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A Strang Finger in the Bar

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One evening while on vacation in Florida, my wife, Kate, and I decided to stop by a bar near the hotel we were staying at before calling it a night. Thankfully the bar was located right across from our hotel so we were able to park our car and be through with driving for the evening which was a good thing since we had already polished off a couple bottles of wine during dinner and had a pretty good buzz going.

As soon as we opened the door we realized that this was not a bar at all, but a weird cross between a 70?s disco-teck and a 90?s hip-hop club. ?Oh this is going to be great people watching? I said as we entered the club which consisted of a massive dance floor in the center with three bars located on the side and rear walls of the club. Strobe lights flashed above the dance floor in sync with the music that was pulsating through the club at a deafening level. The place was packed with people and it was difficult to make our way to the bar located along the back wall which appeared to be the least crowded of the three. We wiggled our way through the crowd and finally made it to the back bar. As we tried to get the bartender?s attention, a couple of guys were leaving and we squeezed into their spot which was near the corner of the bar.

We ordered a couple of beers and tried to engage in a conversation but the music was overwhelming. Even drinking the beer was difficult as other patrons would momentarily squeeze between us to pay for and retrieve their drinks that they had ordered by yelling over us to the bartender. The place was so crowded that we were occasionally bumped into by someone dancing or we were being jostled by people just moving with the ebb and flow of the crowd that clearly exceeded whatever capacity limits existed for this club. At least being up against the bar offered us some refuge from the masses and, but for a group of three guys to our left, we were almost against one of the outer walls. The guys to our left looked to be in their early 20s and seemed to be a much better fit for this place than my wife and I. I had them pegged as regulars. There was a middle aged couple to our right who appeared to be fellow vacationers but they didn?t stay long. I was right about the people watching. Woman wearing 4 inch spikes and lace gloves and guys with shirts unbuttoned with half a bottle of product in their hair were plentiful. It was like Miami Vice meets Jersey Shores.

We ordered another couple of beers and I ordered a shot of Jameson for me and tequila for Kate. I was trying to get Kate really liquored up as she tends to lose all inhibitions when she?s drunk. The last time we were in Florida, a night of drinking resulted in her giving me a blowjob on our villa?s balcony which would have been clearly visible to anyone in the adjoining units. It was late at night however and the chances of being actually seen were slim but it was our first sexual act in public. We always tended to be a little more adventurous on vacations ? something about no one knowing your name or where you are from. I believe the anonymity allowed us to take a vacation from our regular routine in the bedroom and be more adventurous.

When the three guys next to us saw the bartender pouring Kate a tequila shot they were impressed. ?You do tequila shots?? asked the one standing closest to her as she quickly drained the tequila from her shot glass in less than a second. ?Yeah, don?t you?? she shot back as she held up the now empty shot glass to the bartender while giving a nod of her head toward the guy next to her. Not wanting to be called out by a woman in her 40?s, he slowly struggled to down the shot while his friends gave him shit. The friends, seizing on an opportunity to either get him drunk and/or put him to shame by being out drunk by a woman, ordered 2 more tequila shots.

Kate took it upon herself to ?school? this young man on how to drink tequila shots. She told him to put the lime in his left hand and told him to lick the back of his left hand so she could shake the salt on it. The guy smiled devilishly and held up his hand for Kate to lick for him, probably thinking that she wouldn?t do it, but instead she stuck out her tongue and slowly dragged it across the length of his hand while staring into the guy?s eyes as sexily as she could. An uproar of ?whoas? and ?oh yeah? came from his two friends which were soon replaced by ?drink up Rick? after they saw that Kate had downed her second shot while Rick was still standing dumbfounded. I leaned into the group and announced, ?no more shots for now? which was met by several ?boos? from the young men. There was a time when I would have put an end to the shots for the guy?s sake but those days of drinking for Kate were way gone. Now I was putting an end to the shots because I didn?t want Kate to get too drunk to participate in whatever sexual boundaries we were going to push later that night, that is, if I was lucky.

