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A Weekend Guest

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The Weekend Guest My wife and I parted amicably after nearly 21 years of marriage. The divorce was final last summer. No real hard feelings in the end, it was just time to part. At the time, it was pretty tough and there were difficult times through it. But in reality, looking back now, it was for the best. I am 42 years old, and starting over, personally-wise.

Our two teenage sons came through it really well. We were determined to not stick them in the middle of any bickering and we never did. We agreed to just let them decide where and when they wanted to spend time, at my house or hers, and either one of us would support that. We have both held true to our word.

Another benefit has been staying friendly with all the in-laws. Mother and Father in-laws and brother and sisters in-laws. Her parents have always been great and supportive. Best of all, never meddled in our personal lives. It helped that they lived on the coast, 200 miles away.

The brother in-law is still a great friend and we keep in regular contact. Big sister in-law, well we were never that close and she is a bit of a prude. Little sister in-law, now her and I have always gotten along. We still text and call each other from time to time.

It would be really difficult to imagine a divorce going smoother.

My ex and I divided up the property between us, share in expenses for the boys, and do not interfere in each other?s new lives. She has a steady, which she has had for some time now. I play the field, and rarely bring anyone back to meet the boys. I guess I am just not ready for that. Maybe I never will be.

The focus of this story is an event that happened just last weekend. My ex called me last Wednesday afternoon and said she had a favor to ask. I said, ?Ok. Shoot?.

She said, ?Can mama and daddy stay with you this weekend??

?What?? I laughed. ?Are you serious??

?Actually I am. I know it is a little weird. But everyone is coming up for the family reunion and I am already packed out here. Originally mama and daddy were supposed to be on a cruise but they were able to re-schedule it. I had already committed to everyone else that they could stay here. I hate to ask my own parents to stay at a hotel, and I hate to ask anyone else, now at the last minute to stay somewhere else.? She pleaded, ?Please, please, can you help me out??

Well dang. I thought to myself. She is serious. Now, we do get along. But as far as this goes. This is a HUGE favor to ask. Surely, at some point, this could get awkward. But, trying to be a nice guy, I agreed, much to the relief of my ex. Whose name by the way, is Camille, but everyone calls her ?Camy?.

So Friday rolls around. I wake up, go to work. When I pull into the driveway that evening I remember that Eve and Ty (ma and pa in-law) are probably already in town. Since I figure that they will not show up until later in the evening and visiting with everyone else, I figure I have a little time to straighten up the house.

So I do a whirlwind vacuuming session, sweep up, and wash the dishes. At about 8 o?clock that night I get a call from Camy.

?Hey. Ma is on the way over to your house. I just wanted to forewarn you?, she says with a laugh. ?But she is pretty pooped out so I would not expect her to want to play 21 questions or anything. Not that she would anyway.?

?That?s cool?, I say. ?Just her? Where is Ty??

?He got talked into an impromptu fishing and camping trip with all the boys at the river?, she said. ?I think he was ready to get away from mama for awhile. She seemed to be ?on him? a little more than usual. I don?t know what is going on there and I did not ask either. But with our two boys and Megan?s two (Her older sister?s name. She also has two sons) I think he will have plenty of distraction to keep his mind off whatever mama is stressing him about.?

?I gotcha?, I say. ?Well, I have fresh sheets on the guest bed. That should please her?. I say with a laugh.

?Sounds good. Again, I really appreciate this favor. I owe you one for this one,? she says and hangs up.

About five minutes later there is a knock at the back door. It?s Eve.

I open the door and she immediately steps up and gives me a hug and a peck on the cheek.

Now I have never really been attracted to the ma-in-law. She is 5?1, I would guess around 120 lbs. Around 36c?s I guess. She recently turned 62. Her skin had gotten a bit leathery in the last five years. The effects of years and years of sun worship. I never really thought about her breast size until all this went on, despite seeing her in bathing suits for over 20 years.

I take her things and walk her into the guest bedroom. We exchange a little small talk but as Camy had already alluded to, she was pretty tired and was ready to turn in. We exchanged ?Good nights? and I headed upstairs to my bedroom.

I strip down to my underwear. Which is my normal thing to sleep in and crawl into bed. I flip on the tv, and fall asleep to a movie. Nothing spectacular.

That changes in the morning.

At around 7:30 I am awoken to the sounds of the washing machine running which is directly below my bedroom. I think to myself that I did have about two loads of clothes in the hamper. I guess that Eve opened up the laundry door while retrieving a towel and wash cloth for her shower, saw the dirty clothes, and started a load up, trying to be helpful.

I drift back off to sleep.

Sometime later, which I later notice to be around 8:15, I wake up, but do not open my eyes. I just kinda stretch and move around. I sense that I am being watched after about 20 seconds and I crack one eye open.

There is Eve at the entrance to the bedroom. Just standing there. I had been sleeping on my back, with the comforter thrown to the side. As is normal, I was sporting morning wood.

