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Am I a Cougar? Part Two

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Wow..after Randy and I had finished I realized the complete buzz I had on. Don't know if it was from the beers, the uncontrolled lust..or a combination. I had kind of passed out for a couple of hours weaking up late at night. I was starved so I grabbed a sandwich and went up to bed. While laying there, my mind started racing. Oh my God, what did I do? All kinds of thoughts raced through my head...what did I do to Randy? What if his mother finds out? Who would he tell? Was this even leagal? I was in a panic and the range of emotions was making me crazy. I couldn't believe my husband was gone..I was angry...why did I let him buy that damn motorcycle. Why did he leave me at my sexual peak? I'm destroyed...I did it myself. Stop! Stop! Get control of yourself I screamed. Then all went silent as the emotions flooded over me. Maybe it was just a dream, but as I reached down on my thighs I could feel the proof of what I had done. Dried cum from Randy's two very large loads. It wasn't a dream afterall, I was really fucked well by this gorgeous young man. Maybe I was flattered that he found me that attractive. A certain amount of mellowness floated over me as a drifted off to sleep.

I awoke early in the morning to hear splashing in the pool. I look out of my bedroom window to see Randy doing a morning workout of laps. As he finished and got out of the pool, I could see his read speedo bathing suit..and the large bulge in front. Again I heard myself say stop it! Then another thought came over will I face Randy at breakfast? I took a quick shower to wash off the dried cum on my thighs and to freshen up. I threw on a pair of thin silk shorts and a t-shirt and went downstairs. Just as I reached the kitcen, Randy walked in. He had put gym shorts over his bathing suit, but the bulge was still visable. "Good morning Marcy, I hope I didn't wake you up. " No, of course not..I'm always up this early. Hope you had a good swim". "I did..I love getting my lap work in early in the morning before I start work. Found a few projects I want to start". After the small talk, we both sat down and I think we felt the tension and uneasiness in the air. I needed to break it quickly. "Randy, about last night..I hope I haven't really messed you up. I...." He had gotten up from the table and as he turned around I saw the unmistakable, better yet the absolute jerking of his cock to attention. Lust came over me just as Randy reached for my silk shorts and pulled them off as they fell to the floor. He was out of his bathing suit in no time and lifted me onto the counter top. He learched his cock forward quickly filling my wet pussy and started fucking me slowly. I was overcome with lust and pure wanton desire as I panted "fuck me". He was now driving his cock home as he grabbed my hips. I don't know how I did it but I began cumming in waves just as he was shooting his first load of cum in me. I let out a scream as he tighted his grip and gasped as he shot into my soaked pussy. We held each other as we panted and tried to catch our breath. Randy was still hard and wasn't about to remove his stayed in my soaked pussy feeling his cum coating his stiff shaft. It didn't take long for him to start fucking me for a second time. The loud squishing noises comming from my pussy was turning us both on again and as I was starting to cum for a second time, Randy arched his back and shot a second load into me. This time, his cock started to soften and I think he needed a break...and so did I. A half hour later I watched as his cock got hard again and I knew I had to finish the job. I dropped down on my knees and startred to deep throat his cock until he was thobbing from stiffness. I wanted him again so bad. Just as I thought I'd be sucking him off, Randy turned me around and buried his cock deep in my pussy. Then shock and amazement came over me...he began spanking my ass..firmly but gently. The sound and the feeling drove me out of control again. "Spank my Ass Randy" I said as his swats got a little firmer. Just as I was feeling the full sting, I let out a scream as I came even harder than the first time. Randy was now driving fully into me but I wanted something else. I pushed my self forward off of his cock and spun arund facing him. I said "I want every I took him in my mouth until I heard him gasping "I'm cumming...and every drop was now feel, to taste, to love. Damn..this young cock is going to take good care of me.

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