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A Young Man, Coming of Age

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As a young man I didn't learn a lot about sex until I went to war. Their I learned about using a condom to be safe and not itch a lot. I learned that from a Army nurse. After that, I was hooked, sex was great and the more I got the more I wanted. At 21 iI could stay hard for about 5 mins. inside of a woman. With practice I learned to last for 10 mins. in 6 months time. I got a lot of dates from military women as they were as horny as the guys. And being away from home and not around parents a lot of the girls were getting fucked for the first time ever day in the service, and I got my share of them too.

Well I got shipped home and back to a reserve unit in Portland OR. Back home I didn't have a line up of women out at the base bar, or down town looking to hook, but I did have local bars and the local college as my hunting field for women. I had to report once a month now, but had the rest of the month to go to college and get my first year finished up on the G.I. Bill. I also got a room with my younger sister that got pregnant and had a baby, and now was going to a vocation school to become a nurse. So for my room and food, I got to watch or hear her baby cry. I was a 21 year old baby sister. I learned having a baby at the park was like a puppy on a leach and walking it in a park. I got a lot of young girls that would look at the young baby boy and tell me what a great looking child I had, then they would ask how old he was and did his Mother know I had him out in the sun light or rain or fog, etc. When I told them this is my sisters child and I'm living with her and baby sitting him and going to college, I found out the women got all hot over a guy that loved kids and I got dates and with the dates came sex too.

My dates were 17 to 21 years old. Some H.S. and some were college students. The dates were all great, I would take them to my sisters for baby changing and put the little baby down for his nap. I would get out some food, make us sandwiches and then add in a beer or two and a joint. It didn't take long and we were necking on the couch. In a hour of hot petting, I got to the hooking up part and the fun started. Most of the girls fucked like rabbits when you got them a little loose. Needless to say, I got a lot of head and pussy that first year of college. Sometimes, I got to fuck two of the girls in the same day, a long lunch time and then study time and hit the books. Pussy was all over the school too I was loving college.

My second year was a little different. Some of us had classes ever other hour and would go to the library to study before the next class as it would take to long to get home, just to drive back. Well my sisters place was just 4 blocks from the college. So from time to time I got to take home a hot chick and do some book work and have a beer and get into her panties before going back to school. I told one of them that this is stress release, and she would get a better grade if we fucked and then she took the test after sex. It worked for her and we got it on ever week on Fri. She became my friday pcs of ass. Well by the end of my second year in college, I had one girl a day for all the days of the week and sometimes for the weekends too. I was getting a lot of pussy and not having to go out to dinner or buy gifts etc.

Well, My third year in college I got a 6 classes a day Monday Wensday and Friday. and 5 classes on Tue. and Thur. Close to a full load of classes, so I was getting to busy to do a lot of baby sitting all the time. My part of the rent was to take care of my nephew, so I ran a add for a college girl in the local paper to watch a child three days a week at our home. I interviewed many but my sister only had to hire one to do the job. It was working out fine. She would show up at 11 am and not leave until my sister got home three days a week. She got $20.00 a week for those hours 18 hours of sitting.

I came home the second week and hit the books. She ask if I was good at math and I said yea, so I ended up helping her with it. In doing so, we go to beers and chatting and talking and then making out on the living room floor when I say the signs of a girl that needed to get her itch strached. My sister came home and almost caught us. She left and the on her next visit we continued where we left off. I got the beer and food made and then worked on getting into her panties.

I was rubbing over here shorts and blouse and could feel her nipples getting hard, then she started to hump up into my hand as I rubbed over her mound. The next time she humped up My hand slipped down between her legs. I felt her heat, and in a few mins. time her shorts were getting wet too. I unzipped her shorts and unsnapped then. I slipped my hand into her shorts and over her now wet panties. I was rubbing her clit and she was humping my hand and moaning into my mouth and my neck as I sucked her now exposed tits. It didn't take long for her to reach her first orgasm of the day with my hand rubbing over her panties and on her clit.

We took a break, had a beer, check on a sleeping baby and returned to the living room rug and books. This time I got my hand into her panties.! I slipped right into her lips and up and down her crack. I found her little clit, and this time the contact was so intense for her that she moaned and started cumming and humping my finger as it slipped into her pussy. Oh My God she said, oh yea, I started to finger fucker her to her next climax. As this was going on her hand had found my zipper and undid it. She then hooked my prick up with her hand and from there her moaning into my ear was, "let fuck"!

I slipped her shorts and panties off and then her blouse and bra. I was going down on her and she was now humping my face, like she had never had this before. What a turn on for me, so I keep it up. She was giving me head now and that was a 69 I will remember for year too. She got off again and told me again what she wanted now, "fuck me now please"!

I rolled over on top of her and lifted her ass up in my hands. I got up between her legs and I was on my knees. I slipped the head of my dick up and down her crack and then into her wet hot hole. OH MY GOD< YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS was what she screamed into my ear. We started fucking and then she ask if I had a condom. I had forgot in my hurry to get laid, so "yea" I said. I got up, went into the bed room and found the box with dust on it and got one, tore the pack open and started rolling it down my dick. I tore it. "Shit I said shit"! I returned to the bed room and got a second condom and was back to her pussy in a min or less.

She then rolled over on her knee's and said "do me this way, I really love it the way it makes me feel it better", she said.. So I slipped into her pussy and started fucking her from behind. We fucked for like 20 mins. before I loaded up that condom with today's surprise gift. She said "I can feel you cumming inside of me it is so hot, oh yea, and then, I'm cumming, don't stop please don't stop". She told me I was the best fuck up she had ever had. I felt great about that too. We got up showered together and fucked again in my bedroom this time, before dressing just in time as my sister got home.

Karen left for home, and I started cooking dinner. Sis and I were eating dinner when I was talking about how karen and I were doing math and enjoying each others company. Sis told me, well don't get caught, she is still in H.S. Well that put a end to one of the best fucks I ever had then. I was just 24 years old and her only in H.S. "No way she looked like a college girl ,".I said. Well my sister told me "I was older then her and even if she wanted it, I could go to jail for giving it to her, so stop it before it gets started," she said.

Well before long I was finishing up College, Karen was in H.S. still and doing good her first year taking college course's too. She had a few boyfriends and me many other girls. in 1980 we ran into one another in the Mall. Karen shopping and me buying a Mothers day gift, and on my way to see my parents. Karen and I got together that weekend, and we got a room at Motel 6 for the weekend. We called out for meals or walked to Denny's. We both enjoyed the weekend and she gave me her address and phone number and drove off the early morning classes at school monday morning.

I didn't call, being a guy I got what I wanted and there was more out their and so I just blow it off. Well four years later I got a call from a friend and found out that Karen, the girl down the street was graduating from College. I showed up, with a gift of flowers and the rest is history. We have three kids, a white fence, two Sib-husky's and two jobs. The oldest is getting married this weekend and that is what caused my mind to go back so many years and think of this story to write it down and share it with all.

Times have changed, and we learned we didn't decover sex, or invent it or any of the many positions we found ourselves in over the years. I ask my wife if our daughter, 19, getting married was a virgin or did She think maybe she was like us, slow to learn but hot to trot! She replied, she is your daughter and you don't need to know that infomation. I had a talk with her years ago and she has been a big girl for about 5 years now, so don't worry, she will do fine. I just hope her husband is not so lame as some of the others I dated before you. lol

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