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An A in Chemistey.

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An ?A? in Chemistry

My name is Danielle and I attend the University of Texas at Arlington. I?m 22-years-old, 5-foot 10-inches, have long blonde hair, green eyes, and my measurements are 34C-28-34. In high school I did a little part-time modeling so I suppose I?m considered good looking. I?ve never had any trouble getting dates, and that?s all that?s important, so I don?t suppose it matters whether I meet the traditional standard of ?good-looking.? But, more important, I?m in good shape and I like myself.

This afternoon's lab class was pretty boring, but the lab instructor was such a tall dark and handsome piece of meat that it made the class enjoyable. He was 6-foot 4-inches with dark black hair, dark brown eyes, caramel skin, strong cheekbones, and a rugged handsomeness that hinted of danger and masculinity. Just pretty enough to catch your eye, but still manly enough to make you feel all girly next to him.

I was eager to find out if the size of his cock lived up to the size of hand. A lot of people don?t realize it, but you can tell how big a gut?s cock is by the size of his hand. His cock will be as long as the top of his middle finger to bottom of hand wrist line. Contrary to popular belief, there is no way to tell by race. Both black and white men are in the same average-size percent of 7.5-inches to 8.5-inches long. On average you can tell by the hand, about 80 % of the time. Of the other 20%, 10% of the time he?ll be larger and the other 10% he will be smaller. The thought of finding out excited me. I decided that I would fuck him. How could I resist this 24 year old stud, who I knew couldn't resist me. I made up my mind that I'd fuck him that night.

After the lab, I screwed around putting my things away very slowly, as I waited for everybody to leave. Because we weren?t allowed to be in the lab alone, he always stayed until every student left. As soon as we were alone, I went up to him and asked him a few mundane questions, which he naturally tried to answer. Right in the middle of one of his answers, I suddenly stopped him and told him point blank. "I want to fuck you".

You should have seen the look on his face. He didn't know what to say. I continued, "Let's go to your office". Surprisingly, he agreed. It was just upstairs and, since it was about 5:10,all of the secretaries were gone.

We stepped into his office and he shut and locked the door behind him. Taking me at my word, he eagerly pounced on me. Grabbing my ass, he started rubbing it quite frantically. Suddenly I was scared, this wasn?t a daydream about a handsome teacher; this was real. When he reached for my breast, I crossed my arms across my chest and said, ?No, wait, I don?t think I can do this!?

With a little chuckle, he took my wrists and eased them away from my chest. Then he pushed me back onto his desk. Almost ripping off the buttons, he unbuttoned my blouse, and with his eyes feasted on my breasts. Holding me there, he leaned closer. As I quaked in fear, he swirled the tip of his tongue over the taunt skin of my jaw and across my dark red lips.

Using the flat of his tongue, he painted down my throat and the length of my upper chest. Then he swirled his tongue around both of my areolas, causing each of my breasts to quiver with anticipation. First he sucked one tiny nipple, then turned his head and nibbled the other. Damn, did his tongue ever feel good! As he chewed on my nipples, despite my fears, I could feel the dampness building between my legs. I tried to push him off me, but I wasn?t strong enough. Both nipples were rigid and tender before his head came up.

As he continued to hold me down, he reached under my skirt and grabbed the band of my panties. When I felt him tugging them down my long legs, I started murmuring, ?No, no, no,? as I thrashed my arms and legs in resistance. As my panties slipped over my ankles, he grabbed me by the jaw and forced my mouth open. Then he stuffed my panties in my mouth as a gag.

Without a word he flipped me over on my belly. He was so much stronger than me that as he held me down with one hand, with the other he ripped his belt off. My father had been a strict disciplinarian, so the sound of a belt being ripped from belt loops has struck fear into my heart since I was a small child. I was submissively cowering in fear as he flipped up my skirt and started kneading the cheeks of my ass, one cheek then the other. Slowly, he massaged my warm flesh. Then suddenly I felt the first slash of his belt jolt me and send a stab of pleasure through my body.

He messaged my cheeks again, and then another lash came down on my now raised butt. I twisted as his speed increased and he delivered several more lashes that sent pain radiating out and pleasure sweeping through me. By the time he?d administered 6 or 8 firm lashes my butt was on fire.

As tears were streaming down my cheeks, he forced my legs apart. I felt him place his cock against my pussy lips and rub it up and down my slit, mixing his pre-cum with my juices. He picked up a rhythm as he slowly and erotically teased my slit. Then, ever so slowly, he eased the head past the outer lips. At first, he pushed it in slowly, but then with one mighty heave he was in so deep that I felt his big balls slap against me.

Then he pulled back out until only the head was in, and set a rhythmic pace moving it in and out of my pussy. I could feel the heat growing in my loins as his pace quickened. His thick shaft stretched my pussy walls, which were aching for his manhood. My breath was coming in shallow gasps so he knew that I?d be coming soon. Then he fucked me so hard that I cummed and cummed until I thought I was going to pass out.

I could feel his cock twitch, his moans got louder and his rhythm increased. He yelled in pleasure as he rammed me and spilled his precious cock juice into my eager hole. God, he was good. He lay on top of me for a while, panting with exertion.

When he got too heavy on me, I pushed him off, slid off the desk and down on my knees. Still gasping for breath, I pulled down his pants so that I could get to my reward easier. Fuck, was it beautiful. Long and hard and thick enough that my fingers didn?t quite go all the way around it. His cock pulsed with his heartbeat and it glistened with our combined juices. I tenderly licked the tip of his cock, then took a deep breath and plunged my mouth down his rock hard shaft. Then bobbing my head up and down, I took in as much as I could get in my mouth, sucking hard as I pulled back. As I repeatedly deep throated him, I brought him to a point where he was moaning and begging for more.

He finally became more verbal and was telling me how good my tongue and mouth felt. With a moan he snarled, ?Come on, bitch? suck it? suck it hard? make me cum? make me cum in your mouth!? As he humped my mouth, I looked up at his face and I could tell he was in some serious pleasure. Staying with it, I reached one hand beneath his balls while the other stroked the part that wouldn?t go in my mouth. When I cupped his balls he was out of control. I?m glad that it was after hours and the building was deserted, because he screamed, ?Oh, shit? oh, god? oh, shit!? as he shot his cum down my throat.

Next time I hope he talks dirtier to me, but as long as he is a good lay...who needs to talk?

I'm planning to get an A on my ?Chemistry.?

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