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A little Vegas Fun

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It was one of those things that I thought I would never do. Of course most of the things in the lifestyle are things that I thought I would never do. This however involved me being a little more loose than normal.

Two weeks ago my husband and I took a well earned trip to Las Vegas. This was the first trip we had been on as a couple since we had kids. So being that it was an adult’s only trip we thought we would visit sin city for the first time. We did what normal people do and looked up attractions, shows, and with the aid of this wonderful site we contacted a few couples to meet.

The day finally came and we arrived in Las Vegas on Friday just at check in time. It had been a long flight so after getting settled into the room we took a short walk along the strip looking for a little light supper. The vacation was great but really nothing to write about until Tuesday.

John had purchased a spa package for me and decided that while I was being pampered that he would head to a local gun range that offered people the chance to fire various exotic weapons. We parted at the entrance to the Spa and I told him that I would meet him back at our hotel which was not far.

Spa was great, facial, pedicure, message, and since I know John loves it when I get a Brazilian bikini wax I decided to get one as a thank you. After a couple of hours I walked back to the hotel relaxed and refreshed. John was not back yet so I decided to head down to the pool for a little sun. I put on a little black bikini and left him a note, telling him where to find me. The pool was not overly busy so I picked a sunny out of the way spot to wait for John. The sunny felt wonderful on my skin as I closed my eyes relaxing even further. It must have dozed for only a half an hour before I noticed a shadow move across me. Thinking it was John I smiled and looked up. It wasn’t John; it was a man I had never seen before.

“I am sorry to disturb you but I have been watching you for the last little while and I can’t understand how a beautiful woman like you is sitting alone? If you would allow me to buy you a drink perhaps you could tell me how this has happened.”

I must say that I was surprised and flattered. John has always told me how attractive I am but isn’t that what all husbands are suppose to say? A few months ago I found out that the men involved in the construction in our area voted my breasts the best in the neighbourhood. I just chalked it up to typical construction workers. Here now was a complete stranger hitting on me and he was pretty good looking to boot! I decided to let him buy me that drink.

I agreed and with a wonderful smile. He introduced himself as Mathew, stretched out his hand to help me up. We walked over to the pool bar and he ordered the drinks. He was tall, in his mid to late thirties with a muscular build and a great ass. I felt incredibly sexy just knowing that I was able to attract this man’s attention. He turned with a smile and handed me the drink. He asked me once again how I came to be sitting alone by the pool. I was having too much fun to just tell him that I was waiting for my husband; after all he had just bought me a drink. I decided that a little lie wouldn’t hurt anybody. I told him that I had come to Vegas with friends and that they were at the casino and I just wanted to sit by the pool and enjoy the sun. I didn’t need to worry about a ring giving me away because I had taken it off before going to the spa and never put it back on.

We chatted for a while and then I noticed John come into the pool area. I suddenly felt caught. I knew that John wouldn’t mind, after all he had watched with other men before but this was different. Mathew was not a swinger, how would he feel when he found out I was married? When John made eye contact with me gave me a wave with a big smile and started to head over. It must have been the expression on my face that caused John to falter and stop. He got a quizzical look on his face and then realization set in. If it had been another time I would have laughed but I was just thankful that Mathew had his back to John and missed the whole thing. John changed direction and I watched, while half listening to Mathew, as he sat at the bar and ordered his own drink.

I was really enjoying the conversation and Mathew must have been as well because he invited me to dinner. I told him that I had plans with my friends that night and would not be able to. Mathew looked disappointed because he was leaving in the morning. I decided to take a chance and so asked him if he would like to have a drink up in my room. We had brought some ice wine from home to share with the couples that we got together with and thought that he would enjoy some while we worked towards the bedroom. At least I hoped. Mathew accepted quickly and once again offered me his hand to help me up. As we made our way out of the pool area I quickly looked around for John but he was no where to be seen.

When we arrived at the room, the first thing that I noticed was that it was neater than I remembered. All of John’s cloths were out of site in fact anything that looked like a man was staying in the room had been removed. John must have left the pool and came up here and cleaned up.

Mathew was wearing a bathing suit with a plain white T-shirt; I was still wearing only the bikini. We enjoyed the drinks and slowly allowed the alcohol to loosen our inhibitions. I noticed several times that Mathew would take quick glances at my breasts when he thought I wasn’t looking. As he drank his glances were not so subtle. Mathew was not drunk but just very relaxed. It one point I asked him if he liked them. He snapped his eyes to mine and turned beat red. He apologized and I could tell that he was not aware that he had been staring at them. I told him that it was ok and that I enjoyed watching him look at them. I reached behind me and undid my top removing it to expose my breasts. The look of shock and lust on his face was wonderful. I took his right hand in mine and placed it on my left breast. His eyes were glued to my tits and I had to smile. My heart was pounding and I could feel my pussy loosening and getting very wet.

Mathew recovered from the initial shock and regained his confidence. His right hand still messaging my breast; he used his left hand to grab my hair and pull my head back. The kiss was long and passionate. His breath was sweet and tasted like the ice wine that we had been drinking. He released me long enough to pull his shirt off; his chest and arms were lean and well muscled. I noticed a sizable bulge growing in the front of his paints. My heart started pounding. The anticipation of having him inside of me was becoming more than I could handle.

