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A special birthday gift for my husband

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The story begins with you getting home from work after working a long week end night shift. You are exhausted and very sleepy, but like always you want to stay up so that you can sleep tonight. I want to make sure that you do go to sleep because I have a lot to do to prepare for your big surprise. If all goes as planned your surprise would mean you would be getting very little sleep tonight and you would need to be fully rested to enjoy it to it?s maximum potential. My first job at hand is to make sure you go to bed and go to sleep. I plan it out very well. I fix you a nice hot breakfast, bacon, eggs, potatoes, biscuits. After you eat you are ready for a shower. While in the shower I ask you to make sure you touch up on your shaving explaining that when you get up I might feel like having some fun. You do as I ask. When you get finished with your shower you come into the bedroom. I am waiting for you in bed with a shot of beam and a joint. You take the shot, hit on the joint then you start to get dressed but I stop you?..the best way I know how. I start to kiss your back, gentle kisses working my way from your shoulders to your neck then around to your lips. You are getting very excited. I gently nudge you down on the bed and continue kissing and rubbing you all over. Gradually I work my way down to your cock, which by this time is rock hard and ready for some serious attention. And you have completely forgotten about getting dressed. I gently slide my mouth over the head, teasing you with my tongue. I take your entire shaft in my mouth all the way down to the base.Your breathing is becoming more erratic, your cock is throbbing. With one hand I start massaging your balls, with the other I am sliding it up and down your beautiful cock. You are at the breaking point, the point of no return?..I let you shoot your load into my mouth, I continue to softly suck on you until you can take it no more. You tell me to please stop?? I suggest that you rest and recoup for a little while then you can take care of me. hehehehehehe my plan is working brilliantly . By now you can barely hold your eyes open. The combination of the beam, the joint, and the awesome blow job is more than you can fight so you drift off to sleep.

Time for me to get everything ready for your big surprise.

Everything is set and ready to go.

You awake some hours later to the sound of your alarm going off. As you are reaching for the off button on the alarm clock you see a note that I left for you on the night stand, along with a Marriott hotel key for room 169.The note said ?Have a refreshing shower, Meet me at the hotel in 1 hour DON?T Be late, & DON?T try to call me on my cell. Happy Birthday?

Being the guy that you are you do as I requested. You are wondering ?what the hell? but you go along with my plan. You take your shower, smiling all the time cause you know that you gonna get LUCKY tonight. Several times you picked up the phone to call me but remembered that I had specifically asked that you not call. That was a little puzzling but you went along with it after all it was almost time to go to the hotel.

You open the door to room 169 and to your surprise there is this beautiful young black girl, naked sitting on the bed. She appears to be about 18, very pretty with the most beautiful set of tits that you had ever seen. They were about a 34C, nice and round, firm, dark areolas with big nipples that begged to be sucked, nibbled, caressed, she had skin the color of ebony, shoulder length black hair, legs that went on forever, and a mouth that looked like it was made for sucking cock???. Thinking you had made a mistake and went to the wrong room you quickly apologize and start to close the door when she calls your name out. You stop dead in your tracks, (how does she know my name), you think. She says ?This will explain everything? as She hands you an envelope with your name printed on it, you recognize my hand writing instantly. The note inside said:

Dear Bobby, This is your official permission slip to have a ?FUCKING? good time. Beckie is your birthday present from me. I hope you like her. She told me that she has always fantasized about being with an older couple, specifically an older uncle figure that would show her how to fuck properly. She has only had a few sexual experiences and those were with boys that she went to school with that did not know how to please a woman ( I don?t think she has ever came?.I hope you can fix that). I am sure that you can show her how a woman should be FUCKED. Take your time, have fun, ENJOY the night!! I will be getting wet just thinking about how you are fucking her, how your mouth will be licking her tight little pussy, how your cock will be sliding in and out of her cunt?.. oooooooooh I Am ALREADY STARTING TO GET WET.

Happy Birthday! I love you!!!

As you finish reading the note, there are about a million things going through your mind. The most prevalent is that you are one lucky son of a bitch!!!!

