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Aftermath Confessions Chapter 3

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Author's Note: These stories are hard to categorize... voyeurism, exhibitionism, masturbation, quasie-threesome with bi overtones and a hot wife. lol. Drop me a line if you'd like to see the illustrustrated version.


Smiling up from between my legs, she ran her tongue sensuously along my shaft, licking her own juices from my cock. "Now, give yourself a minute to calm down, and then tell me how you got 'poor, sweet, innocent' Allie to spread her legs for you."

"God, Carol. You're killing me, here." This was the second time in less than an hour that she'd had me all revved up only to pull the plug. "I'm pretty sure there's something in the Geneva Convention against this kind of torture."

Lifting her face from my cock, she looked up with mock concern. "Oh, Baby, I'm sorry. I can stop if you want me to, but of course, that would mean you would never get to hear what happened with Jeff and Allie on our wedding night."

"You're a wicked, wicked woman." And I loved her all the more for it.


So, there we were in our dorm room, catching our breath. The video was still going. The Jeff on the video and the real Jeff both got up at the same time. It was like they were in synch with each other. Both cocks semi-hard, covered in cum, swinging back and forth as they walked.

The Jeff on the video reached out and the video went blank, just as the real Jeff hit the remote and turned off the TV. He went into the bathroom and came back with two warm wash clothes. He threw one to me. Neither of us made any effort to cover up.

He didn't seem the least bit self-conscious as he stood there wiping the cum from his body. "I'm going to tell you something I haven't told any one else. I'm going to ask Allie to marry me."

"Holy shit. Really?" It came out sounding more surprised than I intended. "It's just that I always figured you would end up with someone... I don't know..."


"Yeah, I guess. But, God, after seeing her in bed, I can understand why. Damn, Jeff, I had no idea. She was like a different woman."

He grinned. "Don't let the video fool ya, Buddy. She's still pretty conservative. It took forever to get her to agree to let me video tape her. And even then I had to swear on a stack of bibles I wouldn't show them to anyone."

I gave him a look.

"Hey, I didn't show it to you. You found it all on your own. Besides, you saw how she played to the camera. She loves the idea of being seen, she just can't admit it."

Later I got to wondering just how much of an accident my finding the video really was, but who was I to question. It was by far the hottest 'porn' I'd ever seen.

With a smile he added, "And, if you should just happen to be looking for something in my desk this time next week..."

And, just like that, we began a routine. I wasn't surprised when he walked in on me a week later. Or freaked out when he took off his clothes off and joined me. Every week it was like a different adventure. They fucked in positions I'd never heard of, much less seen. Always with Allie playing to the camera and always ending with her fucking herself into near unconsciousness on Jeff's cock.

We never touched each other, but Jeff had no qualms about watching me and commenting on my cock from time to time. And, after a while, it just got to be natural to do the same with him.

Sometimes Allie would come over and I literally couldn't be in the same room with her without getting a hard-on. It was embarrassing and intoxicating at the same time. She'd be all Miss Prim and Proper, but every time I looked at her all I could see were flashes of her pussy and ass and tits... her mouth full of cock... her talking slutty and what she sounded like cumming. Even when Jeff wasn't around, I'd play the videos over and over again and jerk off to the thought of fucking her.

Things went on like that for a few weeks. Then, one holiday weekend, Jeff and Allie went out of town to visit her family. I didn't expect there to be a video that week, but when I looked, there was a tape marked 'Something Special'.

I stripped down, oiled up my cock and popped in the video. There was Allie, on all fours with Jeff's cock already sliding in and out of her pussy from behind. He seemed to be teasing her, sliding half his cock in and then pulling it back before she could fully impale herself. Even with that, she was well on her way to cumming when I saw Jeff's hand come into the picture and press a button on the VCR remote.

Hearing Allie's voice, "Oh my God, that's Paul." I shot up in bed. She was frozen in mid-stroke staring in the direction of the TV. "Oh, God, what's he doing?"

Jeff laughed, "What's it look like he's doing?"

My hard-on shrunk in my hand. I couldn't see what she was seeing, but I had a pretty good idea of what she was looking at. What I didn't know was why. How the hell could he do this!

"Oh, Jeff, Baby.... How did you get this?"

"That sneaky bastard has been messing with my videos, so I set up the web cam to catch him."

Her reaction was immediate. "Oh God!" She turned bright red and tried to pull herself off his cock in a panic. But he wouldn't let her. "Please, God tell me he didn't see us fucking!"

"I'm sorry, Baby..." Looking apologetic and nodding his head toward the screen, "...but that's what he was stroking off to."

She was mortified. So was I. She put her head down on the mattress. I think she might have been crying. Jeff quietly hugged her back and just held her for a few minutes. It was fucking awful. How could this bastard do this to her? To us?

I started to turn the tape off when I noticed him starting to gently rock himself inside her. She didn't react at first, but then, almost involuntarily, she began subtly moving her hips in time with his.

