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A thank you letter & dream

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Thank you ever so much for the taste of your sweet pussy. I enjoyed licking your fingers clean, I only wish that I had been able to taste more of your sweet juices. I can not get enough. It was quite a turn on to watch you get your fingers soaking wet. I would love to watch you get your fingers without the shorts being in the way.

But then I would want to be down on my knees in front of you watching you play, while I ran my beard along each of your thighs until I worked my way to your dripping wet pussy and lick up all the juices like a man who has not had water for months.

It was also very erotic watching you play with your nipples, licking your fingers then rolling your nipple with them. Mmmmmm I so wanted to lick and suck on your nipples and cover your whole breast with my mouth and tickle it with my beard.

I had some very interesting dreams last nigh!! I woke up about 2 A.M. this morning with my cock so hard I could pound 16 penny nails. The head of my cock was dripping wet with precum. I had to get up and make myself cum just to get my cock to go down. Wow did I shoot a large load of cum on myself! Too bad it was wasted without you to watch.

You had said that you loved the feeling of hot cum shooting on your neck and chest. I would love to do that to you right now, as I sit here with a hard dripping cock. But I will instead write about my dream last night.

It starts out with me on my knees in front of you sitting on my hands, with you playing with your left breast and nipple. Massaging your breast then licking your fingers and twirling the nipple between your fingers. Then you move over to your right breast and do the same making sure to tweak the nipple enough for you to make a sharp intake of breath. In the meantime, my cock is growing rock hard and is getting uncomfortable in my shorts.

I tell you that I would love to take the place of your fingers licking all over your breast and nipple then blowing air on them to cool them off and make the nipples even harder. But all you will let me do is to lick and suck on your knees, but that I can not use my hands at all. They must stay to myself. So I lean forward and start to lick little circles on your left knee. Then sucking on them as I move down the inside your left thigh I also start to biting. Not hard just enough to make you suck in a sudden draw of breath. Then I move to your right knee and do the same thing making sure to leave no marks. I have been good and made sure to keep my hands away. Then you lift my face up with your knee and push me back with it telling me to sit back again. All the while you have been playing with your breast and moving closer and closer to the edge of the couch. Close enough for me to see a wet spot forming on your shorts and smell the wonderful juices I know are brewing in there.

Now you tell that I must stand up and take off only my shorts so that you can see how hard my cock has gotten and that if I do more than that you will stop this whole thing. I promise that I will only do as you ask. As I stand up and take off my shorts slowly, you find that I am wearing a black thong with brass clips on each side. You see that this thong will allow my cock to grow more with no problems and that the harder I get the lower the front of the thong goes.

Then you stand up and start to remove your shorts you unbutton the front slowly and give me the head shake telling me it is ok for me to help you. As you start to take them down I start to reach up and help, I run my hands from your ankles up the outside of your calf’s then up your thighs and find the bottom of your shorts and help pull them to the floor. Then you step out of them and sit back down with your legs spread just a bit enough for me to see the wet spot that has developed on your panties. Mmmmmmm it looks so tasty that I just want to lean forward and suck the wetness from your panties and pussy. But I resist and just watch. I sit back on my hands and watch you play with your clit through your panties. You continue to play with yourself diving your fingers in deep then back out. You then lean forward, with my hands still under me, and stick your fingers deep in my mouth as I grab on and suck and lick them clean.

Now I ask to show you something I did. I unclasp both sides of my thong and pull the front piece down so that you can get a good view of my completely shaved cock and balls. You take in a deep breath and dive your fingers deeper in you when you see it. Then I put him back away and reclasp the thong. You now take your panties off all the way and look deep into my eyes. At this point I can not handle it anymore! I lean forward and start to run my beard all over your legs. Being a soft beard it pleasures and tickles at the same time. But then I also start to lick and suck all over your legs. Then starting from your ankles I start to kiss, lick, and suck my way up your leg. First your right one then the left one. As I work up your left leg I stop about 2 inches from your pussy and skip then start down about 2 inches on the other side of your pussy and work my way down your right leg, using my beard as a soft toy. I also blow air on the trail I made and watch as the goose bumps pop up.

Now I work your legs again except this time I stop at your pussy I finally use my fingers and start to spread your lips wide so I can get a good look at your pink pussy. I start to do quick little licks on your clit first then move down to your lips, I start licking long slow licks down the outside of your lips then down and around to the insides of your lips. I then start to ring your pussy with my lips and tongue and when I reach the top I start to run my tongue all over your clit. Quick and slow, up and down. Then I take your whole pussy into my mouth and start sucking hard while licking the entire length of your pussy, and tongue fucking you. All the while you are cumming hard and flooding my mouth with your sweet juices. Even squirting cum.

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