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Aftermath Confessions Chapter 1- The Prelude

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This is a follow up to a previously published story called The Unexpected Threesome. Please be forewarned, while there is no bisexuality in this chapter, there are references to the bisexual (MFM) threesome which took place in the previous story. If the mere mention of bisexuality between men offends you, please don't read. Also, if you'd be interested in seeing an illustrated version, just drop me a line.


I woke up alone. The unmistakable odor of sex filled the room, bringing an unconscious smile to my face, at least until the memories of the past night came flooding in. I sat up with a start, but David and Carol were no where to be seen.

Laying back down, scenes from the previous evening played through my mind... my wife of 25 years bent over our bathroom counter, as David, a friend we barely knew, fucked her to multiple orgasms. That alone would have been a life changing, perhaps tragic event, but there was more. Before the evening was done, for the first time in my life, I had sex with another man and shared my wife with him, not once, but twice.

While I struggled to define what I felt, I knew what I didn't feel. I didn't feel anger, or guilt, or shame. The undeniable truth was that last night was the most exciting experience of my entire life. What I felt mostly was concern for Carol and what she might think and feel. Did she think I was gay? Was she feeling guilty? What would this mean to our marriage?

My head was spinning with 'What if's'.

Pulling on my robe, I went to the bathroom and then went to look for Carol. Following the smell of coffee, I found her in the kitchen, humming to herself as she rinsed two coffee cups off in the sink.

At 45, her once pert, bouncy body had long since given way to a fuller, more curvaceous form. She looked incredible standing there in one of my button down shirts. Maybe it was love, but as her body changed over the years, so too had my taste in women. At 5' 7", the fullness of her hips and breasts were perfectly proportioned for my desires. Years of tennis and yoga left her legs and ass firm and, despite her complaints to the contrary, her 34 D breasts still had a wonderful upward slant that drew the attention of almost every man she came in contact with.

Even standing still, her body radiated a sensual energy I hadn't seen on her in years. Her hair still had that wild, unkempt look from the previous night and I loved the way the curved cheeks of her ass peeked out from under the tail of her shirt.

Standing there, watching her from the doorway, I couldn't help but wonder what the two of them had been up to while I was sleeping. Walking across the room I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her neck.

She purred in my arms. "Mmmmm. Good morning."

Turning to face me, I felt a thrill seeing her shirt unbuttoned down to her navel, leaving her breast exposed from nipple to nipple.

Looking down, first at herself and then at my stiffening cock as it began to emerge from the folds of my robe, she grinned sheepishly. "David just left."

My heartbeat quickened. I wanted to ask her if she fucked him, but just couldn't form the words in my mind. If I asked too lightly, it would sound disrespectful, like I was treating her slutty. If I asked too seriously, it might sound like an accusation. Neither sentiment captured what I felt at the thought of the two of them being together. So, instead, as she started to button her shirt, I held her hands in mine and kissed her again. Not a hungry kiss of desire, but a kiss that said, "I love you."

She melted in my arms and asked, "Are you okay? About what happened... About last night?"

"Honestly, I'm still trying to digest it all, but yeah." I chuckled, "I'm feeling pretty okay. What about you?"

"Well, if we're being honest, other than being worried about you, I've been on cloud nine all morning." Shaking her head, "Jesus, Paul, I can't believe we did that."

I pulled her against my body. "You were incredible."

She blushed. "Look, I don't want you getting the idea that just because of what happened last night I'm okay with us suddenly becoming swingers."

Stepping back I started to close my robe. "Well, I figured last night was probably a one shot deal..."

Grinning wolfishly, her hand darted forward. Grasping my shaft with a squeeze, she pulled me back, nuzzling the head of my cock between her legs. She was wet. More than that, she was drenched. "I didn't exactly say THAT."

My mind flashed back to the night before and that wicked, empowered look on her face as she got down on all fours and offered me sloppy seconds.

