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A One Time Present

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Normally my wife is not very vocal when we are making love. There will be some small groans and moans and sometimes during the start of her orgasm a "fuck me hard baby" comment. There are certain occasions however where she turns it on loud and often. This happens when her younger sister is in the house visiting. I know that when Sue comes for a few days or a week, that I am going to have all the pussy I want from my wife and that she will be loud and vociferous while we fuck. I have asked her about it several times and the most she has said is that she just likes to let her sister know that she is getting it. Her sister Sue and I have had a bit of a thing sexually since she was a teenager although there had been nothing more than suggestive touches and glances. We both just always knew that we would like to fuck. The temptation on occasion was extremely intense.

Sue had married a guy about 15 years ago. There was affection if not love in their marriage. Her husband proved to be just an occasional lover and apparently not very well hung; and although Sue would never admit it their sex life had been incomplete. He died quite young of cancer, and it took Sue a long time to come out of her shell and to start to date again. But nothing seemed to come from her various romances and she had confessed to my wife that she just could not get turned on anymore.

She came out to stay with us for a few days a month or so ago. The first night of her visit I had crawled into bed early and was drifting off to sleep when my wife climbed in naked and hot and horny. She moved in behind me with her bare tits rubbing my back, her hand searching for my cock and then one of her legs up over my back and I could feel her hot pussy rubbing my hip. She started to talk almost immediately without waiting for the foreplay to finish. "Ohh your cock's getting big already, must want some pussy, maybe I should blow you, ah god my cunt is horny and needs to be massaged internally, suck my tits baby, the nipples are hard" and so on.

Sue was in the room next to ours and the walls were not exactly sound proof, so she had to know what was going on and probably was waiting for it as it had happened often in prior visits. It was all fast and furious. I rolled my wife to her back and used my arm to lift her leg up to her side which exposed and spread her anxious cunt. My cock was in her within seconds and we began a mad wild fuck with a constant stream of sound from my lovely wife. It was "deep baby deep, fuck my cunt give me it all, hard, harder, don't stop never stop, keep it in, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, fill me, cum in me, ah god", all interspersed with moans and groans and little yelps. I was not sure what effect it was having on Sue, but it was certainly driving me wild. It did not take long to get that one out of the way and as I rolled off of her I asked her what that was all about. Was she trying to get Sue horny in the next room? After a minute as our breath returned she said, "Yes of course, I like to turn her on and she gets excited when she hears us fuck. She has had a yen for you for years and when we fuck she says she can feel it as well." We kissed and touched in our usual after play which on occasion would lead to a relaxed slow-fuck but not this night.

After a few minutes she whispered, "why not go in and fuck her, she wants you and she will be horny now". I asked her if she was kidding me and she said no that she was serious and wanted me to do her sister. We had often talked about screwing other people we knew but this was the first time her sister's name had come up and I certainly had not indicated a desire to do it, although I had dreamed of it many times. Then she said, "Go do her and go down on her first, she has never been pussy licked." Ah God, the visions that whirled through my mind, the many times I had wondered what it be like to lick and fuck Sue, and now it was being offered on a platter by my wife. I did not even consider that Sue might not want to let me at her, I just presumed she would. A long deep kiss and as I got out of bed my wife said, "I'll be listening."

I walked into Sue's room naked. Her bedside light was on and she was sort of curled up in a fetal position under a light sheet. Her eyes were open and she watched me enter without a word. I was fully erect and her eyes soon fastened on my stiff cock. I stood beside her and pulled the sheet down from her body. She was wearing a short nighty and her fingers were between her legs and obviously in her pussy. I pulled her legs straight and rolled her to her back while I stood there beside her. I motioned to her to keep her fingers in her pussy as I crawled up between her legs on my knees. I spread her legs each side of me with her knees bent upwards and lowered my head. I slipped a finger into her pussy alongside her already busy one. I kissed my way down the inside of her thighs, one leg then the other. She groaned, "What are you doing? We can't do this!" She knew what was coming and she was arching her back upwards in anticipation of the feel my mouth on her slit. I stopped just short of it with my lips as she moaned; and allowed my hot breath to tease her slit and pussy hairs. I love the musky smell of a hot pussy and her finger was still stirring, the tip making little circles around her clit. "If you kiss it I will cum right away" she cried out.

Finally I applied a wet kiss in the middle of her slit, with just a little flicker of tongue. She cried out, "no, no" but spread wider. She pulled her finger away as I worked my mouth down to the bottom of her slit and applied my tongue, running the tip of it upwards along the slit to the clit. She bucked a bit as I finished. "I'm going to cum, be careful I'll cum!" Then a series of long slow licks, my tongue flattened against her spread lips ending each by pressing down on her clit which was now swollen enough to close my lips on. I sucked each lip into my mouth, worked them with my tongue, squeezing between my lips and pulled outwards. Sue was whimpering with pleasure and had pulled her legs up with her hands to spread and allow me to eat her.

I lifted up and moved my upper body over top of her; I lifted her nighty up to her neck then bent down to suck her erect nipples. She had "perky" breasts, not large but full like little bags of sugar. We kissed and she had her first taste of her own pussy from my lips which seemed to arouse her even more. I whispered, "I have wanted to fuck you since you were 16, and now I am going to do it." She answered with a passionate kiss as her hands found my cock and caressed it and pulled it towards her open cunt. "I have wanted to feel that cock for years, you let me see it several times, remember?" Still on my knees I pressed the knob against her tight pussy lips, prodding and seeking the entry to her hole. Her hand moved the knob around as she adjusted her hips and finally I worked up into her with slow back and forth jabs until our pubic bones were grinding together. She moaned aloud, "Ah my God, you feel so big in me, fuck it, fuck it".

I lay down on her covering her small body with mine and we began our ballet; slow at first as we fully enjoyed this unexpected opportunity; then more quickly with long strokes; then urgently as we switched to the short strokes. Her legs circled my back and pulled me into her. There were no words from her at all, the only noise being the "uhh, uhhh, uhhh" in my ear as we began to thrash and jerk in the final seconds before cumming. I jammed it hard up in her as I began to get off and she reacted by biting my shoulder as her body went into a paroxysm of pure pleasure. There was only heavy breathing on both our parts for a few minutes. I rolled off of her and lay by her side, both of us with closed eyes. We felt someone climb on the bed and we both opened our eyes to see my wife smiling at the both of us. She said, "My present to the both of you, something I knew you have both have died to do to each other. But that's the end folks."

I believe that they had set it up ahead of time and that it was no surprise to Sue when I came into the room naked. But neither of them admit will admit it. I suspect it was my wife's way of getting her sister back to living a full life. I do not intend to push the issue, just very content with an exciting night to remember until I die.

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