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"Hi Lisa" Read the IM on my computer, from somebody calling himself HotGuy23.

"Hi" I replied.

"Tell me about yourself" "What do you want to know?"

"What do you look like?"

"I'm 5'5, 106 lbs, brown eyes, brunette."

"You sound very sexy, how old are you?"

"I just turned 18."

"Cool, still in high school?" He asked.

"Yes, graduating this spring."

"Going to college?"

"U of I" "Indiana?"

"No, Illinois."

"What are your measurements?"

I love these guys on AOL, get right to the point, never make you guess what they want. "34b-23-34, I wear a size 3."

"Do you have a pic?"

"Yes." They always ask the same questions, just the order changes.

I started typing my reply before he even asked me. "Want to trade?"

"No, sorry, but I don't send out my pic until I get to know a person, I don't want my pic all over the internet."

"OK, I understand. Looking for a dare?"


"Are you home alone?"

"Yes" "What do you have on?" Such originality.

"I have on a T-shirt and denim shorts."

"How about underneath?"

"I have on panties and a bra."

"Any limits on the dares?"

"I guess not, just no phone calls."

"OK, I dare you to take off all your clothes, turn on all the lights and stand in front of your window with the drapes open."

What a pervert, I guess that's what I get for entering a chat room named "At home dares." I could just say that I did it, without actually doing it, since there isn't any way that he would ever know the difference. But nobody's home, all the lights at the house next door are off, and the idea of doing something like that as a dare is sort of sexy.

"OK, I'm taking off my T-shirt."

"Keep going."

"OK, I'm taking off my shorts now."

"Are all of the lights on?"


"Can anybody see you?"

"Not unless there is some pervert looking in my window. I have my bra off now."

"Cool, are you really doing this?"

"Yes, I have my panties off now, let me go to the window, BRB."

I walked to my window, not believing that I was doing something so sophomoric.

I stood at the window, and looked out to make sure that nobody was there.

"I'm back."

"Did anybody see you?"

"I don't think so."

"Want another dare?"


"I dare you to run outside, just like you are."

"Naked! What if somebody sees me."

"I dare you. Chicken?"

"No, but. . ."

"I dare you to."

I didn't believe that I was actually going to do this, but I watched myself reply, "OK, BRB."

"Don't forget to turn the porch light on."

I walked out of my room, and I could feel a knot in my stomach, whether it was from nervousness, or from arousal I wasn't sure. I knew that nobody would see me, but I still felt nervous, but excited too. I got to the front door, and peeked out of it. Not seeing anybody, I opened the door, and walked out. I decided to walk around to the side of the house that my room is on, to see if anybody could see me in there. I stood away from my window, and realized that if somebody was standing here, they could spy on me and see everything that I was doing. I heard a noise from the neighbors house, and even though I knew nobody was home, I felt uneasy, and ran into my house, slamming the door as I did. Running to my room, I saw another IM from HotGuy23.

"Still there Lisa?"

"Just got back."

"Did you really do it?"

"Yes, but nobody saw me."

"Would it excite you if somebody did Lisa?"

"Yes, sort of I guess."

"I dare you to go back to your window, and pretend that somebody is there, and give a little show, play with your tits, and play with your pussy too."

"OK. BRB again." I still couldn't believe that I was really going to do this, but I walked to my window, and imagining that somebody was watching me, I started to play with my breasts, pushing them together with my hands, and pinching my nipples. Imagining that somebody was watching me, I could feel myself starting to get wet. I ran my finger down my stomach, and I gently rubbed it against my pussy. Slowly, I put my finger inside me, and slowly pulled it out. Still imagining that I was being watched, I sat on the desk, and opened my legs, and used my fingers to open up my pussy. I licked my fingers, and feeling the imaginary eyes on me, I used them, starting to play with my clit. I could feel my excitement growing. Not wanting to get too carried away, I pulled my hand away from my anxious pussy, and got off the desk, and returned to my computer.

"OK, I did it."

"OK, I have to sign off for a couple of minutes, will you still be on in about 20 minutes?"


"Is it OK if I IM you when I get back on?"

"Sure. If I'm not on, just wait a little and I'll look for you."

"OK, bye for now."


I felt so turned on from showing off my body to an imaginary audience, that I decided to sign off too. I lied on my bed, and let my hands wander over my body. I imagined that somebody was watching me, and I could feel myself start to surge with a sexual energy. I let my hand lightly brush my pussy, and I felt the electricity run through my body. Starting to get into my fantasy of being watched, I stood and returned to my window, peeking to make sure that the neighbors weren't home yet.

Seeing that they are still out, I sat back onto my desk, facing the window and opened my legs, exposing myself completely to my imaginary audience. I let my fingers start to massage my now very wet slit. Using my other hand, I opened the skin that hides my tiny clit, and let my finger rub against it, sending shivers throughout my entire body. I could feel my orgasm building within me as I continued to masturbate. I opened my eyes, and I focused on my neighbors window, pretending to make eye contact with my imaginary observer.

