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About damn time-

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I had worked with him for a while now. Watching him from the corner of my eye, hoping he'd glance my way just once. He was a mechanic and I a lovestruck cashier. A woman in a mans world- and most weren't afraid to prove it. Male customers gave you the eye, constantly second guessing everything you said, even when they had no clue what they were even asking about. Female customers confused as to why I, a female, would work in such a “dirty” place. But... I liked it here. It was comfortable. Machines are always the same- give them a little tender love and care, and they will run forever, relationships on the other hand, now those are “dirty”.

On a day that will forever live in my memory as the greatest day of my life, I had a particularly nasty customer come in. At the time both of the other cashiers were outside on their break, confident I could handle the shop alone. This man, of about fifty, opened the door to the store- sourly expressing his condensation of having to open such door to get to the cashier. As he made his way slowly to the counter, his gait limp and seemingly in pain, I smiled brightly. Older gentlemen were always suckers for a nice smile. Apparently this gentleman was no sucker, let alone a gentleman. Finally reaching the counter, out of breath from the short walk, the man gave me the once over I was so used to from male customers.

“How can I help you today, sir?” I asked politely.

“You can start by getting some one to help me.” He replied, obviously peeved over something.

I knew this dance, as I'd been through it several times with other customers. “Sir, I'd be more than happy to help you. What is it I can do for you today?” I asked again, turning the brightness of my smile up one more notch.

“I already told you, young lady. Get someone out here to help me.” His voice was harsh, and deep- as if to convey his point more menacingly.

Acting as if I had entirely no idea what he meant, I continued to try and get his information to help him out as any cashier would do.

“Ma' am I'm not going to ask you again, if you can't understand english, obviously you can't help me.”

At this point, I knew things were not going to be in my favor and it just might be better to go and get one of the other cashiers. This man didn't even want me to try and prove I could help him.

“ Yes, sir- Let me just go get someone who can help you.” I said gritting my teeth, and smiling as politely as possible.

“About damn time.” The ornery man muttered Pretending I didn't hear, I walked into the shop located adjacently to the store. The smell of brake dust and sweat hit me immediately, as it does every time I enter. Briefly looking around, hoping to see one of my fellow cashiers, my eyes landed on HIM. As if he were the gravity my eyes so desperately wished to be pulled to. Deciding that finding one of the cashiers would be too much time lost, especially with such a pleasant customer up front, I headed directly toward the mechanic. I suppose he felt a presence coming his way, for he looked up from the car he'd been working on, wiping his hands on a rag that had appeared out of no where.

“Hey Angela, what's up?” He asked, his gorgeous brown eyes looking deep into my blue ones. He always knew when I was upset, even if he didn't know he knew it.

“Mike, there's a pretty irate customer upfront. He's refusing to let me help him and I can't find Jeff or Spencer. Would you mind coming up front and seeing if you can take care of him?” My voice kind of squeaked at the end, it was embarrassing to have to ask someone for help just because you were a girl.

“Of course, walk me up there and give me the scoop while I wash my hands.”

Walking over to the sink I gave him the “scoop”, letting him know that I hadn't even got a word out before he asked for another cashier to help him. Wanting him to know that it wasn't my fault he had to come bail me out. For some reason that was really important, I didn't want him to see me like other men did.

“Oh, so one of those, huh?” He asked, one dark brown eyebrow raised. “I guess guys don't realize you probably know just about as much about cars as I do.”

I smiled, hoping I wasn't blushing. “I guess not.” I said. Praying my cheeks weren't as red as they felt.

Mike walked up front winking to me before turning to the gray haired man. I tried winking, but it turned more into a blink. I was so nervous- he'd always been very nice but something felt different.

Standing behind him, trying not to smell that wonderful sweaty work smell, I listened as he pacified the customer (who'd only come in for a tire quote, uh!). His voice ringing melodiously in my ears as he spouted information about the differences between the H ratings and Z ratings. I'd never found tires so sexy before. The older man seemed to be happy until he noticed I was standing just behind Mike.

“What is she doing up here?” He asked, his deep voice raised to a grunt.

Mike turned, seeming to notice me for the first time standing behind him (he got that way when he started talking cars...tuning out the world), he smiled and turned back to the man.

“She's my manager, sir. She's up here making sure the information I'm giving you is correct.” He lied, he knew the information he was giving was correct and I was just an assistant manager.

