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Free Erotic Stories

SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "A Stranger In The Library".


A Stranger In The Library

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It?s a Friday afternoon, about 4 pm, and there?s a crowd of people here. They are trying to get their stuff done and get out because they just got off work or out of school and the library closes in one hour. I?m walking through the stacks, skimming my eyes over books, seeing if anything catches my attention. Not any books catching my eyes, but through one of the stacks, a hot woman catches my eye.

I stop, adjust my eyes and look through the stack at her. It?s about 70 degrees outside today, so she?s wearing a jacket; not a heavy one but not a light windbreaker either. It?s just a plain brown jacket that is just long enough to cover her whole upper body and extend just past her ass too. Her legs are bare, making me wonder if she has anything on under that coat. Surely she does. But at least my imagination can run wild anyway.

I look her over. She has long blonde hair, coming about 6 inches past her shoulders. It?s straight and easily flows as she slightly turns her head, looking for a book. She looks to be about 5?8? and about 130 lbs.

My imagination is running wild and I?m already horny as hell just looking at her and letting my imagination go.

I turn to my right, walk down to the end of the stack, and step into the next aisle, her aisle. I slowly walk up beside her, studying her as I approach. She?s not looking at me because she seems to be focused on finding a book. I act like I?m looking for one too. I?ve got a few in my hand already, so that adds to the expectation that I?m looking for more.

I cut my eyes to the left, checking her out without being too obvious. The skin on the side of her face looks so smooth. I want to reach out and rub her soft looking skin with my hand, run my fingers through her beautiful hair, but I don?t even know this girl and she doesn?t know me, so that?s out of the question.

Instead, I slowly move closer to her, trying to get into her personal space to see what she does.

The closer I get, I watch carefully, not wanting to scare her away.

I?m rewarded because she doesn?t move away from me.

I bring my left hand up to my mouth and clear my throat lightly, so I?m not too loud. I want to see if she looks at me. She doesn?t.

She looks young and definitely sexy. The coat obviously doesn?t let me see much of her body, but I can still tell she?s sexy. I decide to try something that will either get me ignored or slapped.

I step back to walk behind her and let a book slip out of my right hand onto the floor, right behind her. As I bend down to pick it up, I glance up her coat, knowing I can?t stay down there and ogle under her coat.

Oh my. What a sight. Instantly I am rock hard. My fantasy has proven to be true after all.

She is not wearing anything under the coat to cover up her ass or her pussy, and damn she is sexy. Nice firm ass, smooth skin, nice, clean, shaved pussy. The lips look well taken care of.

I stand up, being directly behind her, and help my left hand to quickly brush over her ass, under her coat.

She jerks slightly and stiffens up.

?I?m so sorry,? I whisper quickly, before she can turn around. ?I was picking up my book.?

?Did you like what you felt?? She asks me, in a very low voice so she doesn?t disturb anyone and bring attention to either of us. We are, after all, in a library.

My face flushes red. I?m so glad she?s not facing me and looking at it.

I gently clear my throat again, this time from embarrassment.

?Yes, I did.? I dig up the courage to actually say it.

?Then what are you waiting for? Get your fill.? She stays standing right in front of me.

I wonder if she?s serious, but figure she is, since she hasn?t moved and told me to keep going.

I reach my right hand back under her coat and feel her soft, smooth skin under my fingers. I rub her firm ass, starting at her left cheek, crossing over to her right cheek. Her cheeks are cool to the touch, and my fingers flow nicely in and out of her crack.

We both realize that I?m slightly lifting up her coat in order to feel her ass, so her ass is somewhat exposed to anyone that might walk by. It doesn?t bother me, but actually turns me on more and doesn?t seem to bother her either.

She moans, very quietly, but enough to let me know she?s enjoying it.

Keeping my left hand on her ass, I put the books in my right hand on the shelf in front of her and push myself up against her, my chest against her back. With my right hand I move some of her hair aside and kiss her neck, lightly.

She cocks her head to the left just enough to give me more space to kiss her skin again. She then gently leans her head back against my shoulder and lets out a heavy breath. She straightens her head back up, places her hands on the shelf in front of her, and spreads her legs apart, just a little.

While I keep rubbing her ass with my left hand, I take my right hand and reach around her front and feel for a zipper or buttons in the front of her coat-some kind of opening. I feel big buttons on there, keeping the coat closed, using only about 4 buttons all up and down the front. These are those huge buttons, so it doesn?t take many. It also makes it easier for me to just unbutton the bottom one and slide my hand into her coat. I reach in with my right hand, feel her belly, and move my hand down-reaching for her pussy. I know she?s shaved, so I glide over her nice, smooth skin.

