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A reoccuring dream

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My boyfriend and I decide to go to Vegas...I hop in the tub from the long drive out and he orders room service. When I am done and about to stand up and rinse the bubbles off of my vouluptious breasts that are sliding slowly down my dripping wet body, he hands me a glass of champagne. I notice a rasberry being attacked by tiny bubbles at the bottom of my glass and proceed to finish it's contents.

When I am all rinsed off I begin to feel a little tired, I figure it's the mixture of the alcohol and the heat from the shower so I decide you lay down for a few minutes on the bed to compose myself.

I awake to find myself tied by the ankles my right leg to the base of the bed and my left to the base of the writing table. I quickly realize that my left and right arms are streached out and tied to the curtain rod. To my horror and excitement I notice not only am I facing the window, but my boyfriend is standing at the curtain pull and he's slowly opening the curtain.

As it comes completely open I notice I can see the other guests enjoying themselves poolside and no one has taken notice of me yet. But dusk is fading fast and he has turned on ever light in our room. Just as the last bits of light are creeping out of the sky line I cry out to him that "it's gone far enough"! He dosen't say a word just lifts his right eyebrow and gives a crooked smile then he begins to lower himself onto his knees.

He begins to lightly lap up at my clit only stopping to periodicly gently blow on it causing electric reveberations to shoot through my body from the stimulation, excitement, and refusal to believe he's displaying me like this. He reaches up to me and slowly slides his index finger into my trembling moist peach. I instantly give out a moan of delight and saturate his arm in my joy juces completely up to his elbow.

He then chuckles and tells me "If I behave and allow myself to enjoy his exploration of me I will be untied". He then proceeds to blindfold me. I am attempting to protest so he places the scarf into my mouth tied at the back of my neck, then returns to place another scarf across my eyes. As I notice the sound of his voice becomming fainter in the distance I realize he is telling me, "If you had done as you were instructed I wouldn't of had to silence you".

I am desperatly trying to free myself from this situation and becoming incresingly upset with him, when there is a knock at the door. "Ah, good dinner is here" he states. I give out an almost primal squeel of terror as I do not want him exposing me further and certainly not to the hotel staff.

I over hear the door open and close I can't make out muffled voices, then once again the door re-opens and shuts. I notice the sound of foot steps approaching and he tells me I will be fed every time I have an orgasmic release.

I begin to realize as long as I can't see the onlookers 5 stories below and my eyes and mouth are covered nobody should recognize me...this could be OK. What's the worst, I get off a few times?

So I relax and make cooing sounds to draw him near. He chuckles again and tells me "I have to finish getting prepaired, hold on just a moment hunny". My mind starts to wander on shopping sprees and shoes, seeing as I am barefoot and naked. When an explosion of burning cold grabs my attention and I realize he is rubbing an ice cube across my right nipple. He purrs at me in approval over my control not to scream and informs me that my instantainiously hard nipple has made him rock hard...AGAIN.

He proceeds to slowly move it around the areola in a circular motion then slowly moves it in to place it on the left nipple. Our combined excitment has heated up the ice too much and he has to retain another one. WOAH, the burst of sensations when the ice cube first touches my skin. He lets the second cube melt and drip down my tense completely nude and now goose bump covered body. Slowly he teases me to lick and flick his tounge across my nipples, blowing on them slow but firmly and I realize I feel a tickle on the tip of my bulbous flower. I throw my head back and relaese a moan of pleasure, mmmmmmmmm is all I can cojure out as my mouth is considerably covered by the scarf.

I feel his hot hand kneeding my right breast and feel him nursing off my clit. His other arm is wrapped around my waist pulling me into his face, with his hand gently cupping the bottom of my ass. Letting go of my bountyfull butt and waist and I notice a cool tingling sinsation along my treasure troves outter lips. I notice the unmistakeable scent of peppermint and realize he is blowing on my lips. They are gently pulled apart and soft smooth texture of his freshly shaven face is enveloped in my crotch. I can feel the intensity of his passion threw his grip as he rubs my right leg with his left arm with such bravado that the curtain rod is squeeking just a little.

He has me right on the verge of another climax when he laughs and pulls away only to thrust his tounge inside of me. I instantly squirt into his mouth, my body violently shuddering with each wave of pleasure.

To be continued...

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