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About Face Nicely

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About Face Nicely

Kathy lay curled against his hip, purring with contentment as the wetness squished and slid between her thighs from the sex she had just enjoyed for the first time in five years. It had been the first sex for them since she had been diagnosed back then with a long-term illness, later had a hysterectomy and then gone through menopause. They both thought that her continued inability to experience the good feelings of sex during that time meant that she couldn?t feel anything that made her lips swell and get wet or allowed her the pleasure of having orgasms, until tonight, five years later.

?It?s wonderful. Who knew that the drugs would get it under control and that retiring would get me relaxed enough to get wet in my pussy and cum like this again? Not only one orgasm but do it three times like we used to! Jesus, I?ve got my sex life back, honey. We?ve got our sex lives back! Thank you for being so patient.?

He smiled, his dick a shadow of its very recent self laying between his legs with her juices drying on the head. ?That?s okay, honey. I loved you before, I loved you during and I love you now. We just didn?t have sex for five years that?s all. It?s great to have you back.?

?It felt so good again, Jim. I mean it really felt good; tight and wet like I was the 19 year old virgin when you popped me the first time.?

His hand patted her then fell on her breast where he squeezed affectionately. ?It was worth the wait. Retirement and medicine has been good to you even if you are 60 now! I am amazed that you decided you liked to suck me and be sucked. You never really liked doing that before. What changed??

She hesitated then touched his face before continuing. ?First of all, I feel like I?ve gotten a second chance and I want to enjoy every aspect of the experience but I need to be honest about something too. Secondly, and I?m nervous about telling you this part, Jim, so be patient with me, you know that you?re the only man who?s ever had his penis inside me to this day.? She stopped for two deep, nervous breaths and then resumed. Do you remember when we tried and couldn?t and afterwards it was pretty frustrating and pretty obvious my body wouldn?t respond anymore. That?s when you told me out of frustration to try another guy a couple years ago and be sure it wasn?t you. Do you remember??

?Yep, and??

?Well, Harry, the guy who taught in the next room over and I once, just once, we tried in his van after school one day before I came home. I feel guilty as hell about it.?

?I sort of figured that had happened. I didn?t know it had been with him but guessed it must have been with somebody. I?m surprised it?s with him because I?ve heard he is a little short. I even thought you might have tried another woman. Maybe I owe him a vote of thanks, honey. What happened??

?Well, it didn?t work out at all well. It ended up being a huge mistake. He?d flirted with me for years and I decided I?d finally flirt back with him and try and fuck him; called his bluff and told him I wanted a piece of him. After a few days we decided to go ahead. He said he?d drive his van with the camping setup and we could use that after school somewhere. On the day we picked, we waited until the school was empty. When he left with his van I followed in my car and met him at the park. He parked way in the back behind the trees and that?s where I parked my car and snuck quickly into his van. We kissed a while and then climbed into the dark back where I let him feel my tits and finger me. He was way too quick and while he was doing me, I held his dick, which turned out to be a tiny one, really small like you just said. I stroked it and knew what I was doing was not working and I just couldn?t bring myself to let him fuck me with it so I gave him a blowjob and let him finger me. I stopped there. I couldn?t cum, didn?t have the feelings and it was worse because I was so wrong in trying it without you, behind your back. I?ve cried over this a dozen times, honey.

While were in the van and I was getting through it with him, I faked cumming with his fingers rubbing and in me instead of his dick. His fingers were rough and I was dry. It actually hurt me but I managed to swallow his cum without gagging and got out of there as fast as I could. After that, I just resigned myself to living without sex. I?d learned that it wasn?t you and that it was over. It was a one-time disaster and was never going to be repeated. Christ! Now I feel guilty about trying and going behind your back. Can you forgive me??

?Honey, I sort of figured that something like that was going to happen sooner or later and I?m not surprised or disappointed that it did. I hoped you?d work your way through it so it?s okay. I still love you.? He paused thoughtfully then continued. ?Remember before your body got sick and couldn?t make love effectively that I had made some other suggestions too about livening up our sex life. Remember??

?Oh, that. I?d almost forgotten about that. Yes, you tried to suggest that we might add a little variety and try something like a more private version of swinging and I slammed you for it then, big-time slammed you, didn?t I??

?Yep, you sure did, honey. You sure did but I understood where it came from.?

?Now that my body is back functioning like this again, you know, I can cum and feel things there, I think I?ve, we?ve, lost five years. I want to catch up and we?re not getting any younger!?

