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Afternoon delight

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Chris had been going out of his mind, his wife had been putting him off for months, and their sex life had become non existent.

Never having strayed before Chris was in unfamiliar territory but he knew that there had to be a way for him to find what he was looking for without breaking up his marriage. Chris had gone to the strip clubs with his buddies but was tired of the same song and dance of playing with a stripper only to be left going home to a cold bed and even colder wife.

He had tried going out to the clubs, but was worried that anyone he met there might somehow connect him with his home life. One day he was reading an article online and it praised the discretion and pleasure that could be derived by playing online in one of the many so called internet dating sites.

Now these weren’t your everyday sites that matched couples together based on the usual criteria and Chris got an early lesson in what they wanted while filling out his profile.

The questions amused him, Are you cut/uncut? , What size and length are you? This was going to be interesting to say the least. After a couple of weeks of searching and playing the “virtual field” Chris finally got a couple of emails in response to his feelers. One particular response immediately grabbed his attention. It was from a young lady who was supposedly 50 miles away in a distant town who from the looks of her was every bit the woman that Chris had ever fantasized about.

So he emailed her back and they began chatting. It was almost too easy for Chris, after exchanging some pics she wanted to meet. They decided that some afternoon playtime was probably best for discretion sake and made plans for the following day. As Chris drove to the restaurant, he could hardly contain himself. He was growing hard with all the thoughts of what this woman might do to him, but his stomach turned with the idea of what he was about to do. He pulled into the parking lot and checked the clock, he was 5 minutes early, and the restaurant wasn’t even open yet, so he sat back in his car and steadied himself. Just after 11 am a black mustang pulled up to the front of the restaurant and a stunning brunette slipped from the driver seat, She wore a tight fitting sun dress that accentuated her luscious curves and a pair of matching heels that made her legs seem to go on for days.

Chris slowly got of his car and followed just behind the woman into the restaurant. Just as he was entering the front doors she turned to him and smiled coyly. “You must be Chris. I’m Stacy, pleasure to meet you.” Chris smiled and slid in just close enough for a quick embrace and asked for a table for two. After being seated in a nice secluded booth they began to chat about all the different things that they liked and disliked about life, sex, and the unusual things that they had been party to on the internet site. Half way through lunch Chris felt a soft bare foot slide along his inseam.

He looked across the table and Stacy gave a look that only a woman thinking the most immoral thoughts could produce.

His cock jumped to attention and she smiled back at the response her flirtation had produced. She gently kneaded his swollen member through his pants during the rest of lunch and Chris was aching to have his engorged cock released. After paying the bill Chris excused himself and headed to the men’s room, getting up was almost unbearable as he adjusted himself as to not make anyone wiser to what had been transpiring under their table for the last 15 minutes.

He was washing up when the door opened and in walked Stacy the same look in her eyes that was there while she massaged him earlier, her hips swayed and mesmerized Chris as she crossed the washroom. Chris had sat back against the counter of sinks and Stacy put a finger to his lips and slowly slid down his body till she was squatting in front of him, she undid his pants and pulled out his still swollen member licking the head of it with a zest that Chris had not seen in a long time. She was a master, nipping and sucking with a skill that would have made a pornstar blush. Chris could hardly contain himself, but he was worried that someone would intrude on this glorious event. He leaned down and pulled Stacy back up to him. This time he had a grin on his face, he looked over to the large handicapped stall and motioned for her to move inside, as she moved in front of him she began to shimmy up her dress showing Chris she was not wearing any panties. His cock twitched with anticipation.

He pulled out a condom from his back pocket and ripped it open, sliding it over his length he pulled the door closed behind them and locked it. Stacy had positioned herself against the wall with her legs spread open, Chris licked his palm and slid his hand under her and gently rubbed her swollen pussy moistening it, as he pulled his hand back he slid a finger in her wet orifice and he felt her stiffen, Chris reached around her waist and felt for her wonderful mounds that sat just inside her tight dress, her nipples had harden in the last minute or so and it was not hard for him to find them and gently pinch them as he positioned the tip of his cock in where his fingers had just vacated. With the slightest thrust forward the head of his shaft entered her, she pushed back against him and he could feel her drawing him in deeper with each thrust, he continued to play with her breasts, Stacy reached back and pulled her breasts free from her dress, they swayed as Chris pumped into her their pace growing frantic building to what was going to be an explosive orgasm. Stacy reached back and grabbed Chris’s ass and dragged her nails along his ass cheeks, Chris thrust his cock as deep and as hard as he could into her. He felt her shudder and whimper that she wanted it harder, Chris’s pace quicken, pumping his cock into her, he licked his thumb and rimmed her puckered ass. He could feel Stacy’s ass spasm as he pushed his thumb into her. “Fuck me in the ass! Chris!” Chris pulled his cock out of her sopping wet pussy and slid the tip just into the opening of her ass, Stacy pushed back against him, his head disappearing. He knew he needed to cum soon so he slowly slid his engorged member into her until he was buried to his base in her tight ass. Stacy pulled herself forward and pushed back giving Chris the sign that he could begin to pump her ass with the kind of wild abandonment that he wanted to. Chris knew that it would only take a few minutes at this pace before he would lose control and as if on command he felt the deep swelling deep in his balls that signaled that he was going to explode. Chris pulled his cock out of her ass and ripped off the condom. Just as his cock was set free, he began to spasm and shoot wad after sticky wad coating her glorious tanned ass. Stacy was looking back as he was cumming and she reached back and gave his balls a good tug as he was finishing, the last stream connecting the tip of his cock to her glazed ass. She slid a finger in his cum and put it in her mouth. “Wow you are yummy? Want to go for round two at my place? Chris looked at her in bewilderment. “Isn’t your place like fifty miles from here?” “Actually I live ten minutes from here on William Street.”

Chris looked dumbfounded, William Street ran directly behind his house. “What number?” Stacy looked at him again coyly, ” I actually live like five houses down from you Chris; I moved in like 3 months ago and have seen you jogging in the neighborhood. Thought this would be a good way to introduce myself?” Chris could only smile; never could he have imagined a more perfect situation then this particular one. Somehow he felt this was the beginning of a glorious friendship.

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