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It all started when you saw me standing in line to check in at the hotel. You were instantly attracted to me. It may have been my short skirt or the way my blouse showed off my breasts, with my nipples almost sticking out through the thin material that made you think i didn’t even have a bra on. Or it could have been the smell of my perfume as it filled the front desk area. Which ever it was you noticed me and made sure that you caught which room number i had received. Later, you saw me again down by the pool and I smiled at you as I walked by giving you a wink. I was not wearing a very revealing swimsuit as you had expected; but it still showed off my large breasts. You climbed into the hot tub to relax and I came over and climbed in as well. I said how relaxing it felt and you agreed. Then I introduced myself and told you where I was from. You could tell there was chemistry between us right away. You asked if I was there with family or on business. I assured you I was alone. I started to excuse myself and said I was going to get a bite to eat. You said well maybe you would see me in the restaurant as you hadn’t eaten yet either. Then I said I was planning to eat in my room; which I specified to make sure you knew which room it was. On the way out of the hot tub I brushed my large breast against your chest as I was leaving and you could see how hard my nipples were. You were sure I had noticed how hard and large the bulge was in your swimsuit. You waited a few minutes to let the bulge subside and to be sure no one would see you following me and headed up to my room. You knocked on my door; but there was no answer. It was slightly ajar with the lock keeping it from closing, so you went into the room and flipped the lock back in place to allow the door to close. You could hear the bathroom shower running and the door was ajar, so you removed your swimsuit and entered. You could see my swimsuit hanging up and could see me in the shower. I was playing with myself; taking one hand and rubbing my breasts and tweaking my nipples with my finger and thumb, while using my other hand to play with my clit and inserting a finger into my hot wet pussy. You watched for a little while longer until you could hear me begin to moan and then you stepped into the shower. I let out a slight gasp but my eyes lighted up and I smiled as I looked at your rock hard cock firm and wanting to be inside my pussy. You reached for me and pulled me closer kissing me deeply and inserting your tongue deep inside my mouth. Then you started kissing and licking my neck working your way down to my breasts that had those hard nipples. You licked my sweet nipples and sucked on them to make them even harder while caressing my breasts. My body was wiggling in anticipation and I was moaning loudly now as you moved one hand and caressed my waist and thigh on your way down to my hot wet pussy you had seen me playing with. You traced around it and rubbing hard on my clit and hearing me moan even louder. You took your tongue and start licking from my breasts down to my sweet pussy, which you knew would be sweet tasting. Your tongue finally reaches its destination and you swirl it around my pussy and dart your tongue inside my sweet box starting to suck on my clit as I grab your head and thrust your face even closer to my body. I start to scream out yes…yes.. I’m…cumming…Oh yessss…as I explode my juices all over your face and you gladly lick up as much of it as you can. I slowly relax and smile at you as I stare down at your manhood and take it in my hands. I kneel down and start licking it around the head and slowly take it into my sweet mouth and you start to moan as you can feel my whole mouth and tongue sucking you hard. You caress my hair and push my head down even farther so I take it all in my mouth. I stroke your balls with one hand urging you to explode. You tense as your cum shoots into my mouth and I swallow it all and lick the remnants of it off your now slowly relaxing cock. When I finish I rise and we grab the shampoo. I shampoo your hair and you mine and we rub the rich lather all over our bodies getting hot for each other again. We decided to shut the water off and head to the bed; just wrapping towels around us until we get to the bed and jump under the covers. We embrace and kiss passionately for several minutes and you begin to play with my lovely body parts again. You caress my sweet tits and squeeze them and play with my nipples careful not to hurt the pierced one. You lick and suck them getting them hard and then allow your tongue to travel down my body to my sweet spot; tracing around my pussy with your tongue and tasting its sweetness. You begin to insert your tongue into my hot, wet, waiting pussy as I begin to moan and your tool expands. I grab your cock with my hands and position you so that I can suck on it while you lick my sweet pussy lips and clit into a state of near orgasm; my body shaking as your face and tongue drive into my wet pussy. I stop sucking your cock and tell you I want you inside of me right now; and that i love it doggie style, so we reposition ourselves. As you kneel behind me you see my dripping wet pussy just aching to have you inside of it and so you gently and slowly slide your cock into my waiting entrance. I let out a small squeal of delight as you enter me and tell you how good it feels and tell you to fuck me hard. You grab my hips and press into me to your full length and let it rest there as you enjoy the feel of my ass against your body. You begin to slid out and then back into me ramming me as hard as you can, feeling my hot wetness on your cock. You take one finger and put it in my pussy bringing it back wet with my juices. You trace my asshole with my own juice and I let out another squeal as I anticipate what You are going to do next. You go back for more of my juice and slid a finger into my ass to lubricate it up for what you want to do next. You get even more of my juice from my wet pussy and insert two fingers into my now well-lubricated ass. I am moaning and begging you to take me in the ass and you finally put the vibrator in my ass slowly so as not to cause too much pain. As you slide it in to your full length in my pussy you can feel my body convulsing in orgasm and you slide the vib in and out of my ass and you too begin to convulse in my pussy and your load explodes into my pussy as the vibrator vibrates against your cock. We collapse on the bed exhausted from our lovemaking. As we relax your cock slips from my pussy and the vib from my ass and your juices start to drip from my hole. We laugh as we gently kiss and realize we haven’t even had any food to eat yet. We get cleaned up and decide what we want to do next; but that … another story

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