparent burst of juice from her around my cock which set me off, my balls tightening and then releasing as I began to cum. Susan whimpered in my ear, "fuck me hard, hard, harder." And then our bodies jerked in the final release.

We collapsed, her legs spread involuntarily, and my cock was still hard enough to continue to stroke her slowly. Those long delicious last chance strokes as her cunt milked my cock. Our bodies shuddered as I rolled off of her. She lay on her back as I propped myself on my side, my hands roaming once more. Her tits were soft and slack; her white belly was heaving; her bush was wet with my cum and her juices; her eyes smiled at me as we exchanged soft kisses. We knew it had been our one shot only. It was as if we could not have gone through life without doing it at least once. And that once was enough to stay in our minds for a long time.

We put our bathing suits on and went for a swim in the cold clear waters. We had to erase the smell of our love making from our bodies and this seemed more appropriate than a shower. It had been a glorious morning. I was laying in a deck chair later when my brother returned and asked how my day was going. I told him that it had been a great day. In my mind the words meant that it was a fucking elegant day. The guilt may come later.

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