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A Week to Remember, Couples, Fantasy

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I paint houses and my lover asked if I would be willing to come to her house and do some touch ups. We had spoken about it before, in joking. She knows I have is week free when she calls me and talks me into coming out. Could you imagine being in the same room with your lovers¡¦ significant other? He has no idea about us and we plan on keeping it that way. The reason he¡¦s home is that he¡¦s semi-retired and only works a few days a week.

I don¡¦t know why I allowed her to talk me into this but there I was Monday morning ready to start painting. Her husband greets me at the door. He¡¦s a big fucken dude, we do our typical greeting handshake thing and he invites me in, and then calls her. I see her coming from their office, she¡¦s wearing a big smile, looking sweet in her mommy sweatpants and tee shirt, her hair is pulled up and she¡¦s wearing the right tint of lipstick and looks hot. She seems to be at ease with this whole thing of having me in her house at the same time as her husband. I was a nervous wreck, yet this whole thing has gotten me excited.

After our greetings she leads me to where she has the paint stored, shows me what needed to be done and disappears into the office. All day he is coming in and out of the house, I swear he was checking up on me. We made small talk every time he came inside, and by Wednesday things between he and I are a little less tense. She doesn¡¦t make things any easier for me, teasing me rubbing up against me every now and again making it hard for me to concentrate at times. The flirting between us has become hot and furious, sneaking a passionate kiss or sneaking a feel here and there.

It is now Wednesday; she is feeling lusty and is prancing across the living room making sure I take notice. I sense she¡¦s feeling like a Queen and we are her consorts, working around the house. He¡¦s vacuuming and I¡¦m painting. She¡¦s in the office, on the computer, chatting with another male a possible prospect for her stable. I make mention of this to her and she laughs at the idea of it. We usually meet Friday nights, but this Friday night is not going to come soon enough. She and I both know this.

I¡¦ve been here since 10 am and it¡¦s now 3 in the afternoon. He just went in to take a shower. I¡¦m getting ready to clean up and go home, she calls me to the laundry room, which is at the back of the house. She¡¦s standing behind the door; closing it she pulls me to her and kisses me passionately. Her lips are wet and our tongues begin their dance. Softly her tongue swirls around mine, she tastes so fucking good. My cock is now hard as she grabs it, squeezing it through the fabric of my jeans Rubbing the head and feeling the wet spot that is an indication of my arousal. She tells me she wants me to fuck her right then and there.

I wanted to resist, but before I can say the words, she opens my pants reaches into my boxers and pulls my cock out. Looking into her eyes, I can see into the depths of her soul, and we understand each other. I¡¦m the one that brings the freak out of her. With one swift move she pulls her sweatpants down. She then takes my cock and starts rubbing her clit with it. I try to tell her that we could get caught but she reassures me that it¡¦s ok, ¡§he take long showers¡¨. With that said, she turns around bending over and tells me to fuck her and for me to cum all over her back. I take her by the hips, rubbing the head of my cock along her slick pussy lips so that I make the head wet giving me easier access. I slide my cock deep into her, she sighs pushing back onto me. I¡¦m not a 5-minute man but there was no time for trying to put this off. I wanted release. I hear her say ¡§Cum on my back BABY, come on fuck me¡¨. I start piston fucking her, my balls are slamming into her. Her pussy is so wet and my cock fits like a glove ¡§Oh shit baby, YES!¡¨ I can barely keep myself from yelling as my toes begin to curl. I¡¦m about to cum. I pull my cock out and explode all over her back as wave after wave of my orgasm take me over. Mmmmmmm that was good. ?º

I can¡¦t wait till Friday.


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