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A different kind of weekend

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Paul and I got married when hecame home from the service. He got an early discharge, from an injury. We have been married 3 years now and both were vrgins when we got married. 5 weeks ago after we got settled in our new house by Caddo lake we invited a friend from high school and her husband to come up and gofishing and boating with us. We spent teh day Saturday on the lake and had a great time. Charlie and Pam had nt checked into the hotel yet so after we got home we decided to go out to eat and then they would go to the hotel at the Sams town casino for the night. I went inside while Paul was washing the boat aqnd got ready for a shower. I was so shocked when i opened the door thoth batroom and there was Charlie naked in the shower. I had never seen anyone else but Paul naked befor adn not had been seen by anyone else but we did not react to it we just stood and started at each othr for a minute or tow and then Charle said i had some very nice tinny breast. I blushed and walked out shaking like a leaf. All during dinner i kept thinking about what had happened but did not say anything. Pam and I made plans to go shopping he next morning. I started out but got side tracked and got to the hotel late and Pam had already left.

Charlie invited me in he was wearing a bat robe and said give him a minute and he would get dressed and invited me to breakfast. He walked in the batroom and i coudl see him naked as he took the robe off and then got dressed, he was very casual about it but i was nervious.

Over breakfast he tole me I had nothign to worry about he wouel not say anythign abouthe night befor and he hoped I was not shocked about hsi comment about my breast. I told him I was not in fact it was a complement since i was onlya 34b, we both laughed. He said he and Pam had been to nude beaches and camps and ti was nothi8gn for him to see naked mwomen or her naked men. I told him it was my first time except for Paul. I asked hi if there was really sex parties at nudist camps and he assured me no they are very strice about it because sometime ther are children there.

We walked back to he room and he invited me in he said he had somethign he wanted me to see, he took out a book with pictures of him and Pam and some other people at the nudist camp. He couls see me blushing.

When i finished looking at the book he went ot take it from me and his arm brushed against mine the feeling was electric. we both jumped back and looked at each other, he took my hand and brushed my hair away from my face and leaned into me I did not resist whe his lips and mine touched I felt a jolt of electricity go through me. Before long we were both standing up and kissing and our hands were roaming about each others body. I felt my ahdn rub across the fornt of his pants and felt his hard penic through his pants.

I knew i was wrong but could not stop myself i let him take my blouse and shorts off and i too k off his pants, after a while he was kissing my naked breast adn i had his shorts to his knees and was rubbing his penis. Alll at once he pulled me to him and lifted me to the bed eh laid me on my back and put my legs on his shoulders. I was so excited i could not stop him and really did not want to stop him I knew Paul might not understad but it did not matter right now as i felet his rock hard penis slowely enter me for the first time. When we came to about a ahlf haour later we wer covered from head to foot with sweat, I had had an orgasamn that i flooded the sheets sometihg i had only done three time with Paul. WE held each other and made love again. we took a shower and then I left. I did nto know how I was going ot tell Paul or how he would react, gbut I knew I had felt someting new and exciting.

I was so nervious when i got home and treid to hide it as much as possibe Paul saw i was nervious and asked how much i ahd lost in the casino I laughed and tole him a lot. It took me three days to face him with the truth, but it did not happen the way I planned. We wer at Henry and Cathys house fro dinner and Cathy sadi she saw me at teh casino Sunday at breakfast with aman and wantd to know who he was, I told her he was a friend of Paul and I since high school, she then said she wishes I had introuduced her to him she might want ot play with him one night. I looked at her starngly, and then she and henry admitted they were swingers. I startted crying and Paul asked me what was wrong. In froont of Cahty and Henry I told him about the sex we had, at first he was shocked, then he leaned over kissed mend toel me it was o.k. HE understood we wer virgins when we marreid and that we had never been with anyone else,, then he said I admitted it to him and that he could telll I was sorry and that it was not planned. He hugged and kissed me and assured me he was not mad and if i enjoyed it I wasabetter person for it. Both henry and Cathy wer suprised at him too. When we went home he and I barly made it to he bedroom befor we wer naked adn fucking like two high school kids. The next morning he toleme Henry and Cathy were coming over tonight to talke to us about something

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