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Amy in Salina

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This is a true story, names have been changed for the sake of anonymity.

Internet dating has been interesting.

I?ve been doing it for several years now and it?s hit or miss on what I get.

I met this girl named Amy through one of the various sites I use to socialize. She lived up in Salina. I had a trip planned up there so I started talking to her. She looked cute in her pictures, and seemed nice enough. We talked about what we were looking and I told her I would be in town soon and would like some companionship, or maybe some sex. She was ok with that and gave me her number to call once I got into town. I have a few fetishes, nothing major, that I like to do. Namely I love to cum all over my partner?s face or tits or in their mouths. I asked her if that was ok and she said I could cum all over her that I wanted as long as she had more then one orgasm. I told her that would not be problem for me. After a few hours drive I was pretty excited to meet this person she had been pretty open over the emails we had exchanged and I couldn?t wait. I wanted this to go well and I had prepared by drinking lots of water and eating lots of fruit so I could cum like a geyser when the time came. I got a hotel room and quickly called her. She asked if I could come get her, and I said that was ok. Her voice sounded sultry and I had my hopes up that maybe her picture was at least close to what she looked like.

I went to her house and called when I got there and Amy came out. It was definitely her in the face, but she was a bit heavier then she was in the pictures. I let this go, I was a bit of a chubby chaser and have learned that fat girls can be quite wild in bed from prior experience. She was about 5?2, 36D tits, red hair, a little over weight, with a cute face. She was wearing a strange pull on dress with a tube top, that didn?t look that bad on her. I opened the door to my car for her and introduced myself and asked her what she wanted to do. We had discussed having a little bit of a date but for some reason neither one of us could figure out what to do. Amy was nervous but after we talked for a bit I held her hand and that seemed to calm her down. We just drove and talked for awhile, she mainly about her kids me about whatever. It was hot that day, in the middle of august and I finally suggested, since we were hitting it off pretty well we continue at the hotel room where we could blast the air-conditioning all we wanted. We got there and sat on the bed and talked for a bit. We had a lot in common and as we talked we both started to touch each other a bit more. After a bit I finally grabbed one of her tits and gave it a good squeeze. Amy moaned and asked what I was doing with a smirk. I told her I was trying to get laid. She laughed and threw her arms around me and we started kissing. We rolled around a bit and I started undressing her removing her top and her bra and sucking on her tits. Amy moaned and let me do so. I pulled off her dress and she was now mostly naked except for her panties and her socks. She giggled and said that it wasn?t fair that I still had most of my clothes on, so I hopped up and quickly stripped. As I dropped my pants she grabbed my cock and quickly shoved it in her mouth. She started sucking hard and I started to pull on her hair as she did so and she made satisfied noises. She started gagging her self on it so I grabbed the back of her head and started to fuck her mouth slowly. Amy really enjoyed this after a bit she stopped and let my cock loose and brought her tits up to it and allowed me to fuck her tits. I asked her if she was ready to get to business and she smiled said yes and scooted back up on the bed. I reached up and pulled her panties off and checked her pussy out, it was bright pink and very healthy. I climbed up onto the bed and slid my cock into her and she let out a moan as I began to fuck her. I started slowly and she just screamed and moaned clawing at the pillows and the bed spread begging me to go faster and I complied. I started driving my cock into her with long strokes and after a bit she cried out and moaned as her eyes rolled back into her head and I felt her pussy clench my dick as a shudder ripped through her body. I drove it in hard and held her arms above her head until her orgasm subsided and then sat up on my knees and began to play with her tits and pinch her nipples as I continued to fuck her. This only caused her to scream and beg for more so I sat back on my legs and lifted her legs so that they were straddling my head. I started slow and then picked up my pace giving Amy a long deep fuck causing her to continue to squirm and moan. I eventually picked up the pace again and amazingly enough Amy began to orgasm again. I smiled because I loved finding a woman that didn?t take all night to get her rocks off. However this time as she moaned and shuddered, a stream of fluid shot out of her pussy and soaked my cock and stomach. She apologized, but I told her it was fine, I?ve always wanted to fuck a squirter, and I kept pounding her until she came again. She then asked to ride me and we traded positions. She rode my cock for a good half hour and it felt great. Her tits were right in my face the whole time and she could really move her body. I really enjoyed watching her riding me and squirting again as she came on my cock. I was starting to feel a bit parched, and close to coming my self so I told her to hop off it was my turn. She smiled and slid off my cock and scrambled down to the floor where I stood over her. ?Give me your cum baby.? She said as she grabbed my cock and began to suck my balls into her mouth as she stroked my shaft. I was a bit surprised by this and enjoyed the feeling of her tongue moving along the backside of my scrotum as she jerked me off. I let her do this for a bit, letting her deep throat it until finally I took over stroking my meat and holding her head back by her hair. After a little bit of jerking off finally I came and did I ever. I sprayed cum all over her face, into her mouth, her hair and all over her tits. It was one of the biggest ones I?ve ever had and I just screamed out and let the jiz fly all over her. She licked it up happily and sucked the rest out of my cock when I was done. We had noticed that the time had flown quickly and she needed to get home. I took her to supper where we visited some more and then dropped her off home. She was one of the more fun of my encounters I?ve ever had, and if I?m her way again I?ll hope she?ll want to play.

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