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Ace of Clubs

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Ace of Clubs

For those of you unfamiliar with this title, it is the fifth report to come out. I am trying to approach the ?research? done by my frat and an associated sorority, presenting it as something that would appear as a ?news serial.? I told my story in ?Queen of Spades? and the girl I was paired with, Cindy, a sociology major, was also recording the ?experiment? similar to a research paper out of the information generated by the girls? records. Yes, we did link up through our interviews and experiences on a variety of levels. Needless to say, we ?bounced? a lot more than just ?ideas? off each other.

In Cindy?s reading of the reports, there was one very brief one which she needed to explore for her purposes in depth. It really kept pushing at her, so she contacted me upon learning of my reporting efforts. Our first meeting took place at the Student Life Center over coffee and sandwiches. (It was at this time she figured out I was her ?partner? the week before. It took me a while longer.) Her request to me was to get information about the Ace of Clubs so we could compare notes.

Going through the ?data reports? (the debriefing written down after the randomized impersonal sex night), I located the Ace of Clubs document. It was, on the surface, simply a generic report: female was small in stature; average sized boobs, nipples larger than pencil eraser; mouth/tongue work so-so; cunt trimmed; good muscle control. Under special notes, it reported: Not all women are the same in the dark. The ?observer? rated the experience nine out of ten. This was one satisfied dude.

I didn?t know who got the Ace of Clubs, so first project was discovery. One of my housemates, Kevin, shared two classes with me that semester as we knocked off our pre-requisites and as we plowed across campus one chilly morning I managed to ask if he knew who drew the card.

?Ace of Clubs? I drew that one,? he said.

?I?m tallying the reports,? I followed, ?to include in the house history. So, anything special about your partner??

?Oh, she was good, but I traded with Tiny and was the ten of Spades that night.?

?Why?d you do that??

He looked at me with a smirk. ?I thought it was appropriate. Haven?t you seen him in the showers after a game?? I realized exactly what he referred to, and agreed.

Okay, you can already guess, but here?s some background anyhow. Tiny was the left offensive tackle of the varsity football team. He was big, he was hirsute, and he was hung?not excessively long, but thick. Think kielbasa, and that?s soft. At six foot eight and two-ninety, well, being the ace of clubs was entirely appropriate.

?Okay,? I opened with when Cindy and I got together, ?I?ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.? Yeah, it was a play on ?show you mine?show me?? but then I didn?t know she had already seen, experienced, and approved. She agreed, and I gave her what I knew from the record. Then she shared what got her interested.

The ?subject? was huge, simply huge. His feet extended over the foot of the bed; shoulders almost reached across the mattress; wrists were tied, but he could snap the rope if he wanted. The girl Ace of Clubs reported that if she sat on his chest, her knees wouldn?t reach the bedding. And she said there was enough hair to think he had a pelt. She described him as ?better endowed by double anyone I?ve been with before.?

Cindy paused and asked, ?What did he say about his partner??

I wasn?t going to admit that I hadn?t dared approach Tiny and ask for his side of the event, so I simply said, ?You?re turn first, this time.?

Here?s the narrative.

I was a bit worried when I saw Tiny in the bed, or rather dr*ped over the bed. (Well, with his popularity and presence, she would know who he was just by looking.) I?d been with five guys previously, and none of the experiences were anything to write about. They were nice, they even were lots of fun, but they could never do it for me. So, here I am, three years through school, and haven?t been to the moon. I had better experiences with two gals, but they didn?t do it for me either.

Anyhow, here?s Tiny, literally covering the bed, naked, tied. I hoped the ties would hold, but I wasn?t that confident. I took off my clothes, dr*ped them on the dresser, and stepped over to the bed, sitting. The first thing I did was stroke my fingers up his leg.

I guess you could more accurately say I ran my fingers through his hair, but either way I saw this shiver go from his hip, over his stomach and chest to his shoulders. His arms sort of jerked and he gasped. I turned and reached to the other leg, did the same thing, and watched as another, what, shiver?, rolled across his body, and he let out a ?Uuhhmm? sound and sort of squirmed. I wondered if he was ticklish, and stroked up his arms, but only felt muscle, lots of muscle.

For some reason, I turned let my hair drag across his stomach as I gently blew, and he reacted again. I was starting to enjoy this, playing with him, getting this reaction and he ?couldn?t? or wouldn?t react and try to stop me. This was sort of fun. I?d never had the opportunity to just explore my partners before. It was always neck, pet, suck, and fuck. Well, at that point I looked down at his crotch and realized he was starting to grow.

