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A chance meeting

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Jeny and I met totally by chance. I had been texting a sweet young lady for a while when she announced that she had no load. Somehow she got another phone from a "friend" and kept texting me. This happened frequently with her running out of load that I had over 5 cell phone numbers with her name. One night I decided that I would check to see what numbers could be deleted. I texted one cell phone and got a less than warm reception. Nope not marj, she is not a friend. The next was pretty similar and then the third one was different. No this is not marj, but is she friend of geraldine. Well, yes I replied and told her that Marj had used her number to contact me a couple of times.

We chatted for a while and then she called me. She had a sweet, deep sexy voice and just said hello. I asked her her name, they just call me Jeny.

This texting went on for a while and an occasional call just to catch up. She had a good grasp of the English language, but most who are in College here do know English. We kept trying to meet, but she lived in the province out from the city to the East and we live in the province out to the north and it takes a while to get from one to the other. But her voice was always in my mind. One day while in town getting some work done on my laptop, she texted and said that her school had let out early and wondered where we were. I told her we were at one of the local malls. Just stay there and we will come to you. Well this is not what we had planned, but it was working out very nicely. I keep saying we, that would be my guard and myself who is with me most of the time. Jeny let me know that she had a friend with her and they would come to where we were. So I went to the entrance to greet them while my guard stayed behind. Since I was the only big white man at the entrance, she came through the mall checkpoint and walked straight to me. We talked a bit and then proceeded to the coffee shop for more introductions and then off to get a bite to eat.

After lunch we took off for a resort close to their home that is secluded and we could check things out and I could then go for a kiss to see how it would be received. She had the lips that you could just mold into. So soft, so inviting, so hot. We got something to drink and talked about things to get more aquainted, but were running out of time and had to get back. We dropped them off and gave then more than enough money to get a ride from town to home.

Jeny wanted to get together again soon. We were having a rough time getting our schedules to match, but I had to be in town again and our driver was to drop us off and run errands. The girls went to another mall that was closer to where we were to do some business so we walked to their and told them to meet us in front. We flagged down a taxi and then took it around the corner to where they were to be waiting. They hopped in and we went to another resort much closer but out of town far enough to not raise any suspicionns. Off we went with Jeny right against me and I was loving it. We got to the resort and ordered lunch and headed to the cabanas on the beach. Jeny and I got some serious kissing in but not much else. But we did get to talk. As we were called to eat, Jeny got up showing some very nice hot pink panties. I stopped her and pulled her back a little and got another closer look, while she just giggled. As we were walking there was a secluded area that I stopped her again, kissed her deep, did I say that she is a great kisser, and then I opened up her shirt a little to see what color her bra was, pastel blue. Walls were coming down little by little. A very nice lunch with squid and tuna belly.

We got prices on a cottage, but one was going to be more than my budget, so we opted to leave for a get-a-way spot created exclusively for little get togethers like we were looking for. We got two rooms side by side for much less than the one cottage and they were very nice. Jeny sat on the edge of the bed, looked at me as I was sitting down and said, so now what? I leaned in and kissed her again laying her back on the bed. She stopped me and said she wanted to clean up first. She went into the bathroom and I watched her shadows on the smoked glass in the door. She then came out and went to the shower and stripped to take a shower. The shower was one with glass, but not clear glass, but you could still make out that distorted view of what she had. Each piece of clothing was hung carefully and then the water came on. She showered, toweled off and then wrapped the towel around herself. When she came out, she looked like a goddess and I wanted her so bad. Not being overly shy, I just strip down, go around and get into the shower and get good and clean, I don't want anything to ruin this mood. When I come out, she is on the round bed with the pillow behind her watching the TV which was already turned on when we arrived. I crawled up to her and start kissing her. Did I say that she is a great kisser? I opened up the towel and just stared at what was an almost perfect body. Sweet dark brown sugar body with small aeroles and nipples that stood right up there. I was in awe and just wanted to be there and look over each square inch. Her legs were not much bigger than my arms. I bent over and just started to devour her, sucking, licking, kissing, nibbling on her now very hard nipples as I just could not believe that I had something so lovely, so small before me. She moaned as I worked on her breasts to bring her to new heights. Just touching her skin was a delight. I stayed on her breasts for about five minutes, going up to kiss her lips on occasion as we had that little tongue battle going on. I raised up once again to just look and then proceeded to kiss between her sweet breasts down to her navel and then to her so small pussy. As I was kissing and tongueing her out, I just paused and looked and wondered how I was ever going to fit into her. I love to eat pussy, so I stayed down there for some time, not only for my pleasure, but to get her excited enough and wet enough to make it much easier for penetration. I came back up licking as I went kissing her tits again and I started to kiss her, but she would not allow that, she was taught it was dirty to taste ones self. Well, I position myself with my cock right against her very small entrance. I looked at her and asked if she was ready. She smiled and said, "yes dear. please put it in me." Now how can anyone deny that? I worked myself into a little better position and guided my cock into her very tight cunt lips. She gasped and her face distorted in pain. I withdrew and waited. Jeny opened her eyes and nodded her head to tell me to try again. Very slowly as I started again and just had my cock head in, the phone rang. It was the hotel phone. I picked it up and handed it to Jeny. She looked puzzled and asked if we wanted anything, I just shook my head, then she laughed and said it was my guard joking with us. So once again we started the process of getting me into her. This took almost 5 minites of going in ever so little at a time and pulling back a little. Once I was in and I stayed still for her to adjust to my size, her cunt muscles started to flex around me, which I took as a sign to start moving again. We stayed in that postition for the entire time, and even with the A/C running I was dripping sweat. She came over and over again and I pumped into her until I finally could not hold back any longer and emptied my seed deep into her. Once I pulled out and rolled back away from her, she grabbed the sheet and pulled it up between her legs to clean herself. I went back up to kiss her forgetting that she would not allow that, I went back to sucking on her beautiful breasts. I dropped my hand back down and started to play ever so gently on her little pussy again. I slowly went back down on her to lick on her clit again and to play as long as I could. I just put my head on her left thigh and started running my thumb from her clit to deep in her pussy again until she was giving out gutteral sounds and then she just started crying out "oh shit, oh shit, oh shit" and came all over again. We laid there a little bit and I was in total bliss. We got up, I took another shower since I was sweating so bad and she cleaned up and got dressed. Shortly thereafter there was a knock at the door and housekeeping was there to clean up and get ready for the next tenant. This place was very lovely and I am hoping that we can get back there soon. She is getting ready for her finals and I am to head back to the USA for some R&R. I will so miss my Jeny while she goes off to Manila.

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