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A gallon jug of water?

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Once In A Lifetime Memorable Experience

Listening to an erotic radio show on my car's satellite radio one late night on my way home from a 14 hour workday, the hostess asks callers to think back to the one experience that sticks out in your mind as "mind blowing" or the memory that you compare all others to in days, weeks, months or years later.

Immediately my "Tampa" comes to mind. Wow! Everyone I've met since has been compared to him and the entire experience ... Much to their disadvantage in most cases.

Before I get home, my heart is racing and my pussy is reacting to the memory of his lips on mine and his body next to mine and perhaps the most incredible sex of my life! His eyes just draw me in and I simply want to purrrrrrr.  Every little detail rolls through my mind like a movie I viewed.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I'd go onto a "naughty" website and flirt with anyone but one day, during an afternoon at home, feeling particularly frisky, I turned on the laptop to surf and on the screen this incredibly sexy man smiles back at me.  I read his profile and I note that he's also online right now.

What do you say to someone you don't know? Someone on a "naughty" site is there for the same sort of reason, I would suppose so I flippantly said, "why don't we have sexy men like you in Alabama? And by the way, where the heck is Seminole, FL?"

Much to my surprise, he sent a message back to me. . . While I was searching the web to see where he was. I couldn't believe such a gorgeous man would want to chat with me. I'm attractive enough but in the battle to lose weight, I haven't had quite as much self esteem as I could have.

Regardless, weeks later, as we've enjoyed countless text messages, some steamy hot conversations via telephone and email, even exchanging racy pictures, we made arrangements for me to visit.

So one exciting Saturday morning, I grab my gym bag and hit the road... For a 12 hour drive... To somewhere I've never been... To stay two days and come right back. What am I thinking?

If I could've, I'd have driven 90 mph all the way there. I so excited myself, looking forward to that eye contact, that first kiss, that first touch... The result was a quick change of panties shortly before I arrived because the ones I'd worn on the drive were so wet!

Over and over in my mind, I try to imagine his kiss and the feel of his cock as he slides into me the first time. Im more than a little nervous  It's been such a long time for me that I wonder if I'll remember how to please a man. Maybe it'll be like riding a bike and it will just come right back to me. I can only hope.

I arrive at the suite he'd reserved for me. Such a gentleman to have somewhere besides his place, for me to stay, so I could feel safe no matter what.  It was truly touching to me and I found myself more than a little enamoured with him.

From the beginning I wasn't looking for a permanent or long term relationship but the more time we spent conversing, texting, emailing, etc, the more I could see he was a seemingly perfect specimen of manliness. I didn't want to fall for him but I could easily see myself doing so.

Giving me plenty of time to shower and freshen up, he arrives about half an hour after I do and I await his arrival, looking through the peephole every few seconds in excited anticipation.

From Florida, naturally, he arrived in flips flops, jeans and the sexiest black shirt ... The one he wore in the picture on the website. Wow! What a sexy, sexy man! Wow! It's not proper for a lady to whistle, wolf call or drool, is it? But then, I guess you couldn't call me a proper lady to have driven 12 hours for little. Ore than a "booty call" from a complete stranger. 

All these thoughts run through my mind as I look through the peep hole. Opening the door revealed it all in even more clear detail and I felt the desire to pounce. please have a modicum of constraint - for a few minutes anyway, i told myself. But he just totally lit my fire! Oh his fragrance was so incredible, it drew me even deeper into lust with this gorgeous beast.

Wondering to myself, how in the world can I convince him to come home with me as the ultimate souvenir from Florida.  I'm only half kidding but a huge part of me would love to wake up next to him every morning and curl up beside him every night, to go to the gym with him and look into his eyes across the table as we watch the sunset.

Remembering a conversation from weeks past, he brought my favorite, six-pack of Coronas and sliced limes that were much appreciated though quickly forgotten five minutes later as our clothes are stripped and we're in each others arms. Skin to skin, his chest on mine and his lips everywhere. More than I could've ever imagined, he brought me to levels of ecstasy that I'd never reached in my life.

Taking a break to get another drink, we catch our breathe only to have him take mine away again and again... I can't help but note how beautiful and perfect his cock is. Taking him in my mouth, I just want more and more and more of him. How many hours in the day can we do this?

Four hours passed like four minutes and soaked from head to toe with perspiration and nearly exhausted, we've only just begun to explore each others bodies.

