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A Very Hot Morning (romantic, couple)

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I lay in bed, naked, pondering the situation I was in. I was feeling rather hot and bothered, as they used to say. I had been since the minute I woke up. I originally thought a cold shower might help, but the icy water had left me with painfully erect nipples. The subsequent task of lotioning myself had only worsened my predicament.

Usually, this would not be such a problem. After all, over the years my husband had come to know every curve of my body, every pleasure point, and every moan-inducing spot. Together we?d gone through early forays into various kinks, finding those that made us laugh, left us cold, or turned us on beyond what we?d imagined. We?d had raw, passionate makeup sex, and emotion-filled, gentle lovemaking.

Nowadays, he could make me melt with his eyes closed. I often joke that I married him just for the things he can do to my pussy with his long tongue. Too bad he was away on a promotional tour, probably autographing copies of his latest comic while I squirmed in aroused discomfort. To make things worse, he wouldn?t be home for another three days. It seemed I would have to take care of the problem myself.

I rolled over onto my belly, cringed as my beasts were squished into the bed, and reached under the bed for my little toy chest. I sat up and opened it, contemplating its contents for a moment. I picked up an old standby XXX DVD, and slipped it in the DVD player.

I watched as a slender, golden-skinned redhead expertly licked a top heavy brunette?s shaven slit. Red seemed rather displeased with her friend?s timid moans and she looked up, pinching her partner?s nipple before taking her clit firmly between her lips. That got the reaction Red wanted; her friend cried out and arched her back so violently she almost threw her off. I, on the other hand, was bored. ?I?ve seen this one too many times,? I thought as I fast forwarded to the next scene.

It involved a man and a woman. They both looked strangely normal for a pair of porn actors. The actress? hair was only mildly highlighted and fell loosely to her shoulders. Even her breasts could almost pass for real.

The couple seemed to have some chemistry. Perhaps they were lovers in real life. In any case, he was taking her from behind with much gusto and she did not seem to mind one bit. She was bucking back just as enthusiastically, her cheeks slamming against his pelvis. The sounds of their grunts and groans filled the room?and left me completely unmoved.

Ugh. This was not going well at all. Hot as I was feeling, reaching climax should have only taken me a few minutes. I manipulated my clit from side to side, up and down, slow then fast, to no avail. Defeated, I and flung myself flat on the bed.

What I really wanted was my husband. I wanted to look into his loving brown eyes as he caressed my face. I longed for the sight of his tall, lean body, revealed little by little as he undressed me. I wanted to feel his lips on my cheeks, on my breasts, on my belly, on my?just the thought of it was making me wet. As my hand slipped between my legs again, I could almost hear the sound of his voice in my mind?s ear.

?Need help with that, Honey??

I opened my eyes and bolted right off the bed; he was actually here! I almost toppled him over as I jumped into his arms and kissed him.?Hello to you too,? he said, smiling his usual impish smile. As it turned out, one of the venues where he had been scheduled to appear was closed due to a rodent infestation, so he?d decided to postpone his last two stops and come home early. I never thought I?d be thankful to a bunch of rats.

He held me a little more tightly, kissing me as his hand ran over my close-cropped hair, and then traced my spine, from the nape of my neck to the bare, smooth chocolate curve of my butt. The heat I had momentarily forgotten rose to the surface again; my pussy was moist, tingling, yearning for him. I slipped a hand between us, lifting his shirt off of him so that I could feel his skin against mine. I?ve always loved his smooth tan skin.

I kissed my way down his chest, nibbled at his toned belly, and found myself on my knees, facing the fly of his pants. I removed them and tossed them aside; his jockeys followed soon after. I reached for the sac of soft, wrinkled skin at the base of his cock and held it in my palm, gently caressing it while I licked a trail up the underside of the shaft.

