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A Penny for your thoughts

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?You are not going to believe it!? Vi exclaimed from the cell phone.

?What?? I asked from the solitude of my hotel room.

?I just talked to Penny and she is going to the game too? she replied.

?You mean she?s here in town?? I inquired.

?Yes, I just got off the phone with her and told her where you are staying. She said that since she was there alone if you weren?t busy that she would like to have dinner with you. I told her that you would be happy to see her.?

Vi was my 45 year old wife that was still a knockout. With her 36D?s she still turns heads. She has a beautiful smile and curly dark brown hair. At 5?4? her curvaceous figure still excites me just like it did when we met 16 years ago. She is great in bed and has a sexual appetite that rivals my own. Throughout our marriage we have been extremely adventurous in our sex lives trying different positions. She considers herself an exhibitionist and we have taken advantage of this to show her off as we traveled around the country. And though this had gotten her propositioned several times we have never included another person into our sex life.

The Penny that she referred to was her sister. Penny looked almost identical to Vi but was three years younger. She had the same luscious lips and big beautiful smile. Her 36C?s were so perky that sometimes it was all I could do to keep from sucking on them. Fortunately we got along well and I knew that we would have a good time that evening.

Vi and I talked for a few more minutes and she finished the conversation by telling me to take care of Penny just like I would take care of her. I assured her that I would and hung up the phone.

Normally when I go to work one of the game broadcast I just find something quick to eat and watch movies or work on the computer in my room for the night. Since I was having dinner with Penny I figured that I better freshen up. I went into the bathroom and had just gotten into the shower when there was a knock on the room door and I heard Penny say,

?Mark, it?s Penny. Let me in.?

I quickly stepped out of the shower, wrapped a towel around me and opened the door. I invited Penny in and told her that I had just gotten into the shower and would be out in a couple of minutes. I asked her where she was staying.

She paused a moment as though she was thinking about how to say it before she blurted out. ?I?m staying with you.?

Before I could respond she quickly followed up by saying that her hotel reservation had gotten lost and that there were no other rooms available due to the big game. She said that Vi had told her that it would be ok to stay with me under the circumstances and she hoped that it would be ok with me too.

I laughed and told her that it would be fine and that I hoped that she didn?t mind sharing the bed with me. She said that she thought that she could manage if I didn?t mind sharing it with her. Hearing her words instantly brought my manhood to full attention. While we were quite friendly and sometimes flirted with each other I had never thought that I would ever get into the same bed as her even if it was just to sleep. I wondered just how much sleep I was going to get.

I managed to finish my shower and get dressed even though I couldn?t get my hard on to completely go away. When I came out of the bathroom Penny was sitting on the side of the bed watching TV. She looked up and me and said, ?It looks like you got all decked out for me.?

?You?re looking pretty good yourself.? I replied as I gazed at her sitting there in the low cut tight fitting T-shirt and short black skirt. Her slender tan legs gently crossed and dr*ped over the side of the bed. I let my eyes wander up and down her legs taking in the wondrous view. I finally looked up and saw Penny watching me check her out. She smiled and stood up.

?It?s nice to be appreciated.? she said.

I apologized for staring and held out my hand to escort her to dinner. Since neither one of us had a car we decided to eat at the restaurant in the hotel. Nothing more was said of my staring and we proceeded to enjoy the rest of the evening. All through dinner we talked about everything except the obvious electricity between us. The waiter kept the wine flowing and by then end of the meal we were somewhat tipsy.

As we rode the elevator up to my floor, Penny leaned over and kissed me, and thanked me for dinner. She kissed me again this time her tongue probed my mouth. I was momentarily stunned as she had never acted this was around me before. Before I could react the elevator door opened and she pulled away. She led the way teasing me with her finger to follow. As we entered the room she grabbed my head and locked her lips onto mine.

When I pulled back she said, ?Don?t worry. It will be OK.?

?But Vi?? was all I could get out before she kissed me again. My head was swimming. Was this the wine or was my sister-in-law trying to get me to cheat with her. I felt a vibration in my pocket. I pulled out my phone.

?Oh Shit!? I said when I saw the name on the caller ID. It was Vi. I pulled away from Penny and answered the call.

?So has she gotten you in bed yet?? Vi said laughingly.

?What?? I asked.

?You heard me. That was the plan. For her to finally get you into bed.?

?You planned this??

?We?ve been planning this for weeks. I?ve seen you and Penny flirting with each other and a few weeks ago when you mentioned that you were going to do the game, Penny asked if she could spend the weekend with you.?

?So that?s what you meant when you said to treat her like you?

?Now you?re getting the picture.?

Penny took the phone out of my hands and told Vi that she was taking up too much of her time with me. I could hear Vi laugh and say good bye. Penny tossed the phone on the bed and kissed me again. This time, having my wife?s blessing, I kissed her back. Her lips tasted so sweet. I felt her probing my mouth and I joined in letting our tongues dance around each other in pleasure.

Penny started unbuttoning my shirt and pushed it back off of my shoulders. As she rubbed her hand across my chest she kissed my neck and ear lobes. I responded by pushing her back onto the bed. I ran my hand up her soft silky leg and rubbed across her very wet panties. She pushed me back and in one swift move had removed her top revealing to me the black silk bra holding those perfect 36 C?s. I leaned over and buried my face in between her breast taking in the intoxicating fragrance of her lightly scented perfume.

