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A Sexual Dream Fantasy

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When I go to bed, I dream about having a sexual encounter with you my dear, holding and embracing you close to me where I can feel your heart beating in rhythm with mine. I dream of being able to touch your sweet delicate skin and running my hands slowly across your sweet loving, beautiful body, as your body quivers from goose bumps from head to toe, exciting you terribly in that special mm way. I image tasting those sweet, delicate rose bud, luscious lips of yours and that your lips are pressing up against mine, we look into each other?s eyes; feeling our flames grow hotter by the minute with lusting passions that burn so deep within the both of us.

I start kissing your neck nibbling at your ear and drag my warm moist tongue across your smooth skin; across your breasts and gently blow cool air from my mouth over the moistened areas on your delicate loving skin. Arousing all your nerve endings though out your whole body, I drive you mad into a heated lust as I take my sweet time enjoying myself way too much; wanting it to last all night long and wanting to please you and turn you on as much as I possibly could.

I whisper words of lust and you answer with a sigh, welcoming my heated desire I feel you, you look so gorgeous to me when standing in the light my dear wearing that sexy two piece lingerie; you let me remove it. The top drops off and to my amazement I see the most beautiful luscious pair of sweet, soft delicate breasts. I run my hands gently across your breasts; your eyes roll back feeling that long awaited touch as I fondle your breasts. I notice your nipples getting harder and starting to rise up. I lower my head down to your sweet breasts and start licking them gently, slowly around and around the tip with my warm moist tongue; your body starts to shake with intense feeling that you have long awaited for, then I switch to the other breast and I start sucking it gently driving you crazy with delight. I look up at you to see the wild excitement in your beautiful, lusting, wild eyes and you wanted more!!!!

You weren't going to let me stop now, you wanted more and to experience everything with me. You were so horny you started to unbutton my shirt then ripped it right off my body; you were running your hands and nails into my skin as if you were craving me just as much as I was craving you my dear. I was so turned on and my passionate lust for you was engulfed in flames of red hot passion building up strong inside of me by the minute. The fiery lust I felt for you so incomprehensible, so vivid, so unique, so wild, that not even the reign of God could control it. The deep passion I was feeling, a need so necessary, a want so strong, a hunger of longing so strong for you I want to taste the sweet juice's of you!

I run my hands all over your beautiful beasts and your luscious body fills with great excitement. I reach down removing your sexy panties, and again I was totally amazed at such beauty; you were so hot and beautiful looking. I place my head in between your luscious long legs, separating your delicate lips and start licking your sweet clitoris. You, my dear, started moaning and groaning in sheer delight when I started performing my special "Soft Tender Licks" with circular motions. You tasted so good to me, my passion and sexual desire grew in excitement for you. I was driving you into an enjoyable, satisfying wild ecstasy while you were really enjoying my sweet warm, moist tongue licking your pussy as you climax time and time again; your legs were shaking with sheer delight with every affectionate lick. Then I started sucking it; you were acting as you couldn't get enough of these feelings, of this special pleasure I was sharing with you and with all that warm cream all over my face still I kept licking you knowing you were enjoying these feelings so dam much.

I stopped licking you after an hour to offer you a rest period from all the multiple orgasms you're experienced, but you dear didn't have rest of any kind on your mind!!!

You sat up and started to unbutton my pants pulling them down to my ankles and started fondling my cock and balls; you placed my cock in your mouth and started sucking it hard making it grow bigger and harder by the minute. I couldn't believe how great you were making me feel, making my shaft throbbing hard; you then pulled me to the ground wanting that hard cock inside of you. I lay down on top of you gently and started to insert my cock inside of you, sliding it in and out of you slowly so as not to cause you any discomfort of any kind; just offering you total pleasure. Your hands gripped both cheeks of my ass, pulling me closer to you wanting to feel all of me inside of you, You are wanting me to go much, much faster with the rhythm, your are so hot and extremely horny, you push me over and crawl on top of me reinserting my rock hard cock back inside of you. Now you are in full control, and you take over acting wild with delight, bouncing up and down on top as my hard, throbbing shaft slides in and out of you and you my dear, are acting as if you couldn't get enough of me. You moan and groan screaming my name out in sheer delight ever time you climax. The faster you pump my hard throbbing shaft inside of you; I know you want every inch of me inside. I decided to perform the many positions I know will please you. I was driving you completely insane with the best delightful feelings you have ever felt before while making sweet lustful pleasure to you on our bed. You please me so much, turning me on again and again. I was so hot with burning passion for you. I could feel it build up inside of me, wanting to explode. I held it back as long I could, wanting just to please you just a little longer; suddenly it happens I explode inside my condom the same time you climax.

While laying next to you my dear, I feel totally exhausted. We are intertwined in each other?s arms as I think to myself I wouldn't want anything more than to please you, sharing the heated lust together. I whisper softly in your ear how much I enjoyed it; having this experience with you, my dear. I kiss you and we fall asleep that morning in each other?s arms.


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