I gave Kate a ?What are you doing?? in a fake fatherly tone and told her that she was going to get those young boys all excited. ?They?re going to think they?ve found themselves a cougar.? I said jokingly. ?Not a cougar, a Kitty Kat? she said with a sly smile, referring to her self-titled, sexually uninhibited, alter-ego that usually only made an appearance in our bedroom. She leaned in closer to me as we started to make sexual innuendos back and forth about what was going to happen later that night back at the hotel. Just Kate licking the back of the guy?s hand had led to a 5 minute conversation about what else was going to be licked and by whom. There was little concern about being overheard since you practically had to yell in order to be heard over the music unless you were talking directly into the other person?s ear, which was what Kate and I were doing anyways. During one of these ?lean ins?, Kate let her hand rub against the front of my jeans and gave a quick squeeze of my cock which had slowly started to grow throughout our sexually charged conversation. She smiled, I think priding herself at being able to give me a hard-on simply by talking, and asked me how I was planning on walking around with that thing in the bar. I told her that there was no need to worry about anyone noticing as it was hard to see anything with all the strobe lights flashing in the place.

Kate leaned back into me and I thought she was going to use the embrace again to rub her hand against my cock but she was only leaning in to tell me something. Kate said that one of the guys behind her keeps brushing up against her ass. ?Who Rick?? I asked, but she quickly shushed me. She took another drink from her beer and as she was putting the beer back on the bar she quickly snuck a look to her left. ?Yeah, it must have been Rick, the one I did the shot with.? she said. I told her that is what she gets when she starts licking strange men?s hands in bars. I asked if maybe he had accidently rubbed up against her because it was so crowded but Kate said that it had happened a couple of times and added, ?It didn?t feel like an accident, if you know what I mean.? I said I couldn?t blame the guy and that it was her own fault. ?My Fault?? ?Yes your fault. You get him drunk, you lick his hand like you were licking his cock, and it?s your fault that you?ve got a great ass.? My wife just smirked and shook her head from side to side while looking toward the floor. I asked her if she wanted me to say something to the guy but she said, ?No, he?s probably just drunk.? I leaned in and told her that she should just let the guy have some fun then and that he?ll probably be telling his friends all night how he had been rubbing that married woman?s ass in the club. ?Enjoy it? I said, ?You?re on vacation.?

Kate looked at me kind of funny and said she needed to go the bathroom. I wasn?t sure if she was mad at me for my response to the situation or if the shots had caught up to her. She was gone just a few minutes and when she got back I asked her if she wanted to switch places. She said she was fine where she was at but leaned into me again and said, ?Could you do me a favor and hold these for me?? With her left hand she pushed her balled up panties into my pocket. My mouth fell open and before I could say anything she shot back, ?You were the one that told me to have some fun. I?m on vacation. Remember??

It wasn?t long before the guy started to brush up against my wife again but this time Kate, ever so slightly, pushed her ass back against his hand. He got the hint right away. It was a subtle move but one that conveyed to him that she did not mind the contact. If my wife had not told me about him touching her ass, I would not have suspected that anything was happening behind her. The guy was facing away from us still talking to his friends with his right arm simply hanging straight down his side next to the bar. As I looked past my wife I could occasionally see his forearm moving but I could not see what his hand was doing as it hung too low behind my wife.

Kate started to move her hips in a slow, squirming fashion. It was a slow sway which could have very easily been mistaking for swaying with the music but I knew she was grinding her ass against the guy?s hand. A devilish smile came across her face as she stared into my eyes and took another drink of her beer. I returned the smile and leaned in and told her that my cock was rock hard. She glanced down and said, ?Oh yes you are.? noticing that the slight bulge which had previously been detectable only by touch was now replaced with a clearly visible impression of my cock that showed through my jeans. I leaned in again as if to say something to Kate but I was really just looking over her shoulder to see what the guy was doing now. I saw Rick?s arm moving again behind her. I still could not see his hand but I knew exactly what his hand was doing based on the movements of Kate?s skirt. Rick was very slowly pulling up her skirt with his right hand, inch by inch, like if you were trying to pull up the end of a rope with one hand. With each grasp of the fabric another small role of the skirt?s material appeared at the bottom of his forearm. He was trying to be so subtle that it took him almost a full minute as he was only inching up the skirt a half inch at a time with each grasp. When he finally reached the bottom of her skirt, his hand was able to reach underneath the material and the fabric which had been pulled up fell back to the sides around his hand. My wife?s eyes widened as she felt his fingers slowly start to move across her bare ass.

