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All in the Family

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I was having this wonderful dream, a dream which seemed certain to become a wet dream. My cock was in this warm wet hot pussy that was doing all the fucking. I began to awaken and gain consciousness, but the erotic sensations continued. I was at the point were I wanted to blow my load. I was almost fully conscious now as I discovered that someone was sucking my cock. I was still somewhere between reality and dream land as my hands went down instinctively to touch whatever was bringing me this pleasure. I encountered a head bobbing up and down on my cock and was relieved to also feel tits rubbing my knees and shins. In another few seconds I realized that it could only be my brother's wife Kristen doing the deed on me. I attempted to pull her up and off my cock, but she held on tight, her lips pinching firmly around my shaft. Finally she began to loosen her grip on me and I pulled her up my body. Her tongue traced a wet streak up my belly and chest, lingering on my nipples on her way to my mouth. I whispered, "Geez Kristen what are you doing to me?" She just said, "Don't stop me, I need this", as her knee pushed between my legs and she rubbed her wet pussy on my thigh. Then her mouth was on mine, the taste of my own cock on her tongue and lips. She was raising her butt up to move over top of my cock which suddenly slid in between her legs and along the wet slit. She rubbed her cunt lips along my shaft, back and forth and then moved to engulf my cock. Still recovering from dreamland I felt my cock slide right up into her as she lay on top of me, grinding away at me with her tits and belly and shaved mound. I was fucking my brother's wife and there was no way I could, or wanted to, stop it.

Actually it had all started earlier that evening. I travel a lot; I always have; moved from job to job and have never settled down. I always convinced myself that my life was no place for a permanent mate and had stayed single. My brother Arden was the stable one, marrying and raising a family. I had returned to my home town just this week and consented to stay with my brother and his wife Kristen for a few days, although I would sooner have taken a hotel and looked up some old girl friends. Kristen and I had always hit it off; easy with each other and until this trip there had never been any sexual tensions between us at all. That evening Arden and Kristen had left to go to bed leaving me watching late TV. Kristen had returned a little later while I was in the kitchen enjoying a drink. She was wearing a light gown, tied at the waist, and obviously she was not wearing bra or panties. I sort of gawked at her as she approached me. She had a desperate look on her face, afraid of what she planned to do I think. I hastily put the drink down as she moved in close to me. A few feet from me she released the tie and her robe fell open, her tits and shaved pussy capturing my eyes. She plastered herself against me with her face and lips in my neck, saying "please Jim, please."

My hand went down automatically to hold her, I was not real certain that this was a sexual move on her part but it appeared to be the only reasonable explanation. Inadvertently my hand slipped inside the robe and down to her waist and then around her back to hold her. I felt the hard nipple of one breast rub on my forearm as I made the move. Ah god, can you imagine, the shock of standing there having a drink one minute, than an almost naked woman clinging to you. And your brother's wife to boot! Life does not prepare a man for this sort of occurrence and my cock was instantly hard, sensing a hot pussy very close at hand. My hand moved on its own, down around her butt, feeling the soft warm velvet skin of a woman's cheeks. My fingers slipped between the cheeks along the crack of her ass. Kristen kept repeating quietly, "please, please". I had to feel her pussy, there was no alternative, I was still in a sort of "never never land"; the import of where I was going with this not yet registering in my mind. I moved my hand down between us. She cried out as my fingers worked along between her legs, one finger each side of her slit as I rubbed her, the middle finger not yet touching. She held very still waiting for me to push a finger into her cunt, and I did. She trembled and began to cum, clamping her legs tight together and lowering one hand to hold me inside her. She almost bent in two as she let loose all the built up tension. I had to support her or she would have fallen. She cried softly a little and knelt down on the floor. She stood up and I kissed her and said, "Go to bed Kristen, see you in the morning." She looked at me for a minute, letting her gaze fall to the bulge in my pants, smiled and kissed me on the cheek and left. God, I was not sure what had just happened but I did feel noble about my action, or really lack of action.