Every position we tried felt natural and his every stroke filled me to the perfect levels. He hit my g-spot at all the right times, he rubbed and massaged my clit with just the right intensity and pressure until I wanted to scream, and I did in a few instances.  At those times, he handed me a pillow to cover my face... And we both laugh. It was like we'd been together for years as we fell into a comfortable but exciting and passionate exchange.

Unfortunately, a change in his schedule means he has to work the next shift so we're forced to snuggle up and sleep for a few hours. He gets up at 4 am and dresses to go home, shower, change into his uniform, walk the dog and head to work. . . As He leaves me sleep a few more hours.

When I wake up, the sound of rain pounding the window steals my joy as I'd so looked forward to walking on the beach, catching some rays and getting some color. I get dressed, head down to grab a bite of breakfast and come back to work online in my suite for a few hours. The rain subsides a bit and I run out to a salon and have my hair and nails done.

All posh and pampered, I'm so excited for him to get off work soon. Changing clothes half a dozen times, I can't decide what he's going to like. If last night is any indication, no clothes would be fine too but he calls and says to meet him downstairs so he can take me to dinner.  Giggling, I realize I need to wear something semi-respectable but alluring so it's a quick change again to put clothes back on my body.

Never having been in a Jeep it was fun to think of but the rain had returned so we couldn't go topless. Oh well... We can save that for another visit, I think. Looking over at him as he drove us to the restaurant, I can't keep my eyes off him. I haven't felt this turned on by any man in so many years I'm almost giddy. I feel like a schoolgirl with my first crush.

He ordered our meals for us at my request and includes a dark ale.  I'd never tried it and it wasn't just a few minutes before I start to feel a nice warm buzz coming on. But even before that feeling comes over me, I can't take my eyes off him. His eyes are magnetic and his smile even more mesmerizing..

My mind keeps drifting back to the night before but it's nothing in compared to what this evening will be like. He didn't tell me he'd brought along a bag of goodies. (yippee!!!)

So, nefore tonight, I'd never heard of a Hitachi Magic Wand" ....but now, I'll never forget it!

Being a double suite, I was glad we had a second bed to sleep in because we soaked the "play bed" in the hours that followed. He took his time with the wand, bringing me to orgasms, one right after the other - so close I couldn't tell when one stopped and another began. 

He was relentless with the wand. When I didn't think I could stand it a moment longer, he lingered still diligent on my clit.  Swollen and more than a little sensitive, it took a flick of his tongue to send me over the top into orgasm again and again... This time, the pillow remained close at hand. (giggles)

Then he flicked my clit with his tongue and the number grew even higher. Not sure I could even stand if I had to, he had me roll over on my tummy so he could take me from behind, grabbing my hair and spanking my ass as he thrust his impressive cock so deep inside me.  I'd never had that done before and I was pleasantly surprised at how erotic and naughty it felt. I think the climax that followed was partially from the effect of the sting of his hand on my back side. 

Then finally he allowed me the luxury of MY favorite position... He knew I wouldn't be happy until I could ride on top. Thankfully, he loved that position because he had full access to my full breasts ....  And it allowed him a rest... That is if he would just relax and let me do it for him. 

He tried for a few moments to "help" me when I told him to just focus on taking and not giving... Let me do the work and see if it was good enough. If not, I assured him, I'd let him take over again. 

In this moment, as I look back, I imagine it might have been even hotter if he were blindfolded so he could just feel and touch and listen. 

Slowly at first I began to rock back and forth, grinding my clit against him and taking almost all of his length inside.... Then I slide back a little and he slides in further which causes me to pause to adjust. I'm not accustomed to this much length and I'm a little nervous.

As I adjust and get used to the fuller feeling, I move back and forth a little faster. I can feel it building and rising and finally I ask him, "Baby, can I come? Please! Can I come?"

Amazed I asked, he assures me that he wants nothing more than for me to enjoy him and come and come again and again. Just hearing him say that brings me over the edge and my orgasm comes In wave after wave, so Intense, he moans that I'm so tight he can barely hold on. I beg him to come with me, come deep inside me and he does.

I so enjoy knowing that I'm able to satisfy him, that I feel a warmth and a glow come over me. 

We fall asleep in each others arms, drenched in perspiration of an incredible session... I don't think I've ever been so satisfied and exhausted. 

Now I know why he brought a gallon jug of water! ;)

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