I could see Kate?s skirt moving as his hand roamed from side to side exploring and massaging her ass. My wife leaned into me and said, ?God I?m so wet.? My cock was now fully erect and I wondered if my pre-cum would soon be visible through my jeans. I looked at my wife and told her that I wanted her to tell me exactly what he was doing as he was doing it. I said it not as a request but as a demand. ?His fingers are cupping me and he?s slowly moving his fingers back and forth.? ?All of them or just one finger? Details are important.? I said sternly. ?He?s got his four fingers over my pussy and he?s sliding them back and forth slowly? ?What direction is he sliding them?? I asked. ?Front to back.? ?Is his hand wet now?? I asked. Kate slowly nodded her head up and down as she continued to stare into my eyes while gently biting her lower lip. ?What?s he doing now?? I asked. ?He?s pulled his hand from between my legs and he?s squeezing my ass. Now he?s moving his fingers back between my legs.? Is he stroking it back and forth again?? ?No, he?s using the tip of one of his fingers to slowly move it over my clit.?

Kate then took her hand and placed it into the palm of my hand which was lying on top of the bar. With her index finger she slowly started to move her finger in a circular fashion on my palm and I knew that she was replicating with her fingers what his fingers were doing between her legs. At times she would use two or three fingers and drag them back and forth across my palm slowly and at other times she would return to the small circular movements using one finger. For the next five minutes she communicated to me in silence through her fingers how she was being touched by the stranger behind her. At one point another woman came between us to order a beer and our hands broke apart. As I waited for the woman?s order to be filled I noticed that the tip of Kate?s finger was moving feverishly back and forth on the top of the bar. To anyone else it would have looked like a nervous tick but I knew that he was now rubbing her clit as fast as he could. Kate breathed more deeply and slowly and I could tell she was trying not to cum right in front of this woman who was standing only inches from her. ?Where you from?? I asked the woman, trying to prolong her presence and making it appear to Rick that I was completely oblivious to his actions. She said she was from Texas. ?This is my wife Kate.? I said gesturing to the woman on her left who looked like she was about ready to have a seizure. Kate, rather breathlessly, let out a nice to meet you. The woman said hello and quickly left after her drink had been delivered. ?Asshole.? was my wife?s response to me after the momentary intruder had gone. ?Are you getting excited?? I asked grinning from ear to ear. ?Um hum, ooohh yeah? is all she could say as she stopped her x-rated Helen Kellerish form of communication on the top of the bar and simply squeezed my hand really hard.

I was so intensely focused on my wife that I had not been looking at the guy who had his hand up my wife?s skirt. Rick was still looking in the other direction trying to ?play it cool? but I noticed that one of his friends was now standing very close to him on the other side of Kate shielding the action from the rest of the bar, but not from the view of the third guy in the group. The third guy had his eyes fixated directly on my wife?s ass. There would be no need for Rick to have to wait to tell his friends at the end of the night what he had been doing. They were both well aware of his actions and were watching him fondle my wife. ?Oh god.? My wife?s voice pulled my attention back to her. ?Is he still rubbing your clit?? I asked. ?Yeah, and it?s getting me REALLY excited.? She emphasized the word really and I knew that if he continued she would be orgasiming soon.

I looked down and saw a brass foot-rail at the base of the bar and told her to put her foot on it. She did as instructed which I knew would create just enough space between her legs so that he could finger fuck her. My wife?s eyelids closed slowly and she let out a deep breath as if she was trying to calm herself through some rhythmic breathing technique. ?Show me what he?s doing.? I said as I pulled my hand from her clench and laid my open palm on the bar again. Kate took one of her fingers and slowly pushed it between my second and third fingers and proceeded to slowly move it through my fingers parting them each time as I knew he she was being parted each time his finger entered her. Her single finger was replaced by two that pushed my fingers further apart as she slid them up and down before returning to a single finger.

During the whole time my wife was being fingered fucked our eyes never broke apart. I could see that she was losing control having seen that look many times in our marriage, but now it was someone else who was bringing her to the edge of orgasm. Her finger slid faster and faster through mine until she stopped suddenly and squeezed my hand as hard as she could.

Kate?s body shook as her body shuttered with the orgasm. Her foot fell off the railing and she squeezed her legs tight. I looked over her shoulder and saw Rick slowly start to pull his arm out from under her dress. Rick then switched positions with one of his friends apparently thinking that they were each going to get a turn but before the replacement was able to do anything Kate said, ?We?ve got to go right now.? Kate quickly started walking toward the door still holding onto my hand which she had not released since her orgasm. Neither one of us looked back at the three guys as we navigated through the crowd of dancers but I heard clapping, whistling, and shouts of ?Bravo? from a large group of people near the bar that must have been watching the entire event. My wife picked up her pace pulling me through the dance floor.