My right hand finds her pussy, feels that she is already wet, and my fingers start parting her lips. I start rubbing her clitoris, while still rubbing her ass with my left hand. I just can?t get enough of how her ass feels.

She moans again, this time slightly louder. She lets out another heavy breath. Her breath catches as I rub her clitoris, then slide one finger in her pussy. She?s hot, wet, and ready.

?Fuck me.? She barely whispers it, between her breath catching and her body starting to jerk more.

I act like I don?t hear her right away, wanting to feel her more.

?Fuck me now,? she says more forcefully, with a distinct haze to her voice.

I still stall, keep rubbing her front and back.

She pushes her ass against me, reaches her right hand down, removes my right hand from her pussy.

?Fuck me,? she says in a low growl. ?Take me now, damnit, now.?

I look around, to make sure no one is hearing her. She?s getting just a little louder, although she probably doesn?t realize it.

I take both of my hands off of her, although I don?t want to. I unzip and unbutton my pants, take myself out, which is easy because I?m not wearing underwear, and slide my dick up against her ass. Just the feeling of her flesh against mine just about sends me over the edge.

I take a deep breath.

?Fuck me damnit.?

I raise up her coat again with my left hand, feeling her ass again with my left hand.

I push my dick down with my right hand and grab her hip with my left hand. I slide my dick between her legs, and she opens them up a little bit more. She pushes up against me as I use my right hand to reach around the front of her.

Before I can guide myself in, she takes her right hand and grabs my dick, sliding me into her hot, wet pussy.

So here we are, in the library, in the stacks, among other patrons, and I?m standing behind this hot, sexy woman with my rock hard dick inside her wet pussy. I can?t believe this is happening, and it?s an incredible aphrodisiac.

Apparently it?s working for her too, because as she pushes herself back on me to take me deeper, she starts rocking just enough to move me in and out of her, faster.

She starts to move her head back, releasing another heavy breath.

Almost immediately she lets out a sigh and I can feel her juices running down my balls and my legs.

I hope she doesn?t move away from me yet, since I haven?t climaxed.

She makes me proud of her. She pushes against me harder again and gently squeezes her legs, again rocking slightly back and forth to get me moving in and out of her again.

?Your turn,? she says.

I keep my left hand on her left hip and I put my right hand down and over her pussy. I don?t put my fingers in her, or play with her pussy, or rub it. I simply cover her pussy with my fingers, at least what I can cover of it with my dick in her. I push against her pussy with my hand and I feel her body tense up and release again, letting her juices flow down me again.

She has already finished twice, and I?m yet to finish, but I?m about to.

I feel it coming. She notices too.

I push myself hard against her ass, and she pushes her ass hard against me.

I tense up, she spreads her legs about an inch or two and squeezes her ass, her flesh, up against me, taking me in as far as she can.

I explode in her, clamping my lips shut so I don?t make a sound as my mind is filled with feeling her. As I explode, she explodes again herself. We both stand there after we?re done, for just a minute, enjoying what we just experienced. Enjoying feeling each other. Feeling the skin against skin, feeling her pussy holding onto my dick. Knowing that we just had amazing sex right here in the middle of the library and apparently no one has realized what is going on.

?Do you come here regularly,? I ask her, hoping to repeat this again.

?No. I?ve never been here before, but I think I may start making this a routine.? She sighs again, regaining her composure.

?My name is??

?Don?t. Shhh.? She cuts me off.

She moves forward now, letting me slide out of her, and puts her coat back down over her awesome ass, covering herself back up. She reaches to her bottom button and closes it back up. She picks up a couple of books off of the shelf.

?Don?t ask questions. Don?t look at me. Just take this for what it was, and maybe, just maybe, you?ll see me here again, sometime, standing in front of this stack, remembering our wonderful experience.?

With that she walks off, keeping herself turned away from me.

I quickly put my dick back into my pants and zip up. I pick up my books and walk away from this magical spot too. I see her back as she walks away, thinking, hoping that she will turn around for a quick glance. She never does. She turns and walks toward the front door where the checkout counter is.

I take off and start walking quickly that way, thinking I can catch a glimpse of her now. As I turn the corner and start looking for this incredibly sexy woman, she?s no where in sight. There is not one woman in the lobby to fit the description of the woman I just fucked.

I think I?ll have to take her up on the offer. It?s much too good to pass up.

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