He looked at her with the obvious question, which she noticed and answered him with the suggestion he had been hoping might pop up. ?Maybe we ought to revisit some way to expand our sex lives in addition to you and I doing it with one another. Does that shock you, Jim??

?Hmmm. I love the way you do oral and the hunger you have for it now, honey. It?s such a pleasure to have you back this way. Maybe you?re right, we are behind. You think we ought to enhance our sex lives and expand a little?? His head nodded reflectively. ?The reasons are more so now than they were when I suggested it the first time. I?m not jealous so it ought to work. Besides, you?ll fuck my brains out more than you ever did with more stimulation if today is any indication. I think it?s a good idea. What did you have in mind??

?You can count on it, Jim. Besides, I?ve been so damned horny for the last two days waiting for you to get back in town from your trip that I?ve been on the Internet looking up stuff with the search engine. It?s all swinger related and I?ve found one group that is pretty interesting though I didn?t think you?d ever do it. I was just really, really horny waiting for you and some of the MSN groups for swinging had photos of couples fucking each other?s husbands and stuff like that.?

?I could do that. Where are they and how are they different? I?d be uncomfortable with a big club or two hundred people all running around naked or nothing but under thirties or something like that.?

?They are in Fredericksburg about 70 miles away and have a limit of fifteen couples who are all between 45 and 65 which is our age bracket. They have a meeting a month in a big home up there with about a third of the couples who can make it each time and they have an opening for one couple. They aren?t overwhelming with frequency but they are pretty selective and our age in general. They require biographies, photos, telephone calls and a meeting over coffee for prospective couples. Everyone is either managerial or professional, clean and disease free, discrete and all that.?

?That might work. Why don?t you show me in the morning and maybe we could apply to be that couple. Do they have photos??

?If you?re serious, yes. I?ll print it and show you in the morning. If you think this won?t break us up or change our marriage, I?m interested in catching up and expanding our sex lives. I?ve never had another man inside me and now I want to but just for recreation. Can you live with that??

?Sure, I?m serious and it?s okay. I love you and if you get to have a man in you, then that means I get to be inside another woman so it?s reciprocal. Works for me. Show me in the morning, honey.?

?Okay. I?ll do that.? She cupped his balls with her hand and slid her fingers softly all over his cock as they cuddled, each with their own thoughts.

The next morning??.

?Jim?? Kathy called to him from the study where the computer was humming along with the printer just after nine.

He came in and she handed him a thick stack of biographical material, each with a g-rated photo. I had to give them a preliminary application to get access to these.

?These are the fourteen couples and their photos. The first ones host the club. This is what we have to submit. I wrote ours up and that?s it over there if you really want to do this. It?s in an email with it attached along with the photos ready to go on the Internet.?

He looked through all of them without speaking, paid special attention to the backgrounds and home towns and then the photos. His eyes saw a lot of women from what he guessed to be 50 to 63 age group with salt and pepper hair, clean, dark hair and some attractively streaked blonde and gray hair. None were models but all were neat and clean, as were their spouses. The men were trim and clean in decent clothes and looked very much like the friends they had around where they lived.

?These are perfect, honey. If you are sure you want to do this and can live with swinging, I?d say go ahead. This won?t be too frequent at once a month or every other month for us so it will stay fresh for quite a while. One thing first, have you read the booklet on swinging and are comfortable with all of it including seeing each other with other people, probably intimately??

?Yes. I did and I?m ready if you are.? The picture of Kathy showed her smile, her hair and her rather ample tits and their fabulous nipples.

?Send it then, honey and let me know if we make the cut. When will you hear??

?They said that they?d advise by email within twenty four hours and then phone after that if they are interested. They prefer to interview the couple together over the phone. Here goes nothing!? She hit the keys and the machine whirred the material on the way to, the site for the other fourteen couples.

They went about their normal routines the rest of the day and didn?t even turn the computer on until Sunday morning after breakfast. Kathy let out a whoop when she opened the email from ?Jim, they want to call us today and interview us after lunch. I?ve got to email back if that?s okay.?

?Fine with me. Did they ask any questions??

?No, no questions but they did say that three different couples would be calling us and then they?d decide who would meet us for coffee one evening this week if everyone agreed. After that, Susan and Sam, the host couple, said in the email that we?d be invited to join and then get the meeting schedule, location, etc. if we didn?t get it when we met for coffee with one of the couples. It sounds very professional and safe to me.?

