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A Tangled Web - PART 1

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Lacy briskly toweled her firm body as she stepped out of the steamy shower onto the cool white marble floor of her massive master bathroom. Looking into the full-length mirror at her tall slender frame she smiled at herself; her thirty-eight years had been good to her. Her full c-cup breasts sagged only slightly, and her waist was still tiny as ever. She turned around, surveying her backside, pleased that her daily workouts had kept her cheeks firm and her legs muscular, yet slimly feminine. Her weekly tanning sessions maintained the golden brown color of her skin which was accented by her long auburn hair flowing down just past her shoulders.

Lacy was not vain, but took great pride in her appearance. She dressed sharply and enjoyed the admiring smiles she often received from men in her presence. She exuded confidence, but not the air of superiority common of many successful women. She lived in a very comfortable two-story house on a five acre estate. Lacy?s master suite took up most of the second floor.

As she methodically brushed her silky hair, she could see Allen through the divided-light window next to her dressing table mirror. She intentionally left the curtains open so that she could enjoy the warm morning sun and see the beautiful gardens and pool that covered her huge backyard. Allen was a freshman landscape architect major, working his way through college as Lacy?s gardener and pool maintenance man.

This warm August morning, Allen stood bare-chested in his bright yellow swimsuit as he pushed the powerful underwater pool vacuum back and forth across the pale blue bottom of the pool. Lacy was intrigued by this young man?s six-foot two inch muscular frame, and enjoyed watching his biceps flex as he deftly worked the long pole attached to the vacuum. His body was well-sculpted, a result of his passion for lifting weights. Lacy felt a mild stirring in her loins as she continued brushing her soft hair, intensely focused on Allen?s athletic body.

He glanced up and saw that Lacy was watching him through her floor-to-ceiling second-floor bathroom window. Her golden skin was accented by a smooth white bra and thin pink bikini panties. He quickly turned away, embarrassed by her stares and not wanting to jeophardize his job with her by letting her see him stare at her semi-naked body. He needed this job badly to pay for his schooling and an occasional date with his girlfriend Kindra. This wasn?t the first time he had seen her staring at him, and it made him feel very uncomfortable to have his boss watch him so closely. But however uncomfortable he felt about her being his boss, the sight of Miss Lacy in her underthings awakened strong sexual desires deep within his young mind.

Allen was very shy, having been raised in a strict home environment. He had been taught that sex was bad; taboo, not to be talked about. One time, when he was fourteen, his father had caught him looking at the swimsuit girls on the Sports Illustrated web site. He had punished him severely, spanking Allen bare-bottomed with a heavy wooden paddle. He only learned about sex through self experimentation and locker room talk he overheard at the gym. Even though he was almost twenty years old, he was still very much a virgin and had never even touched a girl?s breast or other private parts.

Sex, however, was still very much on Allen?s mind. Like most boys his age, he could become hard and horny in an instant; he constantly thought of girls and sex. Like a buck in heat, Allen would sometimes become so consumed by his sexual desire that nothing else mattered at the time. He masturbated frequently, rarely a day going by without vivid sexual fantasies. His most frequent and arousing fantasies involved either his girlfriend Kindra or his boss Miss Lacy.

Seeing Lacy in her bra and panties effected Allen?s sex like pouring gasoline on an open flame. His cock immediately began to rise inside the loose fabric of his swimsuit. He had fantasized about her so many times before, and some of his best orgasms had been when he thought of Miss Lacy astride his hips, sliding up and down on his hard cock. Even though he wasn?t looking directly at her, Allen knew that she was probably still watching him. He turned away from her window, dropped the long pole of the vacuum, and began walking to the guest/party house just west of the pool, his cock growing longer and thicker with each step.

The structure was a combination guest house and pool party house. Built of natural stone that matched the beautiful masonry work around the pool and hot tub, it had a large den area complete with pool table, fireplace and wet bar. Off to each side of this living area were matching bedrooms adorned with king-sized beds and private baths. The front wall of the living area consisted of floor-to-ceiling glass panels with a reflective coating designed to repel heat and sunlight. This allowed a nice view of the pool from inside, but blocked the view of anyone on the outside.

Once inside the pool house, Allen looked back toward Lacy?s window. Now he was watching through the safety of the reflective windows. He could see her clearly as he began to rub his swelling sex. She was still standing in front of her window, her sleek profile visible as she deftly applied various make-up items to adorn the natural beauty of her smooth face. Allen?s cock continued its journey toward full erection as he intently watched this woman of his dreams.

He thought about touching and suckling her large breasts, wondering what it would be like to feel the slickness of her hot sex surround his swollen shaft. For some reason Ms. Lacy?s mature body appealed to Allen much more than the younger girls he went to school with, and the fact that she was rich and powerful excited him as well.

Allen reached down inside his swimsuit and began rubbing his hard cock, feeling its warmth and spreading the slick pre-cum around the tip. He had never touched a woman?s breast before, but he imagined how soft and tender it might feel in his strong hands. He dreamed of suckling Miss Lacy?s breasts one by one as his hand moved up and down his swollen shaft.

Lacy was disappointed that Allen was leaving her view. The heat between her legs continued to build as she watched him walk to the pool house. The dampness of her sex caused a small dark wet spot to appear on the front of her silky pink panties. He looked so good, his strong legs and tight butt hidden only by the thin yellow swimsuit. She wondered if he had left because he had seen her watching him. Surely that was the case, she thought, because he obviously wasn?t finished vacuuming the pool. She knew that Allen was a very shy boy, and probably wasn?t comfortable seeing her in her undergarments watching him work.

