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A Wondefully Brief Moment in Time by Bookwriter2too

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?Yes. Yes. Oh God Yes!?

I thrust as had as I could, using all my body?s weight, driving my cock into Kim?s pussy. I watched her. Her eyes were clenched tightly closed. She bit at one of her knees to keep from screaming. I pulled my cock back till just the head stayed inside her. Pushing her legs even farther back till they almost touched the pillow her head rested on, I moved just little bits almost coming all the way out of her before letting the head of my cock slide wetly back into her pussy. She panted and her hands clawed at my hips trying to pull me back inside her. I slammed as hard as I could back inside her. I felt the end of her pussy yielding as I sank my cock to balls inside her body. Now I just pushed little thrusts at her yielding pussy, I knew she liked that. Kim loved getting stretched. I thrust hard at her, forcing her pussy to take my cock.

?Doug? she gasped! ?I?m going to cum Doug! Gawd, fuck me Doug! Fuck me hard,? she demanded!

I rose up using the inside of her knees to take my upper weight. I forced them back more, even lifting her cute butt off the bed and jammed myself as hard as I could into her body. Kim just grunted and panted.

Between rapid pants she managed, ?Ooh fucking gaaaawd I?m cumming!?

Her pussy tightened around my cock. Her hips and thighs jerked. I quit thrusting and just held her quivering body down, pinning her to the bed with my cock. Hot cum flooded around the head of my cock. Liquid heat climbed the length of my cock as her pussy filled with her cum. I could feel her cervix fluttering around the head of my cock seeking my cum which wasn?t there as the orgasm racked her body.

I didn?t wait another second. I jerked my cum covered cock out of her quivering pussy with a wet popping sound. Leaning back I put my hands in the back of her thighs just above the ass and dropped on the bed, jamming my face into her pussy. I pushed my tongue deep into Kim?s pussy and lapped at the flood of cum erupting from her. I surrounded the opening to her body with my lips and sucked hard at her flood, drinking her. Using my hands at her butt cheeks, I pulled her open and licked inside her body with my tongue, my nose rubbing at her clit. Kim just shook and jerked under my onslaught and the receding orgasm.

Since I no longer forced her legs back, Kim unfolded herself. She spread her knees wide as she let her feet rest on my back. Kim?s hands found my head and she stroked and ran her fingers through my hair as I kissed softly at her inner thighs and pubic monde. I liked the fact she had laser hair removal, she was so soft there. I left her inner thigh and ran my tongue around her pussy starting at the bottom and ending there. I chased some of her cum down the valley that led to her cute ass. Lifting some on her legs, raising her butt, I pushed my tongue into the starting of the valley of her butt cheeks. I let my tongue explore as deep as I could reach, just enough to find the opening hiding there. I licked her there a few times, exploring the little puckered opening with the tip of my tongue.

Kim had told me that she was unexplored there one time when I tried to take her ass. She also said that for her to let a guy do that she needed know the right guy and be properly motivated. A few times I had tried, but she stopped me each time, but I wasn?t the sort to just give up trying. At least this time she didn?t stop me. Her fingers still ran softly through my hair caressing my head, her feet were planted on my back, she even helped me lift her so I could lick her there. I licked a couple more times, kissed the start of each cheek, nibbling softly and let my tongue travel up the cleft till I came back to her pussy chasing more sweet cum that leaked from inside her.

I kissed very lightly around the opening to her body, let my tongue?s tip run around before entering her again and letting the tip hook up some. I pushed hard with the tip of my tongue as I came out of her and ran it slowly up her pussy till I found the base of her clit. I pushed really hard at the base before moving up more, now just letting the tip barely touch her clit. Kim just had another orgasm and I planned on her having another one.

I battered her clit a few more times before moving back down. I let my tongue explore inside her and then moved even farther down. I felt her feet push down on my back and she raised her bottom some. I kept moving down and licked at the little tightly puckered opening to her bottom before moving back up slowly. I circled the entrance to her pussy before licking at her clit again. Kim just cooed and stroked my head. Enough with this foreplay crap.

