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Almost twice my age

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In the summer of 1997, I just turned 18 and graduated from high school. I was sitting on my window sill with my legs swaying back and forth waiting for another warm breeze to blow through my clothes. I was wearing a white tanktop and my jean cut off shorts. To give you an idea of what my body was like, I was on the softball team in school, I walked miles to school back and forth everyday and I had the sculpted legs of a dancer. I had an innocent round face with blue eyes and pouty lips. It was a very hot 95 degrees in New York City that day and sweat was pouring down my body. It felt good when the breeze would blow by and cool me off behind my clothing. I was just about to go into the military and start my new adult life. I was the rebellious type of girl in high school. I was the one who wore my dark brown hair really long, wore outrageous outfits under my clothing when I left my parents house and lost my virginity two years ago to a man who is now in prison. Many people said I wouldnt make it through basic training because of my rebellious nature but, that just drives me more to go. Now that Ive painted a picture of what this woman was like at 18...let me tell you why Im writing this. The reason I am sitting out my window was because I am trying to catch the attention of my neighbor, Shawn, who is just a stones throw away from my house. He was walking back and forth inside as I watched him work on his house. He was a construction worker who worked with my dad, he was in and out of relationships constantly and was raising his two kids alone. I grew up next to his house most of my life and babysat his kids. The last time I babysat was on New Years Eve, his kids went to bed and I fell asleep on his couch. When I woke up, I was startled to see him standing over me, grinning. After that, I had no problem stripping in front of my window, pretending that he wasn't watching. My friends used to joke about how he looked like a sexier George Micheal! Some would say that this story is wrong because I was only 18 and he was 33. I just couldnt help my curiousity of what an experienced, much older man would feel like. Would it be better than the high school kids Ive slept with? Would he show me new things? I was thirsting for that knowledge and especially on such a hot, muggy NY day such as this with my family gone for the day and his kids were with his ex-wife. As I sat on my window sill, I was remembering the last time I caught him staring at me. It was a few days ago, I was walking to the pool in my bikini and I walked past him talking to my dad. My dad looked away at the right moment for Shawn to shoot a sexy smirk my way. He was looking at me like he wanted to strip me down right there and take me. I enjoyed the excitement that this would be frowned apon by mine and his family, it was so wrong to do. I also enjoyed the attention from him that I seldomly got from boys in school. My family would be upset, especially my dad since Im his only daughter and his little angel. This angel has a crack in her halo because Im fantasizing about the sweaty, older man next door. I knew if I went over there, he wouldn't reject me. I admit, I was nervous to go over there, being that its so wrong and we could get caught...but that thrilled me more. I got up off the window sill and turned my rotating fan up to high. I grabbed my glass of water and walked back to the window. I was a bit shocked to see that my neighbor had stopped moving around the house and was staring at me, apparently waiting for me to come back to the window. He knew I was watching. I leaned over and drank my water, showing off my cleavage as casually as possible. His body wasn't muscular but it was cut nicely from all the manual labor he does as a construction worker. He was wearing cut off shorts and no shirt. I noticed the sweat glistening off his chest and it made me give a sexy grin. He walked away smiling as well. I gave a long sigh. I remember my dad saying that Shawn would be over to get some lumber out of our back yard sometime in the afternoon. How long was I to wait? I was plotting a way to go in my backyard so that we would be able to talk, maybe more? I was getting hotter from the heat and the anticipation of what this new woman wants to do. I was beginning to wonder where he was in the house because I hadn't seen him for a while. I heard his TV go on. I guess he was taking a break so I began to give up on the thought, walked away from the window until I heard his front door open. It had a distinct sound and it alerted me to return to the window. I couldnt see him but I guessed he went to the other side of his house. I began to bite my bottom lip, wondering what to do. Sweat began to pour between my breasts and between my inner thighs. I saw him walk through his back yard into mine. My stomach clentched and I began to run down the stairs to the bottom floor of my house. I stopped a second to open my locked door. I flung it open and to my right, I walked very fast to the rear of my house. I stalled before I made the corner and walked gently in veiw of him in my backyard. I stopped and became more aware of my heavy breathing, the fast beating of my heart in my throat and the sweat that soaked the front collar portion of my shirt, reveiling a bright white bra outline underneathe. I felt the trickle of a drop pour down my thigh. I became breathless as he made eye contact with me. He had a piece of lumber in his hand as he stood up from his bent over possition but, dropped it as he looked at me.