He had looked big before, just flopping there, but now? I wanted to touch it, but decided to wait. I did feel my nipples start to tingle, though, seeing him thicken like that.

I turned back and blew across his chest, watching the hair part before my breath. I could see his nipples start to poke a bit, and the hair around them seemed to be standing up. I reached down and nipped one and got another gasp. Then I felt his hand?his strong paw!?stroke my hip and down my leg very gently, actually more like a caress than stroke. He slowly dragged one finger back up the path he made and carried up my back and spine as far as he could reach as I started to nuzzle my nose through his furry mat on his chest. He smelled pretty good.

Well, we were told to evaluate cock and balls, oral skills and techniques, and I?m sure they were given a similar set of rules, so with that understanding I reached, running a finger through his hair from his chest right to the tip of his cock. That made him jerk, and he seemed to grow another inch just as fast. I straightened it out, lifted it, and pointed it at his naval, then sat on my legs and watched it grow as I ran my fingers over it?s length a couple of times. I watched it swell and thought, ?No way will it fit.?

I can?t get my hand around a can of soda, and I couldn?t get my hand around him either. But, this was a random event given to me to explore and experience, and I was determined to make the most of it. So, with that thought, I bent down and licked under the crown of his cock.

He jerked. The damn cock jerked and slapped me, by reflex, I?m sure, as he groaned suddenly. I took that as ?he likes it.? I did it again, and he didn?t slap quite so hard, and I could feel the ends of my hair stroking over him. I circled the tip, managed to get that much in, but didn?t even try for more. So, drooling some saliva up and down with my tongue, I proceeded to blow him using both hands twisting and stroking on his shaft (my hands aren?t that big) and my tongue on his head with some sucking. Occasionally I?d tickle his balls like I had on other guys.

I had eventually pushed his legs open and crawled between them while doing this. He had been able to keep stroking me with his hand and I found it too distracting. It felt too good, actually, whatever he was doing, and I didn?t want the distraction. Anyhow, I alternated my hands, stroking his shaft, cupping his balls, tweaking his nipples as my mouth and tongue nibbled and sucked his crown, my nose occasionally burrowing into his fur. I really liked the way he smelled.

I decided to just go ahead and jack him off, and that really didn?t take too much longer. Judicious use of my thumb under his crown, my tongue swirling around and he didn?t stand (lay?) a chance. I felt him start to go, and pointed his cock up his center. The first spurt went over his shoulder, the rest landed on his chest. We were not being encouraged to ?share bodily fluids,? so I cleaned him up, but had a taste anyhow. Not bad, actually better than I?ve had.

His breathing calmed down soon, but his orgasm was pretty strong when it happened. Of course being all muscle, there?s a lot of energy potential to be released. I thought I felt the bed jerk a bit when his arms tried to reach me.

Now that I was sure he was okay, I started to have some more fun exploring. I nuzzled up and down both arms. I tickled his feet. I nuzzled his shaft, noting that it came up to full hardness quickly. I stroked my hair across his face, and then, feeling brave, circled my nipple around his mouth.

That was a mistake. There was enough slack for him to catch me and hold my ribs over him as his tongue played with both my nipples, simply lifting me from one side to the other and holding me, letting my breasts hand like a bunch of gr*pes above him as he feasted on me. He just held me to him, and nibbled, licked, sucked just like I had done his cock. Meanwhile, my pussy was being dragged across a washboard that stroked my clit with my legs dr*ped over each side of him and caught open by his elbows. Every time he sucked, shocks stabbed between nipple and clit. I started to squirm and push my clit harder through the ticklish hair onto his skin, getting some friction. I was starting to lose it, and could feel my hips moving in a teasing, bucking action, when he got me good.

He just picked me up, pulled my cunt to his mouth, locked onto my hips, and ate. My GOD!! He ate. His tongue, his lips, quickly turned my pubes into a quivering fountain. My clit actually felt like it was trying t stretch to reach his tongue. His hands on his hips simply lifted me on his face, stirring my hips over his mouth so he could reach whatever he wanted. I hung on to the headboard so I wouldn?t fall back, but He had me right where I wanted to be. And then?

Well, so much for not sharing bodily fluids. I?d never orgasmed before, and if I had I would have been deathly embarrassed. I came, I yelled, screamed, I gushed?yes, squirted, didn?t know I could, or what it was?all over. It was a good thing I held on to the head board, because I almost threw myself backwards and my head would have landed hard on is cock.