“ Huh? A girl for a manager, what the hell is the world coming to?” The grumpy old man stated, not concerned that I WAS standing there.

“Sir, that is not called for. Angela here is incredibly capable of her title and much more, as I'm sure you would have noted had you given her the opportunity.”

I was stunned. I'd had the other cashiers handle situations similar to this before, but no one had ever stood up for me- especially to a customer.

“Well, I don't want any bitch telling me what tires I need. If I wanted a woman's advice I'd ask her what she was making for dinner.” The old man grunted.

Tears stung my eyes as the words he'd said rang in my head. It was one thing not to want me to ring you up, but to call me a bitch was just not cool. I excused myself and walked into the back room, trying not to let the tears spill from my eyes. I was tougher than that, I had to be. But to have a mean old man say that to Mike. That was embarrassing. What if he agreed with the man? What if he convinced him I WAS just a girl?

Going through the what-ifs in my mind, closing my eyes to avoid the tears, I didn't even notice I wasn't alone until I felt arms wrap around my shoulders. Startled, I opened my eyes. Mike was standing right in front of me, holding me.

“I'm sorry, Angela. Jeff and Spencer are back up front. But suffice to say that guy won't be back here to buy tires any time soon.”

Not understanding, thinking I'd caused the store a sale, I started to cry. “I'm sorry, Mike. I didn't mean to cause the guy to not want to buy tires. I just wanted to listen to you. I like it when you talk to the customers, you have such a nice voice.” I bit my lip at the last word, unbelieving that had actually just come out of my mouth. I looked down at the floor between us, scared to look back up at him.

He was quiet for a second, clearing his throat as if to make the silence sound louder. “Angela he didn't leave because of you, he left because of me.”

“What?!” I asked, shocked. What had Mike done to make the old man leave, he'd been so nice.

“I can't stand it when people talk to you like that, Angela. I hear it. I watch you when you're up front. Who do you think told Jeff to stop making those comments about your ass?”

I looked up at him, at a loss for words my mouth just gaped open.

“Don't be so stunned,” he laughed, “You've had to've know I've liked you for months now. You're too smart not to notice. I just didn't think you liked me, you're a cashier and I'm a dirty mechanic.”

I still couldn't say anything, and if he kept talking my mouth was going to end up on the floor. Suddenly,I was very thirsty. I couldn't breath my mouth was so dry.

He looked at me, his eyes gazing at my open mouth. “Angela, I hate to be so piggish, but if you keep staring at me with your mouth wide open I'm going to have to kiss you.”

Immediately I closed my mouth, regretting it instantly. I wanted him to kiss me. Clearing my throat loudly, and looking at his eyes I said the only thing that I could think of. “Sorry.”

He laughed, “You don't have to be sorry. Do you not want me to kiss you? Because I've been thinking about what it would feel like to have your lips on mine for weeks.”

“I, uh, I... please” I whispered. Hoping I hadn't just made a huge mistake letting him know I wanted it. I wanted it badly but I didn't know the words. My vocabulary had just been reduced to single syllables.

His hand lifted from my shoulder to caress slowly up my neck to my cheek. Cupping my cheek sweetly, he wiped the tear stain from my eyes and bent down closer to my mouth. “Are you sure, Angela? I can't guarantee I'm a good kisser.” He laughed. How could he joke at a time like this? My heart was in my throat and he was laughing?

His breath caressed my lips, as his face was mere inches away, I could smell the coffee he'd had earlier that morning. “If you say no, I won't kiss you. Want me to stop, Angela?” He asked, suddenly serious. His soft words licking my nerves like sweet chocolate. I was melting and he wanted me to answer him.

“No, kiss me.” I whispered, my voice very low afraid if I said it too loud the dream would fade.

His brown eyes lifted from my lips to gaze into my eyes. I noticed he actually had gold deep in his eyes- they were dangerous to look into. I knew if I looked to long, I would fall... the question was would he be there to catch me?

