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A Sunday Romp

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I am a petite blond, in her mid 40s. I am 38/30/36, have a well rounded derriere, well shaped thighs and calves. Men really like my legs. My husband is twenty years older and last year, when it was apparent to him that his sexual powers were waining, he proposed I become a Hotwife because he believed I had not yet achieved my sexual peak. It took a while, but I decided to give it a try and now I have four male friends that really pleasure me.

I hadn?t seen lover number two for two months (our last romp made for many new fantasies) and I was really anticipating feeling him against me. I wanted to give him a visual treat to jump start his ardor, so I carefully chose my outfit. I wore all black: a black waist cincher, black six strap garter belt, black lace top high stockings, black satin platform heels and all under a white, translucent kimono. So that this outfit would really hit him visually, I wore it under my tweed cape so that when I arrived at the his place he would see the outfit as soon as I shed my cape.

As we walked into the condo he had on a white shirt and pajama pants. He helped me off with my cape and as soon as it was off my shoulders my outfit had the desired visual effect. His eyes widened and he wrapped his arms around me from behind and started kissing my shoulders. I turned into him; we embraced and started passionately kissing. He began stroking my upper thighs and my derriere. He pulled the cups of my bra down so that my nipples were exposed and started kissing them very lightly. The kisses were so light it felt wonderful, like a soft wind was blowing over them. They hardened with pleasure and my libido took a jump. His hand dipped into my panties and started stroking into the cleft of my cunt. He said I felt very wet and ready.

First he had me give him fellatio, sucking him deeply. Then he had me stand in front of him with the evening light coming in the glass doors illuminating me while his eyes feasted on my sexy outfit. His eyes roamed over me and he tweaked my nipples. Then he had me turn my back to him while he sat on the ottoman and began to massage my cunt from behind. It felt really pleasurable. He surprised me by asking me to bend forward to touch my toes which was a challenge because my high heels were platforms. Still the effort bore fruit because he started to lick my pussy from behind while seated on the ottoman. The feeling of his tongue darting into my cleft and stimulating my clit made me quiver with passion and pleasure. I kept stroking his arms. My glasses came off and went on to the coffee table, and by this time my panties and bra were long since shed onto the rug.

He had me get on all fours on the rug in front of him and he slipped that big, thick cock into my cunt from behind. He held my hips with his strong hands and pulled me into that wonderful rhythm that I love so well. I moaned and yelled as he fucked me from behind, I love the feeling of his cock hitting just the right spots inside my cunt.

Then he rolled me over onto my back and plunged his cock deep into me, missionary. My thighs wrapped around him over his thighs and my heels were behind his ass. His thrusts accelerated until he began that rapid piston action that sends me into quivering orgasms. He moved his arms, which were leaning on the floor by my waist under my knees raising my legs up until my calves were resting on his shoulders. Lover number two was the first man to fuck me in this position. It takes great flexibility to assume, but when I do it, it feels so great. After fucking me very thoroughly, he stood up and had me sit in front of him and give him more fellatio.

We then took a break and moved to the bedroom. On the way he said he had a new ?toy? to treat me with. When we got to the bedroom he had me lay on the edge of the bottom of the bed. He then pulled up the Chinese red glass dildo, which I knew so well, and a new, large wall powered vibrator with a heat feature and a speed control. He turned on the new vibrator and ran it all over my body giving me a sexy massage. When he concentrated on my breasts my nipples hardened up and got erect with tingling pleasurable feelings. He worked the vibrator down to my thighs and up onto my slit stimulating my clit. While he thrilled my clit, he skillfully worked the dildo in my cunt. Now, I was already accustomed to the wonderful feeling of the dildo sliding in and out of my cunt and hitting my ?G? spot; the vibrator, which he kept switching up to speed and adding warmth, was working in tandem with the dildo to produce wave after wave of warm shivering orgasms in me. I was cuming over and over with the cums building higher and higher in intensity. A couple of times he leaned over me and nibbled my breasts and stomach.

After a strenuous introduction to the new ?high powered? vibrator we slid up on the bed to cuddle and kiss. I leaned over and began to give him deep throat fellatio. As his cock slid deep down my throat, I could feel it getting harder and larger. He moved my hand down to the base of his cock and whispered to me to stroke it lightly with my nails and then instructed me to lightly suck his balls engulfing them into my mouth. The way I observed his body reacting was amazing. He tensed up and moaned a lot; when I glanced up at him he had a look of being elsewhere (it appeared he was transported and was ?in the zone? of sexual stimulation). Then we just snuggled together kissing deeply and passionately. My hand just naturally drifted down to caress his cock and balls; it just seemed the instinctive thing to do. My husband says it was an ?artistic? image, with my right knee crossed over my lover?s leg, my breasts against the side of his chest and the curve of my right hip displaying the garter straps over my thigh.

