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A very good dream

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I talk to some one for a while getting to know him not ever meeting him in person we have talked about our likes dislikes. We exchanged photos so we know what each one looks like. We talk for a long time collecting information about each other then one day we decide that it?s going to happen. I being the nervous one let all the plans up to the man.

We decide to meet at a hotel one of those that have outside doors so not to be noticed to easy. We decide that im to ware a skirt. Stocking and heals with no panties. A white mans shirt with no bra and the shirt is a long one that buttons up the front.

When I arrive at the hotel I knock on the door. No ever hearing your voice I hear a man say turn around and face outside. A chill goes up my back but I do as instructed.

I hear the door open and feel a set of hands on my hips as you pull me inside. I go to turn around but you hold me like this and place a blind fold on my eyes. After it is there you kiss my neck and I can feel your hands running all over my body. I reach back to touch you and you grab my arms. I feel a soft tie on them as my hands are behind my back now. I am moved from where I was standing. I feel something behind me I thought I was the bed but then feel its cold so it must be the table. He starts to unbutton my shirt so slow and I can feel his hot breath on my bare skin as he unbuttons one by one. When the shirt is unbuttoned I feel his hot breath as he runs his tongue down between my breasts. I feel his hands behind me on the zipper of my skirt. As the skirt is dropped I hear a soft moan. I feel his hands touching me feeling his every move on my body sends quivers down my body. I feel his soft kisses and touches. His hands work there way up my stocking legs to the tops where the garters hook I feel him slide a finger slowly into the top of the stocking running it around the top part front to back. My legs are slightly pulled apart. Then nothing. I hear nothing my mind is going nuts trying to hear where he is. I hear soft music in the back ground but that?s all. Then I feel him behind me im turned so that the cold table is in front of me I can feel it on my smooth shaved pussy lips. I am bent over the table and I feel his hands softly touching me. My legs are pulled apart so that my pussy lips part. There I am in my big shirt and 4" heals and stocking bent over waiting and waiting to see what going to happen. I feel his hot breath on my cheek I feel his tongue as he slides it up between my ass cheeks over my forbidden hole then back down to my pussy. He can see that it?s working what he?s doing because im so wet......

I feel his tongue slide over and around my pussy and soft moans as he does at first I thought they were mine but then I notice it?s him. Not being able to move I squirm on the table as he has his fun with my pussy some times sliding his tip of his tongue around my ass. Know ing that ive never had anal before he slides the tip of his tongue in to feel how tight. I let out a soft whimper and can hear his soft laugh. He then pulls me up and turns me around. I feel him sit me on the table and lay me back. He puts my feet up which im thinking is the chair in front of me. One on each side of the chair. I feel his hot body between my legs. I feel his hands slide up between my legs passing over my now really wet pussy. As he reaches up and moves the shirt off my breast. Feeling him pinch my nipples between his fingers I wince again but only to feel his hot tongue plunge into my pussy lips. I arch my back as I feel his tongue flick and lick my clit. I feel his every move as he sucks in one lip then the other as he moves from the top to the bottom of my pussy. he keeps one hand on my chest as the other moves down and holds open my pussy lips I feel him bite my clit I feel the pain but the the pleasure. His finger moves down between my pussy lips and fondles my pussy hole. with that he slide one finger in as he keeps playing with my clit with his mouth he begins to fuck me with his finger then adds another spreading my pussy lips apart I feel him fuck me hard hit his fingers. I moan louder im Cumming omg yessss as I cum hard he brings me down slow with hi lips never leaving my pussy. I feel his fingers come out. I lay there breathing so hard. His body pushes the chair back and my legs fall down. I feel his soft kisses on my lips as I kiss him back. He pulls me up to him and we kiss with out tongues dancing with each other. And I hear him whisper shall we keep going. And I say yes please.

He helps me off the table and I feel him push me down. I feel a pillow on the floor for my knees. I sit on my knees with my hands still tied behind my back. He asks if im ok I say yes. im better than ok:o}

I feel his legs on both sides of me now and know what?s going to happen. I lean forward and I feel the head of his cock in front of my lips. I lick soft its so wet from precum I take the head in my mouth and then tell him I could do much better with my hands free and he just laughs and says no I don?t think so.

