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A womans first swing, venus in moon glow

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Triple moon rings around the sky and a blazing blue night. Mother nature was putting on a show. i was standing outside the club I wanted a cigarette but had stopped smoking and just couldn't get rid of the desire. I sniffed the potent cologne of the cigarette next to me and sighed. It was raining lightly. The night had been pretty dull, the men slow to warm up. A lot of couples that's what it was, and here I was alone, hoping to get a dance, and maybe a drink and go home. Break the monotony of my work week. I pushed my thick black hair back from my color where it was bunched up and tried to decide to go back inside or leave. I looked at the stamp on my wrist, it wasn't faded yet. I turned and walked back towards the door just then someone grabbed my arm. "Hey!" I said ready to push the hand away but then I looked into the most beautiful brown eyes I had ever seen. "What's up?" I said easing my arm away. He smiled. "I saw you inside, I wanted to ask you to dance, but you seemed so preoccupied, thinking too hard." I blushed. "I tend to do that." He laughed, "Okay,so come and dance with me." I looked up at the sky and then at him, "well okay" when we went back inside the load music was pulsing, "thump, thump thump with a heady sex laden beat. I put my coat on the table with my purse and he led me to the dance floor. He turned me around and put his arms around my waist. I was a bit shocked at the easy way he handled me, he was smiling in another world. Soon he was holding me facing him and grinding slightly into my crouch, I could feel the bulge of his dick and it was inviting to me, but I tried to think of something else. The music switched up, close to closing time, a slow song, he grabbed me and pulled me to him. And I could smell his cologne. "My name is Mo" he said in my ear. "Oh hello Mo" I said, "I'm Amber", he dipped me slightly, "Nice to meet you, you smell and feel so good." He tightened his grip on my waist and our bodies were close so close I feel his heat. I wanted to lay my head on his shoulder, he must have read my mind his hand came up and gently nudged me to do that. I shut my eyes. We danced and felt each others heat and bodies and smell until I was so wet I felt nervous.

"Hey" he said, "want breakfast?" I was inhaling him, "Sure" I said. "I can get us a room." I snapped to attention, "what do you mean?" He laughed, "don't get mad, I was just asking, I am really attracted to you, and I think you are to me as well, i mean look how good we fit." I relaxed. He pulled my hair from my sweaty brow. "You are so beautiful." he kissed my forehead softly. In my mind I just saw all kinds of scenarios his lips were soft and sweet. "May I kiss you?" he said softly. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back, I went for it. He kissed me so deeply I swooned. The music disappeared and we were alone on the dance floor until I woke up. "Where did you go Amber?" He said his eyes widening. "I don't know" my shyness returned. "let's get a room, at least we can talk without the noise." he picked up my coat and purse and we headed upstairs. the room was very nice, with a bar, and a large king sized bed. There was a view of the bay. "You do this often?" I said sitting down and staring out the window. "No, in fact I never have before." he poured me a glass of wine. I took it but I only sipped. I'll be back. he went into the bathroom and I kicked off my shoes and stretched across the bed it was heavenly. I was lying on my back staring at the ceiling when he returned in a bathrobe. "I guess I'll freshen up too" I said walking past him into the large bathroom. I took a bath, and brushed my hair and spritzed the cologne on my neck and belly. I walked out naked, the wine had taken its affect. He was lying on the bed his robe off and I could see the expanse of his beautiful body, he was not young and firm or muscular but well cared for and deeply tanned, his black hair combed back, he beckoned for me and I slipped in bed along side him. He pulled me against him and kissed me deeply his hands gently stroking me from top to bottom, soft touches, our tongues intertwined and I moaned, "you like it?" he asked, "um hum" i said. He began to nibble my nipple, first one then the other, as he nibbled he hands drifted to my clit. It was hard already and I was moist, he began sliding his finger in and out of my pussy slowly, making me moan again and then he climbed between my legs and spread them and began to lip and suck my pussy, pushing his tongue into my vagina and sucking and nibbling my clit. I arched my back and met his mouth with a thrust of my hips. He stroked by belly and slid his finger into my asshole and began to stroke as he sucked my pussy, I had never felt this before, I was so shocked it felt so good. I woke up from my escstay long enough to take his cock into my mouth and to begin to suck and lick it, he was clearly enjoying it and I was still throbbing from his licking when he got up and turned me over and entered me from behind, thrusting his cock deep inside my pussy from behind. I moaned so loud. He was moaning as well with every stroke, deeper and deeper, and slow so slow. My pussy was pulsating and swollen with desire. He pulled out and turned me over and began fucking me in my pussy from the front hard and deep, I was making sounds that I never knew would come from me. Then he stopped and said, "have you ever done anal?" I shook my head, no. "would you like to try?" I was torn. "I wanted the experience but I heard it was painful and not so hygenic." He reached into the drawer and pulled out a condom and some lub. "here let me show you." I trusted him, so far he had not been aggressive with me, so I didn't think he'd hurt me. He put on the condom and he began to slide the lub around my ass, putting his finger in, and then two, and then three and finally four and five, i didn't know this was possible, and it felt good. he also massaged by clit. He began to ease his dick inside my asshole ever so slowly and pulling back if I said it hurt. He took his time and before I knew it something magical happened and he was fully in my ass, stroking and I was moaning like a whore. he had his fingers in my pussy and was rocking me back and forth with his strokes. I started to come and he started to come, and it was a moment when I do believe I lost it for a moment, I fell beneath him and sighed, and moaned. He lay on top of me and then on the side, stroking and rubbing my back, and tending to me so gently. "Are you okay?" yes I said, "I am fine." "I didn't hurt you?" I sat up shaking my hair out, "No, I mean at first it was a bit painful, but then it felt good, amazing." he lay there looking at me. "you want to stay with me tonight?" I jumped into his arms and we began to kiss, "yes yes yes!" He began to get hard again and my pussy was swollen with desire. When the sun came up, he was snoring softely. i showered and ordered breakfast and was sipping cofffee when he woke. "Ahhh that smells good he said, let me slip into the bathroom." i had already showered. When he came out he sat and had breakfast we even watched the news. "So Amber, what are you doing later on in the week?" I smiled.

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