Having reached the tip, I twirled my tongue around it, enjoying the sound of my husband?s gasps as I let him slip between my lips. I continued to fondle him while slowly sliding up and down his length, making lewd slurping noises, taking in the dizzying scent of his sex. My efforts soon had him fully aroused, and he extended his hand to help me to my feet. I gave his cock one last lustful suck, reluctant to let him go, before standing up.

As soon as I was on my feet, he swooped down to suck on one of my dark nipples, causing me to fall back on the bed with a giggle. I ran my fingers through his curly black hair and moaned as he worked my nipple to hardness. He slid up to kiss me, harder this time, and as our tongues tangoed with each other, I could feel the familiar heat of his hard cock resting against my belly.

He kissed his way back down, lingering between my breasts. Finally, supporting his weight on his arms, he fixed his eyes on mine and entered me in one long stroke. He rested there for a moment, enjoying the moist heat enfolding him. Then, still looking into my eyes, he withdrew almost completely, making me whimper before plunging into me once more. Mmm?what could be better than having my husband inside me, our bodies fitting together as perfectly as they were meant to?

He began to thrust into me, in a purposeful, measured rhythm. The slickness of my arousal made it easy for him to slide in and out, teasing every nerve of my inner folds. I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling him in until his pelvis connected with mine, until my clit rubbed against him.

I arched my back. I moaned loudly at the sensation of feeling him so deep inside me. He groaned as I clutched him inside, and that sudden squeeze of my inner muscles seemed to send him into overdrive; he picked up his pace, bottoming out with every thrust.

I put my arms around his neck, pulling him down into a passionate kiss, moaning into his mouth as he continued his determined thrusting. I ran my hands down his back in my excitement, my nails scratching at his skin, making him pant frantically. With his sweaty chest pressed so tightly against mine, I could feel his heartbeat.

With my eyes closed, our mingled scents seemed even more intoxicating to me, and my own racing heart was a deafening drum in my ears. The taste of his lips on mine completed the sensory overload, and as I felt him begin to twitch inside me, I saw reds, and blues, and yellows behind my closed lids. I opened my eyes, crying out as my body began to shudder, just in time to see the blissful expression on his face as he filled me with his come.

He took a moment to catch his breath. He softly kissed my neck before moving on to my shoulders. By the time he reached my breasts, covering them with feather-light kisses, my skin was beginning to tingle again. I could feel his cock hardening again against my thigh, and I felt my slit drooling in anticipation.

Soon he was kneeling just off the edge of the bed, his tongue softly lapping at my still-sensitive lower lips. He tugged at them playfully, nibbling, and then sucking them into his mouth. He began to suck on my clit, while two of his long, slender fingers slowly worked inside me. I moaned, gripping the sheets and lifting my hips while he tasted me.

Feeling myself close to the edge, I joined him on the floor and kissed him hard enough to leave his lips swollen. I ran my hands through his hair, down his back, and then gave his butt a playful squeeze. Then I pushed him back until he was lying supine, and continued to kiss him, my body undulating against his. I shifted until I was on all fours, facing his feet, and I crawled down his body as leisurely as a cat.

I paused and hovered right above his erection, letting him feel the heat that would soon engulf him. Then I sank down gradually, allowing just the engorged head to enter me before I began a deliberate, measured gyration of my hips. Our mood was now much more subdued, and I rocked slowly, lazily, my eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of holding him in my pussy.

Suddenly, I felt his arms around my narrow waist as he shifted, raising us both to our knees without separating our bodies. I whimpered; I always feel so filled when he takes me from behind.

We resumed our rocking against each other, our breathing synchronized. Soon his fingers were digging into the abundant flesh of my ass while he thrust faster. The heat within me was building again, fuller, radiating throughout my entire body. I felt one of his hands slip between my legs and massage my swollen clit. My thick thighs trembled, and I turned my head to the side so we could kiss once more as we dissolved into each other.

As we settled in each other?s arms, I felt the calm that had eluded me all day. In my love?s embrace, there is a peace that nothing else can provide.

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