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A Letter About A Fun Trip

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My wife is one hot lady but we have had no experience with other couples yet, sure would like to see her with a guy that has a long thick dick, the kind she thinks she would like.

opps, better get back to our exciting evening.

i made reservations in st. louis, it was just a one nighter. i had a morning business meeting and i told pam we would shop in the afternoon and go to dinner.

it was a nice day and we got ready to shop. pam looked stunning, she always likes to dress (undress) when WE go shopping, so she put o this nice new wrap around dress and sandals and SHE was ready. i like her like that and she likes to have me play with her cunt and tits whenever she goes to try on clothes. we both love erotic play. we had a lot od play that afternoon.

now,let me tell you a good one. we had finished shopping and playing around inthe stores and then had a late dinner. we came back to the hotel and stopped for a nightcap. we were kinda at the back of the bar and we were pretty "envolved", pam had on a pretty thin light colored wraparound dress and NOTHING underneath. the dress was thin enough that her nipples would show up if they were excited and i was seeing to that. we had been there for an hour or so and i had been playing with her nipples - she was "trying" to keep me from "putting her titties on the bar" as she said.

in scooting around and such her dress was split open clear to her twat,she had her legs crossed so you couldn't see anything much but you got up close you definately knew she was naked underneath. we really didn't care much cause ther was only a few guys down the bar and i was blocking their view more or less.

i was running my fingers up her legs and just into the top of her slit and she was very hot and wet. i guess we didn't notice this tall black guy come by. he must have gotten a good enough look to see she was really enjoying being finger fucked pretty openly and decided this might present possibilities. the next thing we knew, he was standing right opposite me and UP against pam's side and camly unzipped his pants and pulled out this huge cock and laid it in pam's lap. that sucker must have been 11 inches long and as big around as a small orange when it finally stopped growing. there it was laying no 6 inches from her cunt and then he quietly asked if she "would like to have this for company tonight". we were really stunned and it took a couple of minutes for it all to sink in. pam just sat there and looked at it and i REALLY wondered what she would do, uncross her legs and swing aound so he could shove it in her cunt since she was sooooo wet and hot OR scream. boy o boy ,what a scene this was. this big black cock laying on her alabaster legs. i'd always wonderd what that would look like , and there it was.

pam just sat there and looked at it and then took her right hand and laid it on top of his dick and rubbed it up and down his shaft a couple of times and very quietly told him that she was "thrilled to have him show it to her but tonight was all her husbands". he stood there till pam slowly lifted her hand and then he stepped back and "folded" it back inside his pants and told her she was a really stunningly sexy lady he'd really like to fuck someday and walked away. i wondered what had gone thru her mind while she had it in her hand. she has always "dreamed" of having a cock long enough to enter her crevix so she could hold on to it with two muscles, one at her pussy entrance and her cervix. But she knows this is impossible to enter her cervix but she like to have it banged around and absolutely goes nuts when i get it. she told me afterward, in our room, it really stunned her and was overwhelming to feel that "log" laying in her lap. she said she had always wondered what it would be like to have one that big to suck and put into her cunt. after we got undressed and i started to eat her cunt, which was about the soppyist i had ever seen it. i did ask her whether that was wet enough to allow that black snake to get in, she just laughed and said " we'll never know, but it did really make me think BIG". i am gonna tell you tho, we had a hell of a fuck session that night. i thought you would have really been well cared for that night. she would have ripped your cock out by the roots and took it home for future use. lol .. we were talking about big cocks last night as she sucked me off and i asked her if she wante to have some guy like that to have to fuck once in a while and she said that would really be nice but she did not want me to be left out and i told her it would be VERY exciting to see HER fucking someone and watching her beautiful tits bounce every time that big cock slammed into her crevix. she said that was so erotic that she wanted me to pick the guy and she would fuck him in every way i had ever dreamed of BUT i was to stay there and then lick her body clean after they were thru.

it will be a real pleasure to do that for her and to watch her devour a big cock. i hope we can get away soonand start traveling. we have let so many things go that we now must now get back to. darn.

well i have spent a lot more time talking than i had planned but we were sure glad to hear from you and anne. hey, if you have any hot pics, pleas send us some as we have done nothing and could use some "exciting" pics.

gotta go. jerry

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