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A True Fantasy

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A True Fantasy

My husband and I love sex. We love to look at porn together and surf the internet for interesting and new things. We went to a sex club a few times and let people watch us have sex and watch me give him a blow job. Here is one of my favorite fantasies that will come true as soon as we have the house to ourselves for a night.

I get a phone call from my husband on his cell phone on his way home from work. He has a 2 hour drive and wants me to keep him company on the ride. He asks me what I am doing so I decide to make the time go quickly for him with a little fantasy. I start telling him how horny I am and how I can?t wait for him to get home so that I can please him in any way he wants. I tell him that I am going to take a very hot bath and shave my legs and pussy for him. At this point I realize that I am really very horny and I should just carry out what I am saying instead of my original idea of doing chores around the house and giving him a little phone sex. I start the bath, light some candles and get a glass of wine.

I tell him that I am going to get myself ready for him. I make sure to clean myself very well so that I have the sweet smell of ?clean? even thought I am a very dirty girl. I sip my wine in the bath and tell him how I can?t stop thinking about his beautiful cock. And he does have one amazing cock. It is absolutely perfect. He wishes it was a bit longer, but I gotta tell you, he?s multi-orgasmic and his cock is so beautifully perfect. It is straight and just the right size to jam down your throat without gagging. And there are times when he is really worked up that I swear it is at least 1-2 inches bigger than when we have a typical session.

So I lay back in the warm, luxurious bath and imagine that perfect cock???. and my pussy starts to twitch. We talk a little sex talk and I decide that I will watch some porn and get dressed up for him. I get out of the bath and smooth rich vanilla scented lotion all over my body. Sitting on the bed in front of the mirror I describe to my horny guy on the phone how I am smoothing the lotion in a circular motion around my huge 34 DD boobs. When I am all done rubbing lotion on every inch of my body until my skin feels like satin, I go to our stash of videos, sex toys and erotic outfits and I pick out his favorite. A black lace push up bra, a pair of see through black bikini panties, sheer black thigh high stocking and a garter belt. I put him on speaker phone and describe the scene for him in my most erotic voice. When I am done I take out the finishing touches, black patent leather 4 inch fuck me pumps, black gloves that are quite long, a black lace short robe that is satin and 3 strands of pearls around my neck choker style. Then I carefully apply some make up.

I ask him, in a little girl voice if he has his pants unzipped and he says, ?Of course I do. Do you think that I would waste a perfectly good opportunity to masturbate while driving? I don?t even have to conjure up my own fantasy to get off.? I ask him if his dick is hard and how long he has been stroking it. He says that he is rock hard and that he started when I called him. I think ?wow, he is such a horny guy, I bet he would have done that even if we weren?t on the phone?. He has told me that he often jerks off in the car when he is horny.

So I pick one of my favorite videos, something called ?Art Core? and decide to go downstairs to the family room to watch it. By now I have drunk 1 full glass of wine and I?ve got a pretty good buzz on. I figure he?ll be home in 1 and ½ hours and I need to pace myself so that I am good and drunk when he gets home. I am not inhibited in anyway, the getting drunk just makes me even more wild.

I put the video in and lay down on the couch, spreading my legs as wide as they will go. I describe each move in great detail (using the speaker phone so that I have both hands free for the fun that is to come or should I say cum). He reminds me that I am not allowed to cum until he gets home. Since I consider myself his sex slave I do as I am told. The movie starts and it?s really hot. I start to part my outer pussy lips with one hand and I very gently tap my clit with the index finger of my other hand. I ask him if there is anything special that he wants me to do. He says that I should pull my tittys out of the top of my bra and very softly rub my nipples with the tip of a finger. So I follow his instructions. He says no pinching and only one finger?.I absolutely love when he tells me what to do. My body gets all tingly and my pussy just begs to be touched. And he knows it. So he says, ?no touching your clit?.

So I lay there and work myself into frenzy, moaning and saying his name and telling him how bad I want to be fucked. I hear him groaning and know that he will explode within a few minutes. So I ask if he has any cum dripping out the tip of his dick and he says ?oh yeah?. I ask him if he has tasted it and he says ?oh yeah?. I am so jealous, my mouth actually begins to water. His come tastes so good. I want so bad to taste it. I ask him if I can stick a finger in my pussy so that I can lick it for him. He laughs because he knows me so well and says ?can?t wait to suck me off huh?? So he says, no, that I should wait and he will make sure that the wait will be worth it. This arrangement works real well for us, since he can orgasm countless times without a real pause and I need quite a bit of build up to really cum hard. He proceeds to stroke his dick, in his usual way and I hear that familiar grunt and moan as he says my name and he explodes all over one of his hands while the other is still on the wheel.

