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A wedding to remember

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One night we went to a friend's wedding reception in Lansing, MI., about a 2 hr drive for us. As we knew we would be drinking, we booked a room there. We decided to get a jacuzzi room so we could have some fun if we got back to our room early. We were at the reception having a pretty good time even though it was a straight party. There was a single guy sitting at our table that we didn't know and we could tell he wanted to dance but it seemed like he didn't know anyone (women) there other than the bride and groom and a few buddies.

He was a nice looking guy and seemed about our age so I told Susan she could ask him to dance if she wanted to. We started a small talk conversation with him and found him to be a little shy. A song came on and her mentioned that it was a great song to dance to. That's all it took. Susan asked him if he'd like to dance and he quickly looked at me and it motioned for him to go ahead, it was OK with me.

They came back to the table and he thanked me for letting him dance with my wife. I told him he could dance with her anytime, that I wasn't much into dancing (had to fib a little as I love to dance).

As the night got latter they had danced quite a bit, including slow dances, and we had been drinking also. I could tell he was having a great time with her. I mentioned to Sue that I think he'd like to fuck her. She said I know he would because she could feel him trying to grind his rock hard cock up against her but it was a straight party so we let it go. Later in the evening he said he was going to his room for the night because he had drink quite a bit. We asked him if he was staying at the hotel and he said he was and motioned his room number. It was directly across from our room. We thought nothing of it and said goodnight to him and it was nice meeting him. After awhile we decided to go to our room and enjoy our jacuzzi. While it was filling up we were talking about how we wished John, the single guy, was into the lifestyle as we could have had some fun. Then I had a BRAINSTORM. I asked her if she would have fucked him and she said sure. I told her she could go to his room and fuck him if she wanted to and I'd wait in our room. After a little convincing, she decide to go for it. I had her put her mini skirt on with no panties and a sheer top with no bra. Just enough clothing to walk across the hall. She took a drink and walked across to his room and tapped on the door and he answered it. She told him her hubby was asleep from drinking and she was in the mood to have fun and if he wanted company. He was so excited he couldn't get the door opened fast enough. He could see her erect nipples through her top. He sat on the bed and she sat in the chair, her skirt up just enough the nice pussy that was to be his for the taking. She saw him looking between her legs so she opened her legs just enough for him to get a good view. He had only his underwear on (briefs) and she could see his cock starting to rise in his shorts. She could see the full size of his cock now very rigid trying to poke out of his underwear and he stood up and said he would put something on and Sue told him don't bother. She got up and walked over to him, grabbed his cock and stroked it a few time through his underwear to see his reaction and when he just stood there she removed his shorts, grabbed his cock and started sucking on it. She could tell he was so excited he was ready cum. She stood up and he unbuttoned he blouse to expose her soft white breasts. She turned and laid back on the bed, lifted her shirt and spread her legs for him. He didn't waste anytime shoving his throbbing cock into her neatly trimmed, very wet and hot pussy. After about 3 or 4 minutes of slow fucking, he exploder inside her. He was so horny, she didn't think her would stop cumming inside her. He said it had been a long time since he had any pussy and had not known how good her pussy would feel. He said he couldn't remember ever cumming that hard and long before. She could tell she was very full of cum and wanted to get back to me before it all ran out her. He asked if I was a sound sleeper and I wouldn't find out that she fucked someone while I was sleeping. The whole thing only took about 15 minutes. She got up, pulled her skirt down, left her blouse unbuttoned and just walked across the hall back to our room. I left the door open for her.

When she came in, I was in the jacuzzi waiting for her and was surprised she was back so quickly. I asked if she had fucked him already and she said yes. I asked if she made him cum and again she said yes. I asked her to walk over to me and I reached under her skirt to see how wet she was. I could tell she drained him of every drop of cum he could produce so I lifted her skirt up to see for myself. What a surprise to see her pussy soaked with cum and running down both sides of her legs to below her knees. Her inner thighs were shinny and cum covered as she walked across the hall. By the time she got her blouse off, I had her on the bed playing and kissing her pussy. She sucked my cock like she's never done before and I got harder listening to her tell me every detail of her seduction. I couldn't believe how good her pussy felt when I finally slid my cock into her pussy after she had fucked someone so well. She said it seemed like he got more excited when I told him you were sound asleep and she wanted to fuck him before I woke up. That made it more erotic and made him fuck her a bit quicker knowing his time is limited and Sue didn't have all night. We very much enjoy MFM, MMFM, or MMMMMMMMFM whenever we can but that was one of the most enjoyable and most memorable encounters we've ever had

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