I suck his cock and lick his balls. Every time I take him in my mouth I feel his hips raise and I take as much of him in my mouth as I can. I gag at times and this makes me want more and more. knowing that I don?t like cum in my mouth he stops me and tells me he going to cum I slide down to his balls and feel his hands stroking his cock as I suck and lick his balls and the shaft. I hear his moans and know that he has cummmmmmmm. Sitting back on my knees I feel his hands lift my arms. He gives me an evil laugh when he sees that im also very wet that sucking his cock has me so horny, the pillow is wet with my juices.

He then takes me to the bed where he pushes me face first in with my ass up in the air im thinking im finely going to feel that cock inside me. When I feel him untie my hands. I reach around to remove the blindfold and he stops me {not yet} ad he lays me on the bed her reties my hands to the top of the bed. Far apart. I try to move them but cant.

Then he takes my legs and removes my heals. But not my stockings. He ties one to one side of the bed and then the other to the other side, ive never been tied up before so am really struggling to get free when I find that I can?t move a bit. Not even my hips I lay there and whisper ok now what.

He then starts to move around the room so I can?t keep up with him. He turns the music up a little more so I have a hard time hearing him. I feel soft kisses on my lips and I kiss back. Then soft kisses on my nipples as I feel his soft bites. Then he moves from the other side I feel kisses on my tummy. This teasing goes on for a while I can feel my wet pussy dripping and running down between my ass cheeks I try to squeeze my legs but I can I can?t move. I feel his hot breath on my pussy lips and explode ive never felt so horny in my life. The not knowing what?s going to happen is the best. He plays with my pussy and finger fucks me over and over again. Teasing me with his cock. Then sliding the head in my pussy and then back out teasing my pussy so bad. Then sliding his cock around my mouth this goes on what seems hours not seeing a clock is making this seem all day.

I feel him between my legs again. And I feel my legs being loosened and then retied. I feel a pillow shoved under my ass so that he can enter me....... but first I feel his tongue again. Then two fingers fucking my pussy again. one is so close to may ass I keep waiting on it to slide in. but we have discussed what can and cant be done there were 3 rules. No Cumming in my mouth. And no anal. And not beating. Ass smacks are ok but limited.

After fucking me with his fingers I feel him slide them out. And I feel the hard hot head of his cock again. He slide is in so slow I can feel it pulling my pussy hole apart. As the head slides in and out I moan. As he?s sliding the head in and out I feel hi fingering my clit. I feel like im going to cum again. And just then he slides his cock in slow........ Im in lala land. The feel of his hard cock inside me fucking me and his fingers playing with my clit take me over the edge as I cum again. His pace doesn?t quicken he lets me cum to this rhythm. Then I feel him fuck me harder and harder. I feel his balls hitting me on the ass as I lay there tied up and not being able to touch him...... he fuck me hard and fast for a while. Then gets off. Im confused. Why did he stop? I feel his cock on my lips as I suck him in he grabs me by the head and fucks my mouth I wrap my tongue around his cock and suck him hard as im sucking I can feel is hands release and un tie my hands. I reach for his cock not the blindfold I feel him startle my face as he suck my pussy in his mouth and he unties my legs. I pull them up and open them wide for him. I don?t know how long he can keep this up but I keep sucking him hard and taking im deep in my mouth. Finger fucks me to more orgasms and starts to get up. He takes to blind fold off and I look up at him with his hard cock in my mouth as he smiles. mmmmmmmmm that smile. He takes his cock out of my mouth and leans down and kisses me deep. I sit up and he rolls me over. He slides his cock between my ass cheeks that are so wet with my cum he teases my ass I moan soft and tell him if he wants to he can but must stop if I want. He answers no not this time. He pulls my ass up as im on my hands and knees. I feel the head of his cock again spread my pussy lips apart. I feel his whole length slide deep inside me. He starts to fuck me slow. And with his hands wrapped around me I feel his fingers playing with my clit. I lay my chest on the bed and reach between my legs and feel his cock sliding in and out grabbing his balls I pull them closer. His fucking becomes faster and I have to hold on to the bed. His hands are on my hips and he is pounding my pussy good. I feel his hot cum squirt deep inside me hard and hot. He doesn?t stop he keeps pumping me till we both drop to the bed exhausted..

ok so what do you think?

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