His eyes grew wide and he looked me over from my eyes down to feet and up again to my eyes with a more intense look. There were no words. We knew what we wanted. He walked fast over to me, grabbed the back of my neck and poured his warm toungue into my shaking mouth. It was a hard and fast kiss as if he hungered for it all day. I brushed my fingers through his dirty blonde hair as we passionately embrassed in that kiss for what felt like hours. My hands went from his hair, to the back of his neck, down his back and all over his chest, everywhere except where I wanted to touch him. I still trembled as his sweaty hands went up my shirt and squeezed a very wet, tender breast in his hand. He followed his fingers down the middle of my breasts with the wetness until his fingers began to undo my shorts. I pulled away from the kiss in a second judgement of what I was doing and was a bit scared. He slid his hand between my thighs and began to rub the outside of my half unzipped shorts. I began to tingle and squirm from the pleasure of his touch. He looked deeply into my eyes, still rubbing me, with his other hand lingering across my sweaty stomach. I became so intuned to the feeling of his hands, I tilted my head back, moaned softly, and then brought my lips back to his. The kiss became more fierce and he took both his hands on my body and pushed me up against the brick wall of the rear of my house. He yanked the white, soaked tanktop over my head and began to pin my arms that were already up from the yanking of the shirt, against the wall. He nibbled a bit on my neck. I felt a bit helpless but exteamly aroused and wet. He took one of my hands and pushed my palm against his shorts so I could feel his hardness. He let go of the hand for me to touch him the way I want as he unzipped his underwearless shorts to expose a very nicely shaped cock. I grabbed a hold of the long sweaty member and stroked him hard, just in the way he was still kissing me. He wasnt stopping when it came to undressing me. I was completly naked outside for the first time. Anyone could see if people werent at work during the daytime, it made me excited in a way I never felt and also more relieved of all the sweaty clothes on my body. I still trembled from time to time and he groaned with more excitement everytime he noticed my shaking. His fingers went inside my sweaty wet pussy and moved around in a more gentler way, a rotating stretching of my really tight walls. He was excited by the tightness and had to taste me. I leaned against the cold brick wall with my bare back as I watched his tongue lick up and down on my clit. He moved down to my opening, he licked upwards and I saw my lips on the side of his tongue spread open as he reached it for my clit. It exhilerated me even more and I caressed my hardened nipples. I watching him until I couldn't stand the anticipation and tilted my head back to enjoy the excitement and warmth from his oral pleasuring. He didnt stop until I came some more on his fingers and when i moaned from the cumming, he wrapped his hands around my thighs, right below my ass and lifted me up onto his hips. I propped against the wall and began to breathe even heavier knowing he was about to enter me for the first time. The head of his dick rubbed against the opening of my pussy but, had a hard time going in from the tightness. I began to breathe more steady, relaxing myself and then he thrusted himself into me. I made a soft yelp from the shock of his size and girated my hips with every thrust. I stared at his piercing, dialated blue eyes and he made a certian look with every thrust. It was the first time he said something and it was a whisper that said "Is this what you wanted?" I moaned from the excitement of hearing his voiced and with my trembling lips, I whispered back "yes, I want more." His eyes got bigger from the excitement of my words and began to thrust harder. He kept thrusting, pounding it into me making it harder for me to be quiet. I bit my lower lip and held tightly as my wrists were wrapped around the back of his neck. I felt his pelvis rub against my clit with every thrust and noticed the definition and strength of his lower abdomen. He was definatly experience and toned from the frequent women he has sex with which made it an advantage for my pleasure. I could feel his body get harder, and hotter, and sweatier with his much more faster thrusting. He bit onto my neck and with that his thrusting lessened as he came. His hot cum made my pussy hotter and I moaned one last time. Our panting was uncontrolable. He held me very tightly as he took me away from the brick wall. He caressed my back as he lowered me to the ground, brushing away the indentation from the brick wall. We didnt want to stand any longer, exhaustion overcame us and the mugginess from before was beginning to vanish. We laid against the cold grass in the shady backyard until we caught our breath. We giggled with delight as we held hands and kissed for a while. He said "Unbelieveable" as he got up, pulled his shorts up and pulled me off the ground. I got dressed and as I did..he reminded me, "Dont tell your parents. Dont tell anyone". I nodded my head and said "Of course, they wouldnt understand." We kissed and I went back into the house to take a shower. We slept together one last time before i went into the military. My journey in the service brought me across the ocean and when I went home, I was married and so was he. We grinned at each other in passing but, that was it. Ive told my friends, a popular magazine that published it and my husband the story. Im just thrilled it really happened to me. Im a swinger now on this website and i still go for 30 something year old men. :)

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