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Well, let me tell you what happened last night. But, first let me tell you this. I love my husband very much.

On to my story.

Last night a friend of mine, Wanda, and I went out to a male strip club. My hubby stayed home with our children. We got to the club about 30 minutes before the show was to start and decided to get a drink right away.

Well, when I drink I loosen up. My hubby says that I loosen up a little too much sometimes, depending on what and how much I drink.

Before the show started we each have 3 drinks and I was feeling pretty good, because it had been months since I had a drink.

The show started with this great looking guy of about 25 y/o I'd guess. Muscles everywhere. From the looks of it he must have been huge pretty good too.

Anyway, he danced around and kept bending over right in fron of us. This was giving us a great view of him.

Just like most strip clubs we thought that he would get to his thong and stop at that, but we quickly learned that this was a completely nude male revue.

The next lap around the stage he stopped right in front of us and fell to his knees. Thinking this was the time where you put a dollar or two in the waist ban I reached up with a 5 and started to slip it under. As I pulled the band out he took my hand and squeezed it so I couldn't let e the band go. With one motion he pulled down and there he was. His half erect cock fell right out on the back side of my hand. I didn't know what to do so I dropped the 5 and pulled my hand back.

"Thanks." He said with a smile and left the stage.

"Oh my God, did you see that?" I asked Wanda who was sitting there with her mouth hanging open.

"See it! Heck that was the only thing I saw." She said as she and I began to laugh.

I started thinking about what happened and then I felt that old feeling in my groin.

"I don't think we should stay here long." I told Wanda. We had only been there for about an hour and all I was thinking about we going home and attacking my husband.

"No way. We paid good money to get in here. Let's stay for the next one and see what he does." She said as she ordered another drink from a very good looking waiter about 25 or so.

I'm married but I'm not dead. I did take notice that that particular waiter had been watching us the whole time we had been there. He didn't look bad.

The next dancer came out and went around the stage in almost the same fashion the first one did. Except this one looked to be even larger than the first.

At the end of his dance he too knelt infront of us and pulled his cock out. It was massive and my friend decided that she would touch and play with it until someone told her to stop.

Well, he didn't seem to mind and became fully erect in seconds.

Now I'm 40 and I haven't seen a dick get that hard that fast in some time. Come to think of it, it had been 20 years since I'd seen another dick other than my husbands.

My pussy at this point was soaked and I needed to get home soon.

"Let's get out of here." I said as I turned to Wanda but she wasn't sitting there. The good looking waiter had taken her seat while she had gone to the bathroom.

"Ok with me. Where too." He said as he stood and took my hand.

"I.....uh.....welll......." I studdered.

"My car is in the parking lot. We can just catch some air if you like. Don't worry I wont bite." He said with a great smile. He was still in his waiters outfit, which consist of a bow tie and blue thong.

Without speaking I followed this strange man out the door and across the parking lot. He opened his car door.

"Would you like to get in?" He asked as he reached for my hand.

I sat on the drivers seat and waited to see what was next. Looking up all I could see was the bulge in his blue thong and just couldn't help reaching out for it.

I pulled it to the side and out came the prettiest cock I think I had ever seen before. Not too big and not too little. His balls were shaved and he had not been cut.

Without hesitation I leaned forward right there in the lighted parking lot and took his cock deep into my mouth and began sucking her very slowly. I went down until I felt his cock head pushing on teh back of my throat. I almost came right then.

Once I felt his dick in the back of my throat I held still and swirled my tongue around the inside of his foreskin and around the head of his cock. He tasted great.

Normally, I don't like cum in my mouth, but for some reason I had to have this young mans cum in mine. About 30 seconds pasted when I felt his cock begin to swell and shoot his load into my mouth.

His cum tasted so sweet that I couldn't help but swallow it all. After he finished I let his cock fall from my mouth only to find that he was still hard as a rock.

He knelt down adn pulled my slacks down and off my feet. PUlled my panties, which were soaked, over to the side and pushed his young cock deep inside me.

"Ohhhhhhhhh." I moaned as my first orgasm hit.

"You feel great. That was the best blowjob I had ever gotten before." He told me as he pumped his cock deep inside me.

Wave after wave of orgasm hit me. I had never had so many.

"I'm going to cum again." He told me.

I pulled my legs up and allowed him to penetrate me deeper. His cock felt so good inside.

"Yes cum for me baby." I told him as he let loose his cum inside my pussy. It was the hottest I had ever felt and I came again.

We went back inside and I found Wanda sitting in her seat.

"Where did you?" She asked as she put her last 5 buck in the dancers thong.

"Just out to catch some air." I told her as we made our way to the door.

The waiter gave me his number as we opened the door to leave. I then found out his name is Jim, the owner of the club. I will have to return. Maybe that will make a good story too.

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