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All That She Desired

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He stirred from underneath his warm covers...and awakening slowly, tried to make out what was about him in a room he was unfamiliar with... He smelled something very good near him, and sensing a presence slowly rolled over......... Ah, now he remembered where he was.......and suddenly embarrassed, pulled his covers closer to his head when he realized that his cock was hard as a rock, and dripping hot droplets of cum..... She had to be one of the most sensual women he'd ever seen, and my God, here she was standing next to him wearing virtually nothing......"Shit, she smells good".. His mind went back over the scenes from the previous evening.....hell, it hadn?t even been all that long ago, just a few hours really.....She?d been awfully flirty with him, always bending over in front of him, with those lovely tits of hers always exposed for his viewing......and her husband didn't seem to care much either......hell, he actually seemed to be enjoying it.. He remembered her musical feminine voice speaking easily and seductively to him, saying, ?that whatever he needed, with an emphasis on the "whatever", just ask?. And hubby was out? Sound asleep and in dreamland for the night? He hadn't had to be told twice, and smiling up at her, while saying nothing, had reached up and took her lovely manicured hand in his own and gently pulled her down to him. And placing his hands on her beautiful face, he brought her sweet glassy mouth to his and kissed her slowly, deeply, and completely.....their tongues mingling his hands released her breasts from her garments, and he took her hard hungry nipples into his hands and mouth.......sucking and biting them in a way that brought her sweet pulsing clit to attention, while her own eager fingers found his hard, thick dripping cock, and sliding her thumb over his swollen head, she stroked him slowly using his precum as the lubricant.....and feeling him thicken even more under her hands...she pushed him back, and running her tongue down his chest and tummy, and then sliding her hands between his legs so that his balls were gently cradled in her fingers, she ran her hungry slickened lips over his prick slowly, watching his face with her beautiful expressive eyes, her lashes fluttering, and her iris's sparkling as she pleasured his thick fucking prick with her mouth and tongue......... His hands groped for her swollen, wet pussy, and finding what he was looking for, he slid two fingers up into the hot, hungry depths, stroking her sweet swollen clit in a manner which made her gasp as she fucked his cock with her mouth....... she moved in harmony with his hands as he finger fucked her and she sucked his prick.....her respirations were beginning to come quicker and quicker....and her heart was pounding harder and faster with every stroke of his fingers, and the sensation of his cock deep within her hungry mouth..... when she reached the point when she realized that she was going to cum, and cum harder than she had in many a night of lovemaking, she quickly and sadly relinquished his dripping cock from her mouth, and sliding forward with her long lovely legs spread, straddled him and welcomed his awaiting prick into her throbbing, eager, and gushing pussy.....and pulling his mouth to hers, her hair falling gently about their faces, while kissing him slowly, she fucked him totally and completely, as he'd never been fucked before, or ever after, bringing them to a thundering, reverberating, and simultaneous climax together.......her hard clit reverberating with pleasures untold, spreading with wave after motherfucking wave of skin shuddering pleasure, while his cock exploded with a force inside of her that caused her to moan and scream out in an ecstasy of joy and sensuality that had eluded her for years........until this moment.

Pages: 1

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