His gaze lingered a little while longer on my eyes, desperately needing to convey a silent message only our eyes could understand. He leaned closer, his lips barely brushing mine. Teasing my senses while bringing every one to a tingling new height. His lips finally kissed mine, slowly at first, draining my breath in a single moment. His tongue grazed my lips, asking for that forbidden entrance to the new land. Opening my mouth slightly he slid his tongue slowly into my mouth, seeming to taste my entire being. I couldn't control myself, I had to taste him too. My tongue gained a life of its own, exploring his mouth as if it was the juiciest thing on earth. I put my hands behind his head, hoping to pull him down farther into my mouth. I needed more of him. His tongue danced with mine, his hand still on my neck while the other wrapped around my waist. I moved closer to him, knowing I couldn't get close enough. He pushed me against the wall behind me, running his hand up my side and pulling my arm above my head. My hips grinded against his, wanting to release the heat that was melting into slippery liquid between my legs. My hands roamed his hard body, feeling the hours of hard work beneath his uniform. His hands shook as they stayed positioned above my head and on my hip. Breaking free from the kiss, he stared at me, his breath ragged.

“Angela,” he panted, obviously as shaken as I was. “I can't control myself. I've thought about this moment for a while, and it's much more than I anticipated. I can't keep kissing you and being a gentleman. Especially with your hands all over me.”

Feeling brave for the first time in forever, I looked at him. My eyes dark with lust. I wanted him to know exactly just what I wanted, no, what I needed. I smiled, knowing it was evil looking, by the look on Mike's face.

“Mike, would you please close the door? We need to discuss what just happened.” I said, hoping he would take me seriously.

Apparently he did, for he jumped and closed the door quickly. I giggled inside hoping thoughts of getting into trouble were in his head.

“Please sit down, this is serious. We can't have this behavior at work.” I lied. Bringing every ounce of seniority I could muster into my voice.

Mike sat, seeming to hold his breath waiting for the discipline to come.

I laughed as I straddled him, hearing his breath come out in a large whoosh. Looking at him, with serious eyes, I placed my hands on his chest. I moved to the buttons keeping the shirt between us.

“Now, Mike. I didn't get to tell you before, because you caught me off guard, “ I said, gaining courage from somewhere I'd never been before, “But I've thought about THIS moment for a LONG time. I loved kissing you, but I've thought about what it would be like to have you inside me for weeks.”

His head snapped up, suddenly understanding the need for the closed door. Rubbing my still clothed pussy hard against his swollen bulge, I laughed. His eyes were wide, his pulse beat rapidly in his throat. I rubbed harder, wanting to see his reaction grow. My hands unbuttoned his shirt, pushing it aside showing me his hard chest and muscular stomach. My mouth watered as I thought about moving my mouth all over him. I grabbed his hands and placed them on the buttons of my shirt, moving them to start unbuttoning. When he reached the button to above my chest, I stopped.

“Mike, are you sure? I can't guarantee I'm a good lover,” I laughed, “If you say no, I won't fuck you. Do you want me to fuck you, Mike?” I whispered in his ear. His shiver told more than his words could have. His arm grabbed around my waist, pulling me down harder and closer to his throbbing cock. His other grabbed my head and a handful of my hair and pulled me to his mouth. His tongue ravished me, leaving any idea of me taking control behind. His lips moved down from my lips to my chin, slowly kissing and licking slightly. Moving farther down to my neck he bit lightly. Hearing my soft moan he bit harder, forcing me to grind against him again. His tongue found the sweet spot between my neck and shoulder liquefying my nerves. My head lulled back, my neck unable to support it. Mike's hands moved from my chin, down my throat to the remaining buttons on my shirt. Fumbling for a moment with the buttons, he apparently decided they were too much. Gripping both sides of the opening, he ripped the shirt open, buttons flying across the small room. Startled and strangely excited by the demanding action, my head snapped forward, taking his mouth in a single motion. His hands roamed my upper body. Running caresses along my back in long smooth motions, his tongue again devoured my mouth. My hands found their motion again, rubbing his hard chest, while moving lower to his flat stomach. His trail of hair showing my hands their path, from his chest to just above his belt. My hips ground into his, begging to be let free. His hands cupped my large breasts, pulling my bra aside on either breast. Using his fingers to bring my already hard nipples to an even firmer point. His hands cupped gently, then harder. Wanting to hold them all in one hand, but failing every time. His mouth broke from mine, as his hands cupped my ass. He lifted me from his lap and placed me on the desk in front of him. His mouth found my neck again, bringing moans from my lips, finding that spot again- melting me instantly. His lips moved lower as my back arched. His hands supported my back, bringing me closer to the edge of the desk, and sanity. His mouth found my nipples, aching to be touched. Licking expertly around the hard bead, his hands went to my belt. I could hear the clasp being undone, as his mouth sucking my nipple was causing hot liquid to pour from my pussy. His hand left my belt to push against my clothed crotch.