Mathew picked me up off the sofa and we kissed as he carried me into the bedroom. He placed me on the bed and moved over top of me. I spread my legs allowing him between them and then wrapping them around him. I could feel his hard cock through the material of his shorts and my bikini. I desperately wanted to be naked with him, to feel the head of his cock moving against the lips of my pussy. Mathew kissed down my neck to my chest, and began to lick and suck on my breasts, it felt wonderful. Removing my legs from around him I was able to slide my hand into his shorts. His erection was warm and hard as a rock, sliding my hand down further I cupped his balls and was excited to feel no hair there. We kissed and massaged each other for several minutes before Mathew finally stood up at the edge of the bed and slid his shorts off.

Mathew was clean shaven except for a small trimmed patch of hair just above the base of his shaft. He was well endowed with a long and think shaft. I moved quickly to him and assumed a comfortable position on my knees. Grabbing his balls in one hand I slowly licked the under side of his shaft from base to tip. Then messaging his balls I slid his cock into my mouth. Mathew gasped as I took him in. Looking up at him I worked my lips up and down his cock. Mathew had his eyes closed looking lost in the sensation as I lick and sucked him. I used my hands to caress his legs and message his balls. I could feel Mathew’s cock throbbing and expanding.

He gently lifted me off my knees and the kissing began once again in earnest. I felt his hands slide down to my waist undoing the knots of my bikini bottoms. They easily fell to the floor and he slowly lowered me to the bed. My heart was pounding and breaths swallow and rapid. I spread my legs allowing him to slide between them. He kissed me down my chest, over my stomach and slowly slid his tongue into my pussy. The feeling was incredible, the excitement I always feel with a new man added to the intensity. Mathew really knew what he was doing. Within minutes he had me on the verge of an orgasm. He almost seemed to know when I was close and would back off teasing me with his tongue and fingers thrusting in and out of my warm wet pussy.

Finally he mounted me. Willingly, I opened myself to him, tilting my hips to allow him to easily slide his firm warm cock into my pussy. He moved slowly at first but there was no need. I was soaking wet so grabbing his ass I pulled him deep inside of me. Mathew took his queue and began thrusting hard and deep. His cock felt wonderful inside of me, it was exactly what I needed to round out such a wonderful day. After a bit of time I rolled him over and took my turn on top. Working my hips feverishly as he licked and sucked on my breasts. I was getting close to coming so decided to adjust my position. Still on top of him, I turned around so that he could have a nice view of his cock as it slid in and out of my pussy. I looked behind me at him as I mounted him once again. Lifting his head slightly he watched as I positioned his cock and lowered myself onto it. I moved slowly as he watched my wet pussy open and swallow his cock. Finally I turned around placing my hands on his ankles and moving my hips quickly up and down. Almost instantly Mathew started to moan. I turned back to him and asked if he was ok. I didn’t want him going yet, I was enjoying this too much. He said that he was fine so I continued. I felt his hands on my ass squeezing it and encouraging my movements up and down.

Slowing down as my legs began to tire; Mathew took his queue and slid out from underneath me. I waited on all fours as he moved behind me and entered me once again. With his hands on my hips pulling me back into him as he thrust into me. My breasts were bouncing every time his hips slammed into my ass. The room began to get hot as both our body temperatures climbed from the effort. Over and over he pumped me from behind. I caught him a couple of times watching himself in the mirror; his hands behind his back continuing to work his cock in and out of me. I had to smile, it felt great and seeing him so turned on really turned me on as well.

Both of us were close to orgasm as we changed position for the final time. I lay on my side as he entered me once again from behind. I wrapped my legs back around his hip and slid and arm under his shoulder. My breast was within easy reach of his mouth and he began to lick and suck it hungrily as he penetrated me. Mathew used his free hand between my legs rubbing my clitoris. My orgasm built surprisingly quickly. I cried out as the orgasm hit me like a bolt of energy, ripping through my entire body. I felt wonderful and I never wanted it to end. As it did finally subside I was surprised that Mathew had not gone at the same time. He was still thrusting but I knew that he was close. His face was set like stone as he concentrated on holding himself back. I encouraged him to go, I had enjoyed my orgasm immensely and it was now his turn to relax and allow me to provide him the same pleasure. Mathew’s face relaxed as he let himself go. Within moments he began to moan and he pulled out and ejaculated long streams of sperm over my stomach and onto my chest. He masturbated himself with the few drops landing and sliding between the lips of my very spent pussy. Mathew slid back inside me for a few final thrusts and then collapsed. We both lay there for a while exhausted but completely satisfied.

I cleaned myself off as Mathew got dressed. I gave him a long passionate kiss at the door of the room before I would let him leave. He pulled my robe open and began to message my breasts. I smiled up at him.

“You have such marvelous breasts.”

“Thank you. You aren’t so bad yourself.” I reached down between his legs and felt a very hard cock. “I still have some time. What kind of hostess would I be if I left you still wanting?” I gave him a big smile with a wink. He pulled the robe off me and carried me naked back to the bedroom. “This time no pulling out, I want you in me when you go.”


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