Allen was rubbing his hardness with fervor while he watched Lacy don a white cotton sun dress and retreat from view of the window. Even though he could no longer see her, the heat inside him escalated with each stroke of his young manhood. He continued to rub his young cock as he made his way to one of the back bedrooms, where he lay down on the soft bed. Removing his swimsuit, he spread his legs and cupped his smooth balls in one hand and he rubbed up and down the full length of his shaft with the other. His thoughts continued to be of Lacy, her full breasts, and his imagined wetness of her pussy.

He was on the brink of orgasm, the end of his cock slick with his own juices. He pumped up and down his thickness, moving faster and faster as his breathing became more rapid. He arched his back with excitement and tension and passion built inside his young body. With his ass raised slightly off the bed, he pumped up and down, his hand fully wrapped around the thickness of his hard, smooth cock. Visions of Miss Lacy touching him, kissing him, even kissing his cock floated through his young mind as he continued his journey to explosion.

?What a good boy, Allen? she said softly. Allen stopped in his tracks, and looked up with frightened eyes seeing Miss Lacy standing in the doorway. He cheeks reddened with embarrassment and fear. His cock immediately began to deflate as she walked to the bed and sat next to him.

?It?s ok, Allen? she said. ?Young boys need to masturbate, and you don?t need to feel bad about it. I know all about boys and what they need, honey.? Her voice was soft and gentle as she bent over and lightly kissed his smooth cheek. Her left hand rubbed his smooth bare chest as she ran the fingers of her right hand through his thick brown hair. She stared into his frightened eyes, her face only a few inches above his.

?Allen, you are such a handsome boy? she said. ?I enjoy watching you while you work, your hard muscles and tan skin are so sexy! You don?t need to feel bad about masturbating, especially now that Miss Lacy is here to help you.?

?Do you want Miss Lacy to help you with your sex, Allen? Do you want me to teach you all about the things that young men need to know to please a girl?? she asked as she softly wrapped her smooth hand around his young sex.

?Uhh, er? Allen stammered, his eyes darting back and forth as he tried to think of how to answer her. He had never even been seen naked by a girl, much less caught in the act of playing with himself.

He was so embarrassed, but he was also still so excited, in a way even more now that she was here beside him, her face only inches from his, her hands on his body. Her smell was subtle but sweet, her face beautiful and bright. He did indeed want her, he wanted her very badly.

Lacy?s smile disappeared, her eyes narrowing as she sternly instructed Allen to answer her. All Allen could muster was a whispered ?Yes, Miss Lacy?.

She kissed him again, this time on his lips, lingering for a moment with her closed lips pressed against his, then licking his lips slowly and softly with her wet tongue. His young lips parted slightly as she delicately slipped inside his young mouth, touching first the tip of his tongue, then exploring the inside of his lips, his gums, and finally his teeth. He pressed his tongue to her lips and she quickly sucked it into her steamy mouth, gently at first, then harder and harder and their passion rose.

Allen had never experienced such a kiss. His sex was now on fire with desire for Miss Lacy. He had not even imagined how much desire a simple kiss could inspire in his loins. He knew that Miss Lacy was sexy, but never imagined it would be this good ? and he hadn?t even touched her yet!

She rubbed his chest with one hand, teasing around his now erect cock with her other. Gently breaking the kiss, she smiled sweetly looking deep into his bright blue eyes.

She took his young cock in her soft hands, rubbing it slowly and gently as he began to return to full erection. Lacy slowly pumped his cock up and down, moving her face to within inches of the glistening tip. She reached out with her slender tongue, lightly licking the precum from the tip, continuing her gentle hand pressure up and down his swelling shaft.

Allen moaned softly as she surrounded the tip of his penis with her lips, licking and sucking gently. Savoring the taste of his precum, Lacy slowly moved her mouth down the length of his long shaft, stopping about halfway, which was all she could handle in her petite mouth. She firmly wrapped both her hands around the base of his penis as she began to pleasure his most sensitive parts with her mouth.

She sucked up and down his hard penis, licking the ultra-sensitive spot just underneath the tip with her tongue when she neared the top. As Lacy sucked harder, Allen?s moaning became deeper, louder, and more frequent. His bottom muscles tensed as he reached for her mouth with his hips, wanting her to take him deeper and deeper. His feet now flat on the bed, he raised his hips high as she pulled on his swollen shaft with her mouth and hands.

His pulse was rapid, his breathing heavy. She disengaged her mouth from his sex and began to pump him hard, up and down, both of her delicate hands encircling his thick cock.

?Oh, what a good boy you are, Allen!? she exclaimed as she looked deeply into his excited eyes. ?Make it shoot for me, baby! Oh that?s it, honey, I feel your cum rising in that magnificent young cock? she said, pumping him with increasing fervor.

?Oh, Miss Lacy, I feel it. I feel it coming!? Allen almost screamed, arching his back high off the bed. ?It?s so good, Miss Lacy! You make me feel so good!? he said with a slight whimper in his voice.

She felt his manhood increase in girth and length, his veins pressured by the sex built up within him. A small drop of white semen appeared on the tip of his cock, then a gushing flow of hot cum shot forth landing on the top of his chest, spattering his chin and young smooth cheeks. Screaming moans of ecstasy, he shot a second stream which landed right in his open mouth. His young cock continued to gush forth his thick white fluid as she pumped him up and down, each load shooting a little lower on his chest. She watched his writhing body with pride, working all of the hot cum from her new plaything. Finally, he was finished.

She held him in her arms while he began his retreat from this most intense sexual high. Slowly and softly, she spread his sweet sticky fluid with her tongue, covering his face and smooth chest. She looked into his eyes, smiling proudly at her new young boy toy, and imagining the pleasures that now lie ahead.

(End of PART 1)

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