My first thought was one of panic, but I did not jump or jerk in surprise. I just continued to lay there and barely kept my left eye cracked open so I could see her. She was standing there in the doorway in a white, knee-length bathrobe. Her salt and pepper shoulder length hair was wet, just out of the shower, and was combed straight back. I am guessing that she had walked up there, into my bedroom, to see if I had any more clothes lying around to add to the wash.

As best I could tell, she was focused intently on my erect penis. It was right about that moment that I realized that the head was poking out above the waistband of my briefs. I really wanted to cover up right then, but I guess I had a devil on my shoulder agging me on, because I made no effort to conceal myself.

I measured myself years ago, as all men have, whether they admit it or not. With a raging purple-veined, helmet fully-swelled erection, the best I could get was 6.5 inches. But I would guess that on a normal day, it is more closer to 6. So it was poking out the waistband, but just barely?LOL I began to get really turned on, knowing she was watching me. I could feel myself getting pretty flushed and my heart rate and temperature began to climb. My nipples were hard now, matching my penis. For what felt like 15 minutes, but I am sure was only about three, she continued to stare. Fixated on my organ.

Afterwards, she just walked off. Never none the wiser that I was aware of her presence. About ten minutes after that, I got on up, bidded a reluctant farewell to my hard-on after I finally was able to relieve my bladder, and took a shower.

When I went downstairs, wearing a t shirt and an old pair of cargo shorts, Eve was sitting on my overstuffed couch. Still in the bathrobe, fiddling with the remotes.

?All you men are the same. All these dadblasted remotes and gadgets. I can?t figure out how to turn on the tv?, she feigned pouting and pooched out her lips at me.

She had never, ever, ever in our 20 + years of being around each other EVER done anything that I would have taken as being flirtatious toward me. But, without the shadow of a doubt, that was a flirt if I have ever seen one.

?Ah it ain?t that hard,? I said with a smile as I took the remotes from her hands for the satellite receiver and tv.

?Are you sure?? she said slyly. ?Because it seemed hard to me,? she grinned.

Ok, now I ain?t the sharpest tack, but that was most definitely flirting.

I laughed it off and turned on the tv for her.

?What do you like to watch?? I asked, half-heartedly trying to return to a more less-awkward-for-me situation.

?Oh, if you find a cooking show, that would be fine?, she said.

So I search the channels and locate a cooking show. Right about then, the buzzer on the washer goes off, signaling that load of laundry is done.

?Oh, I started washing a load of clothes. I noticed you were a bit behind and just thought I would try to help?, she said. ?I will throw them into the dryer?.

She rises from the couch and heads for the laundry.

I am already in the kitchen, searching the dish drainer for my favorite coffee mug. I notice the rear of her bathrobe is kind of stuck to the back of her legs and I get a more revealing glimpse of the rear of her upper thighs as she walks toward the hallway.

As I try and come to grips with the fact that I am checking out my ex-ma-in-law, I say, ?Don?t worry with that. I will do that. I appreciate your help for doing what you did already. Come back here and sit on the couch. You are my guest.?

?No, no. It?s no trouble at all. I like to help out. It makes me feel like I am earning my keep for you letting me stay here?, she says in a heightened volume voice from down the hall.

?Well, you don?t have to, but thanks,? I say.

A few minutes pass. I am working on my coffee, standing at the counter and I can hear her movements from the laundry, consistent with transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer.

?Where are your dryer sheets? Well, good gosh. Why do you have them on the top shelf? Didn?t you know a five foot tall woman was going to be coming over here to do your laundry and might NEED to reach them?? She said with a laugh.

?Oops, sorry about that,? I say as I walk up behind her. Now she is in between me and the dryer. I reach up over her (I am 6?3, by the way) to grab the box of dryer sheets and I am already up against her back. She pushes a bit back into me. Meeting my light steady pressure against her. My penis and testicles are right around the small of her back. I am not wearing any underwear (also normal for me in these shorts) so I am getting a bit of a sensation from the pressure. Plus, the fact that I have last had sex about two months ago in a one-night-stand, my libido is definitely on ?High-Alert? this morning.

?Do you have another scent up there??, she says.

?There MAY be another box up there somewhere,? I laugh. ?But it will mean that I have to stand her looking for it longer.?

?I am not in any hurry,? she purrs.

All the while, we maintain our light pressure pressing on each other. I now am pretty positive with her last comment that she wants to play. With me, her ex-son-in-law. In my heightened state of horny-ness, I am fine with it.

I press my penis into her back just a little firmer as I continue to pretend to peruse the shelf for another box of dryer sheets. She meets the pressure back by repositioning her hands atop the dryer and arching her back.

Instinctively, I move my hands down and give both her breasts a squeeze through her terrycloth bathrobe.

?Oh my god?, she mutters.

I will admit, for a split-second I thought that utterance was going to be followed by a scream, a knee to my jewels, and her running to her purse for her can of mace. But luckily for me, that was not her reaction.

I began to knead her breasts with my hands, through the material of the robe and started to slowly move my hips back and forth. Lightly grinding my penis into the small of her back. I brushed back her hair and lightly kissed her on the left side of her neck. She tilted her head to the right and groaned lightly.