“Oh god,” I head him say, “You're so wet I can feel you through your pants.” He lifted his hand to my head, bringing it forward so I could watch him place his fingers in his mouth. “Mmmm, if you taste this good clothed, I can't wait to get those pants off of you.”

With that and my remaining strength, I unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down. His hard length proving not to disappoint. I gasped taking in his huge cock, wanting it pushing deep into me. He laughed at my approval and moved to kiss me again. His lips slower, obviously wanting to prolong my suffering. His hands moved down to my jeans, unbuttoning and unzipping in one fluid motion. His hand pushed the opening aside and moved to put in to enjoy the warmth my pussy was spreading.

“Mmmmmm, no panties. Angela you're killing me.” He said as his hand pushed my lips apart to find wetness surrounding his fingers.

Moans escaped my lips as his fingers found my clit. His fingers worked furiously rounding in circles as the wave built inside me. The bud was pulsing as his fingers magically brought me as close to the edge as he dared. Moving down his fingers found the sultry fluid that was flowing from me. Slipping inside me, his fingers filled my tight pussy- causing waves of vibrations to close around his fingers. I needed more, I needed his cock. His fingers moved in and out of me slowly, showing no sign of letting up. His name came from my lips in a broken gasp, as his fingers caused me to cum. My hips rose from the desk, needing to have his fingers deeper. Making sure I didn't fall, he pulled my pants from my hips, while keeping his fingers inside my dripping wet pussy. When my pants hit the floor, his fingers slid from me causing me to cum again. I grabbed his hand, not wanting to waste any of that liquid dripping off his fingers. Placing them in my mouth, his eyes darkened. I looked down to his hard cock, licking his fingers as I would his dick. Looking back up to his eyes, which were fastened on mine, he ripped his hand from my mouth and placed his fingers in his own. While he licked the rest of the juices off his fingers, I placed my hand around his throbbing penis. But he wasn't having it, not yet. He pushed me back down to the desk and brought my legs over his shoulders, forcing my pussy tQo sit right in front of his face. I could hear him inhaling deep, before shoving his face between my lips. He pulled his head back and looked at me, smiling.

“You taste even better without clothes, sweetie. You smell absolutely delicious either way though.” He said, moving his mouth back to my pussy.

He spread my lips apart with his fingers, making sure his tongue circled my slippery clit. His mouth enclosed it, sucking slightly while licking every so slowly. I grinded my hips into his face, forcing him to lick every inch of that sopping wet cunt. His tongue explored my pussy, sucking , kissing, licking. Until he found that glorious spot and stayed until I was covering my mouth to keep from screaming. My hips tried to move away from him as the cum bubbled its way over. But his mouth stayed, sucking every drop of me until I was boneless. He placed my ass back on the table, allowing me a quick reprieve before opening my legs and moving forward to push inside me.

“No, wait. Not yet.” I panted, finding the words but not realizing what they meant.

I opened my eyes and looked at his jaw dropping shape, and knew immediately what those words meant. I moved myself off the desk, I knelt before him. I watched him watch me, as I ran my hands up and down his stomach, while my mouth came dangerously close to his cock. Breathing heavy I looked up at him, wanting to make sure he looked me in the eye when I placed him in my mouth. When I was sure I had his complete attention I shoved his throbbing member in deep until I couldn't take anymore. Licking the head in slow circles while my mouth surrounded his shaft, my hands wrapped around the section of cock I couldn't easily fit. My hands and mouth started their own motion, all while licking the base of his head harder, feeling his blood rushing through his cock. His hand went to the back of my head, begging me to pull him in farther. I obliged, wanting to get him as deep in my mouth as I could. His moan as I deep throated his huge cock caused me to want to suck him harder. I sucked and licked as hard as I could, moving up and down fucking him with my mouth. My hands moved up his legs, cupping his balls, massaging them as my mouth massaged his dick.

“Angel-, Ang-, Angela...” He finally mustered. “You're gonna make me cum, if you keep that up.”

“Mmmmhmmm,” I replied, never taking his cock out of my mouth.

“Oh god, but I want to fill you. Please.” He begged. His voice breaking as my mouth slobbered all over his long shaft.