?Good. Are you getting excited, honey??

?No kidding, my panties are wet right now!?

That afternoon they took three separate phone calls and talked for an hour each time to the couples who called. They felt like they were a good fit with the couples that spoke with them and weren?t surprised when the host couple called after dinner and said they were very interested and would like to drive to Richmond for a cup of coffee with them either Monday or Tuesday night. They agreed on Monday and couldn?t wait for it to arrive. They knew that they had nearly made it into this group at this point if the interview in person went well.

When they got to the restaurant for the interview, they showed up early and were waiting for the host couple who looked just wonderfully normal, a perfect match for age and taste with Kathy and Jim. The photo is of Susan, the host wife and her husband in their underwear. Normal people was what they were. They talked about everything but swinging over coffee. After an hour the restaurant thinned out and they talked about the specifics of how it worked with this group and told the hosts that they were serious and more interested than they had been before meeting them. They explained about the five years and how they felt now and why they wanted to try. The couple listened, asked a few questions and then asked for a few minutes alone to discuss their application. While alone they made several cell calls before waving them back to their booth and then inviting them with handshakes, smiles and hugs to become the fifteenth couple in the club.

They accepted immediately. When they did the hosts gave them a packet of information including the schedule that showed a gathering at their house for the upcoming Saturday and asked if they might be able to make it. Kathy immediately said ?yes? and Jim nodded in agreement.

They told Jim and Kathy that the bios of everyone in the group were in the packet along with a primer on swinging and membership requirements including the fee structure. Jim immediately wrote them the annual membership fee check and handed it to the hostess which concluded the business aspects of being interviewed and accepted into the group. Sam said that the other members already had their bios and photos as part of the process of being a final candidate.

After that and some further brief social discussion the hosts left after more hugs and handshakes and admonitions to them not to be nervous or shy and not to worry if they didn?t end up doing anything other than meeting others their first party. That was not unusual according to them. They told Kathy and Jim there would be five other couples there including the hosts so it wouldn?t be overwhelmingly large for a first time and left to drive back to Fredericksburg, new couple successfully interviewed and recruited.

On the way home, Kathy read the literature while Jim drove, one hand on her leg under her skirt, straying over the swollen groove beneath her panties.

Kathy was a little jumpy despite being so actively involved in setting it up but obviously excited and interested in seeing it through now that they were committed. She told him as he drove and she thumbed through the materials that the guide suggested they wear comfortable clothing that was simple as it might be on and off during the evening. It encouraged the ladies to concentrate on sexy lingerie that was also simple even though anything was a matter of taste.

Her last words on the subject that night in the garage were, ?I?ll probably wear a knee length skirt, a silk top and a short jacket. Maybe a garterbelt and stockings but no panty hose and no heels, or just low heels.?

?You?ll look great in anything you put on or anything you take off, honey,? was Jim?s comment.

?I just hope they don?t worry about my having a tummy and some wrinkles. It looks like the other women will have saggy boobs too so I won?t be alone there. I noticed that a lot of swingers shave their pubic hair. Do you think I ought to do that??

He just laughed and guided her inside the house, amazed at the turnaround in his formerly staid and, until recently, long-term celibate wife. While he did, he responded. ?Honey, let?s just go the way we are and then evaluate what works after that. We?re natural and let?s stay that way. Besides, I like a hairy pussy!?

Saturday on the way to Fredericksburg

The party was due to start at eight o?clock but Kathy and Jim wanted to be sure and be on time for their first event so they left about fifteen minutes earlier than they thought it would take with the directions in hand. Kathy was wearing a soft skirt and a cream colored silk blouse and lace panties and bra which showed off her best features. Her hair had been done that morning and was cut short and set in its most attractive style, at least to Jim?s eye. He had worn slacks which followed his own body and a loose pullover shirt with raglan sleeves that he particularly liked and loafers.

They brought with them two plates of hors d'oeuvres which needed to be heated briefly in the oven along with two bottles of Merlot wine, a common practice for the parties according to the guide they had both read. It took them just under an hour to reach Fredericksburg and find the address. The house was a large brick Georgian design of about 8,000 square feet. The home belonged to the hosts and was very substantial with many bedrooms and had been wonderfully landscaped.