Not sure of what to say or do, you look at Beckie and tell her that she is defiantly the best birthday gift that you have ever gotten. Beckie quickly replies ?I can hardly wait to get started, Your wife told me what a fantastic lover you are, I hope that I don?t dissapoint you, I have not had a lot of experience making love? she takes your hand and places it on her tit. Not needing any more encouragement you lean over and start kissing her . You tell her that there is no way she could dissapoint you, that you will go slow and take her to places she has only read about in romance novels. Your clothes magically fall off. Her mouth is luscious, her tongue expertly probes your mouth. You feel her nipple harden under your fingers. She gently moans as you caress her tit. Your mouth expertly moving from her mouth along her neck sensually kissing every inch of her skin from her mouth down to that hard button shaped nipple. As you take the nipple in your mouth you can feel her body start to quiver. She breathlessly tells you that she is tingling in her most private of places. She tells you that she has never felt anything like this before. You ask her if she likes the feeling, or would she prefer you stop. ?Oh please don?t stop? she begs. You tell her ?Ok I won?t, but you have to promise me that if you start to cum you will tell me, so that I can lick it out of your pretty little pussy? Beckie replies ?How will I know if I am about to cum?? You laugh and tell her ?oh sweetie you will know? then you continue in your quest to lick and suck every inch of her, as you work your way down her belly to her belly button she is lost in pleasure, her body no longer in her control, she is so wet that her cream is dripping out of her cunt. You reach down and touch her clit, ever so gently. She moans with pleasure. Her clit is standing up at attention ( much like your raging hard cock) it is large just like her nipples. You take this time to spread her legs wide. You want to be able to take in all her beauty. You can see the moisture from her cunt, her thighs are glistening with her juices, you notice a puddle forming around her tight little black ass hole. This is almost more than you can stand. Slowly you start to rub you fingers along her cunt lips. You can tell she has never had this kind of experience before and you want to make sure her first time being ate is a memorable one. You have to force yourself to have control. You are so damn hot for her that you feel like you are going to explode, Becky starts to rub on your cock as you are still stroking her pussy lips. As your fingers gently separate her lips you can?t help but take notice of what a beautiful pussy she has. Her lips are distended, they looked like a butterfly, they are as black as coal on the outer edges and as you part them you can see a velvety red center. Not being able to wait another second you lean over and lick her clit. She is moaning so loud now you are sure the people next door are going to complain, but you continue. Every time your tongue touches her clit she pushes her cunt harder and harder towards you. Your mouth moves from her clit to her lips where you suck and nibble on them till she is out of control. You start to insert you finger in her tight little hole and she goes crazy. You can tell that she has about reached the point of no return. You stop licking and sucking on her clit and lips long enough to tell her that you are going to make her cum. She looks a little confused, but quickly the confused look is replaced by a look of pure rapture. With your fingers inside her you locate her G spot and start flexing your fingers forward, your tongue is licking up her cunt down to her ass hole then back up to her clit. You take your other hand and gently insert one finger into her ass, this is more than she can stand, her muscles starts to spasm, she is cuming so hard that she can not speak in anything other than moans and grunts. Her hands are pushing your face farther and farther into her cunt. She spasms for what must be at least 30 seconds. Just as she thinks that she could be in control and the spasms stop you replace your fingers in her cunt with your rock hard cock. This sets her to cumming again. You try to take slow steady strokes with your cock in side her tight wet pussy but Feeling her tight pussy convulse around your cock sends you over the edge too. You cum so hard that you see fireworks behind your closed eyelids.

When you both are able to regain some composure Beckie then tells you that that was the most amazing thing she has ever experienced. You smile a wicked smile and tell her that yall have not even began yet. That you have many many many more amazing experiences in store for her tonight.

She then laughs and said ?You have no idea what else you have in store tonight? With a mischievous grin on her face she seductively gets off the bed, walks over to the door that adjoins the next bedroom opens the door , I walk in , Beckie then proceeds to ask you if you would teach her how to eat my pussy like you ate hers???????????.

What happens next is for the next story??but I bet you told her YES.


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