She paused and rubbed my stiff cock up and down her pussy. "David's flight back home isn't until Monday and, if you're up to it... and clearly you are..." Her heated wetness took my breath away. Leaning forward on her tip toes, her voice dropped to a husky whisper in my ear, "... I wouldn't mind having both your cocks again."

Her lust was so brazenly stated, I couldn't believe this was my wife. She was slowly and deliberately gyrating her pussy against my cock as she looked up, waiting for my reaction.

Cupping her ass in both my hands I pulled her forward. My cock slipped along her wet groove and slid between her thighs. Taking my head in her hands, she opened her mouth wide and sucked my tongue into a delicious French kiss. Within moments, we were on fire.

As I pulled her off her feet, she wrapped her legs around me. My cock bobbed wildly between her legs seeking entrance into her cunt. Lifting her ass onto the counter, I began spreading her legs. I had every intention of fucking her right there on the spot when suddenly, without warning, she let out a gasp and pushed me away.

"Whaooooo... wait...wait..." She laughed breathlessly. Holding me at arm's length, she swayed to her feet. Her words came in gasp, "Ummmm... Damn.... woooo... I'll take that as a Yes."

Feeling a little rejected, and more than a little bewildered, I stood, jutting cock in hand, watching as she rocked back and forth, her hand between her legs. With her eyes closed, she looked somewhere between having an orgasm and fighting to hold one back. After a moment, she collected herself and looked up. "Damn, that wasn't part of the plan."

"There's a plan?"

"Trust me." She smiled. With a deep breath, she pulled her hand from between her legs and pulled her shirt back down. "The thing is, if we're going to do this... if we're really going to invite David back into our bed, there's some things we need to talk about.."

Despite her confident, easy going tone, I sensed there was a certain false bravado in her words. I knew her well enough to recognize the telltale signs of anxiety in her eyes. Whatever we were going to talk about had her worried.

"It sounds serious."

For the first time, a little frown passed across her face. "I hope not, but yeah. It could be. It's really up to us."

Up to this point, everything just seemed too good to be true... too easy. I had a sickening feeling that reality was at the brink of catching up with us. "Let me put on some clothes and we'll talk."

"Oh, no you don't!" And just like that she once again had my cock in her hand. "I didn't do all this cock teasing just to have you go get dressed."

Bending at the waist she swallowed my swollen head in a loving kiss. Then, pumping my cock, she stood and kissed me again. I could feel the heat and taste my own cock on her tongue. The woman was driving me crazy.

"You're in exactly the state I want for this particular talk. Now, follow me."

I was in no condition to argue as she lead me into the next room. Sitting me down on the sofa, she unbuttoned her top and straddled my lap. My cock jutted obscenely up between her legs and I could feel the warm moist heat of her pussy lips as she nuzzled herself against my shaft. False bravado, or not, she looked sexy as hell.

"I have to ask you something. Yesterday, with David, was that your first time?"

Flushing with embarrassment, I blurted out, "I'm not gay!"

She burst out laughing. "Oh Baby, is that what you think this is about? You're worried I'll think you're gay?"

She took my face in her hands. "You silly man. You've been chasing me around with a hard on for over two decades. I'm the last person you have to convince you're not gay."

Looking at the doubt on my face she asked, "True or false? After 25 years of marriage, I can't get dressed in the same room with you without you wanting to fuck me... True?"

Smiling at the simple truth of her statement, I nodded.

"I think it's safe to say you won't be switching teams any time soon. And as far as you sucking David's cock, Baby, you're no more gay than I am. Frankly, I thought it was hot has hell and, if I'm okay with it, screw what anyone else thinks."

A knot of anxiety suddenly let loose within my chest, but the sense of relief was short lived.

"Besides, that's not what I was asking. I'm not asking if that was your first time with a man... although we'll get back to that one... What I'm asking is, was that your first time being with someone else since we've been married."

Suddenly, I couldn't face her. I'm pretty sure if this had been an episode of Lost in Space, this is the part where the robot would have been shouting, "Danger! Will Robinson! Danger!" I felt a lump in my throat and honestly didn't know how to respond.

