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A walk on the beach

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A walk on the beach

We walk the short distance to the beach holding hands and looking like a cute middle age interracial married couple on a second honeymoon. There are a few younger and older couples walking nearby because of the resort and we smile and greet each other warmly as most of them are holding hands too. ?Which way? you say, and I turn toward the setting sun and head in the direction where there are no buildings on the beach.

We walk along holding hands, feeling the warm breeze on our faces, looking at the clouds in the fading sunlight. ?Back over there, behind those dunes, there is a really cool place we would play when we came here as kids? I say. ?Take me there before it gets to dark? you say.

We are way past any houses now and we turn and go across the dunes into a huge bowl shape opening in the dunes where I used to play. We run down the first dune into the bowl and look around. It is easy to feel like we are in the middle of nowhere and completely alone. ?Neat? you say. We walk around and I follow you up to the top of the tallest dune. The view is spectacular and you can see the ocean, the inter-coastal waterway, and a lot of the island we are on from here. ?Amazing? you say.

?This is something I never did? and I take you in my arms and we kiss passionately. You hold me and kiss me as passionately as I am kissing you. ?What a rush? I say and I sit down. You sit down on my lap and we kiss some more. ?This is like the most romantic thing I have ever done? I say. ?Good work my baby? you say and we laugh. As we kiss some more I reach under and massage your breasts under your shirt.

With a squeal of delight, you whip off your top and we kiss sitting on the sand in the near darkness. I ease myself back and my hands rest on the sand behind me. You straddle my hips and lean forward so I may kiss and lick your breasts. You are grinning and swaying and you say ?this is such a rush sitting topless out here?.

You hold your hands on my shoulders as I lap and suck and French kiss your breasts. I love your nipples and I massage them and rub them with wetted fingertips. I kiss some more and I move my hands to massage your thighs and legs that pin me to the top of this dune. I squeeze and hold you as I love on your chest. My hands go up and down your naked back.

I move my hands under your skirt and I am delighted to find - that is all you have on. I easily fondle your nakedness under the skirt. I massage your buttocks squeeze them firmly. You take one of your hands and you reach in the leg opening of my shorts and grasp my manhood. It responds by swelling to extreme hardness at your touch. You stroke it a few times and you slide it out into the open.

I massage your vagina now and it is so warm and ready for love. ?Been waiting long? I say? ?As soon as we kissed on the elevator? you say. ?I am glad you came to show me this special place? you say. ?It will be much more special than ever before now that you have been here with me? I say. We seal those loving words with a deep passionate kiss. You push me back and you start to move your lips along my chest. You are headed down to my nether region and I am twitching with desire.

You are on your knees with your hands on my thighs. You lower your head and you take one long lick across the length of my manhood. You look at me and grin as you see deep lust in my eyes. Still fresh smelling from my shower, you take one hand and lift my shaft up. You lower your lips to it and take the head gently in your mouth. You move up and down slightly taking it in and out of your lips with a gentle suction.

You pause and move up to my face and kiss me. I lick your lips, and then you lower your face back down and you take in as much as you comfortably can up and down a few times and then you lift back up to kiss me again. I was not expecting you to do this for me, but I am open minded and find your passion erotic.

A few more times you do this for me, lowering yourself as far as you can on it while moving your hand up and down on it then bring your lips to kiss me. I am getting so aroused and I tell you ?I cannot take much of that and it will be over? I say. You pause and look at me and smile. I lean forward and I take you and pull you to my face and we kiss and I draw your tongue into my mouth and suck on it firmly. ?It will go much better in that other place I have in mind anyway? you say. ?I love you and the way you think? I say.

You draw yourself up and I push down my shorts before you straddle my hips again and you lower yourself down onto my manhood. You are so ready, and I am so hard we come together easily. You begin to ride me slowly and I hold onto your waist as you rock and move up and down on my shaft. We make love with me sitting mostly upright on the sand with you riding my shaft, wiggling on my lap, both kissing each other deeply.

?Move your feet up? I say as I lay back in the sand. ?Oh yessss? you hiss through your passion. I lay down and you lift yourself up and move your feet forward. I take and push my shorts down farther, as far as I can, then you settle down with all your weight on my manhood. I put my hands on your legs and I help you move on top of me. Your weight has made me penetrate you so fully.

You move your hips back and forth with my manhood buried deeply inside you, and you once again feel my penis touch that special place inside you. It is a special part of you that at once again gets massaged, and that special place stimulates you and it causes you to rocket toward a climax. Your body quivers and jerks on top of me. It is now fully dark with just a little bit of moonlight, but I know your eyes are closed and you pant and moan as you break into your climax. I move gently under you and I let you ride this wave of desire to your enjoyment.

After your climax finishes you reach out and I hold onto you as you bring your feet back down and you lean forward and lie down on top of me wearily. We lie still for a bit breathing deeply, and then we kiss again, lightly at first then deeply again, tongues passionately dancing with each other. You hold my face in your hands as we get more passionate with our kisses.

My body and manhood is still erect it lies between our bodies throbbing with the pressure of the two of us pressing against one another and the subtle movements we are making. I fondle your rear end as we lie and kiss, and I know our love making is not over. I pull you up gently until your womanhood is up past my penis.