I closed my lips around her little clit and sucked at it hard, squeezing it between my lips, stretching it as much as it would go as I battered it with my tongue. I knew this was her ?on switch?, Kim jerked and gasped in pleasure. Hands that had been stroking my hair sank fingers into my hair, now pulling at my head, pressing me harder against her body. I didn?t stop my onslaught. I sucked at her clit like a baby sucking on its pacifier. I sucked it between my lips, then pushed it back out with my tongue, licked hard a few times at the base and then sucked it back up. Heels drummed at my back a few times as her legs jerked in spasms. Then they hit hard and stayed there. Kim used her legs crossed behind my back to raise herself up more. Her hands now clawed at my head. Her moans came faster between pants.

Kim?s hands yanked double handfuls of hair, her hips jerked up using her heels on my back. She closed her thighs capturing my head, locking it between her thighs. Every few moments I had to force my head up some to gasp a few quick breaths through my nose before she forced it back down into her quivering body. To hell with having to breath, better to die gasping for air between the legs of a woman having an orgasm.

I sucked at her clit hard, stretching it to its limit. I pushed the soft fold of woman sex against the inside of my teeth. I smashed it against the hardness of my teeth with the softness of my tongue. Kim?s body jerked, I thought I heard screaming of pleasure but her legs blocked my ears. I did hear the pounding of her heart as she jerked like a fish out of water. Heels drummed hard at my back. Kim came explosively.

I felt hot cum splash across my chin and neck. Using my hands I forced her shaking legs apart, took a needed breath and closed my lips around the opening to her pussy just in time to catch the next jet of cum her quivering pussy squirted out. I drank Kim again. Most guys might cherish the feeling of having their own orgasm, me I loved a lady getting off, I just don?t think there is anything better on the planet.

Knees spread wide, hands went back to caressing, heels quit beating the hell out of my back, Kim relaxed and cooed in pleasure as I busied myself cleaning up the wet mess I had made. If she thought that her having three Os and then rolling over and cuddling till she went to sleep was going to happen, she thought wrong. I just wasn?t quiet ready to quit.

I gave Kim?s pussy a soft kiss, I pulled one calf off my shoulder and set her foot on the floor, then the other leg. I gave her pretty pink pussy one last kiss and pushed her knees together as I leaned back on my heels. I used the edge of the bed to lift myself up off the floor. Kim didn?t move much as I stood up and looked down at her supine, lovely body. I knew she was in that drowsy condition she gets after cumming herself silly. If she had bothered to open her eyes she would have no doubts that I wasn?t ready to just climb into bed and cuddle, my cock was hard as a rock.

I patted softly at a hip and snickered, ?Roll over and climb into the bed Baby or you are going to go to sleep hanging off the bed.?

I feigned trying to help her climb back on the bed, managed to get her to roll over and on her hands and knees. Sorry sweetie, that?s as far as you go I thought gleefully. Kim tried to scoot more into the bed, but I held her from it with my hands on her hips. I straddled her legs, stepped forward till my knees touched the bed and pulled on her hips. One hand on her hips, the other one on my erect cock I leaned forward more.

?Doug,? she started to say, ?give me just a ahhhh!!!?

One hand holding her hip and keeping her in place, the other guided my cock to her slick wet pussy, I forced the head of my cock inside her closed legs. I grabbed the other side of her hip and jammed my cock inside her till my balls slapped against the back of her thighs. Kim gasped.

Now there was no stopping me. Again and again I thrust hard at her, slamming her cute butt cheeks flat with my hips as I pounded her doggie style. Soon my balls were making a wet slapping sound where they banged against the tops of her thighs. Kim dropped her head to the bed, she reached forwards with her hands, clawing the sheets with her hands, forcing her herself back as I tried to pound her back. Soon we both caught each other?s rhythm, me pulling almost all the way out and her forcing herself backward as I went forwards grinding into each other as hard as we both could. I heard tearing sounds as the sheets finally ripped from her clenching hands and sharp fingernails, but I was way past caring. We both increased tempo, her butt cheeks quivered as I helped her jam herself on my cock. I clawed at her hips and butt calling her name as I came. Seconds later or at the same time, she jerked and shook as she came around my cock now jetting cum as deep inside her as I could go.

We both did manage to get most of the way across the bed and into a cuddle before each was asleep. Who cared the lights were still on or the stereo still played softly in the living room, a wonderful lady was just a few feet away. I woke enough a little later to at least turn off the dresser light before cuddling up, yanking a comforter over us both now sleeping sideways on the bed and kissing her shoulder.

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