This gets me real wet. Any my pussy is now twitching as if it is having an orgasm but I am not having an orgasm, just aching for one. It really is uncomfortable and feels like what I imagine a mild case of blue balls must feel like for guys.

So this goes on until he is practically around the corner. He tells me to get a glass of wine ready for him and get myself freshened up, so I go pee so that we won?t be interrupted when he walks in the door.

His glass of wine is waiting, I start the video over and I greet him at the door. I walk to the foyer and lean against the wall, since I am quite drunk by now and can?t really keep myself steady for too long. I have this really naughty look on my face like I want to be gang banged and would be up for anything nasty and I am hoping that one day he brings some friends home on such a night to make that fantasy come true.

I grab his hand and lead him to the couch. He sits down and I lay on the floor directly between his legs, pulling off my panties. I spread my legs for him and masturbate, licking my tits and wiggling around on the floor like someone is tickling me. He whips his dick out and I can?t keep myself away from it. I gently wrap my finger tips around his hips and I bury my face in his pubic hair. His hair has the smell of sex and I nuzzle my nose in his balls and rub his dick on my face in the crevice of my nose and all over my cheeks, eyes and neck. I lightly with my finger tips stroke different areas of his dick and he moans. He asks me why I like being so nasty and I say ?will you please cum on my face?? He pauses and says ?well, let?s see what kind of job you do and if you earn it maybe I will cum on your face.? So I work hard to please him. I take my time because I know that he likes it to last for a long time and because I know that he wants to make me wait so long that I am pleading with him to fuck me. I have brought a full length mirror into the family room and placed it next to the couch so that he can watch from another angle. I move to one side and I stroke his dick with my tongue. He reminds me that I haven?t paid any attention to his balls and that if I continue this way I will definitely not get my wish for his cum on my face and I definitely will not get to cum tonight. So I moisten my lips and accumulate some saliva in my mouth and open my mouth as wide as I can so that I can put his dick in there without really touching it very much and I lubricate his dick. I begin to lick his balls and put each one fully in my month and move my tongue around on it in a circular motion while stroking his dick with one hand. As his excitement mounts I slip one finger of the other hand into my mouth to lube it up and I gently use it to stroke the area between his anus and his balls. He moans with approval. I start to fuck his ass with my finger with his balls in my mouth while stroking his dick. He flings his head back and arches his back. I keep this up for quite a while, wanting to do a good job but not wanting him to cum unless it?s on my face or in my mouth. I have the best orgasms after I get to taste him cum. So I concentrate to keep the rhythm steady but try to sense when he is on the edge. Finally he says I have earned the right to have his cum on my face, so I move my face near the head of his dick and stroke away with that twisting motion that he loves. I really like when pushes me onto my back and jerks himself off onto my face but I would not dare ruin this for him. He squirts 3 long strands of cum on my face, one across my closed lips, one by my nose and the other down my chin. I don?t open my lips for a taste until given permission to do so.

He leans over to the coffee table and gets the camera and snaps some pictures of my cum strewn face, muttering that I have never looked better. Then he leans over and wipes a strand of cum with one of his fingers and slowly puts it in my mouth, saying ?that?s right baby, lick it all up?. He continues this until all of the cum is off my face and I have licked his fingers dry.

He reminds me that this is for him and I need to do all the work tonight and tells me to finger fuck myself and make myself cum for him. So I lay on the edge of the couch and he sits right next to me and I dr*pe one leg over the side and one across the back and start to really work my pussy. It is dripping with cum from the excitement of the having his cum on my face and in my mouth and I am quickly on the edge of having an explosive orgasm. I jam 2 and then 3 fingers inside my pussy and leave them there. He reaches over and lightly touches my nipples and pulls at them and pinches them. With the 2 hour build up of waiting for him to get home; I feel a wave of an explosion in my pussy. It feels warm and it radiates from a central point. With that he leans over and pushes my hand away and start to rub my pussy, a finger between the inner and the outer lips. I explode again and again, my teeth go numb from the heavy breathing and panting and I feel like I am on the verge of loosing consciousness. I collapse and my body relaxes from the intense orgasms.

We go upstairs to take a nap and within an hour we are at it again???.

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