We kiss and then I lower you to make my penis move into you and enter you again. As it moves into position and you wiggle a little to get back on it, you put your knees in the sand on either side of my legs. For a few moments we lie still in the warm sand, the wind and the surf the only noise we hear, my manhood inside you, both loving the feeling of me inside you, ready to make love.

I use my hands to move you back and forth on top of me making my shaft enter and withdraw from you. We lie together under the stars and the moon, making love with youthful abandon - like a newly wed young couple. We could not have less passion or desire if we were both in our twenties and on our honeymoon. You kiss me deeply, your tongue in my mouth, us moving back and forth, lips kissing, hands squeezing, holding and touching, we are making love.

The moment in time, this place, being out in the open is more than I can take and I approach my climax too. We both sense this in each other as we feel and rub and wiggle to heighten this for each other. Soon we are moving in rhythm like we are rowing a boat together using our feet and legs. We both pant and grunt in time with each other.

?Oh my baby, I?m getting close? I say. ?Together? you say. We move three or four more times and I say ?Now baby, get it on, climax with me? I say. You say ?I?m going now for you my baby, give yours to me now baby?.

The climax is one of great magnitude. It is like a giant in our minds who is squeezing us firmly and letting go and squeezing again. My sperm jets into you deeply making my penis feel like it has doubled in length and girth. I feel your muscles grip and spasm on me at the same time. It is timed perfectly. My cream enters you and your muscles grip my shaft and take it from me. Gasps and grunts still escape us both.

We take our time coming off the climax and we lie there without uncoupling. You face is in my neck and we both breathe hard. I hold your rear end and massage it. We lie still for a while, my penis slowly withdrawing and falling between us. I feel my cream coming out of you and I feel it run off of me. We both lie and dream in the sand.

?I wish I didn?t have to go back so far? you say. ?I would like not to be so wet and creamy walking back? you say. ?A dip in the ocean would sting a little bit, wouldn?t it? I say. ?Yes, walking would be better than that? you say. ?I wouldn?t be a gentleman if I didn?t offer to try to help you? I say with a mischievous grin. ?I will be glad to do whatever I can but I will need some ?encouragement? to get my desire and willingness to help you? I say. You lift your head and grin at me.

?OK, sounds interesting and it sounds like a good thing for me too? you say. ?What would encourage you? you say. ?Straddle my thighs and fondle me some? I say. You push yourself up on top of my thighs and you slide back keeping your knees in the sand beside my hips. You settle your rear end on my thighs and you take my manhood in your hands and squeeze it and begin to stroke it. You feel some friction so you hold one of your hands to my mouth and say ?wet it for me and I?ll wet it for you?. I lick and wet your fingers and palm and you take that hand and make me slick and smooth as you begin to stroke it. ?The view is so lovely from here I say? and you grin at me and wink your wink that goes to my heart every time you do it. I begin to swell as you fondle me.

I continue, ?You have power to control me as I lay here helpless below you? I grin and say ?With your new power, you should pin my shoulders before I get up and try to resist your request for assistance with your problem? I say. ?I will have no choice but to do whatever you want? I say. You laugh as you see what I have in mind. You lean forward and push my shoulders down with your hands and you kiss me. After I am down firmly in the sand you move your legs and knees up to my shoulders. You lift my head with your hands and you slide one leg beside and then under my right shoulder and then you do the same with the other. I lay back down on top of your calf muscles and then you lower yourself to sit on my chest with my shoulders between the back of your leg and your thighs.

?Baby, I need some assistance? you say. ?I need you to take care of that cum inside me so it won?t bother me as I walk back to the condo? you say. ?Lick me baby and help a sister out.? With a quick thrust you move your hips forward and you press your hot creamy pussy firmly onto my mouth, knowing this is what I had in mind for you to do. I say ?Mmmmm?, and I lick you fully across your vagina a time or two then I open my mouth and cover it completely and push my tongue into you. You get immediate stimulation from my mouth and tongue lapping at you.

You lift my head with your hands as I stick out my tongue, but from your position above me this time I am able to go deeper. I lick and suck inside you with my tongue. I feel my creamy slickness inside you. I lap at your vulva and tickle your clitoris. I use my hands to guide you and wiggle your hips on my face. I open and close my mouth on your vulva as if I was eating it. I feel my cream in you and on you, and I lick and suck it from you. I stick in my tongue deeply inside you and take it from inside you so it won?t bother you. I work to clean and stimulate you and make us both so excited.

You work your hips back and forth making sure I cover all of you with my tongue. I lap and lick all over the outside of your nether region. You lean back and I lick as much of your hiney cheeks as I can reach, clearing off any cream that may have gotten there as you were laying on top of me. I am enjoying you on top of me and I squeeze and hold you in my hands as I do this for you to make sure you know I love doing this for us both.

You are soon ready to climax again and I squeeze and prod you with my hands and tongue. You spasm and jerk and begin to climax. You wiggle and shake on my face. You climax again. I take my time as you go through your climax and you move and jerk and then slowly stop. You sit there for a little bit and I lick you a little tenderly, and then you roll off my face and gather your strength. I pull up my shorts and put on my shirt. I help you stand and gather your clothes back on you.

We hug and hold one another in the moon light for several minutes. You kiss my neck and I return kisses to your face and neck too. We turn holding hands and walk across the dune, retracing our steps back to the condo in the moonlight of the beach.

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