I stopped long enough to look him in the eye and ask “Can't you do that after?”

I didn't wait for his reply before running my tongue over the vein in the bottom of his dick.

“You mean fill you up after I cum in your mouth? Do you want me to?”

I paused again, looking at him facetiously irritated- “I want your cum all over me. In my mouth, on my tits, in my ass, and deep, deep inside my pussy. Now, will you let me continue?”

I again didn't wait for his reply, sucking him, exploring his cock slowly with my mouth. Not wanting him to cum if he couldn't do both.

“Angela, I'll fill every hole you have. Over and over. If you want it in your mouth, finish- so I can fuck your tight pussy and fill you there. I want to be running out of you when you go home.”

Smiling, I sucked his cock, feeling his tension ease as his knowing I was going to have him fill me. I pushed my mouth down over his cock, his hand guiding my head as deep as he wanted my mouth to go. His hands gripped my hair as his dick exploded in my mouth, his hot sticky cum dripping down the back of my throat. His hands pushed my head down taking all of his dick in as his cum filled my mouth. His moan filling the small room while his legs shook to stay standing. His hands freed my head allowing me to breathe for the first time since his sweet juices started to fill my mouth. He pulled me up haphazardly not caring if he hurt me. He pulled my mouth to his, kissing me deeply while his fingers probed my tight pussy again. His fingers slid inside me, pooling sweet juice all over him. He brought his fingers up to our mouths, kissing me while he slid his pussy slathered fingers inside my mouth- my knees shook as my resolve to keep standing shattered. I needed to have his cock fill me or I'd have died. Feeling my need, he grabbed my hips and turned me around. He picked me up and placed me face down on the desk, pushing my head into the table and bringing my hips up. His hands rubbed my ass as he brought his still rock hard cock to my pussy. I placed my hand between my legs and grabbed his throbbing dick moving it between my slick lips.

“Do you want me inside you, Angela?” He whispered in my ear, as he bent over me. “Tell me you want me deep inside you.”

I turned my head slightly, trying to see him but not succeeding as his hand was on the back of my head. “Fuck me now, Mike- God, please fuck me. Fill me, please.. so de--”

At the last word he shoved his huge cock into my tight dripping pussy. He fucked me like I'd never been fucked before. He pulled my hips closer to his cock, as I pushed against him. His hands pulled my hair causing me to moan harder. He moved inside of me, fucking me hard as his cock slammed into my cervix. He changed his angle to hit that sweet g-spot, fucking me harder as my moans grew louder. A weird sensation came over me as he pounded me, I suddenly felt as if I had to pee.

“Just go with it, Baby, just let it go” He said, knowing I was nervous.

But I did as he said, and hot gushy liquid flowed over his cock, dripping off his dick to soak his balls.

“That's right, baby, cum for me.” He whispered, as waves of pleasure pulsed with the cum flowing from my pussy. My body racked with shakes and his cock slammed harder into me.

“Angela, I'm gonna cum!” His cock pushed deeper into me as he stayed true to his word. His sticky cum exploded from his dick, as I pushed and wiggled around him, cumming again. He fell on to me, completely drained. Ramming his still hard cock into me a couple more times before completely giving up.

Sweating and breathing hard we both got up from the desk, afraid to look each other in the eye. I found a roll of paper towels in the desk we'd just fucked so hard on, took a few and threw him the roll. I looked at the paper towels in my hand and decided I'd rather keep the souvenir dripping from my pussy. Grabbing my pants and putting them back on, sans the wiping, Mike looked at me. A smile on his lips and his eyebrow raised.

“What?” I said nervously, afraid he thought I was either psycho or weird.

“ That is the sexiest thing I've ever seen a girl do. Keeping my cum dripping from her instead of cleaning.”

I smiled, blushing, not knowing what to say. I thought it was sexy too. “Well, we agree on that. Now I can drive home with you dripping out of me the whole way.”

“Mmmm, I guess that's a shame.”

“A shame?” I said, confused.

“Yea, I was hoping you'd go to dinner with me... while I drip out of you.” He smiled.

I smiled back, “It's about damn time.” I laughed.

We dressed and left the small room, and now we smile every time we pass it. Knowing that was the room our life together began. It's been six years and he still claims that's the moment he fell in love with me. And he's filled all my holes, and is finding more and more ways to cover me in cum :)

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