I eased off pressing on her, letting her move back away from the dryer a little bit. When she did that, I moved my hands down and untied her robe.

With her robe untied, she turned around to face me. With some serious lust in her eyes. I leaned down and did something that I thought I would never do. I moved my mouth to meet hers, watched her eyes shut slowly, and slipped her the tongue.

I was French-kissing my 62 year-old ex-mother-in-law.

Holy shit.

Despite being freaked out, I was also incredibly turned on.

I opened up her bathrobe, moved my hands up and lightly gripped both of her breasts in my hands. They hung a little lower, sure, but they were not that bad. In fact, they felt great.

I pinched her nipples a bit and I was awarded with a low, but very deliberate moan. We continued kissing and her hands went to the waist of my shorts. She quickly figured out that after undoing the button that she also had to untie the string and unzip them. After doing so, she started working them down my thighs. Of course, I repositioned myself to help her and let them fall to the floor.

She immediately cupped my testicles with one hand and began stroking my penis with the other. While she did this I pulled back from our kissing and removed my shirt. As soon as I had it above my nipples, she dove into my chest and began gnawing, sucking, licking, and kissing my nipples.

She seemed to have left her inhibitions in the living room and I had uncaged a wild animal. Standing there in the hallway, half in and half out of the laundry nook, there we stood.

Her in her open white bathrobe, with no panties, sporting a neatly-trimmed patch of pubic hair above her vagina. Me standing there nude, with my khaki cargo shorts around my ankles. Her noisily pleasuring me with her attention to my chest and nipples while stroking me with a grip that alternated from firm to soft.

If anybody walked in the house right now, we would just be busted.

That was not on either of our minds right now.

She reached over and tipped the open top hamper over. Spilling the dirty laundry onto the floor. At first, I thought it was an accident that she did that. Then I realized that she did it to give her knees some padding from the hardwood floor.

She knelt down and took my penis into her mouth in a smooth motion. As she positioned herself, I had kept my hands level, letting them drag up her upper body as she knelt down. As she began to bob her head up and down, I positioned my hands lightly on the top of her head.

It has been my experience that some women like to have hands on their heads while they perform oral sex, and some don?t. So it is always a risky maneuver to do that so early-on, but I guess I just had a feeling.

It might have been because her daughter liked for me to do that. Pulling her hair, and even gagging her. So I guess when I did it to Eve, I was figuring that Camy probably had her blowjob techniques passed down hereditarily, or something.

The groan as soon as my hands were on her head were a greenlight for me. I started out by stroking her hair gently, but that did not receive any audible response from her as she steadily worked on my penis with her mouth, hands, and tongue.

But when I began to get a little more forceful, a little more hair-tugging, and hands at the rear of her head pushing a bit, she began to moan again. Evidently, like mother, like daughter.

I would rub my open palms against her cheeks and she would turn her head so I could feel my penis pressing against my hand through the flesh of her cheek. Her hands had worked around to my back and eventually she had a firm grip on my ass and was pulling me into her mouth.

Ma-in-law is a freek.

Again. Holy shit.

I really began to get into the motion and the increasing roughness of it all. A couple of times, by accident (I promise), I gagged her as I pushed her head on a downstroke.

The gags never slowed her down or made her want to stop. She just kept at it and was beginning to spend more time tonguing around the glans and licking the hole.

?Do it?, she said, a bit out of breath.

She did not have to say that twice.

As she went back to circling her tongue around the engorged head, she began to work back into her magnificent performance, going all the way down the shaft quickly. Forcing her face into my midsection, effectively gagging herself repeatedly.

I came as hard as I can ever remember cumming in my life. She gagged some more, blowed her cheeks out full a couple of times while trying to suppress and control her reflex, but never let escape a drop of liquid.

She continued to bob up and down until she had swallowed everything I had.

My legs felt like jelly as this ?mature? lady had just pleasured me better than I had been pleasured in a looong time.

As that moment ended and she went to the bathroom to compose herself, I tried to comprehend everything that had just happened. After convincing myself that this was indeed real and I was not dreaming, I began to think about and ponder what it would be like to have intercourse with her.

After she came out of the bathroom, with her robe tied back again, she smiled big and said, ?Well, that was fun?, and let out a big laugh pushing any awkwardness away.

?Very fun,? I stated with a huge smile. ?I am ready for more.?

Her eyes widened, and the smile on her face broadened even more.

?Just like a man, never satisfied,? she playfully scolded. ?I have to be getting ready to head back over to Camy?s. We will have to put off the second round to some other time.?

?Well, you are welcome here ANYTIME,? I inferred.

?I would think so?, and with that she walked over, kissed me on the cheek, and retreated to the guest bedroom.

Shortly after, she was out the door. I have not seen or spoken to her since. But it has not been THAT long, so I am not surprised. Whatever made her do that, maybe it was a one-time thing. Maybe she needed to let out some old demons. Whatever it was, it was something I will never forget.

My ex-ma-in-law.

Holy shit.

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