With a smoothing voice he told her, "It's alright. Just feel me inside you and let yourself go."

It was like he was hypnotizing her. Slowly at first, and then steadily picking up their pace as they started fucking again. Within minutes, she was back up on all fours, moaning as he brought his hands under her and began playing with her swaying tits.

The man was a magician. It didn't take long for my hard-on to return with a vengeance and I started jerking off again.

At first her eyes were closed, but as he pumped her from behind they slowly opened and she began watching me.

"God, Allie... look at him. Look at him pumping that cock, watching you fuck, Baby." She let out a low guttural moan.

"He sees your ass and your wet pussy and your bouncing tits.... and it's making him soooo hard for you." Her eyes were riveted to the screen. "He's watching me put my big cock in you and wishing it was his.... Wishing it was his dick fucking your pussy."

She bit her lower lip, her eyes glistening in the light from the video. With his hands on her hips, he pushed himself deeper and she began to grunt with each thrust, her breast swinging wildly beneath her. The more they fucked, the more enraptured she became with watching my hand moving up and down my cock. Her face glowed with a desirous fascination that soon gave way to blatant lust as she watched one man fucking her in his mind and another fucking her with his cock. Whatever inhibitions or concerns she might have had earlier were lost in the rising tides of her pending orgasm.

"Do you like it, Baby? Do ya like him seeing your pussy? Do you like him stroking his cock for you?"

His words pushed her to the edge. "Uhhhhh.... fuck... I'm... gonna... I'm.... gonna... cu.."

Jeff suddenly stopped, pulling himself back until only the head of her cock was still in her pussy. Wildly humping her hips, she let out an explosive groan. "Oh God! What are you doing! Don't stop!"

He slid the full thick length of his shaft in and out of her cunt in slow deliberate strokes, punctuating each sentence with his movements. "I asked you if you liked it...." She moaned as he slid back in. "...liked spreading your pussy for him..." A mournful groan as he slid back out. "...knowing he wants to fuck you?" A louder moan, as he filled her up again.

Staring wide eyed at the TV, she began wiggling her ass, trying in vain to get him to fuck her. But he held her hips firm and wouldn't move. She began to beg. "Pleeeease, Baby... I'm soooo close.... Please, just fuck me."

He responded by pulling his cock almost completely out, "Tell me... tell me. I want to hear it."

A low husky "Yes" slipped from her lips.

He rewarded her with a forcefully thrust all the way down to his balls as he began to fuck her in earnest once more. Leaning forward, he whispered near her ear, "Say again."

She arched her back and moaned, "Yeessssss... "

Loosening his grip on her hips, she immediate started fucking herself against him with abandon. "Uhhhh... Oh, God... uhh... Yes!!! Is that what you want to hear?... uhh.... I.. fucking love it!... Seeing Paul... pumping that dick... pumping his cock... for me..."

Now it was Jeff's turn to grunt and groan, as she went on, "Uhhhhh... knowing... he's... watching... me... spread... my.. pussy... knowing... he... wants... uhhh... to... f-u-c-k meeee..."

Enflamed by her words, he began ramming his cock into her harder than I'd ever seen before. She fell forward, but he suddenly grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up to face the TV.

"Here he cums, Baby! Look at him!" Jeff growled. "He's watching us! He's watching us fuck! And he's going to cum for you! He's cumming! Looook..."

I could hear my own climactic moan from the video, as Allie started screaming, "Fuck me! Uhhhhhhhh... Fuck me! You bastard!"

It was incredible... the two of us. Watching each other... cumming together... her eyes growing wider and wider as my cock began shooting spurt after spurt of thick white cum over my body. The whole time, her orgasm shouting out to me from the screen, "Ohhhh... fuck... Oh... Godddddd.... Oh... fuuucckkk."

Riding our wave, Jeff's frantic pace reached a fevered pitch, as he howled and emptied his massive load deep into her cunt. Wet, sloshing, fucking, cumming sounds vibrated off the walls, as the three of us came together that first time.

Allie fell to the mattress, but Jeff just kept fucking her, not slowing until the overflow of his cum was gushing from her pussy onto the bed below. Finally, he collapsed and the tape went blank.


"Owww!" Once again I was snapped back to the present by my wife's firm squeeze of the balls. "What you do that for? I wasn't cumming!"

With one hand on my balls and the other buried between her legs, Carol looked up with a rueful grin. "I know. I was. Sorry."

In the whole time we'd been married, I'd rarely seen her masturbate. I loved that she was getting off listening to my stories. "I guess you kind of liked that."

"It was incredible. I've never heard anything like it." Releasing my balls she grasped my cock in her hand.

"For God's sake, tell me you got to fuck that girl."

"I guess you'll just have to wait and find out."

(To be continued in Aftermath Confessions: Chapter 4 - One Step Closer)

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