As I finished gushing, I could feel his tongue, his mouth gently licking my folds, sucking my hole, caressing my clit gently, so gently. I was in shock. Here was this giant gentling me, holding me, drawing me down to him. My hips were slowly brought down so he was caressing my back as my breathing settled. My chin rested just under his as I nuzzled into him. To hell with concerns, I picked my head up and kissed him, thoroughly, and mated his tongue with mine.

Splayed on him like I was, as we tongue fucked, I could feel the crowning glory of his cock tickling my nether lips. It felt so soothing, so enticing, and I felt so moist, feeling him sliding around me over and over. I sat up, reached back and held it in my hand. It was as big as ever, firm, glorious. It was HUGE compared to my experience. It was frightening.

I didn?t care, I had to try. I got up, grabbed, opened a sheath. I licked his cock thoroughly, then unrolled the condom. It had to be uncomfortable. You could make out the veins through the silastic. I dribbled drool, hoping to make it more slippery, and threw my leg over him. He?d taken me places no one ever had before, and I felt I owed him at least an attempt.

God, he?s big. I sat over him, his cock pointed straight at my twat. His hands were stroking me, my legs, my arms, my breasts, my sides, never stopping, moving slow and gentle, not grabbing me or forcing me. I felt so small sitting on him. I was splaying my legs just trying to find a position. He definitely wasn?t a wimp in the package department, but he wasn?t forcing me either. I was sure his experience with others (GOD HOW COULD ANYONE GET IT IN?) had cautioned him not to force himself into a tender area. He was letting me take what I could at my own pace.

But, DAMN!! After that orgasm I NEEDED, I WANTED to feel a cock in me NOW!! And his was here, available, and certainly ?up? for the challenge.

His crown was tickling and massaging my nether lips as I circled above him. Slowly I pushed on him, holding him steady. Then with my other hand, I just needed to flick my clit. I stroked his crown over my clit. I swirled, sitting a little firmer, and felt my vagina stretch a bit. I circled, feeling the different angles of his head, willing myself to open, to relax, to receive, and sat a little lower with each circle.

His crown stretched me, pulled at my clit, and then it was in, the tip, the crown, and I could feel my lips close over it. No pain, a fullness. I kept slow circles as I stroked my clit. I almost laughed aloud at my circling, thinking I was ?screwing? him into myself. How appropriate. I heard him gasp, groan, and felt him pulse. The stretching pulsed through my crotch, nerve tingling pulsing to my clit as I stroked it. I sat down, feeling the fullness of him slowly filling me. I felt my clit meet his skin.

I was surprised. I had all of him, and it didn?t hurt. I felt full, but I realized I FELT GOOD!!! None of my previous partners ever reached where he reached, none of them ever filled me enough to feel enough. I began raising and lowering on him and new nerves got stimulated, something urgent. I squeezed. I SQUEEZED! It felt incredible. I was filled!!! I leaned forward, hands on his breasts, and started to fuck. This wasn?t about thanking him any more, this was about me, ME! Feeling like I was being pleasured, feeling like I was being made complete, feeling like I WAS GETTING FUCKED!!!

I felt that fullness, that urgency in me grow. I felt as if something was missing, something was needed, something had to happen. I squirmed. I bucked, I drove myself up and down. I ground my clit onto his pubic bone, I felt his cock raking over a spot in me, rubbing, no, scratching, no tickling, no, what was it doing?

I felt feverish, I needed, I needed?

I felt him begin to rise to meet me. He started to pound into me. His hands gripped my hips, driving me up and down. I lifted my knees, it felt good, and he just picked me up and pistoned me onto him. I felt his cock swell and pulse in me, and I broke.

I crossed some sort of boundary as every nerve ending exploded at the same time as I felt him pulse, clench, and spasm in me, reflecting the spasms that pulsed through me laying on top of him. I was spent. I was SPENT! I felt his cock continue to pump in me, felt my vagina milk him. I felt like I wanted to burrow into him as his arms came up around me like a gentle vise. I felt safe, satisfied, satiated. I felt full, I felt comfortable, and I could feel him shrink slowly within me. I squeezed to keep him in me, and protested as he slipped out of my now gaping, hungry vagina. He had reached places no one had reached before. I needed his size to reach fulfillment.

Cindy paused in the narration, then said, ?Cathy walked in a daze until classes started again,? unwittingly telling me the name of this incredible girl. I asked Cindy what on the report had got her attention to pursue this particular report.

?Cindy,? I began, ?there was something significant in the guy?s Ace of Clubs report. Under special notes, it reported: ?Not all women are the same in the dark.? That caught my attention. What in Cathy?s summary made you pursue this particular report??

She looked at me with a Cheshire smile. ?Size matters.?

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