As soon as we were outside she swung around and kissed me hard. We kissed deeply with our tongues penetrating each other?s mouths until I broke apart and told her that we needed to get back to the hotel as fast as we could so I could fuck her. ?I don?t know if I can wait that long.? she replied. We quickly worked our way between the cars in the parking lot and headed toward the hotel. Kate was looking all around from side to side and I thought she was actually considering stopping and having sex right there in the parking lot against one of the cars. There were other people in the parking lot of the club and in the hotel parking lot ahead but no one was currently within 30 yards of us. Kate suddenly stopped between two cars, turned, and grabbed the zipper to my jeans. She yanked the zipper down and reached in with one hand to pull my underwear down as far as it would go. She then used her other hand to reach in and pull my rock hard cock out over my underwear and through my open zipper. She then grabbed hold of my cock and turned to continue walking toward the hotel. As she walked she began to slide her hand back and forth over my cock.

Between the cars her jerking-me-off was hidden from view but when we entered the aisles her handjob was clearly visible to all for a few seconds until we reached the next row of cars. There was a side entrance to the hotel near our room but Kate had not changed her path toward that entrance yet. Instead, our direct path from the club would lead us to the front doors of the hotel where several people were standing. I reminded Kate about the side entrance and she said ?shut up? and gave my cock a tug forward like she was pulling on a dog?s leash. When we got to the second to last row of cars before the hotel entrance she turned and pushed me against one of the cars. She leaned in and kissed me while still stroking my cock between us and said, ?You let me get finger fucked in a crowded bar, now it?s your turn.? She dropped to her knees and quickly engulfed my cock with her mouth.

With Kate on her knees she was mostly hidden from view between the parked cars but I was visible to everyone. Of course, if anyone got close enough or looked down the row of cars they would have seen all of the action. My head was on a swivel looking around the parking lot watching people as they left the hotel entrance and I was praying that their car was not parked near us. Then I suddenly realized that my looking around in all directions probably made it look like I was breaking into a car which would only draw people?s attention to me. I stopped moving my head and just used my eyes to scan the surrounding area frantically as Kate continued to suck my cock. Occasionally a car would drive up one of the neighboring aisles which only served to increas my apprehension. I looked down at Kate just as she was sliding her tongue along the bottom of my cock moving from the base to the very tip of it. She must have been looking up at me and saw me looking around nervously. ?What? Are you afraid of getting caught?? she asked. I told her to be quiet but that caused her to smile and say in a very loud voice, ?Are you worried someone will see me sucking your big dick?? I said, ?shut up? and grabbed the back of Kate?s head and pushed my cock deep into her mouth to force her to be quiet.

Kate was really driving me crazy. As my dick slid in and out of her warm mouth she was sliding her tongue from side to side mopping the underside of my cock. She then took my cock as deep as she could in her mouth and I felt her tongue darting out and flicking my balls. Once my cock was dripping with saliva she took her hand and started to use her hand as she was giving me the blow job. Her hand and mouth moved as one as they slid back and forth over my dick. I leaned back against the car and I knew that I would be coming soon. As I leaned back my head tilted to the side and I suddenly realized that I had been so concerned about being seen by the people in the parking lot that I had completely forgotten about the hotel rooms. The hotel was at least 15 stories high and faced the parking lots. I quickly started to scan the windows but it did not take long until I saw the man and woman staring out of their third floor window. The window was directly lined up with the row of cars Kate and I were in so they had an unobstructed view of my wife sucking my cock. Their room was only slightly lit by a light coming from somewhere behind them, probably from the bathroom, but it was enough light so that I could see that they were staring at us.

?Kate.? ?Kate.? I said again. Kate pulled he mouth off of my cock with a small ?pop? sound and said ?What?? annoyed at being interrupted from bringing me to climax. ?A couple is watching us from a window in the hotel.? ?Where?? she said as she turned to look at the hotel. Before I could tell her not to look she had located the couple in the window and actually started to waive at them. I tried to stop her but before I could she said, ?Look they are waiving back.? I turned to look and sure enough, they were both waiving back to us in the window. Kate repositioned herself a little and began to lick my cock from the side so that the couple in the window could have a better view. I continued to look at the couple as Kate continued sucking my cock and I saw that the guy in the window had reached over and was massaging the woman?s breasts. Kate increased her motion and I couldn?t hold off any longer. ?I?m coming.? I announced just as the first shot of cum flew from my cock and splashed against Kate?s cheek. She continued to fist my cock as load after load of cum shot out until there was nothing left. Kate used a finger to wipe the cum from her cheek into her mouth and swallowed it while I attempted to fold my now semi-erect dick back into my pants. We both caught a glimpse of the couple in the window as they were embracing and moving back further into the room probably to fuck each other?s brains out.