When they rang the bell, Susan and Bill, their hosts and the couple from earlier in the week at the restaurant interview greeted them and welcomed them inside. They were dressed about like Jim and Kathy and weren?t surprised that they had arrived early. Kathy went to the kitchen with Susan where she helped her finish getting glasses and ice along with plates napkins and so on ready for the party. At eight, she put their hors d'oeuvres in the oven and smoothed her skirt out of nervousness and had her first glass of wine to take the edge off. Jim had been touring the house with Bill and returned to see how she was doing just then.

Susan asked him how he liked the house. ?It?s great. You live in a wonderful home, Susan. Lots of rooms and cool decorating.?

?Lots of bedrooms too if you hadn?t noticed. It?s why we use our house. Best for the parties. Our other guests ought to be arriving soon. Just relax and we?ll introduce you as they arrive.?

Jim took Kathy on the tour while Susan and Bill talked in the kitchen. By the time the front door bell rang several times, they had a fair understanding of where all the rooms were and went back down the front formal staircase to meet the other members of Bay Couples.

The time passed smoothly while both Jim and Kathy circulated and talked with all of the other couples. Most of the time they were together but eventually began to talk with others and roam around as individuals until the hosts turned music on and dancing began. Since there were only six couples there it was simple to dance with each man and each woman over the next hour. At nine thirty, Jim was in the kitchen when Kathy came in to refresh her wineglass and spoke quietly to him.

?Are you enjoying yourself, honey??

?Yes, how about you? The people are all very nice. Seen anyone you want to play with tonight??

She giggled, ?Well, yes, if I get the chance. Harry, the man with the silver hair and dark slacks and salmon colored shirt is really nice and when we danced I could feel that he was interested, you know! How about you??

?Super. Yes, they all seem nice to me but Helen is especially interesting. She?s the tall red-haired woman with what have to be 40 D boobs. She said something strange to me while we were dancing.?

?What?s that??

?We were dancing and she whispered to me ?take the red chip, honey??

Kathy laughed. ?Harry said something similar only he asked me to take the blue chip. I wonder what it means.?

?Probably a game to get the playing started, don?t you think??

?Yes, maybe that?s it, better than throwing hotel keys into a pile, eh??

Susan entered the kitchen then with two bowls and spoke to them. ?Okay, you two, time to socialize. We have a little game we sometimes play to get things started. You each take a poker chip and hide it on your body. It must be beneath your clothing. When you?ve done that, join us in the great room and then start looking for a matching color poker chip. The only rules are that you cannot tell anyone what color chip you have and that they have to find it. I?d encourage you to put them inside your lingerie or your briefs. It makes the fun more personal! Any questions??

With no questions and big grins, Kathy took a blue chip from the women?s bowl and Jim took a red chip from the men?s bowl. Kathy put hers inside her bra and Jim slid his inside the waistband of his briefs.

Back in the great room, the two joined the group and this time saw individual conversations and very busy hands working inside the clothing of the people they were talking to. Kathy immediately went to Harry and began to see if he?d found a blue chip like she had. When she found it inside his briefs, she found he had a semi hard cock as well and agreed to head upstairs following another matched up couple. For Jim?s part, he was initially groped by an attractive woman named Karen who came up with his red chip while he found her white one to their dismay. She whispered in his ear, ?Jim, honey, look me up later this evening. I want to play with you especially now that I?ve touched your tool.? He agreed and then Helen slid next to him saying, ?Bill didn?t have my color chip. How about you, Jim??

He was grinning as he put his hands around her and then slid them inside the front of her panties where he found a nice red chip. She did the same to him pausing to stroke his hard cock before pulling a matching red chip. She grabbed his hand and headed for the staircase where they both watched Kathy and Harry proceed off the staircase and down the hall into one of the many bedrooms ahead of them.

Driving Home?.

At twelve- thirty, the party broke up and everyone reassembled in the great room for a few minutes, said goodbye and thanked their hosts and reunited with their own spouses for the journeys back to their homes. Jim and Kathy got in their car and started the drive home as well.

As usual when they drove, they talked. They both agreed the party had been a huge success and that they were both thoroughly satiated for the moment. Jim rubbed her leg as he drove and she put her arm over his shoulder for companionship. Kathy asked Jim how many women he?d been with. He told her he?d been with Helen, the lady with the huge tits, and Karen, the one with the freckles and briefly sucked on the hostess lady?s tits just before they got ready to leave. For Kathy?s part she told him she?d been with Harry, the guy with the silver hair, and then later with Ted. He asked her to tell him everything while they drove and she began.