Turning my head, forcing me to look her in the eyes, she said, "It's okay. Let me ask you something. Answer honestly. Before yesterday, what would either of us have done if we caught the other one cheating?"

Still sensing that we were teetering on the edge of something bad, I mumbled. "I don't know."

"While I do. I've thought about it a lot. We'd be angry and self-righteous and generally make each other's life a living hell. One of us would walk around the injured party, while the other one defensively floundered around in guilt and shame and remorse. I'm not saying it's right, but I know us. It wouldn't matter if it was you or me. It's like a script on automatic pilot. It's just the way it is... Or at least the way it was."

She was describing my worst fears. The same fears that left me mute when she asked me if this was my first time.

"But with David... with what happened... there is no moral high ground. Neither of us is in a position to throw stones or claim to be the injured party. More importantly, neither of us has to wallow in guilty or be defensive. It's like we both have a 'Get Out of Jail Free' card."

Starring intensely into my eyes, watching my reaction, she added, "Paul, I liked what happened. In fact, I loved him fucking me and I loved that you were there sharing it with me. And, unless I'm very much mistaken, I think you liked it too. True?"

Looking at her in awe, I could only nod.

"I could never have told you that before yesterday. And the fact that I can tell you now, makes me feel closer and more in love with you than I ever have."

Pausing, she took a deep breath. "The truth is, this talk isn't about my dragging things out of you. It's about my needing to tell you things. Things that I've carried around for a long time. Things I wanted to tell you, but just couldn't. The question is, do you want to hear it?"

After a long pregnant pause, she added, "When I asked you if this was your first time, it wasn't because I was hoping the answer was 'Yes', it's because I was hoping that maybe I wasn't the only one that had something to get off their chest."

Now it was my turn to swallow hard. My voice came out barely a whisper. "You aren't."

Her face broke out into a grin. "Good."

My head was spinning. Was this really happening? In all the years we'd been together, it never once occurred to me that Carol had been unfaithful. Or that I'd ever, ever, ever be sitting here admitting I'd been with someone else.

"I don't want to lose you."

"That's a good place to start." She kissed me. "Paul, I love YOU. No matter what happens, or what may have happened in the past, you're the one I want to be with. You're the one I want to fall asleep with at night and the one I want to grow old with. And nothing is ever going to change that."

I loved her so much I could hardly talk. "Ditto"

Wiping the tears from her eyes with the back of her hand, she said, "Okay, that's enough of that."

Then, to my dismay, she pulled a tube of flavored lubricant from the folds of the couch and began to cover my softening cock.

"Do you always keep a bottle of lubricant in the sofa?"

"No, Mr. Smarty Pants." She said, wrapping her delicate hand around my shaft. "What if I told you I left it here after I used it on David?"

Seeing the look on my face, she smiled. Cupping my balls in one hand, she began stroking my slick cock back to fullness with the other.

My heart was pounding, "You gave David a hand job?"

"Oh, I did more than that." She felt my cock begin to stiffen. "I rubbed his cock all over my pussy and made him tell me everything I wanted to know."

Lifting her hips, she began to rub her cunt up and down my shaft. I groaned.

"Ooooo, you like that, huh? You're slutty wife rubbing a big fat cock all over her clit? So did David. By the time I was done, he was begging me to fuck him."

I believed her. "And, did you?"

"No." With a wicked smile, she paused. "But I will. Tomorrow I plan to fuck you both silly. But right now this isn't about David. Today this pussy is all yours... but it comes with a price."

At this point she could have asked for anything.

"You tell me yours and I tell you mine. Nothing held back." She squeezed my cock into her pussy lips and shook her shirt from her shoulders, leaving her breasts thrust out and exposed. "Do you think you can handle that? Fucking your wife and sharing every cum filled detail?"

"God, yes."

Lifting herself up she lowered her drenched pussy down unto the length of my cock.

"The first time was on our wedding night..."

(Let me know if you'd want to read Aftermath Confessions: Chapter 2 - Jeff and Allie)

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