When I reached to unfasten her bra, Penny pulled her face into mine. Her tongue hungrily sought our mine. Our lips locked as her bra slid down between us. I took my left hand and gently cupped her breast. It fit so perfectly. I playfully bounced it up and down and then tweaked her rock hard nipple. She moaned in pleasure.

?I have fantasized about you for such a long time? she said. ?Vi has told me over and over at how well you pleased her. She said that you know just what it takes to fully satisfy a woman.?

?I have fantasized about you too.? I told her. ?I always wondered if you were as good as your sister in bed.?

?Well, I guess we will both find out tonight.?

Penny finished removing my shirt and then unfastened my pants and slid them down releasing my extremely stiff member.

?Mmmmm, how nice.? she stated. ?It?s larger than what I had expected.?

I looked down and noticed that I was swollen more than usual. ?I?m sure that it?s probably not quite as big as what you are used to, but I manage to get the job done.?

She teased the tip of my cock with the tip of her tongue. ?Tasty. Vi said that while you may not have a big dick you really know how to use what you have.? She then engulfed my member with her mouth and began blow me. While she sucked my dick, she played with my balls, rubbing them around in her hand. She took her middle finger and lightly stroked the area between my ass and balls. My knees began to weaken and I slowly collapsed onto the bed beside of her. She climbed on top of me and continued to give me one of the best blowjobs of my life.

When she straddled my face I slipped my fingers underneath the sides of her panties and slid them off revealing her beautiful Brazilian waxed pussy. Her pussy was quite different from Vi?s. Vi has a large clit and big floppy lips but Penny?s lips were much smaller and looked more like a small slit. But I could see that she and my wife had one thing in common. They both got very wet. I could see the juices glistening down the crack between her legs. I stuck my tongue out and gave a long slow lick across her bare slit tasting the juice of her womanly fruits for the first time.

Penny moaned and started to grind her pussy into my face. I stuck my tongue deep into her soaking wet hole and licked up the delicious nectar flowing from her nether regions. I nibbled on her clit and licked and sucked on her tender little lips. Penny was doing her best to continue the attention she was paying to my manhood stroking me with her hand as she licked and sucked.

Suddenly Penny tensed up and with a final shove into my mouth released a flood woman honey into my mouth which I eagerly drank down licking off every last drop. Her orgasmic spasm was all it took to send me over the edge and I exploded in her mouth shooting my sperm deep down her throat. She continued sucking me until she had drained every last drop from me.

Without even taking a minute to recover, this beautiful woman started saying, ?Fuck me. Put your nice hard dick in my pussy and fuck me NOW!? There was no way I was going to disappoint her and not take the opportunity to finally fuck my sister-in-law. I pushed her to the edge of the bed, took a leg in each hand, spread her wide open and slid my still stiff member into her well lubed hole. Oh it felt so good. She was tighter than Vi and the difference in her pussy lips created a much different sensation than what I was used to.

I began to move my hips in long slow stroked. Penny began to rotate her hips grinding herself on my pole. I laid one of her legs on my shoulder and reached down to play with her clit while we were fucking. Her juices soaked my fingers and wanting to taste our mix of fluids I scooped up some and popped my finger into my mouth. What a great taste. Penny reached down and took her thumb and first finger and wrapped them around my dick as I slid in and out of her pussy. She began to gently squeeze and release by dick while using her middle finger to play with her clit. I could feel my second orgasm building and was hoping that I could hold out until she had come.

Then with a quick shout of ?Oh my god? Penny shuddered and I could feel her vaginal muscles throbbing and squeezing my cock. I gave a couple more quick pumps and then filled her with my seed finishing as I collapsed on the bed with her.

?You are as good in bed as your sister.? I told her. ?That was a great fuck!?

?Well you are as good as Vi said. She told me that I wouldn?t be disappointed and I wasn?t. That was the best sex I have ever had.? Penny responded.

?I can?t believe that you came here to fuck me.? I stated. ?Not that I?m complaining, but what brought this on??

?Vi was the one who taught me about sex. One day I caught her and one of her boyfriends in bed. When she realized that I was standing there watching she asked me if I knew how to have good sex. I told her that I didn?t so she told me to take off all my clothes and she would teach me. She showed me how to suck a dick and lick a pussy. She taught me the different positions that would give me the best orgasms and what it felt like to get properly eaten. After that we would share each others boyfriends and occasionally just pleasure each other. Since you two have been together we haven?t done anything except satisfy each other on our visits together. The last time, a couple of weeks ago, she said that she thought it was time to bring you into our fun and offered to get it started with me having you all to myself this weekend.?

?So what?s next?? I inquired.

?You mean this weekend? Or after you get back home?? she asked teasingly.

?You tell me.? I responded.

?Then let me show you.? She rolled over and kissed me letting me taste the lingering flavor of my own cum in her mouth.

What happened next? Well that?s another story but it wasn?t nearly as exciting as what happened after I went home. More on that to come later.

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