?You know Harry had asked me to get his color chip but someone else was there first so. While I was in the great room and we were all trying to find the matching chips I was checked out in detail by two other guys until Harry finally finished with the women checking him and came over to me. I managed to feel these two other guy?s cocks while I was looking for their chips.

You know the short man with the dark complexion? Well, his dick is huge. I couldn?t get my hand around it and when I put my hand in his pants, he wasn?t wearing any underwear. His dick hung down so far it was amazing. I even felt his balls which were like big, soft Kiwi fruits. It?s amazing?.for years, no cock but yours and now four new ones in my hands in the same night!? Her laughter was crisp in the cool air of the car. She resumed telling him about the men in her evening by saying: ?Harry eventually got done with the women he was playing the game with and came over to me. When I dug into his pants, I touched his cock which was really a nice size like yours. He hadn?t been circumcised so it was pretty interesting to me. We went upstairs and found a bedroom. He was such a gentleman and kissed me while we stood there for at least ten minutes before slowly undoing my buttons on my top and kissing my shoulders, my bra and rubbing my back. I undid his shirt and then his belt and zipper and dropped his pants enough for him to slide out of his briefs and then I played with his dick while I sat on the bed and he undid my bra and held my tits. He picked them up individually and admired them then ran his fingers over the nipples back and forth as if they needed anything else to get them hard.

While he did that I played with the skin that covered the head of his cock and finally sucked it while I held his balls. God, it was so exciting knowing you approved and that you were doing something similar. I even put my tongue under the loose skin that usually covered the head when his dick is soft until I could taste the fluids. It wasn?t long until he was on his knees in front of me and teasing then tasting me with his tongue. He was good that way just like you are. It felt wonderful and I came while he was eating my pussy. My lips were all swollen and wet by the time he bent me over the couch back and slid his cock down my opening until he put it inside me. It?s almost embarrassing the panting and grunting I was doing. No animal had ever had bigger passion than I did then with all the excitement. I think we fucked at least twice in the next hour and a half. I know I rode him while he sat on the bed and he grabbed my titties and pulled them until I came every time.

We spent at least an hour and a half together and ended by cuddling before he dressed me and escorted me back to the kitchen where I met Ted and where Harry started talking with Ted?s wife, Mitzy. It didn?t take Ted long to ask me if I wanted to play with him. When I agreed, he and I grabbed our drinks, some snacks and headed back upstairs. He was different than Harry, was circumcised and had a shorter but fat cock that was really a stretcher. He wanted to take his time with me and we did, spent at least thirty minutes doing oral on one another before he sat on a chair and I straddled him while he put his fat cock into me. I can still feel it spreading me while I humped up and down on him. I don?t know how he lasted but we did that until I thought my legs would die. He followed me to the bed after than and I laid on my side while he slid between my legs at a right angle and put his dick back into me where he stroked in and out of me for at least 20 minutes. I think I know now why couples don?t go to every party. They have to take time to heal back up! I didn?t use a condom with either man so my pussy is still seeping their cum and some of my own. Everybody?s healthy and safe in this group and I just loved the feelings. I want to have the short guy with the big dick some time. It?s huge, honey, just huge.

Tell me what the women you were with were like. Did their titties sag and did they have big tummies and stretchmarks too??

Jim thanked her and assured her that they both had looked their ages, one 55 and the second 62. Helen had been the fifty five year old and she had had scars where hysterectomy and gall bladder surgeries had occurred and Karen, the sixty two year old, had a loose tummy and had used a fair amount of KY to keep herself wet while they played. Both had been very sexy and free. Helen?s tits had been enormous with huge aureoles and nipples that were at least a half-inch across and long when they got hard. Karen?s had been smaller but she had been very hairy with a very long opening to her vagina which had been wonderful to play with. Neither had objected when he put his finger into their anuses while fingering their vaginas. Kathy said both men she?d been with had done the same to her and she?d cum when they did just as Helen and Karen had done with Jim. He hadn?t used a condom either with both women saying they wanted to taste the head of his dick and feel his fluids splash their insides instead of the plastic, artificial feel of latex.

By the time both had related the details of their partners and agreed that they had had a wonderful time the car was back at their house and they were inside where they showered and crawled into bed for a good night, or rather, good morning, kiss and cuddle.

They drifted off to sleep; satisfied and satiated, ready to embrace their newfound sexuality and catch up for lost time with the other couples they hadn?t yet met, five year?s worth!

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