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A Night to Remember

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Keith couldn't wait until tonight. He was finally going to meet the woman he had been lusting after for weeks now. Stacey was a hot brunette that really got to him. She has these luscious lips that beckoned him to nibble and kiss them. He envisioned how great they would feel on his huge thick cock.

She was also thinking about tonight. What was she going to wear? It had to really look sexy. She wanted to really get him going. She wanted him not to be able to keep his eyes and hands off of her. She decided on a low cut white top with a short skirt. She decided to go without panties. The thought of her pussy not being covered was such a naughty thing for her to do.

She took a long shower and started getting ready. The time had surprisingly went pretty fast and it was almost time for Keith to pick her up. She got dressed and took a quick glance at the mirror and loved what she saw. She is sure that he will be pleased with what he sees when she opens the door.

Keith gets to her house and walks up the door. He is a little nervous and a little anxious to see the woman he has dreamed and thought about everyday since he first came across her profile. He couldn't believe that someone like her was online. She was all he wanted. She was hot, sexy and just seemed to know what to say to get him going.

Stacey opened the door and Keith just wrapped his big arms around her and deeply kissed her. It took her breath away. She was very pleased with how he looked. He was about 6'4" with dark hair and goatee. She couldn't wait to see how the night was going to turn out.

He walked her out this corvette and opened the door for her. They had decided to go to a nice romantic restaurant. There seemed to be lots of chemistry between the two. A few intense glances between them and a few playful touches. The conversation seemed to flow just as easy in person as it had on the computer. She was really hoping that the night continued to be as good as it is now.

After dinner, they take a drive and find a secluded spot that had an awesome view. They get out of the vehicle to admire the view. Keith remembers that he has a blanket and radio in the back of his car. He goes and gets them.

They lay down and gaze up at the stars. It's a little cloudy but there a few stars out. As she tilts her head back to look up at the night sky, Keith leans in and places his hand on the back of head and passionately kisses her. He feels her relent and she kisses him back with as much vigor as he had kissed her with. He lays her back and continues to kiss her while he lets his hand start to roam all over her body.

His hand caresses her huge boobs and he feels her nipples getting hard. He teases them on top of the shirt. He continues down her body then he runs his hand up and down her thighs inching ever so close to her yet to be discovered bare pussy. The closer he gets the more turned on she is getting. Her body is coming alive under his touch. He must be enjoying it as well because she can feel his hard cock pressing against her leg. He finally moved under her skirt and parted her legs to find an uncovered pussy waiting for his touch.

His fingers expertly parted her lips and ran them all around spreading her wetness. He dipped his fingers in and heard a sigh escape her lips which prompted him to kiss her again as he pumps his fingers in and out her hot moist pussy. He then repositions himself between her legs and hikes her skirt up more. She watches as he lowers his head until his tongue reaches the desired spot. She threw her head back and just enjoyed all the great sensations his tongue is bringing out in her body.

Keith loved the taste of her pussy. He worked that clit good. He flicked it some then took the big clit and sucked it good. He wanted to work her over good with his tongue like no other had. He ran his tongue up and down and all around her pussy. She was quivering from all the electric signals his manipulations were producing. She was so hot from what he was doing that it wasn't going to take much more and she was going to cum all over his face.

Keith continue to work over her clit and started pumping his fingers in and out of her when she pressed her pelvis into his face. He could feel her legs start to shake and hear her moans of pleasure so he knew she was getting close to reaching the point of pure bliss.

This was turning him on so much that he could feel precum oozing out onto the head of his cock. He loved that she was enjoying what he was doing to her. He sucked her clit in earnest and finally brought her to her climax. He remained there until it started to subside, then moved up to kiss her letting her taste her own juices on his tongue.

She longed to get her hands and mouth around that big cock that has been pressing on her leg. They end the kiss which presented the opportunity for her to loosen his belt and lower his pants. He grinned knowing that he was about to experience what he had been imagining since he first saw her picture.

She kneels between his legs. She looks up at him right before she runs her tongue up and down his nice thick cock. It must be close to 9 inches. She had never had such a nice cock before. She teases the head some and that area right below the head of his cock with her tongue before she starts to inch his cock into her awaiting warm mouth. He lets out a groan as he feels her soft lips around his cock.

It's even better that he imagined it would be. She cups his balls with one hand and helps guide his cock in and out of her mouth with the other. He reaches down and places his hand on the back of her head. His hand helps her set the place of his cock pumping in out of her mouth. He watches it going in and out of her mouth. He can't not believe how lucky he was to find this incredibly sexy woman. She was working his cock so well. He had never had a blowjob done as well as she was doing it now.

Just as she was really getting into having her mouth around his cock that it starts to rain. Her white shirt is now transparent leaving nothing to the imagination. She continues to work his cock knowing he is getting close. She can feel the vein pulsating as she runs his cock in and out his mouth. One more stroke and caress of his balls sends the first stream of hot cum down her throat. She swallows fast so she can catch it all but not quite fast enough as some escapes out.

She returns the favor and kisses him so he can tastes his cum in her mouth. She then removes her clothes so the rain pours down on her body. She makes quite the sight. He is still hard and takes her into his arms. He kisses her while the thunder and lightening starts then releases her long enough to remove his clothes.

They make love in the rain and it's the hottest thing she has ever experienced. He took her to levels that her body has never experienced before. He didn't want to stop making love to this woman that brings so much out in him. He pounds her pussy hard and is surprised that she can handle his girth and length. He watches as his cock drives in her and her backside pounds right back on him. He grabs her hips to help bring them together.

She has never been so filled up. Her body is in sensation overload. She reaches down and plays with her clit as she is getting pounded from behind. It doesn't take much to bring her to another orgasm.

He feels her walls pulsate around his cock and that sends him over the edge. He pumps her full of his cum. He lingers there enjoying the feel of his cock in her inviting pussy. He finally withdraws and they lay on the wet blanket until the can catch their breath. ( little did they know that they were being watch and enjoyed from behind a tree. A young couple were trying to catch glimpses of the pure rapture that had taken place a short distance away from them out in plain view.)

They finally get up and grab their clothes and drive back to her house. They run into her house and jump in the shower. The warm water feels good to them. They get out and towel off. She puts puts their clothes in the dryer. The kids are gone for the night so she ask him to stay the night.

They slept so soundly and revisited the night in their dreams. It was a prefect ending to a perfect night of sheer bliss. Hopefully, it's a glimpse of how good it will be between them from now on.

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