My lover whispered for me to climb on top of him and ride him ?cow girl? style. I rocked back and forth on his hips feeling his cock slide in and out of my cunt. When I would slide back over his balls his cock would penetrate very deeply into the depth of my cunt and it felt incredible. I kept having cum after cum in waves that crested higher and higher. He was stroking my breasts and thighs while I was riding him. He would coach me to rock slowly at times and at other times to rock rapidly and vigorously.

Both my lover and I had a great work out by then and we took a break. I went to the bathroom and my husband got me a glass of wine to quench my thirst. I really appreciated the drink. Sex with lover number two is very intense physical exercise, but unlike a work out, I can?t get enough.

After a rest and more passionate kisses and caresses he asked me to mount him on top, but facing towards his feet. This is called ?reverse cow girl? and it was the first time I had done it since my husband was in his forties. At first it felt strange, but I shifted around and rocked back and forth and gradually it began to feel both more natural and very pleasurable. I especially liked the pleasure of feeling his cock press against the inner walls of my vagina in new and interesting ways. While I was sitting erect with his cock deep in my cunt he told to me pinch and caress my nipples myself, which added an extra measure of pleasure. I ground my ass against his hips and rocked forward lifting my hips working his cock in and out in the most intensely pleasurable way. While I was deep in bliss, my lover was rubbing my spine, derriere and lightly stroking the crack between my buttocks, which I especially like. From time to time he would also reach around and caress my breasts. Then he asked me to lean back and as I did so, he slipped out. I don?t think that is what he intended to happen.

He rolled me onto my back, spread my knees and entered me with that terrific, hard, thick cock of his. He put his elbows outside my knees lifting my black platform heels onto his shoulders and really began to fuck me good. He would thrust slow and deep hitting my ?G? spot and my cervix. It was intensely pleasurable. He then picked up the tempo, pistoning his cock into me faster and faster. He moved forward lifting my ass higher and then crouched up on his toes. I love this position and I started to have waves of cums and began to yell unconsciously with passion. He slowed his strokes so they he again was penetrating me deeply and moved back onto his knees. He rested his hands on my upturned thighs and gave me deep, slow strokes.

Then he lay down with his chest against me and let my legs down until they were wrapped tightly around his thighs with my black heels holding him just under his ass cheeks. I could feel the soft hair of his chest rubbing against my nipples and breasts and my nipples responded by becoming erect, hard and sexually sensitive. My lover?s thrusts were now slow and deep. I put my arms around his back and caressed him. I could feel his cock starting to get even harder and to swell. I thought he must be getting close to cuming. He reached up and gathered my arms and then pulled my wrists together tightly and raised them and my arms over my head. He kissed me very deeply and passionately. I could feel his cock start that twitch that means he is cuming and then I felt that exquisitely pleasurable feeling of his warm semen pumping into me. I love to feel his cum deep in me against my cervix; and I am glad that he now fucks me ?bare back? as I can?t experience this feeling when a condom is being worn.

After cuming in me and filling me with his wonderful hot semen, we cuddled and kissed with me wrapped around his lift side. My right hand made slow circles around his balls and I lightly ran my nails against them. Feeling that wonderful thick cock in my hand, I moved my mouth down over it and sucked him until his cock started to stiffen. Then I slid my lips down, bobbing my head, and worked the head of his cock deep into my throat. I really love to suck and deep throat this man, my favorite lover.

Finally, I had him aroused again and he slipped off the side of the bed and pulled my ankles over the edge and had me bent over the edge of the bed. He stood behind me, put his right hand on my right hip and with left guided his now hard cock into my willing cunt. He began to thrust faster, and faster and I heard again that slapping noise as his hips hit the cheeks of my ass. His cock felt exquisite and began hitting both my cervix and my ?G? spot. I started to yell with the pleasure and soon began to have one cum on top of the other. He slowed his strokes and then pressed hard and deep one last thrust. He pulled me up and I turned. We put our arms around each other and kissed passionately.

It appeared that the evening was finally at an end. We went back to the living room and sat on the sofa with his arm around me. My husband went to the kitchen to pack up the left over wine. While he was in there my lover began to passionately kiss me. Suddenly, he was in front of me, lifting my legs by the ankles and spreading my thighs. He put his hard cock against my cunt and I reached down and guided him into me. When my husband came back from the kitchen he was greeted by the sight of my lover?s ass bobbing up and down with my ass showing between his thighs as he fucked me deep and passionately. I loved it. My husband had to move the coffee table back to allow my lover room to plunge deep into me. I felt his cock start to get more stiff and it seemed to grow thicker; I now recognized this as the sign that he was about to come. I reached out and gripped his thighs with both hands, dug my nails into them and pulled him into me as deep as he could go while my own orgasm started to build. Then we both came together, I could feel waves of compression running up and down the insides of my cunt while his cock pulsed and pulsed and his hot semen spurted against my cervix and filled me until it started to leak around his shaft and run down my ass. I could feel the hot semen all through my pelvis. What a intense feeling and what a way to cap an evening of pleasurable ravishment.

I rode home with a glow and a grin.

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