Kate and I walked hand in hand into the front of the hotel. The people who were standing outside were looking oddly at us and I suspected that they knew what we had just done but we didn?t care. Just as we were entering the hotel a large group of people were leaving. They must have been coming from a wedding or a dance. I told Kate that I was glad that we had finished before all of these people flooded out into the parking lot. We made it into the elevator to take us up to the 4th floor where our room was at. As soon as the door closed we kissed each other hard. I reached down and put my hand between her legs and felt the wetness of her pussy remembering that her panties were still in my pockets.

Once inside the room we both collapsed on the bed. We had never done anything like that before. We started to talk about the night?s events and I informed her that if we had stayed in the bar that she probably was going to get finger fucked by Rick?s friend as well. Talking about her being fingered by a complete stranger was enough to send the blood surging back to my cock. I quickly stripped off my clothing and told Kate to roll over. I then proceeded to reenact what Rick had done to her earlier in the night. I would occasionally ask her for guidance pretending not to remember whether he finger fucked her next or played with her clit. She finally said, ?Shut up and just fuck me.? apparently through with the games for the evening.

I climber on top of her and guided my cock into her pussy as she lay flat on her stomach. I started to drive down hard into her pussy which was the wettest it had ever felt. ?Are you thinking its Rick?s dick fucking you?? I asked but I got no response other than Kate pushing her ass up higher so that I could enter her more easily. Kate then got on top of me and she started to grind against my cock. She moved her hips forward and backward letting my cock rub against the walls of her pussy. Kate then started to move faster up and down. I grabbed her ass and used my hands to push her down hard onto my cock. Kate was going to orgasm again but I slipped my dick out of her before she could. I walked over to the window and pulled the cord to the dr*pes opening them up to the parking lot below. I then pulled the overstuffed chair around and faced it so it was looking out onto the parking lot. I sat down in the chair and told Kate to come over and get onto my dick.

The lights were off in our room and I knew from our earlier spectators that with absolutely no lights on in the room that our actions would be almost impossible to discern from outside. Kate walked over and was about to get on me facing me but I told her to turn around so that she was also looking outside while I fucked her. She turned around and slowly slid herself down onto my cock. She leaned back and I started to kiss her neck as my hands reached around her and started to play with her clit. The parking lot was crowded with people now as the last of the people from the dance had made it outside. ?Are you sure they can?t see us?? Kate asked as she slowly started to raise and lower herself onto my cock. ?Maybe just dark figures but as long as the lights are out they can?t see in?

Kate started to bounce harder on my cock and I could no longer reach around to her clit. She put the palms of both of her hands against the window to steady herself as she slammed her ass down onto me. My hands were now on her hips guiding her bouncing. When I though she was getting close again to orgasiming, I reached over to the table and grabbed the cord of the table lamp which I had made available for easy access when I was pulling the chair out. As Kate continued to bouncing up on down on my cock I ran my fingers along the lamp?s cord until I found the on/off switch. I pushed the small wheel forward until it clicked and instantly the room was illuminated.

I dropped the cord just as Kate was reaching for it to turn it off. I kept my hands positioned firmly on Kate?s hips preventing her from leaning over to reach the cord. At the same time I scrunched down further in the chair and started to thrust my cock up harder which kept her focused on just keeping her balance rather than making another attempt for the switch. Kate was going to come and put her palms on the window again for support. My cock continued to ram into her throughout her orgasm. Just as she was nearing the end of her orgasm my cock slipped out and I came again shooting whatever I had left on Kate?s stomach. I reached over and flipped the switch on the light off and we were once again returned to darkness. Kate leaned back against me and I held her tightly as our bodies recovered. Because I was behind her in the chair I could not look down in the parking lot to see if anyone had seen our window sex show, although it would be hard to imagine that it went unnoticed. Kate leaned forward and looked out and saw at least 15 people standing around in three different groups all looking up at the hotel. One was even pointing at the windows and it appeared that he was trying to give directions to the person next to him which room it had been that the couple was having sex in. Kate slid to the ground and quickly moved to the side of the window and closed the dr*pes -- ending the wildest night of our marriage.

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