Imagining his eyes running over my body, I moved my hand with his gaze, while the other continued to massage my pussy. My hand cupped my breast, and I gently pinched my nipple, letting my hand drop down a bit, I gently tickled the underside of my breast. I could feel my orgasm start to crescendo and I heard myself start to moan. Not able to control myself, my finger started to enter my wet cave and I immediately was hit by the full force of orgasm. Not able to take anymore, I removed my fingers from my pussy, and felt my orgasm start to fade. Still short of breath, I stood and wobbled to my bed, collapsing on it.

I regained my composure, found my clothes and put them back on. I walked to the bathroom, and I could still feel my body tingling. I quickly washed my hands, and as I returned to my room, I glanced at my clock, and realized that I have been logged off for almost 45 minutes.

I signed onto AOL, and within minutes, I received an IM from HotGuy23. "Hi again."

"Hi, sorry I took so long." I replied.

"That's OK, I just signed back on too. Do you want to see some pics that I have, they are pretty hot, I think you'll find them interesting."

"I'm not really into looking at pics, sorry."

"Let me send you one, take a look at it, and tell me what you think OK. I took the pics myself, and I would really like somebody to tell me what they think."

"OK, just one."

"Hold on a sec, let me send it."

"OK" I waited for a minute or so, and I heard that familiar voice saying. "You've got mail." I clicked on the mailbox, and I read HotGuy's little message. "I think you'll find these interesting." I hit the "download now" button, and decided to run down to the kitchen while the file downloaded. I grabbed a Diet Pepsi, and walked back into my room. I looked at my monitor and couldn't believe what I was looking at, a picture of myself nude, at my window, with my hands rubbing between my legs and my other hand cupping my breast!

"Who are you asshole?" I quickly typed.

"I take it you like the pic."

"I want to know who you are."

"I see that you are as smart as ever, look out your window."

I ran to my window, and saw the lights now on in my neighbors house, and I saw Adam Hanson waving back at me. I opened the window and yell at him. "You fucking pervert, give me all of those pictures now!"

He put his finger to his mouth, signaling me to be quiet. "You don't want the whole neighborhood to hear do you? Although I'm sure that everybody heard you before, when you were cumming."

"You asshole!" I screamed at him. I ran outside, and soon I was at his door, pounding on it, screaming at him to let me in. He opened the door, and when I saw the big grin on his face, I got even more furious. Without saying a word, I walked straight to his room, and as he followed me in, I turned and calmly said. "Give me the damn pictures."


"What do you mean no, asshole?"

"I think I've decided to start a web site, how do you think 'Lisa's Window'

works for a name?"

All of a sudden, I realized everything that he could do with these pictures.

I decided to change my tactics. "C'mon Adam, we've been friends our entire lives, you wouldn't want to see my reputation ruined would you."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. We used to play with each other all of the time when we were kids, of course, since we started high school you've pretty much forgotten about me. Here, " he said, handing me a zip disk, "these are all of the pics, why don't you take a look at them, you look pretty hot."

Smiling as I took the disk from his hand I replied, "Thanks Adam, you've always been such a sweet friend."

"Thanks Lisa, and you used to be a sweet friend too, now you're just a stuck up bitch. That's why I have a copy of all of the pics, and if you don't want me to post them all over the internet, or print them and show them to everybody at school, I think that later tonight, say about eleven, you should IM me so we can negotiate a price. You can let yourself out now, so I can watch your cute little ass wiggle as you go out."

"Bastard, give them to me now."

"Bye Lisa."

I have one other tactic to try and get myself out of this mess. "Please Adam," I said, starting to cry, "I don't know what happened, but please give me the pictures. I was almost like your sister when we were growing up." I continued between sobs, "You really don't want to do this to me do you?"

"Sure, why not, you've ignored me for the last four years. Before you leave, why don't you pull up your shirt so I can see your tits again."

Not able to contain my anger any longer, I tried to say something, and all that came out was a growl, as my temper started to flare. Not able to think of anything more to say, I just turned and walked out of his house, feeling his eyes stare at my butt as I left. I entered my house, and lay on my bed, feeling confused and lost, I whimpered.

After what seemed like hours, I looked at my clock, and through my blurry eyes I saw that it was 11:15. I stood and walked to my computer, and as I passed my window, I glanced out and saw Adam looking at me, smiling and pointing at his watch. I angrily closed my curtains, and logged back onto AOL. I sat and waited for him to IM me, but after ten minutes, I realized that he was waiting for me to contact him. I sent him an IM, "Hi Adam."

"Hi Lisa, I didn't notice that you were on, sorry, I'm writing a web page."