I had a tough time getting to sleep but finally had drifted off when the lady was back for more. This time I was much less prepared to fend her off and as my head cleared I knew that I might as well enjoy what I could, whatever damage there was to be done, was pretty well done. I was in her now, right to my balls and as she twisted and turned and pumped her butt up and down her lips worked my face and neck and mouth. I began to ram it up into her, bouncing my ass off the bed beneath me and soon she relaxed and let me do the fucking. Both of us were straining to stay as quiet as we could, a difficult task when you want to yell and talk and moan as your passion builds. I quickly rolled her to her back and her legs stretched upwards at first then clamped on the back of my legs, her fingernails digging into my butt. She started to cum and I felt the hot flush of her juices flood out around my cock. My balls tightened and my cum column burst up from my heels and right through my cock to spurt out as far inside her cunt as my cock would reach.

I rolled off of her, the situation once more a major concern to me and as my head cleared I asked myself just what had I done. I was resigned to a big problem as I lay there. But Kristen, much more relaxed now, rolled to her side, her tits pressed against my side, her fingers tracing themselves around my body, lips brushing my cheek and neck and looking like she was there for the rest of the night. Finally I suggested that she should go back to bed with Arden, that it had been a beautiful time with her but I had to get my mind straight for morning. She smiled, kissed me and I watched her naked butt leave the room.

I drifted off to sleep; the one thing I was certain of was that I better go find myself a hotel room. I was not strong enough mentally to stay in the house with the two of them and pretend nothing out of the ordinary had happened. I awoke with a start as I heard the garage door open and Arden driving off to work. Damn, I had wanted to tell him right away what my plans were. I decided I would call him at work later and headed for the shower to get the scent of pussy and cum off of me.

After a long relaxing shower, I towelled off and returned to the bedroom naked. Kristen was lying naked on my bed. What a change in the woman, from tentative and uncertain last night, to confident and horny this morning. She smiled as she played with her nipples and watched my cock rise once more to the occasion despite my intentions to get away from her. For some reason the situation aroused me even more than normal. I crawled up on the bed as she laid back, my head between her legs and attacked her shaved pussy with my mouth like a hungry man. I licked it from her butt hole to her clit, I sucked her lips in and pulled at them, I pressed my tongue flat on her clit and rubbed it, I closed my lips around the tip of her prominent clit and teased it as I finger fucked her. Her legs were up over my shoulders and I was in total command of her when she began to cum violently, her body arching upwards, her hands clutching my head and pulling me into her pussy. Finally her knees closed on my head as she began to leak juices. My turn now and I lifted up from her, pulled her knees in front of me and slid my cock into her. I closed my arms under her, folding her into a fetal position and crushing her knees against my chest and peered downwards as I began to pound her relentlessly. It was some mixture of wanting to punish her for enticing me into this and a desire to fuck her and plant my cum. Our eyes bored into each others, her response to me was defiance as her hands reached around my neck and pulled at me, her teeth bared as she took all I gave her as if to say, "is that all you have?"

We lay side by side and I said, "Kristen, this is it, I can't do this any more. I am going to get a hotel room, I feel rotten each time we fuck." She did not respond at first but then said, "Call Arden first and tell him. Tell him everything." I looked at her incredulously, "are you out of your mind?" For an answer, she reached for the phone on the bedside, dialled a number and said into the phone, "You have to talk to him; he is upset and ready to pull out." She passed the phone to me. My hands shook as I wondered what I could say to explain that I had fucked his wife several times. But I did not need to, Arden just said, "Don't worry about it Jim, I knew all along and gave her my okay. I told her not to tell you that I knew. I have not been able to satisfy her for several years and thought this was a way to allow her some satisfaction instead of running around looking for cock. I'm sorry, I should have told you up front." I was really pissed off and after a minute I hung up the phone without responding. After all the anguish I had suffered in enjoying this woman when it could have been so pleasant for both of us, I felt as if I had been used.

Kristen was on her knees sideways to me on the bed, her hand holding and encouraging my cock. She bent down over me and sucked my soft cock into her mouth, fondling my balls. My hand went to her ass between her cheeks from behind; I slipped one finger into her cunt, my thumb into her butt hole. This was it, I was out of here. As soon as I blew a load into her mouth, I was going to leave. Ah God, full erection again, her lips and tongue busy licking my balls and shaft, her pussy and butt hole squeezing my fingers. Well, maybe I will leave later in the afternoon! I lay back and just let her please me. She was good and knew all the moves. My back began to arch upwards, trying to push it deeper in her mouth. She turned her head up towards me; her eyes watching my pleasure as I began to shoot belts of cum in her mouth. Ah damn, a week here won't hurt.

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