"Please Adam, how much money do you want, I'll give you whatever I have, just don't let anybody see those pictures."

"I'll take some money Lisa, but money isn't really what I want."

"If you don't want money, what do you want?"

"Well for starters, you can log off, sneak out your window and come over so we can talk in person."

"I would rather do it like this, if that's OK with you."

"Actually its not, I think you should come over now."

"No Adam."

"Have you looked at all of the pics yet?"

"No, I don't want to."

"I'm going to sign off now, Why don't you look at all of the pics, and if you want to come over and negotiate, be here by midnight, if you don't, then I already have a list of about thirty guys in our school that I will email these pics to, and the web page is almost ready to put up, I should have it ready my midnight. Bye Lisa."

"No Adam, please." I type, sending him the IM, but all I got was a message from AOL telling me that HotGuy23 wasn't online.

I looked at the disk on my bed, and I felt the anger run through me as I grabbed it, and shoved it into my zip drive. I started my graphics program, and impatiently waited as it scanned the drive, and thumbnailed the images.

Not looking at the thumbnails, I clicked on the first pic, and I saw myself standing in my window. I went through all of the pictures, and even though the quality of the pictures wasn't the best, it was pretty obvious that they are of me. I looked at the clock, and realized that I had 10 minutes to decide. I considered my options, and realized that at the very least, I had to crawl out my window, and see him on his terms, at least I would be able to stall him until I thought of something.

I looked out my window, and saw him sitting at his computer. I crawled out, and quietly knocked on his window. I saw him smile as he heard me. Opening the window, I crawled in, and he motioned for me stand behind him and look at the monitor. I watched him click his mouse, and watched as a web page came onto the screen. I noticed that it was called "Lisa's Window", underneath was a picture of me standing clothed at my window, and underneath it said, "Click my window and see how hot I really get."

I watched as he clicked the window, and the next screen came up in frames, and on the left there were buttons for My Biography, My Tame Pics, and another called, My Hot Pics. I watched as Adam clicked on the Hot pics button, and a screen came up with thumbnails of all the naked pictures of me masturbating, he clicked on one pic, and turned to face me, saying, I really like this one, you can see your face very clearly, and the rest of your tits too."

As the picture came up on the screen, I noticed that this one was framed a little tighter, and it was of me from about mid stomach up to the top of my head. My bare breasts were cupped in my hands and I looked like I was staring straight into the camera, a look of sexual desire on my face. I felt my stomach knot up, and I sat on his bed and stared at Adam. When he turned to face me, I asked him, "OK, Adam, what do you want?"

"I think a blow job would be a good start. What do you think."

"I don't think I have much of a choice do I?"

"I take that as a yes, can you take off your clothes first."

I looked at him, and realized that I would have to do whatever he wanted. I started to lift my blouse, but I heard Adam say, "Wait a sec, I want to get into position for my show."

I looked at him, and he smiled at me, telling me. "Before we go any farther, I want you to see how happy I am that you decided to make the right decision.

Come over her and take off my clothes first.:"

I glared at him, and a part of me wanted to just leave, but a small part of me seemed to be excited by the situation. I walked closer to his bed, and I felt his eyes on my chest. I reached down, and pulled his T-shirt over his head.

He grabbed my hands, and put them on the crotch of his shorts. I quickly opened the button, and then unzipped them. I pulled them off, and inspected him in his boxers. He smiled at me, and pulled off his shorts, exposing his cock to me. I have seen bigger ones, but he wasn't exactly small. About seven inches long but pretty thick. His cock was very hard, and I reached down to touch it with my hand, and I felt it twitch as my finger rubbed against it.

"Wait Lisa, I want you to finish taking off your clothes now, but slowly, and tease me OK."

Not saying a word, I looked at him and smiled. I saw a way out of my situation now, I just hoped that it would work. I moved my hands to my breasts, and caressed them through my top, then turned, and slowly wiggled my ass in his face. I unbuttoned my shorts, and slowly unzipped them. Bending at the waist, I slowly pulled them down, I could feel his eyes staring at my panties. I took them off and stood upright. I slowly turned around, and I could see that he was now masturbating. I moved my hand to the bottom of my blouse, and seductively, I slowly pulled it off. I pressed my breasts together with my arms, and slowly ran my hands down my body accentuating my curves. I watched as he started to pump his cock faster, then I slowly turned and reached back, and unhooked my bra. I let it fall to the floor, and covering my breasts with my hands, I turned back to him. Smiling seductively, I asked him, "Do you want to see my tits."

As he pumped faster, I heard him pant out, "Yes."

I started to move my hands down, pressing my boobs together, but just before my nipples come out from behind my hands, I asked him, "If I let you see my tits, will you give me the pics?"

Pounding his cock faster, he didn't say a word. Realizing that he wasn't going to say anything, I let my breasts fall into view. As I did, he started to cum, spraying his cum all over my bare breasts. I took my hands, and rubbed his cum into my skin, smiling as I seductively licked one finger. After watching him finish, I picked up my blouse and shorts, and put them back on.

I looked at him and said, "Can you give me everything now?"


"But I did what you wanted."

"I wanted you to give me a blowjob."

"But you just got a striptease and came all over me."

"I want a blowjob."

"But you're not hard."

"I think that's you're problem, I want you to give me a blowjob."



"No, I'm too tired."

"Now Lisa, or I go and send the email and put the web site up now."

I was hoping that I wouldn't have to do this, but realizing again that I had no choice, I knelt on the bed in front of him, and put my hand on his cock.

"Take off all of your clothes first." Adam said.


He just looked at me, and I got his point. I pulled off my blouse, and knelt in front of him again.

"All of your clothes Lisa."

Standing back up, I took off my shorts, and he looked at my panties and nodded his head. I shrugged my shoulders, and pulled them off, and quickly get back on my knees, not letting him get a good look at me. I didn't want him to know that I was really turned on, and that my pussy was dripping wet.

I looked at his cock, and noticed that it has gotten hard again. Placing my hand around his cock, I started to pump it up and down. I looked at him, and moved my mouth closer to his cock. I flicked my tongue on the head, and tasted the saltiness of the cum that was still there. I put the head of it into my mouth, and gently started to suck on it. Using my other hand to tickle his balls, my mouth and my hand found a rhythm, and I heard him start to moan.

Starting to get into it, I removed my hand from his balls, and moved it between my legs and start to tickle my clit.

I heard him say. " Get on the bed and straddle my chest and keep sucking on my cock."

I had to remove my mouth from his cock as I did, but I kept pumping him with my hand, as I moved myself into the position that he requested. I could feel my breasts graze against his stomach, as my mouth started to suck on his cock again. I started to wiggle my ass, and I felt his hands tentatively touch me.

Encouraged when I didn't move away, or say anything, his hands started to massage my rear. I felt his hands reach my inner thigh, and I moaned as he shyly placed his hand onto my mound. I felt his finger slowly probe my pussy, and I pushed myself against him, pushing his finger into me.

Soon his finger was pumping in and out of my pussy, I felt his finger move away, and I continued to wiggle, wanting something to keep my desire going. I was rewarded with his mouth, as he hesitantly kissed my slit. I felt his tongue lick my pussy, and as he pushed it into me, I heard myself start to moan.

I let his cock fall out of my mouth, and I heard myself tell him, "Fuck me with your tongue, mmmm, yes, like that Adam. Do you like how I suck your cock.

Does it feel good?"

For his response, his tongue started to move faster. I returned my lips to his shaft, and picked up the pace, and I felt myself start to cum. The orgasm hit me by surprise, and I moaned loudly as I felt the force of it. I moved off of him, and lay on the bed next to him, giggling.

"Are you OK Lisa?"

Not able to speak at the moment, I heard myself giggle more.

I watched as he moved on top of me, and I felt his cock press against me. I moved my hand down, and guided it into my pussy. As he pushed it into me, I felt the orgasm return. "Your cock feels so good inside of me, mmmm, ohhhh, harder, fuck me harder Adam."

Following my instructions, I felt his cock pump into me faster. Lost in ecstasy, I continued, "Ohhhh, fuck me Adam, fuck me fuck me fuck me! Mmmm, your cock feels so good in my hot pussy Adam, ohhhh, faster, yes! Like that!

Mmmm" I started to cum and he continued to pound into me. Not able to form words, I heard myself, "Mmmmm, ohhhh, mmmm, ahhh."

My orgasm started to come in waves that subsided and come back stronger, and he continued to fuck me. I tried to tell him that I couldn't take anymore, but not able to form the words, I started to move away from him, but before I could, I felt him pull out, and watched as his cum flew out of his cock, spraying all over my body, all the way to my face. Collapsing next to me, I heard him trying to catch his breath.

I composed myself, stood and put on my blouse and my shorts. I looked at him and smiled as I said, "Can we get this over with, I'm really tired and have to get up early."

"Get what over with?"

" I want to watch you as you erase the pics and everything else."

"Why would I do that?"

"But, I gave you even more than you asked. I think I paid you off enough Adam."

I"I think if you try to remember, I told you that we were just starting. Keep listening to me like you did tonight, and in no time you won't have to worry about the pics."


"I'll email you tomorrow and tell you what you have to do next. I think you better go home now, it's really late."

Not knowing what to say, I just put my hands on my hips and glared at him.

Turning around in disgust, I crawled out his window and returned to my room.

Laying on my bed, I tried to figure out how to get out of this, and yet a part of me seemed to be excited by it. Finally, I fell asleep.

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